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									          Recommended           Introductory
Product    Retail Price         Lowest Price          Styles Available                                                  Further Information
            (inc. VAT)          Spring 2010
OS-7000   £4638.30 ex vat      £4212.77 ex vat
   u      = £5450 inc vat      =£4950 inc vat +                                                                                           See Brochure for More Details
 Space                        £293.75 Delivery =                                                                                                   or Call into
             + £293.75         £5,243.75
             Delivery =         (Saving £500)                                                                                          The Swan Pool & Spa Centre
 THE                                                                                                                                    For A Free Demonstration
            £5743.75            Add 2nd year
                              Warranty for £395
                                                                               With OS-7400 uHarmony, you can choose from 6 Pre-Programme Massages or you can design your
OS-7400   £3,191.49 ex vat     £2553.19 ex vat                                 own massage and record them into two memory banks. You can replay them as often as you like.
   u      = £3750 inc vat     =£3,000 inc vat +
                              £293.75 Delivery=
             + £293.75
                                                                                      Customisable Massages                           10 Pre-Programme Massages
             Delivery =        £3,293.75                                           Kneading Massage - Mimicking the              Upper Body - Relieves muscle fatigue on your shoulders
   or                           (Saving £750)                                      hands of a professional masseur to relieve    and upper back area.
           £4,043.75                                                               stress and fatigue.                           Lower Body - Relieves aches and stiffness from your
                                Add 2nd year                                       Tapping Massage - Rapid percussive            lower back area.
                              Warranty for £395                                    movements penetrate deep into your            Acupressure - Focuses on specific acupressure points to
 Ivory                                                                             muscle layers for improved circulation.       improve circulation.
                             (Ex Demo with 6mth                                    Rolling Massage - Stretches the muscles       Well-Being - Uses tapping massage to soothe muscle
                                Warranty Only                                      along your back.                              aches and relax stiff muscles.
                                 £2,500 WSL)                                       Dual Massage - Combines the benefits of       Morning - Perks up the muscles in your body for a new
                                                                                   kneading and tapping massage to alleviate     day.
                                                                                   muscle aches and strain.                      Night - Relaxes and prepares you for a good night's rest.
                                                                               Select from 5 automatic programmes with preset combination of massage functions for a
OS-7808   £2255.32 ex vat    £1800 ex vat =£2115                               relaxing and effective massage any time of the day - all with just the touch of a button.
   u      = £2650 inc vat      inc vat + £293.75
 Desire                            Delivery=
             + £293.75
             Delivery =         £2408.75                                                     NEW! Shoulder Squeez                                        NEW! Stretch
 Black                                                                                       Relieves continuous build-up of                   Gentle extension and flexion of
  or                            (Saving £535)
            £2943.75                                                                         stress and tension due to desk-                   muscles to relieve stiffness in the
 Latte                                                                                       bound jobs, long working hours                    whole body, restoring flexibility and
                                Add 2nd year
                              Warranty for £395        Automatic                             and incorrect posture.                            mobility.
                                                      Detection For
                                                   The shoulder position
                                                   detection feature is
                                                   activated at the start of
                                                   every automatic massage
                                                   programme to better
                                                   understand your build,
                                                   giving you a more
                                                   personalised massage.
Product   Styles Available   Introductory Price                                        Further Information

                                £126.81 ex vat       A heavier weight massager: Gives it better stability (it doesn’t jump about) and a more
OS-3308                                              targeted massage during use, thus is a truly hands-free massager
 uPapa                        =£149 inc vat          Powerful, deep tissue massage: uPapa's Japanese taiko-stength power drum-massage
  Hug                          (in stock) or         delivers a more powerful, deeper tissue massage for better effectiveness
                                                     4 Professional massage programmes: Choice of 4 professionally designed massage
                                  +£23.50 =          programmes, customised for different users' preferences and better effectiveness
                                                     15-minute massage duration: A complete duration of 15-minute professional massage
                                                     programme ensuring an adequate yet most effective massage
                                Delivered            Superior quality:
                                                     Made of thicker and better quality material for more durability and better value
                             Add 2nd year Warranty   Safe childproof design:
                                  for £57.58         Secure design to safely contain internal mechanisms
                                                     Asia's No. 1 brand: An original uPapa technology from OSIM - Asia's Number 1 Most Trusted
                                                     Healthy Lifestyle Brand, assures you the best Quality, Safety and Performance
          Recommended          Introductory
Product    Retail Price        Lowest Price           Styles Available                                                         Further Information
                                                       Hot Stone                           Hot Stone Stepping Massage                                  Seat Vibration Massage
OS-3600   £148.94 ex vat =     £119.15 ex vat      Stepping Massage                           The OSIM uMomo's strong pushing action with                  The OSIM uMomo sends relaxing
uMomo       £175 inc vat     =£140 inc vat           For Your Back                            soothing heat delivers a deep and relaxing hot               vibration to the seat to help ease
                                                                                              stone stepping massage to your entire back.                  lower body tension. The vibration
             + £21.50
                              (in stock) or        Transform your chair into a
                                                   massage chair instantly with               Let the massage penetrate into your muscle                   massage comes in 3 intensities, low
                                                   the new OSIM uMomo! Light                  layers to provide soothing relief for your back              (Lo), medium (Mid) and high (Hi) to
             Delivery =          +£21.50 =
                                                   and portable, the uMomo                    after prolonged hours of sitting or standing.                meet different needs.
                               £161.50             massage cushion fits easily             3 Pre-Programmed Massages                                 Control At Your Fingertips
             £196.50           Delivered
                                                   onto most chairs and delivers
                                                                                              The OSIM uMomo is equipped with 3 pre-                       The OSIM uMomo's remote control is
                                                   a hot stone stepping massage
                                (Saving £35)       for deeper relaxation. Now                 programmed massages to meet your desired                     designed to be simple and easy to
                                                   you can enjoy a relaxing back              massage needs. You can select a full back,                   use. The remote control lets you
                                                   massage anytime, anywhere                  upper back or lower back massage that's just                 select your desired massage
                                                   at your convenience.                       right for you.                                               programme, vibration massage
                                                                                                                                                           intensity and heat function with the
                                                                                                                                                           touch of a button.
                                                                                                     Soothing Heat                                        Light and Portable
                                                                                              The OSIM uMomo comes with soothing heat on                   The OSIM uMomo is light and
                                                                                              the back to help improve circulation and                     portable, making it convenient for you
                                                                                              enhance the massage benefits.                                to take it anywhere and use it at
                                                                                                                                                           home or office for a pampering back

Product   Recommended          Introductory                  Warmth                                                  Versatile Multi-Angle Massage
           Retail Price        Lowest Price                  Rollers                      THE OSIM USQUEEZ WARM IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE MULTIPLE ANGLES OF
OS-8008                                                      Massage                                PERSONALISED MASSAGE FOR MULTIPLE BENEFITS.
uSqueez   £382.98 ex vat =     £336.17 ex vat
            £450 inc vat
 Warm                                              Simply the most advanced
                             =£395 inc vat         and complete massage you’ll
                                                   ever experience, to bring
             + £23.50
             Delivery =       (in stock) or        warmth, energy and well-
                                                   being back to your tired feet
 Beige                                             and legs
   or                            +£23.50 =
  Red                          £418.50             With inspirations from the
                                                   most pampering warm-spa
                               Delivered           experience, the new OSIM
                                (Saving £55)       uSqueez Warm takes leg           The upright position is     The fully flat position The reclined position is   Innovatively designed for
                                                   massage and rejuvenation to
                                                   the highest level.
                                                                                   ideal for relaxing aching    is best for improving the most comfortable way       dual functionality, the
                                Add 2nd year                                                  legs.            circulation to revitalise to enjoy the soothing    uSqueez Warm transforms
                                                   With innovative Warm Air
                             Warranty for £99.88                                                                      tired legs.              benefits.         from a foot massager into a
                                                   Technology to soothe
                                                   tired muscles and improve                                                                                            stylish leg-rest.
                                                   blood circulation, Foot
                                                   Rollers to target various
                                                   health-reflexology points
                                                   and Squeezing
                                                   Massagers that totally
                                                   relax your calves, ankles
                                                   and feet, all at the same
Product       Information          Our Price        Styles Available                  Travel - Wake up feeling like you've been sleeping in your
            A gentle             £29.79 ex vat                                        own bed!
OS-9101     massage is a                                                              Let the uSnooz Massage Wrap's gentle massage ease the tension before you
uSnooz      great way to       =£35 inc vat                                           sleep, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and energised. Perfect
 Wrap       de-stress and      (in stock) or                                          companion for your overnight flights.
            improve sleep
            quality on your        +£9.50=                                            Relax - your mind and body
 Pink       Travels           £44.50 Delivered
                                                                                      Feel the calming restorative powers of the ultra plush micro-fabric combined
  or                                                                                  with memory foam as you surround yourself with the uSnooz Massage Wrap.
            Plush             Simply wrap it
            microfabric and   around your neck,     uSnooz
            a snug memory     shoulders, lower      Massage Wrap                      Massage - to relieve stress and fatigue
            foam fit, the     back, waist or legs
                              to experience the                                       The Gentle Vibrations Soothe Away aches and strains to Envelop you in
            uSnooz Massage
                              soothing comfort of                                     Complete Relaxation.
            Wrap envelops
            you completely    a relaxing massage.
            in a wave of
                                                                       Its built-in massager has 6 unique vibration programmes that effectively loosen tensed, knotted
            calming feel-
                                                                       muscles to ease body aches and stiffness. Let the gentle vibrations lull you into a sense of calm
            good sensation.
                                                                       and relaxation, while the plush material work its magic in providing a therapeutic touch that
                                                                       relaxes your mind.

          Product                                                       Anti-Stress Programme 1 for Better Well-Being features a 3-in-1 massage that combines
          OS-3500                                                       air pressure, vibration and soothing heat to help you de-stress and achieve a holistic mind-
          uCrown2                                                       body well-being and relaxation. Stress can affect a person both physically and mentally.
                                                                        Enhance your overall well-being by giving your mind and body enough rest and relaxation. Let
          Our Price                                                     the uCrown 2 combination massage work in harmony to bring about Mind And Body Wellness.

   £175 inc VAT                                                         Anti-Stress Programme 2 for Better Sleep When we are stressed, we often find it difficult
    (in stock) or                                                       to get to sleep. Let uCrown 2 gentle massage relax your mind and relieve your stress to help
          +£9.50 =
                                                                        you sleep better. The Anti-Stress Programme 2 uses gentle yet firm air pressure massage to
                                                                        lull you into a state of calm to prepare you for a restful sleep.
£184.50 Delivered
                                                                        Anti-Stress Programme 3 for More Energy Stress is a build up of mental and physical
                                                                        tension in your body that distracts your mental focus and drains your energy. Regain your
                                                                        energy levels by taking time out to recharge physically and mentally with uCrown 2.

                                                                        The Anti-Stress Programme 3 combines massage with heat to stimulate vital acupressure
                                                                        points to improve circulation and to boost energy levels.

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