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					 Jamestown 2007                                                    Executive Committee
                                                               Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                                     DRAFT MINUTES

Members Present:        Messrs. Acuff, Campbell, Connock, Dendy, Kerkam, Martinez (via
                        telephone), and McDaniel;

Members Absent:         Mr. Rives, Mses. Flippo and Marks;

Guests Present:         Messrs. Ashby, Emerson, Mann, Rotberg (via telephone), Smith,
                        and Stone (via telephone); Ms. Kostelny;

Staff Present:          Messrs. Gevertz and Richardson; Mses. Dale, Hood, and Zeidler.

       I.        Call to Order – Mr. Connock

             Mr. Connock convened the December 9, 2005 meeting of the Jamestown
       2007 Executive Committee at 12:13 p.m. at McGuireWoods Consulting in

       II.       Approval of Minutes – Mr. Connock

              Mr. Campbell moved to approve the minutes of the August 2, 2005
       meeting. Seconded by Mr. Kerkam, the motion passed unanimously.

       III.      Jamestown 2007 Update – Ms. Zeidler and Consultants

                 1.     Sponsorships – Velocity

                          Mr. Stone stated that sponsorship recruitment has been
                 challenging. To date, he has been involved in 33 presentations, and
                 Velocity is in 26-27 active discussions and has received 25 declines.
                 Velocity also has 60-70 targets that they are following up on. They are
                 also following up on the invitations to The New World premiere and the
                 sponsorship recruitment letter from Governor Warner. Mr. Stone
                 announced that they have a sizable deal with Time Magazine, which
                 includes 36 pages of editorial in the May 2007 edition, and five
                 promotional pages in the East Coast editions to support commemoration

                        Mr. Stone continued that the most active discussions are with
                 Verizon, Bank of America, TIAA Krepp, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, and
Jamestown 2007                                                 Executive Committee
                                                           Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                                 DRAFT MINUTES

           Coke, and that these are the most likely prospects to come in the next 30-
           45 days. In addition, Velocity is focusing on a relationship with The
           History Channel, and Velocity is expecting a proposal in the next two
           weeks. Mr. Stone extended his thanks to those on the Executive
           Committee that have assisted with sponsorship recruitment.

                   Mr. Connock asked about the outcome of the meeting with
           Northrup Grummon. Ms. Zeidler stated that she and Mr. Richardson went
           to Baltimore in September and met with the decision maker, who has an
           interest, but needs courting. Two representatives from Northrup
           Grummon attended the potential sponsorship reception at the Governor’s
           Mansion and were very enthusiastic about the commemoration after
           hearing about it.

           2.     Marketing – Mr. Richardson

                   Mr. Richardson stated that Jamestown 2007 and Ruder Finn were
           hard at work on public relations plans. He stated that, even though
           Jamestown 2007 had a limited marketing budget of two million dollars for
           paid advertising in the mid-atlantic and northeast corridor, they had
           identified partners that could extend that marketing reach. He stated that
           they are also working on finding opportunities to get the message about
           Jamestown 2007 out on a national basis. To that end, they are working on
           plans to develop an advertising strategy. In addition, an RFP was created
           to secure a creative firm that will fine-tune the advertising message, and
           be on board by early January.

                   Mr. Richardson also stated that Jamestown 2007 had signed a
           MOU with the Virginia Tourism Corporation to outline organizational
           roles in the commemoration. The VTC will tag their advertising for the
           next two years with the Jamestown 2007 tagline. In addition, VTC also
           agreed to give $500,000 in funding for advertising for the
           commemoration. Mr. Connock asked if the MOU addressed the next
           fiscal year, and Mr. Richardson answered that the MOU deals with the
           million dollars that was appropriated during the last session.

                   Ms. Zeidler reported that Jamestown 2007 had a visit last week
           from someone working with Governor-elect Kaine, who is very interested
           in the commemoration. One way that Governor-elect Kaine will support
           the commemoration is in the marketing of sponsorships. In addition,
           during inaugural weekend, Governor-elect Kaine will plant an America’s
Jamestown 2007                                               Executive Committee
                                                         Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                               DRAFT MINUTES

           Anniversary Garden. Dr. Martinez asked if the Governor-elect could
           mention the 2007 commemoration in his inauguration speech and at the
           joint legislative session. Mr. Connock mentioned that he spoke with the
           Governor-elect, who mentioned that he would like a 2007 presentation
           once he is in office.

           3.     Signature Events – Prosody Creative Services

                    Mr. Ashby reported that Prosody is narrowing in all of the
           production pieces and working on having all of the pieces constructed. He
           said that he anticipated all of the pieces will be built by February. He
           stated that Prosody had revamped the entry way to the Godspeed sail so
           that it can be used at all of the events, and include prominent sponsor
           signage on towers and kiosks. In addition, all of the technical vendors
           were selected and will be meeting next week in Williamsburg. Contract
           negotiations are underway with New York, Philadelphia, and Newport,
           and they are working on contracts for Alexandria, Baltimore, and Boston.

                  Mr. Ashby stated that Prosody had integrated creative input from
           Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Historic Jamestowne, and APVA
           Preservation Virginia on various Jamestown elements. He announced that
           auditions were conducted and casting was complete for Anniversary
           Voices and the children’s play. He added that proper sponsorship and
           partnership signage will take place at all of the events.

                   Mr. Ashby stated that the Virginia Tourism Corporation sold
           twenty exhibit spaces for Anniversary Village, including spaces to
           Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Mount Vernon, and several
           Virginia 2007 Community Programs. 20x20 spaces sold for $25,000 each
           and 10x10 spaces sold for $12,500 each. Mr. Campbell inquired as to the
           planned usage for the income from the sold spaces. Ms. Zeidler responded
           that the Virginia Tourism Corporation provided the initial funding of
           $300,000 for the project, and were now being reimbursed.

                  Mr. Ashby also stated that further elements such as the Godspeed
           simulator, “Jamestown Experience”, “America’s Heritage Flag, and
           “American People, American Progress”, were being developed for
           Yorktown’s 225th Anniversary, the National Teach-In, and America’s
           Anniversary Weekend.
Jamestown 2007                                                   Executive Committee
                                                             Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                                   DRAFT MINUTES

                     Ms. Zeidler announced that an agreement was reached for ticket
            prices for Anniversary Weekend. The $30 ticket will include parking,
            shuttle service, and admission to all three sites for one day. A ticket price
            is also being discussed for Yorktown 225th. Dr. Martinez asked if it was
            possible to see what the ticket will look like and what information will be
            included on it. Mr. Gevertz responded that he is working with Colonial
            Williamsburg’s ticketing people, and that the souvenir ticket will include
            graphics and historical content. Mr. Connock asked if there were plans to
            sell tickets to Anniversary Weekend during the sail. Mr. Gevertz
            responded that tickets will only be sold on the Internet, and that there had
            not been discussion about selling tickets at the sail because of technology

                    Ms. Zeidler stated that a meeting was held the previous day with
            the education partners and the Federal Commission’s Education Advisory
            Council. Ms. Dale added that the many of the same people on the
            Advisory Council are also Statewide Partners, and that there was some
            friendly competition as to who could provide the most resources. She
            stated that the value that Jamestown 2007 is receiving from its education
            partners is substantial, as the partners provide free advertising, free
            conference space, and time on their agendas for Jamestown 2007 to
            present at educational conferences.

                   Ms. Zeidler also reported that the Historic Triangle Host
            Committee was working on many successful projects, including training
            materials for frontline employees, the establishment of a volunteer office,
            and the hiring of a volunteer coordinator.

     IV.    Federal Commission Update – Mr. Dendy and Mr. Mann

             Mr. Dendy reported that planning is underway for the Democracy
     Conference, which will include an opening ceremony at Historic Jamestowne and
     Jamestown Settlement. The Conference will take place in Williamsburg, and
     include a major speaker on Sunday evening, discussions on Monday about the
     concept of democracy, discussions on Tuesday about threats to democracy, and a
     closing ceremony on Wednesday. Lady Margaret Thatcher agreed to serve as
     Honorary Chair, and Bill Barr and Tom Foley will serve as Honorary Vice-
Jamestown 2007                                                  Executive Committee
                                                            Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                                  DRAFT MINUTES

             Mr. Mann reported that the Foundation approved the Discovery to be in
     England from December 2006 through summer 2007, and that the British
     Committee will raise the necessary funding to support the trip. Mr. Mann also
     reported that two events will take place in England in the coming months. An
     event on March 20 will focus on the corporate community, and an event on April
     10 will focus on the legal community. Mr. Mann also stated that the invitation to
     the President will come from Governor-elect Kaine’s office once he is

             Mr. Mann also reported that the Web site
     was live, and that over 500 teachers registered for the site which contains free
     curriculum information. The National Teach-in will take place on November 9th
     from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

     V.     Subcommittees Update – Mr. Connock

             Mr. Connock reported that the joint meeting of the Programs and Events
     and Logistics subcommittees will take place on December 13 at the Virginia
     Historical Society in Richmond.

     VI.    Jamestown Settlement Update – Mr. Emerson

              Mr. Connock asked if there was an update on obtaining the Vermillion
     tract of land next to the Jamestown Settlement. Mr. Emerson replied that the
     federal government appropriated $750,000 to the Virginia Conservation Fund for
     the purchase of the tract. In addition, Governor Warner appropriated $3 million
     to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation in order to be an active partner in
     acquiring the land. The total cost for the tract is $12.5 million, and $6 million
     remains to be raised. Mr. Dendy asked what happens to the funding if the land is
     not purchased. Mr. Emerson answered that the Commonwealth’s money is for the
     specific purchase of land.

            Mr. Emerson reported that the Foundation was moving forward on the
     contract to build the new Discovery, the new permanent galleries, and the
     amenities in the riverfront area. Education programs are focusing on national
     outreach and PBS programming.
Jamestown 2007                                                   Executive Committee
                                                             Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                                   DRAFT MINUTES

     VII.   Historic Jamestowne Update – Ms. Kostelny and Mr. Smith

             Ms. Kostelny reported that the Collections Facility is complete, the new
     Research Center is complete and operational, and the Archaearium should be
     complete by February. The Neck-of-Land area was approved for construction of
     the Jamestown welcome center, which will support and complement the Regional
     Welcome Center at Colonial Williamsburg and include transportation and
     ticketing. Ms. Kostelny also reported that the DNA research on the skeleton
     findings came back negative, but all of the circumstantial evidence points to the
     skeleton being Bartholomew Gosnald. She also reported that Dr. Kelso had found
     the final piece of the fort.

            Mr. Campbell suggested a public relations promotion from a facilities
     perspective, and specifically a new brochure to focus on the new facilities
     throughout the Historic Triangle. Mr. Smith agreed, and stated that they were
     almost ready for a brochure.

     VIII. Other Business – Mr. Connock

             Mr. McDaniel reported that Mr. Richardson, Mr. Ashby, and Ms. Drema
     Johnson (Federal Commission) gave a presentation to 60 attendees at a security
     conference. The Port Authority is also interested in having a presentation. Plans
     are also underway for the Yorktown 225th security details. He stated that he is also
     working with Governor-elect Kaine’s office on security issues. Mr. McDaniel
     also met with Mr. George Foresman in Governor Warner’s office, who stated that
     there may be funding for security planning.

            Mr. Connock reported that the new DMV license plate featuring
     America’s 400th Anniversary will be issued as the standard plate after January 1,
     and will be the standard plate for the next 2 years. The license plate will produce
     about $6.5 million in revenue.

              Mr. Campbell reported that invitations for the premieres of The New
     World were mailed. There will be two premieres: one at 2:00 p.m. and the other
     at 6:30 p.m. The entertainment will include fifes and balladeers, historic
     interpreters, and an Indian village. A reception will be held between the two
     premieres. Governor Warner will attend the evening premiere and give remarks
     at the reception.
Jamestown 2007                                               Executive Committee
                                                         Friday, December 9, 2005
                                                               DRAFT MINUTES

            Ms. Hood reviewed the dates for the 2006 Executive and Steering
     Committee meetings. The May and October meetings will be combined meetings
     with the Steering Committee in conjunction with signature events at that time.

            Ms. Zeidler announced that the 2006 Legislative Reception co-hosted by
     the Library of Virginia and Jamestown 2007 will be January 26.

     IX.    Adjournment – Mr. Connock

           There being no further business, Mr. Connock adjourned the December 9,
     2005 meeting of the Jamestown 2007 Executive Committee at 1:53 p.m.