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									B-360 ½ret-fi╗catalß o untes d'Arenys, El/Kaiser, Dolores Simarro &
Dυaz, N·ria Adela Marot/1999/Spanish/93p//21:4,Sum00-01
B-060 100 New Bobbin Lace Patterns/Fukuyama,
Yusai/1996/English/142p/Easy to advanced patterns, diagrams, and
B-035 100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns/Stott, Geraldine & Cook,
Bridget/1982/English/129p/Traditional patterns for Bucks Point lace
with diagrams and patterns/[3:3],Jan82-83
B-081 101 Torchon Patterns/Lewis, Robin/1988/English/132p/Torchon lace
pattens with prickings and colored diagrams/13:3,Spr92-93
B-298 121 Honiton Lace Fillings/Hawken,
Christine/1997/English/147p/Many, many ideas for fillings for bobbin
B-357 16 T°nder Kniplinger med Arbejdstegninger/Hansen,
Tinne//Danish/36p/Simple patterns through to wider, more complex
B-377 24 Hearts in Bobbin Lace/Bj°rn, Lene/2002/English/56p//
B-371 36 Kl÷ppelbilder nach der Natur/Schneider,
B-300 50 Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns, Withof & Duchesse/Scheele-
Kerkhof, Yvonne/1937/Eng,Gem,Fr,Dut/144p/Patterns & instr/diagrams,
small to large patterns/
B-211 50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns/Burkhard,
Claire/1994/Eng,Ger,Fr/159p/Patterns for dress, table, window, and
B-398 50 New Milanese Lace Patterns/Read, Patricia/2004/English/128p//
B-034 75 Quick & Easy Bobbin Lace Patterns/Sorensen,
Veronica/1998/Eng,Ger,Dut,Fr/144p/Lots of easy patterns, diagrams for
all occasions/23:4,Sum02-03
B-422 All about Making Geometric Bucks Point Lace/Stillwell,
B-443 Aller Anfang ist Spitze...,Lace for Beginners, Lacemaking Step
by Step...//2003/Ger,Eng,Fr,Dut/3 Sections:Introduction:p1-22/Tape
B-391 Alphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace/Woods,
B-355 Alte flandrische Spitzen/Wesenberg,
B-310 Anfang vom Ende, Der (Beginning of the End, The)/L÷hr,
Ulrike/2000/English,German/144p/Techniques for beginning and ending
all types of bobbin lace, excellent diagrams/
B-389 Angels in Russian Tape Lace/Sonne,
Hanne/2003/English/79p/Details on 16 Russian lace fillings/
B-411 Attraktive Spitzendecken/Schneider, Helene & Schneider,
B-164 Ausstellungskatalog Tschechische Spitzenkunst/Kl÷ppelschule
Nordhalben/1990/German/100p/Contemporary lace from the exhibit in
B-396 Austria-Spitze, Eine Kl÷ppelspitze des Wiener Jugendstils,
Austria Lace, Art Nouveau/Winkler,
Leopoldine/2004/Ger,Engl/151p/History and techniques of early 20th
century Austrian lace/26:2;Win05-06
B-349 Bangle Bonanza, 12 Original Designs/Springett,
B-281 Bayeux Lace, Yesterday's Lace for Today/Nobecourt, Maria-
Catherine& Potin, Janine/1990/English,French/78p/Progression from
beginning through advanced/17:4,Sum96-97
B-147 Bedfordshire Family of Laces, The/Fisher,
Jennifer/1991/English/144p/Progressive lessons in Bedfordshire
B-194 Bedfordshire Lace Collection, A/Underwood, Barbara
M./1995/English/119p/Photographs and prickings, no
B-190 Bedfordshire Lace Making/Nottingham,
Pamela/1992/English/144p/Detailed introduction to Bedfordshire
B-143 Bedfordshire Lace Patterns/Turner,
Margaret/1986/English/99p/Many prickings for Beds lace plus pattern
B-144 Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Lace/Sutton, Edna & Moseley,
Mary/1991/English/130p/Motifs from nature done in many different
lacemaking techniques/12:2,Win91-92
B-168 Before Grey Rabbit, Basic Equipment & First Stitches/Cox,
Dorothy/1988/English/22p/Beginning bobbin lace lessons/13:3,Spr92-93
B-110 Beginning Bobbin Lace/Dye, Gilian/1986/English/96p/Beginning
lacemaking with basics/10:4,Sum89-90
B-145 Belgian Way of Making Bobbin Lace, The/Tod, Osma
Gallinger/n.d./English/13p/Basic bobbin lacemaking lessons/12:2,Win91-
B-387 Binche Deel 1/Vianen, Bep, & de Vries, Riet/2000/Dutch/33p/7
B-388 Binche Deel 2/Vianen, Bep, & de Vries, Riet/2002/Dutch/43p/8
B-367 Binche I: Around the Corner: Handkerchiefs/Giusiana,
Michael/2002/Eng, Ger, Fr, Dut/110p/16 patterns with photos, technical
diagrams, and prickings/23:3,Spr02-03
B-385 Binche II: The Old Becomes New/Giusiana,
Michael/2003/Eng,Ger,Fr,Dut,It/96p/Includes working diagrams and
excellent photos/26:3;Spr05-06
B-424 Binche III/Giusian, Michael, Michael et al./2007/Eng,Ger,
B-108 Binche Lace/Giusiana, Michael & Dunn,
Linda/1989/English/96p/Visual explanation of Binche
B-400 Binche-Spitzen/Wesenberg, Erdmute/2000/Ger,Engl/160p//
B-222 Binche, An Introduction/Cockuyt,
Vera/1987/English/66p/Introduction to basic Binche/
B-188 Birds and Animals in Honiton Lace/Takano, Saikoh/1992/4
lang/127p/Patterns for the experienced Honiton lacemaker/13:2,Win92-93
B-289 Birthdays and Birth Signs in Lace/Cook, Bridget M.,
ed./1997/Engish/48p/Patterns, diagrams and prickings/
B-363 Bloemmotieven in kloskant/Vandenhorst, J.J./1983/Dutch/48,[24]//
B-137 Bobbin Lace Braid/Dye, Gilian/1979/English/142p/Basic lessons in
braid lace/Jan 1979-1980
B-132 Bobbin Lace Designs and Instruction/Lawrence,
Ellen/1911/English/36p/Bobbin lace lessons from 1911 Pricilla
B-340 Bobbin Lace Fans/Colgan, Louise/2000/English/27p/Photographs,
diagrams, prickings, and technical notes/21:4,Sum00-01
B-296 Bobbin Lace for Beginners/Potgieter, Marie/1991/English/48p/Many
nice beginning patterns with diagrams and instructions/24:2;Win03-04
B-268 Bobbin Lace Making/Brooks,
Marguerite/1942/95/English/54p/Patterns and instructions from her
B-039 Bobbin Lace Making/Nottingham, Pamela/1983/English/96p/Beginning
and progressive lace lessons/[3:6],Jul82-83
B-009 Bobbin Lace Making/Wright, Doreen/1971/English/105p/Basic
introduction to bobbin lacemaking/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-087 Bobbin Lace Manual, The/Stott,
Geraldine/1988/English/126p/Explanations of technical
B-044 Bobbin Lace Sampler/McPeek, Mary/1977/English/20p/Medallion
B-303 Bobbin Lace without a Teacher/Alderson,
Betty/1996/English/24p/Easy to understand beginning instructions/
B-024 Bobbin Lace, A Contemporary Approach/Fuhrmann,
Brigita/1976/English/160p/Basic bobbin lace lessons relating to
contemporary trends/
B-011 Bobbin Lace, Form by the Twisting of Cords/Kliot, Kaethe &
Kliot, Jules/1973/English/245p/A new look at traditional textile
B-431 Bobbin Lace: Butterflies and Flowers in Point
B-265 Bobbin Lace///Japanese/67p/Good pictures and diagrams, hankie
edgings, mats, collars/17:1,Fal96-97
B-037 Bobbin Lace/Gubser, Elsie/1971/English/54p/Beginning Bobbin Lace
B-025 Bobbin Lacemaking for Beginners/Dawson,
Amy/1977/English/88p/Basic bobbin lacemaking lessons/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-026 Bobbin Lacemaking/Southard, Doris/1977/English/216p/Basic bobbin
lacemaking lessons/13:2,Win92-93
B-082 Bobbin Laces for Festive Occasions/Mervio,
Maija/1987/English/48p/Patterns and ideas for how to use the
B-031 Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches, The/Cook, Bridget M. & Stott,
Geraldine/1980/English/267p/Collection of stitches used in the
traditional bobbin lacemaking/[1:1],Sep80-81
B-196 Borddekoration (Table Decoration)/Novak,
Jana/2000/Dan,Ger,Eng/72p/Contemporary pieces used to decorate a
dinner table/
B-074 Braid Lace for Today/Fisher, Jennifer/1985/English/104p/Lessons
in tape and braid lace/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-086 Bruges Bloemwerk/Rombach-De Kievid,
J.E.H./1984/Dutch/62p/Beginning lessons in Bloemwerk with 2 pattern
B-094 Bruges Flower Lace Patterns/Sutton, Edna/1988/English/24p/24
patterns of Bruges Flower lace, very little instruction/9:3,Spr88-89
B-153 Bruges Flower Lace/Sutton, Edna/1986/English/118p/Beginning
Bloemwork lessons/13:3,Spr93-94
B-146 Brussels Lacemaking/Blanco, Ana Isasi/1985/English/120p/Basic
Brussels lacemaking lessons/12:3,Spr91-92
B-206 Bucks Point Lacemaking/Nottingham, Pamela/1985/English/128p/Good
instructions and many patterns with color diagrams/15:2,Win94-95
B-156 Build Up of Duchesse lace,The/Van Hout-Geelen,
Carola/1987/English/54p/Progressive techniques in
B-186 Building Torchon Lace Patterns/Cook, Bridget
M./1992/Eng,Ger,Fr,Dut/98p/A pattern book or a source for creating new
B-393 Butterfly and Moth, Schmetterlinge und
B-295 Chantilly, Techniek en Patronen/Stichting Nederlandse Kant
Opleiding/1997/Eng,Dut,Ger,Dan/110p/Instructions and
B-348 Christmas Collection/Springett, Christine/2001/English/
44p/Photos, diagrams and prickings for Christmas ornaments/24:2;Win03-
B-444 Christmas Cones in Bobbin Lace/Sonne, Hanne/2005/English/87p//
B-157 Christmas Lace Book, The/Springett,
Christine/1991/English/104p/Lace patterns for Christmas cards and
B-365 Chrysanthemum Lace, An Introduction to Chrysanthemum Bobbin
Lace/Belleville, Cathleen/2002/English/80p//23:3,Spr02-03
B-216 Church Lace Today/Jeans, Margaret/1988/English/45p/15 church
related designs in Torchon, Beds, Bucks, Honiton/11:3,Spr90-91
B-001 Church Lace/Milroy, M.E.W./1920/English/121p/8 patterns suitable
for use on church linen, detailed written instructions/[1:6],Jul81-82
B-150 Colour in Lace/Collier, Ann/1990/English/96p/Adding the
dimention of color to lacemaking/14:2,Win93-94
B-023 Complete English Bobbin Lace/Nottingham,
Pamela/1976/English/222p/Progressive lessons in bobbin
B-016 Contemporary Lace Making/Nieuwhoff,
Constance/1974/English/71p/Traditional lacemaking into a modern
artistic expression/Nov 1978-1979
B-084 Contempory Bohemian Lace/Levß-Skrovßnovß,
Vera/1987/English/63p/Figures in lace -- very contemporary/8:6,Jul-
B-262 Copper Wire Lace/Dyer, Anne/1994/English/141p/Ideas for working
with copper wire in bobbin lace, no patterns/18:1,Fal97-98
B-228 Course of Russian Lace Making/Karpenko, Tatiana & Karpenko,
Aleksei/1994/English/159p/Drawings, no instructions,1 pattern
B-033 Creative Design in Bobbin Lace/Collier,
Ann/1982/English/144p/Creative new directions for bobbin
B-182 Creative Lace Patterns/Paton, Valerie/1987/English/128p/Easy
patterns of different styles of lace/13:4,Sum92-93
B-191 Czech Lace 1 Collars/Novak,
Jana/1992/Dan,Eng,Ger/45p/Contemporary collars in torchon lace, 3
large pattern pages/13:3,Spr92-93
B-249 Decorative Fillings for Bucks Point Lace/Stott,
Geraldine/1995(?)/English/48p/Bucks point grounds with photo,
pricking, and diagram of each ground/16:2,Win95-96
B-321 Dentalle aux Fuseaux, Maεtriser al Technique, par
l'Apprentissage de la/Brulet, Lysiane/1999/French/175p/Excellent
photographs and diagrams/
B-406 Dentele au Fuseau, Method Jean ChaleyΘ, Les Bases/Fouriscot,
Mick, & ChaleyΘ, Jean/1999/French/77p//
B-061 Dentelle Au Fuseau Tome 1/De SΦve, AndrΘ-
Anne/1984/French/17p/Beginning bobbin lace techinques/[5:1],Sep-Oct84-
B-313 Dentelle au Fuseau, Dentelle du Puy/Fouriscot, Mick, et
al./1982/French/151p/Photos, diagrams, prickings/
B-322 Dentelle aus Fuseaux, Perfectionnier la Technique, par l'╔tude
Approfondie De ..., La/Brulet, Lysiane/2000/French/112p/Color
photographs, diagrams, and technical notes/
B-028 Dentelle Aux Fuseaux de A α Z, La/Rousset, Paulette,
ed.//French/49p/French magazine with basic bobbin lacemaking/
B-133 Dentelle aux Fuseaux, 12 Applications/Rousset, Paulette,
ed.//French/48p/12 patterns with ideas for use of the lace/
B-402 Dentelle aux fuseaux, Affinez vos connaissances technoques avec
la Dentelle torchon/Brulet, Lysiane/2004/French/192p//
B-327 Dentelle de Bayeux, La/Fouriscot, Mick & Salvador,
MylΦne/1999/French/45p/Color photographs, diagrams, color-coded
technical diagrams, and prickings/24:4,Sum03-04
B-328 Dentelle Duchesse, Initiation, Applications sur Tulle Bordures,
La/Fouriscot, Mick & Parfait-Laitem, LΘona/1997/French/77p/Includes
color-coded working diagrams/
B-344 Dentelle Duchesse, volume 2, Perfectionnement, La/Fouriscot,
Mick & Parfait-Laitem, LΘona/2000/French/58p//21:4.Sum00-01
B-046 Dentelle Figurative aux Fuseaux/Rousset, Paulette,
ed.//French/39p/Twelve contemporary patterns/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
B-413 Dentelle hongroise Hunnia, Fillings from Hunnia lace, Grⁿnde der
Hunniaspitze/Rⁿhle, Anna/2006/Ger, Eng, Fr/95p//27:2,Win06-07
B-345 Dentelle Torchon de Cholet, La/Fouriscot, Mick & Piveteau,
Martine/2002/French/78p/Photos, daigrams, and prickings for torchon
lace handerchiefs, doilies,bookmarks,etc/25:2,Win04-05
B-015 Dentelles Aux Fuseaux, Les/Dillmont, TH.
de//French,English/203p/Beginning French bobbin lace/Nov 1974-1975
B-244 Dentelles Du Pays-D'enhaut/Doepfner-Wettstein,
Ruth/1994/Fr,Ger,Eng/88p/Point ground reworked from old parchment
B-434 Dentelles Normanes, Honfleur et Vire/Bouvot, Claudette, &
Bouvot, Michel/2005/French/157p//
B-109 Design Techniques for Modern Lace/Sorenson,
Veronica/1989/English/144p/Emphasis on modern & original designing
using many techniques/10:3,Spr89-90
B-170 Designing and Mounting Lace Fans/Springett,
Christine/1985/English/16p/A study of mounting and designing lace
B-152 Designing for Bruges Flower Lace/Sutton,
Edna/1987/English/126p/Patterns and drafting Bruges
B-401 Devon Trolly Lace, The Lost Lace of the East Devon
Coast/McFadzean, Carol/2004/English/129p//
B-301 Dieren in Kleur (Animals in Color)/van den Herik,
Sebastiana/1997/Dutch,Enlgish/83p/20 Russian lace patterns: sheep,
squirrel, snail, hedgehog, mouse, birds, etc./
B-091 Downton Lace/Kemp, Betty/1988/English/63p/Instructions with
progressive patterns, prickings, and diagrams/9:2,Win88-89
B-158 Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns/Stillwell,
Alexandra/1986/English/144p/Lessons on drafting lace
B-117 Duchesse 20 Kantklospatronen/van Pamelen-Hagenaars,
JosΘ/1983/Dutch/89p/Photos, diagrams, and patterns for Duchesse
B-100 Duchesse Lace, An Introduction/Newble-de Graaf,
Jane/1989/English/128p/Beginning Duchesse lace lessons./10:2,Win89-90
B-201 Duchesse-Kant, Kabt Voor Hertoginnen/Delescen -van Rijsewijk,
Riet/1987/Dutch/63p/Duchesse lessons with large pattern
B-032 Ecken zu Point de Lille-Spitzen aus Liebenau und dem
Erzgebirge/Wesenberg, Erdmute/1996/German, English/128p/Many patterns
and diagrams/23:4,Sum02-03
B-429 Eisblumen,Ice Flowers/Voelcker, Ulrike/2007/Ger,Eng/98p//
B-012 Elena HolΘczyovß á/Michalides,
Pavol/1976/Slovak,Rus,Eng,Ger,Fr/162p/Modern interpretation of bobbin
lace with figures/23:4,Sum02-03
B-254 Enchanted lace, Book Two Bobbin Lace Miniatures,The/Keller, Ann
Margaret/1995/English/50p/Diagrams, pricking and some
B-135 Exercises, Fonds-Points d'Esprit-venise-Russe-Milan-
Fleuris///English/8p/Set of patterns for practicing different styles
of lace/
B-346 Faciles au Fuseau, Motifs Floraux, Applications et Parures.
Les/Fouriscot, Mick & Salvador, MylΦne/2000/French///21:4,Sum00-01
B-113 Faszinierendes Kl÷ppeln (Fascinating Bobbin Lace)/Burkhard,
Claire/1986/Ger,Fr,Eng/160p/3 books with patterns, diagrams, & how to
use patterns of 1500's/
B-219 Flanders Lace 1/Staes, Annick//English/18p/Loose-leaf with color
B-220 Flanders Lace 2/Staes, Annick//English/20p/Loose-leaf with color
B-437 Flanders Lace, 31 Patterns/Cockuyt, Vera/1985/English/[45p]//
B-098 Flanders Lace, A Step-By-Step Guide/Niven,
Mary/1988/English/120p/Detailed progressive lessons in Flanders
B-195 Flanders Lace/Staes, Annick//Eng,Dut,Fr, Ger/18p/5 patterns for
Flanders lace, with prickings and diagrams/14:2,Win93-94
B-380 Flanders/Giusiana, Michael, Kauffman, Kathy, & Stand,
B-335 Flandrische Spitze, Eine Anleitung zur Anfertigung der
Falndrischen Spitze mit 37 Kl÷/Rombach-de Kievid,
J.E.H./1990/German/78p/B&w photographs, diagrams, 2 sheets of
prickings, technical notes/
B-176 Floral Torchon Lace Patterns/Stott, Geraldine/1987-
92/English/30p/Patterns for floral torchon, set of six/13:2,Win92-93
B-192 Floribana/Noben-Slegers, Anny/1992/Dut,Fr,Eng,Ger/132p/3-D
flowers in lace/13:4,Sum92-93
B-115 Flowers and Butterflies in 3-D Bobbin Lace/Cox,
Dorothy/1998/English/63p/Lots of flower patterns and some butterflies/
B-175 Flowers in Honiton Lace/Luxton, Elsie & Fukuyama,
Yusai/1992/Eng, Ger,Dut,Fr/127p/New Honiton patterns taught with
visual approach/13:2,Win92-93
B-112 Free Lace Patterns/Brown, Sheila/1990/English/96p/Various
B-149 Freude Am Kl÷ppeln/Pollak, Barbara/1991/German/71p/Traditional
and contemporary lace patterns, 4 pattern pages/12:4,Sum91-92
B-221 Fuglefletskniplinger - M°nstre til frihΓndskniplin/Tornehave,
Bodil & Novak, Jana/1989/Danish/23p/Edgings and pricking cards/
B-204 Further Steps in Honiton Lace/Thompson,
Susanne/1993/English/111p/Continuing with the Honiton lace
B-414 Gekl÷ppelte Frⁿhlingsmotive/Bellon, Brigitte/2006/German/55p//
B-408 Gekl÷ppelte Kugeln, Bobbin Lace Balls/Wild, Ann E./2006/German,
B-351 Gekl÷ppelte Metallspitzen, Rekonstructionenalter Gold- und
Sivber-Spitzen/Klein, Jutta & Haarmann, Mariet/1994/German/200p//
B-320 Gekl÷ppelte Reticella/Bellon,
Brigitte/1998/German,French/86p/Color photographs, diagrams,
prickings, and technical notes/24:4,Sum03-04
B-261 Gekloppelte Weihnachtssterne/Muller-Sauer,
Carla/1995/Eng,Ger,Span,Swed,Fin/56p/Bobbin lace stars/17:2,Win96-97
B-373 Gloriana: Series One Wire Bobbin Lace Jewelry/Stevens,
Dianna/2002/English/27p/8 patterns/
B-374 Gloriana: Series Two Wire Bobbin Lace Jewelry/Stevens,
Dianna/2002/English/30p/10 patterns/
B-442 Go With the Flow, A Comtemporary Approach to ...Beginning 's
Gravenmoer Laceà/Preece, Marjorie/2006/English/30p/Includes CD with
prickings, color coded working diagrams,coloc pictures of projects/
B-372 Grof (Brugs) Bloemwerk/Vanoosterwijck, Sonia/no
date/Dutch,Fr,Ger,Eng/7,48/Photos, prickings, thread diagrams for 8
large patterns & prickings, diagrams for 6 small patterns/
B-439 Grounds, Part 1, Variations on Plaited Grounds,
Worksheets/Cockuyt, Vera/1995/English/p66-119//
B-441 Grounds, Part 2, Variations on snowgrounds, Worksheets/Cockuyt,
B-440 Grounds, Part 2, Variations on Snowgrounds/Cockuyt,
B-438 Grounds, Part1, Variations on Plaited Grounds/Cockuyt,
B-248 Grund-Variattionen mit 25 Kloppenlmustern/Bellon,
Brigette/1995/German/64p/Torchon-style grounds with good how-to
illustrations, includes pricking diagrams/16:3,Spr95-96
B-038 Guide to Lace-Making/Milroy, M.E.W./1934/English/78p/Beginning
Bucks Point lessons with detailed written directions/Nov 1975-1976
B-347 Guipure Du Puy, La/Fouriscot, Mick & Hubert, Nathalie/2001///
B-354 Guipure- und Cluny-Spitzen/Gantner, Elda, et
al./2002/German/240p/Guipure laces from different regions, countries
and time periods; includes diagrams and prickings/24:4,Sum03-04
B-062 Handleiding tot het varvaardigen van Duchessekant/van der
Meulen-Nulle, L. W./1983/Dutch/87p/Duchesse lacemaking lessons with
one pattern page/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
B-361 Hausdrachen/L÷hr,
Ulrike/[2001]/German,English/[22]sh/Photographs, diagrams, prickings
for 21 patterns/26:3;Spr05-06
B-214 Have Pillow, Will Travel Book I/Thompson,
Karen/1999/English/20p/Color diagrams/instructions for earrings and
small projects/
B-255 Het Lassen en Aannaaien van Kant/Allis-Viddeleer,
Louise/1993/Dutch,French/117p/History and techniques/16:3,Spr95-96
B-065 Honiton Lace Patterns/Luxton, Elsie/1984/English/143p/Honiton
patterns from simple to complex with written instructions/6:6,Jul-
B-173 Honiton Lace, A Practical Guide/Voysey,
Cynthia/1991/English/93p/The basics of Honiton lacemaking/12:4,Sum91-
B-308 Honiton Lace, Step-by-Step/Wells, Sheila/1998/English/54p/Easy
to follow instructions for the beginning Honiton student/
B-093 Honiton Lace, The Visual Approach/Luxton, Elsie & Fukuyama,
Yusai/1988/English/128p/40 patterns, diagrams, & prickings for
Honiton, appendix of fillings/9:3,Spr88-89
B-102 Hungarian Tape Lace Doilies/Groszberg,
Elizabeth//English/30p/Hungarian tape lace patterns and
B-071 Idrija Lace/Cook, Bridget & Tratnik,
Metka/1999/English/106p/Color-coded diagrams, lots of instructions,
B-101 International Lace Dictionary/Spee-van den Kieboom-Coene/1998/15
lang/91p/Lace terms in Engllish, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Portugese, Dutch, Danish,Japanese, more/
B-392 Introducing Rosalibre Bobbin Lace/Belleville,
B-237 Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20
Lessons/Underwood, Barbara M./1993/English/116p/Progressive lessons in
traditional Bedfordshire lacemaking/16:1,Fal95-96
B-379 Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace, An/Leader,
B-231 Introduction to Bobbin Lace Patterns/Cook,
Bridget/1984/English/105p/A few instructions, lots of patterns and
color diagrams/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-072 Introduction to Bobbin Lace Stitches/Cook, Bridget & Stott,
Geraldine/1983/English/96p/Diagrams and photo of the most frequently
used lace stitches/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-336 Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking/Shepherd,
Rosemary/1995/English/112p/Good photograghs, excellent diagrams and
B-368 Introduction to Bucks Point Lace, An/Leader,
Jean/2001/English/48p/Beginning Bucks Point Lace instructions with 14
B-140 Introduction to Honiton Lace/Thompson,
Susanne/1985/English/120p/Beginning Honiton lacemaking
B-199 Introduction to Russian Tape/Halley,
Lorelei/1983/English/49p/Introduction to tape lace/14:2,Win93-94
B-331 JAGD Nach Strich und Faden/L÷hr, Ulrike/1995/German/48p,[9]//
B-187 Jule Kniplinger 2/Novak, Jana & Gliese,
Aase/1991/Danish,English/43p/Modern Christmas motifs/13:2,Win92-93
B-395 Julekniplinger 5/Novak, Jana/2005/Dan,Ger,Eng/60p/Patterns for
B-378 Kant in de Gouden Eeuw/Krijgman, Yvonne, et
al./2003/Dut,Ger,Eng/120p/Includes Dutch lace from 1650 through
B-130 Kant met een Knipoogje (Lace with a Touch of Humor)/Wuytack,
Frie/1997/Eng,Fr,Dan,Ger,Dut/98p/Pictures of lacemaker statues, bobbin
lace people patterns/
B-343 Kant uit Vlaanderen en's Gravenmoer de schuine netslag/Andries,
Nora, et al./2002/Dutch,English,German/272p/20 modern and 60
traditonal patterns with photographs,technical notes, diagrams, and
B-239 Kantklos Allerlie/Kolbe-Van Rijn, Leny/1989/Dutch/64p/Tape lace
and torchon, 2 large pattern pages/15:4,Sum94-95
B-122 Kantklospatronen/Zwaal-Lint, Tiny/1981/Dutch/63p/Patterns,
diagrams, & prickings for 37 bobbin lace projects/11:3,Spr90-91
B-056 Kantklossen en FrivolitΘ/Lammßr, Jutta/1977/Dutch/58p/Bobbin
lace and tatting lessons/Nov 1978-1979
B-051 Kantklossen Slag voor Slag/Boelaars,
Zus/1977/Dutch/87p/Beginning lessons with interesting progressive
B-208 Karjalaisten Kansallispukujen nyplΣtytyt pitsit (Bobbin Laces
of Karelian National)/Hokkanen,
Leena/1993/Finnish,English/54p/Intructions for Nyytinki Lacemakers for
Finnish costumes/14:3,Spr93-94
B-362 Kirche un Spitze/Gantner, Elda, et al./none/German/176p//
B-167 Kl÷ppel Arbeiten/von Reden, Giffi/1925/German/32p/Reprint of old
book with modern looking patterns/13:4,Sum92-93
B-241 Kl÷ppel-kurs/L÷hr, Ulrike/1993/German,English/96p/17 lessons
including tape, torchon, cluny & point ground/15:3,Spr94-95
B-127 Kl÷ppelbilder aus der Natur/Schneider,
Irmgard/1989/German/88p/Prickings and photographs of free lace with
plants for a theme/15:3,Spr94-95
B-166 Kl÷ppelfibel/Colditz, Gertrud, Hackel, Sigrid& Siebdrath,
Regine/1990/German/56p/Guipure and contemporary basic
B-271 Kl÷ppelkristalle in Glas/Gei▀endorfer,
Marianne/1997/German/40p/38 small motifs, stars, snowflakes/
B-270 Kl÷ppelmotive-klein aber fain in Glas/Gei▀endorfer,
Marianne/1995/German/32p/29 small motifs/
B-163 Kl÷ppelmuster selbst entwerfen/Bellon,
Brigitte/1991/German/32p/Color photographs, some diagrams, includes
separate pattern sheet/13:4,Sum92-93
B-202 Kl÷ppeln Handbuch mit 400 Tricks und Kniffen/L÷hr,
Ulrike/1992/German/204p/Many illustrations and photos with helps and
B-183 Kl÷ppeln in Tirol/Golderer, Grete/1986/German/151p/Torchon
edging and insertion patterns/14:3,Spr93-94
B-278 Kl÷ppeln zur Weihnachtszeit/Bellon,
Brigitte/1996/German/64p/Christmas stars, angels, bells, candles,
nativity, edgings/18:1,Fal97-98
B-263 Kl÷ppeln, ein kleiner Lehrgand/Bellon,
Brigitte/1980/German/29p/Basic bobbin lace, few patterns, 1 pattern
B-358 Kl÷ppelschals in edlen Garnen ChΓles en fils
nobles/Gei▀end÷rfer, Marianne & Marx, Elke/2001/German,French/69p//
B-041 Kl÷ppelspitzen 1te Serie, Die, Bibliothek
DMC//n.d./German/184p/Beginning German bobbin lacemaking lesson with
separate pattern sheets/
B-260 Kloppelspitzen aus Wologda/Ketschemaikina, Walentina A & Dehnel,
Regine/1995/German/144p/14 patterns sheets, instructions, pictures for
Russian tape lace/
B-272 Kl÷ppelspitzen fur Glasleuchter/Gei▀endorfer,
Marianne/1998/German/27p/19 candle rings/
B-273 Kl÷ppelspitzen rund ums Glas/Gei▀endorfer,
Marianne/1999/German/43p/17 small motifs/
B-184 Kl÷ppelspitzen/Bellon, Brigitte/1988/German/100p/Guipure,
torchon and contemporary patterns/14:3,Spr93-94
B-160 Kniplede Gaveideer (Gift Ideas in Bobbin Lace)/Novak,
Jana/1999/Eng,Dan,Ger/72p/Free-form bobbin lace, beginner to advanced/
B-107 Knipling (Lace) 3/Novak, Jana/1989/Dan,Ger,Eng/40p/Winter theme
B-232 Knipling (with translation)/Trend-Nissen,
Karen/1979/Danish,English/122p/Basic Torchon with color diagrams,
edgings and bookmarks/
B-233 Knipling 2 (with translation)/Trend-Nissen,
Karen/1984/Danish,English/123p/Advanced Torchon patterns including
circular edgings, mats/
B-234 Knipling 3 (with translation)/Trend-Nissen,
Karen/1986/Danish/108p/Instruction for making and drafting Tonder lace
B-235 Knipling 4 (with translation)/Trend-Nissen,
Karen/1989/Danish,English/93p/Techniques for starting and finishing,
color-coded, mats/8:2,Nov-Dec87-88
B-215 Knipling 4, Stjernetegn (Lace 4, Signs of the Zodiac)/Novak,
Jana & Gliese, Aase/1993/Dan,Ger,Eng/32p/Patterns for 12 signs of the
B-382 Knipling og Beklμdning,Spitze und Bekleidung, Lace and
Fashion/Novak, Jana/2002/Dan, Ger,Engl/60p//
B-047 Knⁿpfen-Kl÷ppeln///German/63p/Handarbietstechniken Band 6, basic
German bobbin lacemaking lessons/Jan 1973-1974
B-049 Knyppla/Malmberg, Kristina & Thorlin,
Naime/1973/Swedish/104p/Traditional lacemaking used in dress,
textiles, & decoration/Sep 1974-1975
B-269 Knypplade Bilder (Swedish Lace Motifs)/Fagerlin, Ulla &
Hulterstr÷m, Birgitta/1996/Eng,Ger,Swed/96p/Gnomes, birds, flowers,
teddy bear, cat, boat, bottles/
B-007 Knypplerskan Del I & II/Olsson, Inga-
Lisa/1971/Swedish,English/28p/Swedish intro to bobbin lace,
translation included/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
B-008 Knypplerskan Del III/Olsson, Inga-
Lisa/1976/Swedish,English/18p/Swedish lace lessons, brief
instructions, no patterns/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
B-045 Knyppling/Johanson, Sally/1964/Swedish/90p/Beginning Swedish
Bobbin Lacemaking lessons/
B-421 Krybbe,The Crib,Weihnachtskrippe/Novak,
B-383 Kunterbunt und Flatterhaft, Bright and Flighty/Beck,
Manuela/2004/German,English/69p/12 bobbin lace butterflies and
B-366 Lace Fans/Collier, Ann/2002/English/127p//23:3,Spr02-03
B-083 Lace Flowers/Willmot, Joyce/1987/English/74p/Lace flower
patterns and how to make them/8:2,Jan-Feb87-88
B-105 Lace for Children of All Ages/Springett,
Christine/1989/English/72p/Simple motifs with instructions and
patterns, many Christmas/23:4,Sum02-03
B-106 Lace for Church Use/Downham, Marie-
Clare/1989/English/128p/Patterns and prickings of lace suitable for
edging church linens/
B-246 Lace in Miniature/Collier, Ann/1994/English/128p/Patterns and
instructions for making doll clothes with lace/16:3,Spr95-96
B-004 Lace in the Making with Bobbins and Needle/Brooke,
Margaret/1923/English/164p/Practical guide, different styles of bobbin
B-342 Lace Making, the Home Craft of All Ages/Page,
Eleanor/1930/English/94p/Brief instructions on bobbin lace, some
information on filet, needle, and "needle run" lace/
B-005 Lace Making/Close, Eunice/1951/English/112p/Simple introduction
to different styles of lacemaking/
B-420 Lace of Special Occasions/Springett,
B-096 Lace to Use/Withers, Jean/1988/English/143p/How to make and use
B-121 Lace, Australian Wildflowers in Point Ground/Kenn,
Elwyn/1990/English/45p/Patterns, diagrams, prickings for point ground
with wildflower motifs/11:3,Spr90-91
B-138 Laced with Love, A Lacemaker's Fable with Patterns/Karr, Phyllis
& Conklin, Marilyn/1991/English/13p/A little story enhanced with lace
B-230 Lacemakers' Collection Bookmarks, Motifs, and Little Things,
Booklet 1/Moore, Ann/1992/English/[12]p/Prickings and word
B-226 Lacemakers' Collection, Wedding Bells/Moore,
Ann/1993/English/16p/Torchon and Bucks garters and other
B-227 Lacemakers' Collection, From Coaster to Tablecloth/Moore,
Ann/1992/English/3vol/3 volumes of mats to use singly or a
B-375 Lacemakers' Collection, Lace Baskets and Flowers/Moore,
B-247 Lacemaking by diagram 2, Tonder Lace/Rud,
Charlotte/1989/Danish,English/56p/Patterns, photos, prickings, color
B-058 Lacemaking by Diagram/Nyrop-Larsen,
Johanne/1982/Eng,Dan,Ger/48p/Tonder lace with color diagram pages and
B-050 Lacemaking Point Ground/Channer, C.C./1928/English/60p/Beginning
Point Ground lessons/[5:5],May-Jun84-85
B-134 Lacemaking, Dryad Leaflet #142/Waller,
Margaret//English/15p/Beginning bobbin lace lessons/
B-330 Lapsia NyplΣten (Children in Bobbin Lace)/Kortelahti, Eeva-
Liisa/2000/Finnish,English,German/68p/Color and b&w photographs,
prickings, and a little technical information/25:2,Win04-05
B-078 Lavendon Collection of Bobbin Lace Patterns/Harris,
Valerie/1987/English/144p/Collection of Bedfordshire patterns from the
author's family/8:1,Sep-Oct87-88
B-185 Leni Matthaei ein Leben fⁿr die Kl÷ppelspitze/Mⁿhlensiepen,
Inge/1980/German/142p/The work of Leni Matthaei/14:3,Spr93-94
B-353 Liebenauer Point de Lille-Spitzen, Rekonstruction alter
Liebenauer Spitzenà./Haarmann, Mariet & Wesenberg,
Erdmute/1993/German, English/224p//
B-172 Little Bobbin Book, The/Robbins, Lynn//English/21p/Simple guide
to bobbin types used in East Midlands/
B-279 Lutac Relief/LucienneTack, Donielle Van Den
Bulche/1995/Eng,Fr,Ger,Flem/175p/Lots of patterns and ideas, color-
coded diagrams/
B-425 Luton Lace Treasury Volume I/Barry, Sally C./2003/English/72p//
B-426 Luton Lace Treasury Volume II/Barry, Sally C./2004/English/70p//
B-427 Luton Lace Treasury Volume III/Barry, Sally
B-428 Luton Lace Treasury Volume IV/Barry, Sally C./2005/English/68p//
B-136 Luton Museum's Dealer Sample Book///English/33p/Set of photos of
lace samples used by lace dealer/
B-043 Lμr at Kniple/Kielberg, Sina//Danish/125p/Beginning Danish
bobbin lacemaking lessons with patterns/
B-315 Maikafer, Flieg!, 20 Kloppelbriefe/L÷hr,
Ulrike/1993/German/50p/Photos, diagrams/
B-169 Making Lace with Little Grey Rabbit/Cox,
Dorothy/1893/English/58p/Small edging patterns with embroidery
storybook centers/13:3,Spr92-93
B-114 Malmesbury Lace/Blanchard, Joan/1990/English/126p/Lessons in a
point ground lace similar to Downton lace/11:2,Win90-91

B-256 Manual for Sluis and Withof Duchesse Laces Part I Sluis 1913-
1935/Reijs, Anneke/1994/Engish/110p/Prickings, photos, and word
B-257 Manual for Sluis and Withof Duchesse Laces Part II Withof/Reijs,
Anneke//English/106p/Techniques, 9 pages of patterns/17:2,Win96-97
B-334 Manual for Sluis and Withof Duchesse Laces, Part III-Withof
1993-2000/Reijs, Anneke/2000?/English/74p, 6p/B&w and color
photographs, diagrams, prickings, technical notes/
B-141 Manual of Bedfordshire Lace, A/Robinson,
Pam/1985/English/74,24p/Beginning and progressive Bedfordshire
lacemaking lessons/12:2,Win91-92
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Margaret/1931/English/184p/Reprint of basic lacemaking
B-284 Milanese Lace Designs/Moore, Ann/1996/English/125p/Easy to
complex patterns, good drawings/18:1,Fal97-98
B-103 Milanese Lace, An Introduction/Read, Patricia & Kincaid,
Lucy/1988/English/159p/Beginning to advanced Milanese lace
B-302 Milanese Lace: Original Patterns in Color/Colgan,
Louise/1998/English/30p/Several original patterns with color-coded
B-350 Miniature Bobbin Lace/Snowden, Roz/1998/English/166p//
B-299 ModΦles de Dentelle au Fuseau Cluny/Fouriscot, Mick & Salvador,
MylΦne/1996/French/62p/Color-coded diagrams, lots of patterns/
B-124 Modern Lace Designs/Sorenson,
Veronica/1984/English/145p/Traditional bobbin lace techniques with
modern interpretation/11:3,Spri90-91
B-339 Motieven in Kleur, 20 Patronene in Russische Kant/van den Herik,
Sabastiana/2000/Dutch,English/78p,28p/Russian tape lace, prickings,
diagrams, photographs,technical notes/26:3;Spr05-06
B-165 Motive in Tⁿll/L÷hr, Ulrike/1992/Eng,Ger,Dut,Dan/50p/Bucks Point
with patterns, some layouts show Art Nouveau influence/14:3,Spr93-94
B-075 Mounting & Using Lace/Withers, Jean/1986/English/96p/A how to
book on mounting lace on a usable object/7:4,Mar-Apr86-87
B-319 Musterzeichnen fⁿr Torchonspitzen/Atkinson,
Jane/1987/German/168p/Color and b&w photographs, diagram, prickings,
and technical notes/
B-198 Nara Nyplayksess (Bobbin Lace with Paper Strings)/Kortelahti,
Eeva-Liisa/1999/Fin,Eng,Ger/48p/Many 3-dimensional using paper twist/
B-126 Natuurlijk Kantklossen/Vloors, Lieve/1986/Dutch/64p/Instruction
and patterns with nature motifs, 2 large pttern pages/11:3,Spr90-91
B-415 Nauhalanke NyplΣyksessΣ, Boobin lace with Ribbon Gimps,
Kl÷ppelspitzen mit Einlegeà/Kortelahti, Eeva-Liisa/2004/Fin, Ger,
B-404 Neue Kl÷ppelideen fⁿr Torchonspitzen/Egger,
B-123 New Bobbin Lace Patterns/Zwaal-Lint,
Tiny/1982/English/63p/Patterns, diagrams, & prickings for 35 bobbin
lace projects/11:3,Spr90-91
B-236 New Braids and Designs in Milanese Lace/Read, Patricia &
Kincaid, Lucy/1994/English/136p/Continuation of Milanese with new
braids and patterns/15:2,Win94-95
B-080 New Design in Bobbin Lace/Collier,
Ann/1987/English/144p/Designing new lace patterns/8:5,May-Jun87-88
B-069 New Designs in Honiton Lace/Perryman, Pat & Voysey,
Cynthia/1984/English/119p/Continuing Honiton lace lessons, 40 lace
B-013 New Designs in Lace Making/Malmberg, Kristina & Thorlin,
Naime/1973/Enlgish/96p/Traditional lacemaking used in dress, textiles
and decoration/Mar 1975-1976
B-364 New Ideas for Miniature Bobbin Lace/Snowden,
B-205 New Patterns in Honiton Lace/Biggins, Caroline & Biggins,
Barry/1993/English/144p/Raised and rolled work in Honiton for the
advanced lacemaker/14:2,Win93-94
B-394 New Weihnachtsspitze 3/Novak, Jana/1997/German/65p/Patterns for
B-177 Nosegay of Hankies, 15 New Designs/Gorse,
Beryl/1985/English/28p/Patterns with prickings and photos of finished
B-338 Nur Torchon?/Theuerkauf, Inge/1999/German,English/64p/Torchon
lace, b&w photographs,diagrams, some colored,four sheets of prickings,
technical notes/25:3;Spr04-05
B-155 NyplΣtkΣΣmme (Let's Make Bobbin Lace)/Kortelahti, Eeva-
Liisa/1989/Finnish,English/112p/Modern lace patterns with photographs
and prickings/16:2,Win95-96
B-036 NyplΣttyΣ PitsiΣ (Bobbin Lace)/Kortelahti, Eeva-
Liisa/1983/Finnish,English/111p/Contemporary lace patterns with
working diagrams/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
B-048 NyplΣyksen Opas//1966/Finnish,English/60p/Beginning bobbin lace
lessons, separate translation by Doris Southard/23:4,Sum02-03
B-433 Nyytinki/PentikΣinen, Inga, Leinulahti, & Hokkenen,
B-397 Onder de loep, Analyse van Oudvlaamse kloskanten uit de
collectie à./Andris, Nora/2004/Dutch,Ger,Engl/3vol//
B-245 Ostern und Frⁿhling/Bellon, Brigitte/1994/German/64p/Contemporary
designs for spring and Easter/16:1,Fal95-96
B-180 Ovals, 17 Original Bobbin Lace Designs/Paternoster,
Brenda/1986/English/34p/17 new oval bobbin lace patterns/14:3,Spr93-94
B-029 Palickováni/Praha, Mona/1981/Czech/32p/Czech magazine of
contemporary lace with patterns included/
B-030 Palickujeme/Trandzidová, M./1978/Czech/80p/Beginning Czech
bobbin lacemaking with pattern pages/
B-259 Paskekniplinger/Novak, Jana/1995/Danish/52p/Prickings of
abstract birds and flowers/17:2,Win96-97
B-079 Pattern Design for Torchon Lace/Atkinson,
Jane/1987/English/168p/How to design lace/8:4,Mar-Apr87-88
B-203 Personal Lace/Ruffner, Trenna/1993/English/33p/Lace pattern
collection of the Author's designs/14:2,Win93-94
B-003 Pillow Lace, A Practical Hand-Book/Mincoff, Elizabeth &
Marriage, Margaret/1907/English/231p/Introduction to the basic styles
of bobbin lace, 2 pattern pages/6:5,May-Jun85-86
B-018 Pillow Lace, Book 2/Hamer, Margaret/1977/English/14p/Basics in
English Maltese type lace, pattern pages/
B-019 Pillow Lace, Book 3, Torchon Lace, Part 1/Hamer, Margaret &
Waller, Kathleen/1977/English/19p/Continuing lessons in Torchon,
pattern pages included/
B-020 Pillow Lace, Book 4, Torchon Lace, Part 2/Hamer, Margaret &
Waller, Kathleen/1978/English/15p/Continuing lessons in Torchon,
pattern pages included/
B-021 Pillow Lace, Book 5, Point Ground Lace, Part 1/Hamer, Margaret &
Waller, Kathleen/1979/English/16p/Beginning Point Ground lessons with
pattern pages/[1:5],May79-80
B-022 Pillow Lace, Book 6, Point Ground Lace, Part 2/Hamer, Margaret &
Waller, Kathleen/1980/English/16p/Continuing Point Ground lessons with
pattern pages/
B-017 Pillow Lace/Hamer, Margaret/1975/English/15p/Beginning bobbin
B-290 Plants & Flowers in Lace/Cook, Bridget,
ed./1995/English/48p/Small projects, few instructions/18:4,Sum97-98
B-352 Point de Lille-Spitzen aus dem Erzgebirge, Rekonstruktionen
alter Point de Lilleà./Wesenberg, Erdmute/1995/German, English/264p//
B-318 Point Ground Lace, a Comparitive
Study/OIDFA/2001/English,French,German/57p/B&w phtographs, diagrams,
color-coded diagrams,prickings, and technical notes/
B-329 Point Ground Patterns from Australia/Kenn,
Elwyn/1986/English/36p/Color and b&w photographs, diagrams, prickings,
and technical notes/
B-067 Pompe, 1559 Patterns for Venetian Bobbin Lace, Le/Levey, Santina
& Payne, Patricia/1983/English/128p/Lace patterns devised from the old
B-423 Pompe, Ein venetianisches Musterbuch von
B-085 Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace/Cook,
Bridget/1987/English/208p/Detailed, illustrated, explanation of many
complex techniques/9:1,Fal88-89
B-002 Priscilla Bobbin Lace Book/Lawrence,
Ellen/1911/English/36p/Basic lessons in bobbin lacemaking/
B-409 Rekonstruction alter Spitzen, Reconstructing Old Lace,
Experiences for a Workshop/Beckers-Hartl, Heike, Kilian, Maria &
Schuster, Claudia/2006/German, English/60p//26:4,Sum05-06
B-370 Rendas de Bilros de Piniche,Bobbin Lace of
Peniche,Kl÷ppelspitzen aus Piniche/Huill, Janne L.G. & Ramos, Graτa
Maria/2001/Port,Eng,Ger/48p/Photos, prickings and some diagrams for 11
B-088 Rococo Adventure, A/Coffield, Caroline/1988/English/95p/Patterns
and explanation of Belgian lacemaking/9:1,Fal88-89
B-287 Rondom Kant 2/Demeyer-Fransens,
Helena/1997/Eng,Fr,Ger,Dut/29p/Torchon hats, mats and ovals with
prickings, 10 pattern sheets/
B-280 Rosaline Lace/Eemans-Moors,
Ghislaine/1985/Eng,Dut,Fr,Ger/126p/Lots of patterns, diagrams and
B-161 Rosaline PerlΘe/Geelen, Jan/1990/Dutch/63p/Progressive Rosaline
lessons. Well illustrated/15:1,Fal94-95
B-210 Russian Lace Making/Cook, Bridget
M./1993/Eng,Ger,Dut,Fr/144p/Lessons on Russian lace with lots of
patterns and technique/14:2,Spr93-94
B-283 Russian Lace Patterns/Korableva, Anna & Cook,
Bridget/1996/Eng,Fr,Dut,Ger/144p/Lots of patterns, few
B-286 Russische Kant (Russian Lace)/van Pamelen-Hagenaars,
JosΘ/1988/Eng,Ger,Fr,Dan/101p/Good drawings, earrings, mats,
butterflies, triangles, free-form/
B-159 Russische Kant/Polfliet-Pouwels, Monique/1989/Dutch/60p/Russian
tape lacemaking lessons, pattern page/13:3,Spr92-93
B-200 Ruusuja NyplΣten (Roses in Bobbin Lace)/Kortelahti, Eeva-
Liisa/1993/Finnish,English,German/120p/Modern pictorial and jewelry
lace patterns/14:2,Win93-94
B-162 Schmetterlinge 10 Kl÷ppelbriefe/L÷hr,
Ulrike/1991/German/34p/Butterfly patterns for the advanced
B-129 Schmuck (Parures)/Dajcar-Florin, Anita & Lambert,
Catherine/1997/German,French/72p/Modern Free Lace jewelry in colored
B-055 Schneeberger Lace/Baumeister-Jonker,
Lia/1983/English/22p/Beginning lessons for the Schneeberger
B-381 Schneeberger Lace/Baumeister-Jonker,
B-092 Schneebergse Kant/Van Olffen-Spikermann,
Annelie/1987/Dutch/22p/Patterns for Schneeberger lace, all loose
B-125 Schwarzarbeit, Ein Buch ⁿber Chantilly/L÷hr,
Ulrike//English,German/114p/Patterns and diagrams, not a lot of
B-253 Simple and Pretty Torchon and Bedfordshire or The Enchanted
Lace/Keller, Ann Margaret/1992/English/56p/Photos, diagrams, and
B-418 Skσnsk Knyppling, Schonische Spitze,Scanian Lace/Nordstr÷m,
B-337 Snakes Galore, 10 All New Variations on the Famous Snake Lace
Pattern/Springett, Christine/2000/English/20p/B&w photographs,
diagrams, prickings, technical notes/26:4,Sum05-06
B-333 Special Effects in Bobbin Lace/Woods,
Sandi/1998/English/126p/B&w and color phtographs, diagrams, prickings,
technical notes/26:3;Spr05-06
B-288 Special Occasions in Lace/Cook, Bridget,
ed./1997/English/48p/Small projects, button covers, mats, holiday
B-412 Spiel mit Ecken,Jeux d'Angles, Fun with Angles/Burkhard,
Claire/2005/Ger,Fr, Eng/80p//
B-432 Spitzan Blⁿten/Leishter, Gerd H, et al./2005/German/156p//
B-416 Spitzen aus dem Nachlass der SpitzenhΣndlerin Ottilie
Wiesner/Guggi, Renate, et al./2002/German/147p, 1//
B-197 Spitzen fur Zehn Paar, Dentelles pour Dix Paires, Lace for Ten
Pairs/Burkhard, Claire/2000/Ger,Fr,Eng/72p/Edgings, bookmarks, stars,
fish, key fob, flowers, motifs/26:3;Spr05-06
B-417 Spitzenmenⁿ, Ein Kl÷ppelbuch fⁿr Tisch und Tafel/Kretschmer,
Irmtrud et al./2000/German/373p, 3//
B-419 Starts and Finished in Torchon Lace/Brown,
B-131 Step by Step Basic Bobbin Lace/Martin, Peggy
E./1975/English/29p/Basic bobin lace lessons/
B-068 Step by Step Russian Tape Lace/Martin,
Peggy/1978/English/24p/Beginning tape lace lessons/
B-405 Stichtse Kant, een ode annHenk Hardeman, De/de Meza,
B-435 Stil_Blⁿten/Voelcker, Ulrike/2005/Ger, Eng,Sp/137p//
B-010 Stitches of Bobbin Lace, The/Kliot, Jules & Kliot,
Kaethe/1973/English/58p/Graphic illustration guide to crossings,
grounds, stitches/
B-178 Straight Laced, Fine Torchon Insertions/Gorse,
Beryl/1986/English/25p/12 new designs of edgings with corners for
B-240 Stropkant/Demeyer-Fransens, Helena/1994/Dutch/64p/Torchon
lessons and patterns, 2 large pattern pages/15:3,Spr94-95
B-070 Studies in Cant·/McPeek, Mary/1985/English/28p/Beginning Cantu
lace lessons/
B-189 Study of Torchon Grounds, 12 Patterns with Corners/Hendrick,
Julie/1992/English/47p/12 new torchon patterns with corners,
instructions, prickings/13:3,Spr92-93
B-111 Study of Torchon Spiders, A/Hendrick, Julie/1990/English/30p/Ten
patterns with prickings and instructions for 30 spiders/12:3,Spr91-92
B-324 Suggestions How to Improve Binch/Cockuyt,
Vera/1997/English/[27]p/B&w photographs, diagrams, and technical
B-118 Syllabus Binche I/Verbeke-Billiet, Anne-
Marie/1985/Eng,Ger,Fr/112p/Eight pattern packs with lessons, patterns,
& color diagrams/11:3,Spr90-91
B-119 Syllabus Binche II/Verbeke-Billiet, Anne-
Marie/1988/Eng,Ger,Fr/112p/Seven pattern packs with lessons, patterns,
& color diagrams/11:3,Spr90-91
B-120 Syllabus Binche III/Verbeke-Billiet, Anne-
Marie/1991/Eng,Ger,Fr/83p/8 progressive lessons in Binche
B-217 Syllabus Mechelse Kant I/Thienpondt,
Rita/1992/Dut,Fr,Ger,Eng/52p/9 progressive lessons in
B-064 Teach Yourself Torchon Lace, 6 Basic Lessons in Bobbin Lace with
Workcards/Arnold, Eunice/1979/English/43p/Six basic lessons in bobbin
lace with six separate workcards/23:4,Sum02-03
B-066 Tebbs' Art of Bobbin Lace/Tebbs,
Louisa/1907/English/183p/Lessons in more advanced lacemaking, four
pattern pages/[5:4],Mar-Apr84-85
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B-040 Techniek van het Kantklossen Traditionele en hedendaagse
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Beds, and Bucks patterns, much content same as B-023/6:5,May-Jun85-86
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Rombach-de Kievid, J.E.H./1995/English/144p/Lots of patterns, no
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B-325 Technique of Designing Flanders Lace in Prickings and
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English translation/7:1,Sep-Oct86-87
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Bedfordshire Lace Techn./Leader, Jean/1992/English/15p/Diagrams,
notes, and prickings for 4 bookmarks/
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Landen/OIDFA/1992/Eng,Fr,Ger,Dan/54p/Patterns contributed to
commemorate 10th anniversary/25:3;Spr04-05
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and descriptions of edgings and motifs, 1 sheet of
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12 motifs/17:2,Win96-97
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patterns with photos, technical diagrams and prickings/22;3;Spr01-02
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patterns with pages for prickings/9:1,Fal88-89
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B-128 Traditional Techniques for Contempory Lace Design/Alston, Adria
Allen/1976/English/69p/Beginning bobbin lace lessons/
B-399 Treasury of Patterns,èperkovnice palickovan²ch vzoru/Zuman,
B-430 Tⁿllgrundspitzen,Point Ground Lace,Dentelles α fond tulle,Pizzi a
Fondo Tulle/Doepfener-Wettstein, Ruth/2006/Ger,Eng,Fr, It/120p//
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based on traditional and new designs/14:2,Win93-94
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Geraldine/1985/English/90p/Progressive lessons in Bucks Point
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Sonia/1995/Flemish/10sect/7 pattern sheets/17:2,Win96-97
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Louise/1995/English/19p/Diagrammed patterns for garter, fan,
B-291 Weddings, Christenings and Anniversaries in Lace/Cook, Bridget,
ed./1995/English/48p/Alphabet, edgings, heart patterns/18:2,Win97-98
B-209 Weihnachtliche Kl÷ppelmotive/Bellon,
Brigitte/1993/German/55p/Modern patterns with Christmas
B-258 Withof Duchesse in North America/Johnson, Susie, et al.,
ed./1996/English/45p/Technique, numerous patterns/
B-264 Withof Duchesse/v.d.Heijden-Biemens, Trude, Scheele-Kerkhof,
Yvonne, & Smelter-Hoekstra, Puck/1988//64p/Techniques for working this
B-104 Withof Lace/v.d. Heijden-Biemans, Trude, Scheele-Kerhof, Yvonne
& Smelter-Hoekstra, Puck/1991/English/160p/Beginning to advanced
Withof lace instructions/23:4,Sum02-03

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