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Incubation Centre Small Enterprise Centre


									Small Enterprise Centre – Incu-Tech Programme

(Located at Science Park, Building 4A - Photonics Centre)
Small Enterprise Centre (SEC) is a business centre for HKSTP‟s incubatees as well as graduates of
the Incubation programme and small-size players in the technology and design field admitted under
the “STEP”. SEC provides office premises, reception service, telecommunications, and a host of
other business centre related services that are totally user-friendly.

Ready-to-use Office

Renovation is unnecessary. All the offices are well equipped with raised floor, carpet, wallpaper,
false ceiling, light troughs with fluorescent light and sprinklers while internet connection,
electricity and telephone sockets are build-in in the floor box.

Any office facelift renovation and interior partition work must obtain prior approval from us. A
plan-reviewing fee at $1.5/sfg will be charged to incubatees for the involvement of the Fit-Out
Controller in vetting and approval of the submitted fitting-out plans. Incubatees are responsible for
restoring the office to the original layout when they move out or relocate from the premises.

All construction works are at the expense of the incubatees. HKSTP will conduct site inspection
for any possible reinstatement and incubatees are responsible for the cost.

For bio-tech incubatee‟s office and work bench or laboratory facilities set up at the Small
Enterprise Centre must be environmentally friendly (i.e.: must not create smell, noise or other
elements which may disturb others) with prior approval from HKSTP.

Small Enterprise Centre Reception Service

Mail / Information Distribution
By working closely with each incubatee, our Admin Assistant of the Small Enterprise Centre
provide you with a full range of reception services which include greeting visitors, distributing
incoming mail and dispatching courier document.

Courier Service
Incubatees are requested to give half day advance notice to the service provider for courier service.
The order collection can be arranged twice a day upon request. For same day delivery, just fill out
the Service Order Forms and place the properly packed items at the Reception before 10:30 a.m.
and 3:30p.m., we will forward all the items to the centralized courier. This service is charged to
incubatees at cost. For arrangement, please contact the respective SEC Reception Counter.

Oct 2006                                     1                                      Bio-Tech at SP
Office Automation Facilities

To save your set up cost, you can share the facilities below provided by the Small Enterprise

 Black & White Photocopy machines (each incubatee is assigned a password to access the
  copy machines at free of charge within the meter limit)
 Color Copier (operated at user cost. For details, please contact reception counter)
 Fax Machine (all international outward transmissions are charged at cost)
 Color Plotter (located at Small Enterprise Centre, 2/F, Building 9)
  [consumption of paper & ink are charged at cost i.e. $64/sheet with max size 36”x24”and
  $80/sheet with max size 42”x 24”]
 Heavy Duty Punch & Stapler
 Binder
 Typewriter
 Paper Cutter

Air-Conditioning Service

Operating Hours for area inside the SEC which including offices & Common Sharing rooms:
Monday – Friday       0800 – 2100
Saturday              0800 – 1400
(Air conditioning excluded on public holiday)

There is an Over Time Allowance (OTA) of 48 hours/month/room. Additional air-conditioning fee
after 48 hours OTA is at HK$150.00/hour/room for Bldg 5 & 9 and HK$180.00/hr/room for Bldg
4A with a minimum charge of 2 hours service.

For arrangement, please contact the respective FMO at lobby or call to 24-hrs Hotline.

Meeting Rooms inside the Small Enterprise Centre

Incubatees can share the furnished meeting rooms inside the Small Enterprise Centre, and
associated equipment such as LCD projector, wireless conference phone, whiteboard are free of
charge. For Incubatees who need to borrow the equipment to conduct their meetings, please
complete and return the application form to FMO by hand or fax to 2655 8668. The approval of
application is subject to equipment availability and please allow at least 1-working day to process
your order.

Meeting room booking must be made through the internet using the
individual „User Name‟ & „Password‟ assigned to each incubatee. Please refer to the booking
details posted in the internet. For the use of meeting rooms on public holidays & after office hours,
please approach the FMO 24-hrs Hotline for booking.

Oct 2006                                     2                                      Bio-Tech at SP
Network Services

5 sets of Fixed IP Addresses per each incubatee are free of charge provided by HKSTP. For
application, simply fill out and return the Application form for HKSTP Network Services.

Wireless LAN

The wireless LAN service of the incubation centre has been integrated with the Science Park public
wireless network infrastructure.

     Performance: 10M Bandwidth for Internet Access, and unlimited access for registered
      Park‟s user (with no timeout setting)
    Support: Wireless LAN access services with SPIT HelpDesk Support Services.
    Information Accessibility: More useful information on Park operation can be located in the
      Science Park Intranet. The SP Network has been linked with HARNET which various R&D
      information or projects can be done.
    Friendliness:
    o More user friendliness access method:
    o No need to configure the networking or wireless access parameters or TCP/IP setting
    o Accessible where AP is available in most part of the SP
    o User can open the browser and the system will automatically guide you to the logon page.
    o Performance:10M Bandwidth for Internet Access
    Compliance: Fulfill the advices made by lawyers on Internet security control and related
      management issue.

For queries, please contact the respective SEC Reception Counter.

Information Kiosk

Both Incubatees and visitors of the Park can use the kiosk to access Facilities Guide, News and
Announcement, Telephone Directory of the Park.

Being an incubatee at the Science Park, your company information such as name, location in the
Park and contact will also be listed in the kiosk upon your moving in of the Park.

Oct 2006                                    3                                     Bio-Tech at SP
Networking Area

Each Small Enterprise Centre has set up a spacious pantry which and equipped with microwaves;
distilled water dispensers; refrigerators; a plasma TV and vending machine are available for all
SEC incubatees and „STEP‟ tenants sharing.

Reading Corner

Located at the IC Development Centre, (Building 5, 1/F) of the Small Enterprise Centre, the
reading corner is stocked with technical and business magazines, newspapers and books.
Incubatees can approach the Reception Counter at 1/F, Building 5 during office hour to borrow the
reading material free of charge.

Office Hours :
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:30
(Except Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

Poster Holder at Your Door

New incubatees are requested to design a poster to represent their company‟s products or services.
The poster will project an image or message of the incubatees. This poster should be in A2 size and
put in the holder beside the company door within 1 month after the incubatees moved into the
premises. There are also few templates to ease the design work.

For incubatees who need to borrow the color plotter for other print purpose or the templates to
produce the poster, please approach the SEC Reception Counter for arrangement.

Smart Card

The Park launches an electronic Smart Card system for all users of the Park with an aim to provide
an easy, hassle-free way for access to different parts of the Park. With Smart Card, the incubatees
can gain access to the following areas depending on the level of your approved authority:

   Designated office area
   Passenger lift cars to designed floor after the office hours
   Car Park Facilities

Incubatees and their staff are requested to provide a photo for each staff member and fill-out the
application form and return them to the SEC Reception Counter for card issuing as soon as you
move-in into the premises.

Oct 2006                                      4                                   Bio-Tech at SP
Fitness Centre

It is located on the 6/F, Building 1 of the Science Park. The Club House will provide the following
equipment and services:

   State-of-the art training equipment
   Stereo player
   Magazines and newspaper
   Unlimited free access of sauna room for members
   Provision of bath towel ($5/towel)
   Locker for storage

Pricing: Individual Monthly Pass :$150
        Family Monthly Pass      :$320
       (Max 2 adults & 2 children)
        Day Pass                  :$15
        Accompanied Guest         :$25/visit
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 9 PM, Monday to Sunday
(except Chinese New Year Holiday)

To ensure the users are equipped with sufficient safety knowledge of using the equipment before
starting the normal exercise, training classes are exclusively arranged free of charge for users.

For enquiry please call to FMO 24-hrs Hotline.

Conference / Meeting Rooms

There are a number of fully equipped conference/meeting rooms of various sizes available in
Science Park Building 1 for rental. In addition, a fully equipped AV room is available with video
conferencing capability. Special rate will be offered to HKSP incubatees.

For conference rooms booking procedures and details, please call to FMO 24-hrs Hotline.

Display Gallery

We will have a display gallery called “Tech Gallery” set up in the Core Building 2 to exhibit any
consumer products of Science Park‟s tenants/incubatees. The approval to display is subject to
HKSTP management approval and space availability

To apply, you may contact Ms. Eunice Yiu at 2629 6707.

Oct 2006                                    5                                     Bio-Tech at SP

An automatic carpark management system has been installed at the all car parks. A smart card will
be issued to those eligible for term and monthly parking users only.

The Park offers 3 types of quality, consistent parking service for the car park users:

    Term Parking (Designated Zone)
    Monthly Parking (Non-designated Zone)
    Hourly Parking (available at Bldg 3 only)

Private vehicles
Hourly rate: $6/hour (min. 1 hour)
Monthly rate: $1,100/month
Vans & Lorries: $60/hour (free for the 1st hour for loading or unloading)

For car parking application and arrangement, incubatees can contact the FMO 24-hrs Hotline.

Gate Pass

To strengthen the security control of the Small Enterprise Centre, incubatees who want to use the
cargo lift for move-out their goods/ products or materials from the SP Building. You are requested
to pass the fill-in “Gate Pass” form to the Small Enterprise Centre reception counter in advance for
our endorsement. The Facility Management Office will check if the form is properly signed and
comply with necessary info before allow your access of cargo lift.

To learnt more about the Science Park ‘s updated news relating to the services and activities,
please visit the intranet

Contact list Summary                   Location                         Tel Contact

Small Enterprise Centre(SEC)           B4A & B5                         2629 6666
Reception Counter                      B9                               2629 6700

Facility Mgt Office (FMO) at SP        24-hours hotline                 2639 8008
(Jones Lang LaSalle-JLL)               SP IT Help Desk                  2639 8242
                                       B4A G/F Lobby                    2639 8296
                                       B5 G/F Lobby                     2639 8291
                                       B9 G/F Lobby                     2639 8320

Oct 2006                                      6                                          Bio-Tech at SP

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