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					                                                               Fluency Rubric
Use the following subscales to rate reader fluency on the four aspects of accuracy, phrasing, smoothness, and pace. Scores will range from
4-16. Scores of 9 and above indicate that fluency has been achieved for the grade level of the passage read. Scores below 8 indicate that
fluency is a concern.
                                         4                             3                             2                               1
Accuracy                    Word recognition accuracy     Word recognition accuracy     Word recognition accuracy       Word recognition accuracy
                            is excellent: 96%. Self-      is good: 91-95%. Self         is marginal: 86-90%.            is poor: generally below
                            corrections are few but       corrects successfully.        Reader struggles on many        85%. Reader clearly
                            successful as nearly all                                    words. Many unsuccessful        struggles in decoding
                            words are read correctly on                                 attempts of self-correction.    words. Makes multiple
                            initial attempt.                                                                            decoding attempts for
                                                                                                                        many words, usually
                                                                                                                        without success.
Phrasing                    Generally well-phrased;       Mixture of run-ons, mid-      Frequent two and three-         Monotonic, with little
(prosody)                   mostly in phrase, clause,     sentence pauses for breath,   word phrases giving the         sense of phrase boundaries,
                            and sentence units; with      and possible some             impression of choppy            frequent work-by-word
                            adequate attention to         choppiness; reasonable        reading; lacks appropriate      reading; usually exhibits
                            expression.                   stress and intonation.        stress and intonation that      improper stress and
                                                                                        mark ends of sentences          intonation that fail to mark
                                                                                        and clauses.                    ends of sentences and

Smoothness                  Generally smooth reading      Occasional breaks in          Several “rough spots” in        Frequent extended pauses,
(prosody)                   with minimal breaks, but      smoothness caused by          text where extended             hesitations, false starts,
                            work and structure            difficulties with specific    pauses, hesitations, etc. are   sound-outs, repetitions,
                            difficulties are resolved     words and/or structures.      more frequent and               and /or multiple attempts.
                            quickly, usually through                                    disruptive.
Pace (automaticity)         Consistently                  Uneven and mixture of fast    Moderately slow or overly       Slow and laborious.
                            conversational and            and slow reading.             and inappropriately fast).