Is Perpetual Motion Energy a Reliable Source of Saving on Your Electricity Bills

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					Is Perpetual Motion Energy a Reliable Source of Saving
on Your Electricity Bills

Perpetual motion energy (PME) is said to be generated by perpetual motor machines (PMM).
There have been a lot of controversies over its existence and reliability. The real fact is that
perpetual motion energy is a renewable form of energy which can be generated for free with
the help of magnets and their magnetic power. No other fuel or source of energy is required
for its generation and this energy so generated can be used to light up your house, thus saving
a lot on your electricity bills.

With electricity power becoming costly day by day and the demand exceeding the supply,
there has always been a hunt for an alternative and cheaper mode of energy. Perpetual motion
energy is the answer to all your power concerns as this form of energy is totally free,
environment friendly and non-hazardous and can be easily generated with a machine that can
be built by anybody with little efforts.

PME is generated with the help of magnets. We know that magnets have a distinct quality of
attracting and repelling other magnets. Like poles of the magnets repel each other while
unlike poles attract each other. This characteristic is used in an organized way to generate
power with the help of three magnets. A perpetual motion is generated with these magnets
which in turn produce energy. This helps the PMM work continuously without any break and
continues for years; the energy thus created is also perpetual without any break.

Although perpetual motion energy machines are not life long, they run for about 400 years
which is much more than a human's life and so it is generally termed as perpetual. Any make
of perpetual machines that claim to be perpetual are not real in the literal meaning of it but
seem to be perpetual for a human being

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