; Biography of Fidel Castro Alexandra Ulloa 5 6 Ms Saba 1926 Castro is 1948 born in Biran southeastern 1945 marries Cuba the third Studies
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Biography of Fidel Castro Alexandra Ulloa 5 6 Ms Saba 1926 Castro is 1948 born in Biran southeastern 1945 marries Cuba the third Studies


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									Biography of
Fidel Castro

     Alexandra Ulloa
      5/6 Ms. Saba
1926: Castro is                 1948:
born in Biran,
southeastern      1945:         marries
Cuba; the third   Studies       Mirta
of seven          law at        Diaz-
children of       Havana        Balart
Spanish           University.   from a
Angel Castro
and Cuban Lina                  and
Ruz.                            influential
1950:                     1955: Gets
Graduates   1953: Leads   out of jail
with a      a failed      under
            attack on     amnesty and
doctorate                 establishes
            Santiago de
in law.     Cuba's        and heads
            Moncada       the July 26
            military      Movement.
                                    1961: The
                   1959 :Meets        severs
                     US Vice        diplomatic
                    President     relations with
                     Richard      Cuba. Castro
  1957: meets      Nixon in the    meets Dalia
Celia Sanchez,        United         Soto del
    his main         States.        Valle, with
lifetime partner                    whom he
and right hand                       has five
   person until                      children.
 her demise in
                   1967: Castro
1963: Castro     announces "Che"
makes his        Guevara was killed
first visit to      in Bolivia.
the Soviet

                     1975: Sends
                    troops to help
1980: Gives
green light to
  exodus of
 125,000 on
boat lift from      1990: Cuba
Mariel to US.     begins "special
                 period" following         1998:
                     USSR's            Welcomes
                 dismemberment.      John Paul II in
                                       his historic
                                      visit to Cuba.
   1999: Presides over
 Latin American Summit                2003: Orders
in Havana and launches                  the arrest of
    Cuban drive to get                 75 opposition
    Florida to give up
    Cuban shipwreck                       leaders.
survivor Elian Gonzalez,
    who after a seven-
   month tug of war is
 returned to his father in
                                          2005: Signs an
    2006: Announces a temporary            alliance with
   transfer of power to his brother         Venezela's
  Raul Castro after undergoing what       President Hugo
     he called delicate intestinal            Chavez.
Museo de la Revolucion
 Formerly the Presidential Palace and headquarters of the Cuban
 government, the impressive building now houses documents,
 photographs and artifacts pertaining to the Cuban Revolution and
 provides an excellent introduction to, and understanding of, Cuba's
 history and its struggle for independence. Prepare to spend a few
 hours wandering from room to room as the story unfolds from
 Spanish colonial times to the present day. In front of the museum
 entrance stands a watchtower that was part of the old city walls, as
 well as a tank used by Fidel Castro during the battle of the Bay of
 Pigs in 1961. Behind the museum is the glass-encased yacht, the
 'Granma', which brought 82 revolutionaries, including Che Guevara
 and Fidel Castro, from Mexico to set the 1956 Revolution in motion.
      Fidel Castro is best know
   Dictator of Cuba,
   Prime Minister,
   President of the Council State,
   President of the Council of Minister
  Growing Up in Cuba
At the age of 6 Fidel’s parents
 let him go to two Jesuit
 institutions and a
After attending school he went
 to the Havana’s university
 and graduated with a
Studies and Education!
• During his childhood, he attended
  private Catholic Schools.
• Attended Belen College
• Then he attended University of
  Havana in 1945.
               Life as President
• Fidel’s daily retained was to go
  check every plantation and its
• He also had to sing every good
• Check the security in the cities.
  Defining Moments

Fidel Castro’s most defining
  moment was in 1959 when he
  became PRESIDENT of
  CUBA! (Hooray He made it!)
His 2nd defining moment was
  when he met Dalia Soto
(he had 5 kids with her).
          Popular Culture
•   Computers where invented
•   The Earl Hines Collection
•   The Chocolate Dandies
•   Wilmoth Houdini
•   Anthology of Greek Folk Songs
•   Pop Art invented
       Key Political events During
World War II 1939
The Korean War 1950
The Vietnam War 1945
The Cold War 1945
1st Person in Space 1961
Pearl Harbor is attack 19
The Iraq war 2003
Table of Cuba’s Per Capita GDP!
Year           Amount
1957           $378.00
1969           $531.00
1975           $621.00
1987           $935.00
1998           $1326.00
2006           $1707.00
Historical Impact:Analysis
• Fidel change the way people see or use
  to see Cuba by increasing their per
  capita GDP.
• Fidel also change how people use to see
  him when he was little(he use to be
  teased because he came from a
• He also made Cuba an interesting
  country by make it earn more profit.
Family Legacy

1st he Marry Mirta Diaz-Balart and had 1
  son Fidelito but after 5 years, the couple
  divorce and went their separate ways.
2nd Wife- Dalia Soto del Valle they had
5 sons, Angel, Antonio, Alejandro, Alexis,
  and Alex.
    Bibliography for Websites
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Google-> schools Fidel Castro went to-> Fidel Castro Ruz-
Google-> Fidel Castro son’s-> Fidel Castro’s Family->
Google-> Fidel Castro son’s-> Fidel Castro (I) - Biography-
   Bibliography for Websites
 Google-> 1st Person to go to space-
 Google->Historical per capita GDP cuba->
 Google->Fast Facts About Fidel Castro->Fidel
  Castro Quik Facts-Quick Facts

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