2010 Baseball Camp by mudoc123


									                   TACOMA RAINIERS
2011             BASEBALL
NAME                                                                                                                                         DATE OF BIRTH
   BOY      GIRL
NAME                                                                                                                                         DATE OF BIRTH
   BOY      GIRL
PRIMARY PHONE                                                                                                            CELL PHONE
CITY                                                                                                                                         STATE                                     ZIP
July 28th-29th at Cheney Stadium
Camp is designed for youth baseball players from 6-14 years of age
Rainiers coaches and players will lead the camp
Every camper receives the following:
  o Seven hours of professional training (July 28th & 29th 8:30am – 12:00pm).
  o One Rainiers baseball cap and four tickets to the July 30th baseball game
  o An additional giveaway item
  o Autograph session with players after the July 29th camp session.
  o All campers attending the July 30th game will participate in an on- eld parade.

PAYMENT - $150 per person through June 18th
          $175 per person after June 18th
   VISA       MasterCard           AmEx                                                                                Check
Credit Card Number:                                                                                                                                 Exp:                                   CVC Code:____
Name as it appears on the credit card
Please email, mail or fax this form, along with payment to:   Tacoma Rainiers Professional Baseball
                                                              2502 South Tyler Street
                                                              Tacoma, WA 98405
Please make checks payable to “Tacoma Rainiers Professional Baseball”
Please direct all inquiries to Sarah Yelenich at (253) 761-5633 or (FAX) (253) 752-7135
                                                    or syelenich@tacomarainiers.com
This release is made to allow my child to participate in the Tacoma Rainiers baseball camp program. I recognize that my signatu re on this release is a condition to my child’s participation in the camp.

I hereby certify that my child is in excellent physical health, and may participate in the cmp activities, which may be strenuous. I certify that there are no physical limits to my child’s participation in the camp. In the
event that I cannot be contacted in an emergency, I hereby grant permission to the Tacoma Rainiers to give whatever immediate t reatment is necessary and/or take my child to a hospital or other medical treatment

in connection with his/her participation in the camp.

I understand that no reduction in the tuition will be made for late arrival, early departure, vacations, illness or injury. Per mission is herby granted for photographs and/or videotapes to be taken of my child at the camp.
The Tacoma Rainiers have the right to utilize these photographs for any purpose, including without limitation in camp brochures or displays.

I have carefully read all of the information in this form and agree to all conditions.

I represent that I am the parent/guardian of the minor named above and I agree that the grant and release contained therein bin ds the minor, all heirs, and myself to all of its terms.

Pa r e n t / G u a r d i a n S i g n a t u r e                                                                      Date

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