Factoring Polynomials Scavenger Hunt

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					                       Factoring Polynomials Scavenger Hunt

                                            This scavenger hunt covers the factoring
                                            of integers, monomials, and
                                            polynomials. Scroll down to questions
                                            and their links to help you learn more
                                            about factoring polynomials. Bookmark
                                            this page so you can return to it quickly.
                                            Have fun learning! In addition, you will
                                            be asked to provide a “Print-screen” of
                                            some of the pages. For directions on how
                                            to provide this copy click here.

Find the answer to the questions below. Open Microsoft Word and type your answers.
Some of your answers may have to be hand written. Once you have finished the
scavenger hunt, print out your word processing document and turn it in along with any
hand written explanations.

What is expected from you upon completion of this assignment? Click here.

   1. What is a prime number?

   2. From the same site read to find out why 39 is a composite number. Write your
      explanation here.

   3. Answer problems 1-5 from the above site. Click the drop-down box on the site
      to check your answers.

   4. GCF is an abbreviation for what math term?

   5. What is the greatest common factor of 18 and 24?

   6. What is factoring?

   7. What are the multiples of 12?

   8. What are the factors of 16?
9. What are the factors of 20?

10.        What are the multiples of 5?

11.        Explain the steps used to find the GCF of 84 and 120.

12.        Play the GCF game. Countdown, answering as many questions correctly
   as possible in 60 seconds. When you finish playing call me over so I may record
   your score. (For entertainment purposes only!)

   *******Use the print screen option to print your results.*******

13.      Take the Factoring Unit Quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as
   you would like. Be conscious of the time limits.

   *******Use the print screen option to print your results.*******
14.        In your own words using Microsoft Word, explain the difference between
   factors and multiples.

15.        The expression x2y - xy2 contains what common factor in each term?

16.        What is the common factor in the expression
       4   3            2  2         3
   3x y z - 6x yz - 12x y?

17.        What is the first step in every factoring problem?

18.        What is the largest common factor of 3ax2 - 3a?

19.        4t5u5 is the GCF of what two terms?

20.        When should we use factor by grouping?

   21.        Read through the following power point presentation. Find the answers
      and explanations to problems 20-25.
          a. 6x³y + 8x²y²
          b. 12a^4b + 18a²b²c (Question: Is c a common variable factor?)
          c. 2x² + 10x
          d. 5x³ - 35x² + 10x

   22.         According to the above site, why is factoring the opposite of multiplying?

   23.         Why is (x-3) the GCF of 6x (x – 3) + y² (x – 3)?

   24.         Is x – y the same as y –x?

   25.         Write the steps used to factor ax + bx – ay – by.

   26.         Factor 6x² - 9x – 4xy + 6y.

Note to teacher: Before beginning this next section, be sure to complete
the Factoring hands-on Activity.

   27.           How well can you answer the following problems?

*******Use the print screen option to print your results.*******

   28.         What is the “guess-and-test” method of factoring the trinomial

   29.        When trying to factor the trinomial in #27, what question must you find
      the answer to?

   30.        Practice factoring trinomials whose leading coefficient is 1.
   31.        What is the expression a² - b² called?

   32.        Why is x² - 9 a difference of two squares?

   33.        Provide another expression that is a difference of two squares.

   34.        Practice with factoring.

*******Use the print screen option to print your results.*******

   35.        What is an algorithm?

   36.        List the steps for factoring using an algorithm.

   37.       Use the algorithm to solve the factoring problems found on the
      worksheet provided. The sheet may also be found here.

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