Is it Possible to Have a Perpetual Motion Motor

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					Is it Possible to Have a Perpetual Motion Motor?
A perpetual motion motor taken in its literal meaning will mean a motor that will continue to
run forever without stopping. If taken in real literal sense then we can straight away rule out
the existence of such a motion motor. The argument favoring this is that it is really not
possible to have something moving for eternity without stopping and without any source of

If we leave aside the literal meaning of the word 'perpetual', then perpetual motion motor will
mean a device which produces more energy than it consumes for a very long period of time.
According to the law of conservation of energy, perpetual motion motor cannot exist.
However, there can be machines that can last over hundreds of years, much more than human
generations can last and these machines may be termed as perpetual.

There are power motors which can last and run for about 300 - 400 years, and these motors
can be termed as perpetual. Used as an alternative power source, perpetual motor devices
create energy with the help of magnets. The power so produced is later used for conversion
into electricity. The tendency of the magnets to repulse each other is used for generation of

In a perpetual motor, three magnets are involved. The third magnet is used for pulling the
different sides of the first two magnets. Magnets have a tendency to resist each other when
their like poles are put together. This dual attraction helps the motor to create energy by
accelerating motion and as different poles of magnet are pulled together they will never come
together and the motion will never stop. While the magnets resist each other pulled by the
third magnet, the motor keeps moving and power is generated. So, perpetual motion motor
creates and provides power for free for years together.

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