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					                               Annual Review for 2009


   1. Events:
       Cecil / Harford Chapter of the MML – Chapter Dinner
       Halloween Party
       Christmas Tree Lighting
       Water Treatment Plant Ceremony
   2. Staffing:
       Filled the Office Clerk Position
   3. Water/Sewer Billing:
       Added a First Class Permit Number to the Water/Sewer Bills to cut cost on Postage.
          Quarterly water and sewer billing postage $656.48 and yearly $2625.92 and having
          the First Class Permit it will be $180.00 yearly fee, $417.76 quarterly and $1851.04
          yearly. A savings of $774.88.
   4. Implemented a temporary tracking system for office supplies.
   5. Crossed trained another employee to do payroll.
   6. Published the Winter 2009 Newsletter.
   7. As well as all the fore mentioned accomplishments the Administrative Department has
      also performed their regular duties such as answering telephones, preparing and mailing
      water and sewer bills and late notices, taking payments for water and sewer bills and
      personal property tax payments, selling boat ramp permits, scheduling heavy trash
      pickups, stamping deeds, preparing meeting minutes for both the Town meeting and the
      work sessions held monthly, updating the Town’s web site etc…
   8. Statistics:
       Sold 417 Boat Stickers (25 Out of State & 392 In State)
       Sold In State Daily – 22
       Sold Out of State Daily – 12
       Special No Charge – 2
       Processed 76 Deeds
       Processed 5958 Water & Sewer Bills
       Processed 1802 Late Notice
       Processed 5932 Water & Sewer Payments
       Processed 910 Credit Card Payments
       Processed 1829 Miscellaneous Payments

Finance Department

   1. Successfully billed and received cash draws from MDE for construction contracts as
       Water Treatment Plant and Water Distribution System Improvements $824,511.34
       Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade $9,082,289.00
   2. Completed the coordination of Fiscal Year 2009 auditing services which resulted in an
      “unqualified” audit opinion and timely submission of the Uniform Financial Report to the
         U. S. Bureau of Census. An “unqualified” audit opinion is the best rating an organization
         can achieve.
   3.    Filed Anticipated Debt forms for the State of Maryland by required due dates.
   4.    Completed 2007 and 2008 input into the Maryland Cultural Data Program Profile Report
         for grants.
   5.    Assisted with comprehensive budget cuts and resulting amendments due to decrease in
         Highway User Revenues and State Aid for Police Protection.
   6.    Coordinated and reviewed Chemical Bid process voted on July 7, 2009
   7.    Coordinated preparation of Fiscal Year 2010 budget. The balanced budget was approved
         at the June 2, 2009 Town Meeting.
   8.    On June 12, 2009 assisted the Juvenile Outreach Program with their annual audit by their
         grantor, Cecil Partnerships for Youth. Finding was that we were in compliance with their
         grant requirements and no problems were apparent at this time.
   9.    Completed the annual expenditure and budget reports for the State Aid for Police
         Protection Grant.
   10.   Prepared and submitted the Report on the Expenditures of Local Highway User Revenues
         to SHA on September 23, 2009.
   11.   Statistics:

            Prepared 1,387 manual journal entries during the year totaling $93,211,823.49.
            2,004 purchase orders were processed totaling $3,745,804.08.
            1,265 accounts payable checks were processed totaling $3,583,884.40.
            10,028 cash receipts were processed totaling $7,344,315.60.
            Processed billings for $31,442.55 and receipts for $19,834.36 in property tax
            Processed nine payments to Wickersham Construction Company totaling
             $6,854,429.20. Processed three payments to Greensburg Environmental Services
             totaling $136,864.00 and four payments to JLW Associates, Inc. totaling
            Prepared and processed forty-two budget amendments totaling $2,262,476.12.
            Billed quarterly and collected from the Veteran’s Administration $256,199.08 for
             sewer services and $22,714.00 for Bay Restoration Fees.
            Prepared and mailed ten 1099 Miscellaneous Income forms totaling $291,594.98 on
             January 20, 2009. Also, submitted the 1096 Annual Summary and Transmittal Form.
             All reports submitted met required due dates.
            Reconciled seventeen bank accounts during the year (221 bank reconciliations).
             Reconciliation includes to the general ledger, bank statement and check register. In
             2009, reconciled October, November, December 2008 and January through October


   1. Boat Ramp:
       Total overhaul of site – all jobs bid; all work paid for by DNR; expenditure of
         approximately $400,000 adding a Comfort Station with ADA restroom facilities,
         additional parking, landscaping, runoff water control, paving/striping, floating dock
         & SAV study

   2. Rodgers Tavern:
     Prevent 3 RT Grants from Recapture totaling @ $174,000 (includes match); closed
      out and submitted final reports, invoices, canceled checks etc to Neighborhood
      Business Works, Community Legacy and Maryland Historical Trust
    Applied for FY 09 & FY 10 Grant funding from MHAA – received $100,000 each
      year for a total of $200,000 in grant funding
    filed progress reports, invoices and checks, received disbursements on schedule for
      MHAA FY 09 Grant
    Bid out Electric, HVAC & Sewer Engineering Contract- Selected Paragon
    Dealt with Delmarva to get power hookup, Verizon to get phone line
    Had survey of Tavern Property done (job bid out)
    Bid out and awarded Asbestos investigation and removal; work completed
    Bid out Electric & HVAC – price above funding
    Re-Bid electric only – Selected Contractor
    Bid Out Demo work – selected contractor
    Attended all on site progress meetings –
    Procured archeologist on site for conduit dig
    Contractor Punch-out January 15, 2010
    Multiple contacts with Maryland Heritage Areas Authority and Maryland Historic
      Personnel regarding:
          o Plan approvals and modifications
          o Extension Requests; reimbursement requests
          o Archaeology
          o Extensions applied for and received for FY 09 and FY 10 timetable
               extensions for project completion, budget modifications and scope of work
          o Pushed for M.O.U. to get HVAC going
          o Notification of new Round of Grant application for FY 11
    Re-negotiated Project Management Contract with Paragon for HVAC
    Preparing bid language, specs, dates and bid package for HVAC
    Identified work remaining that could be done in house; do not anticipate having
      enough funding unless we receive the next round of FY 11 and commit to match
    After HVAC – sewer hook-up, patching, windows, painting, vendor solicitation,
      bathroom construction by vendor –
3. MHAA & SHA Pier Trail:
    Performed all required preliminary permitting work, NEPA, Critical Area, Maryland
      Historical Trust, SHA, USFW etc
    Bid out electric and trail construction options together or separately –
    Awarded electric and trail separate bids
    Modified MHAA contract with leftover funds to purchase benches along trail, trash
      cans and recycling containers
    Obtained extension on final remaining MHAA funds for one year for signage
    For SHA, completed all jump through and submissions – after lighting done,
      requested modification for use of funds for electronic gate at VA entrance –
      permission granted PO cut – electric to be installed upon warmer weather – trash
      cans to be purchased with remainder for VA trail
4. Multi-Purpose Playing Fields:
    Closed out final original $56,000 Grant with purchase of bleachers and seeds to try
      and get grass to take to site
5. Community Parks and Playgrounds:
        2 Spring riders ordered by PO for Town Community Park for $2000 received by
   6. Grant Applied For:
       Bulkhead repair grant for Ice House Park
       Fishing Free Zone at Ice House Park
       COPS grant – denied
       Rec Trails Grant for Town Park – Denied
       SAV Study – approved

Other Projects – Town Admin.

   1. Pier and Floating Dock
       Bid out the project and successfully awarded the construction contract to Dissen &
           Juhn LLC for $1,145,798, which was approximately $430,000 less than the other bid.
       Bid out the construction inspection and review services for the pier and floating dock
           project. The contract was awarded to BayLand Consultants and Designers, Inc. for
           $87,854.01, which was approximately $11,400 lower than the next lowest bidder.
   2. Successfully negotiated with Sprint the terms of a contract that allowed them to build a
      communications tower on Town owned property where previously they had leased space
      on a Town owned water tank. By negotiating this contract with Sprint, the Town will
      continue to collect over $17,000 per year in rent for the communications equipment on
      Town property, and will be able to collect ground rents from any other communications
      company that locates equipment on the communications tower. (NOTE: the contract with
      Sprint was acquired by TowerCo with the same terms).
   3. Successfully negotiated with Cricket Communications to rent ground space from the
      Town for communications equipment that they are placing on the TowerCo tower. This
      is expected to generate $7,200 per year in revenue for the Town.
   4. Switched the Town’s electricity commodity supplier to Direct Energy with an expected
      savings of up to 24% on electricity bills.


   1. Projects Completed:
       Development of a park assets inventory
                o This inventory includes the park properties, buildings, and equipment.
                  The inventory is kept in an excel format and will be converted to an
                  access database in the near future.
           Creation of a process for park property inspections
                o This Project started with the refining of the existing community park
                  inspection form. It then led to the development of forms for each of the
                  corresponding properties. A schedule was then developed for the
           Development and implementation of a park maintenance schedule
                o This project started by taking into account realistic time tables for
                  tasks completed. It then led to the breakdown of tasks into daily,
                  weekly, monthly, and annually necessity. The schedule allots time for
                  each variation of task.
           Creation of a small equipment maintenance log
           o As of the beginning of 2010 all maintenance preformed on park
             equipment will be recorded in the small equipment maintenance log.
      Creation of Maintenance Task Log
           o This log was created as a means of tracking maintenance tasks
             completion times. The log records maintenance tasks by date and is
             being implemented for the year 2010.
      Increased park employee training and certifications
           o Employees of the park maintenance staff have been taking classes as
             part of a personnel development and continuing education program.
             The classes include landscape design, Roadside Tree Care, and Park
             resource management.
      Developed Tree Management Plans for the Park Properties
           o A plan has been put into motion to manage the trees in the parklands in
             accordance with Maryland DNR regulations. This includes trimming,
             treating disorders, and possible removal / replacement of trees.
      Installation of traffic control barriers for the VA trail
           o The VA trail originally was open to a considerable amount of illegal
             dumping. This problem was solved by installing removable posts in
             the center of the trail at the two entrances. Larger posts were then
             installed on either side of the trail to seal it off.
      Replacement of the trim boards on the community park storage building
           o The trim boards on the community park storage building had
             deteriorated considerably. This was remedied by replacing the trim
             boards with pressure treated boards. These boards will ensure the
             longevity of the buildings structural integrity.
      Increased effectiveness of park wall while making it remain aesthetically pleasing
           o This wall follows the edge of the community park entrance road at the
             roadside picnic area. The wall is a boundary between the community
             park and the VA Hospital. It was also a point of entry for trucks and
             4x4s. The wall has stopped 100% of vehicle traffic through a series of
             reinforcements. The wall reinforcements have been done in such a way
             as to remain aesthetically pleasing.
      Finalized repairs on the boat ramp restroom facilities
           o The restroom facilities were opened after a series of repairs were made
             to the plumbing. The inadequate size of the water line feeding the
             facility could not supply the toilets that demanded high water volume.
             Installing tanked toilets with pressure boosters solved the problem.
      Repaired and reinforced the Boat Ramp entrance gates
           o The hinges parted from the gates as a result of storm damage.
             Replacement of the existing bolts holding the gates to the hinges
             solved the problem. Reinforcing the mounts for the gates will ensure
             that the problem will not happen so easily the next time.
2. Ongoing Projects:
    Trail Development
           o This includes the development of the natural trails through the
             parklands. Currently the bird watch trail is under development and is
             in the second stage of the project. Following the bird watch trail will
                     be the stream view trail. Access to this trail will be through the bird
                     watch trail and will follow the stream to the entrance of the park. This
                     project will increase access to new forms of recreation for the citizens
                     of the town.
            Continuing to work on the development of Ice House Park
            Overhaul on the Community Park Drains
                 o This project is a continuous struggle to replace or repair the existing
                   drains. The required maintenance would be drastically reduced if the
                   drains can be replaced with a larger diameter pipe. Installation of a
                   catch basin is also part of the solution.
            Repair of the community park athletic fields
                 o Getting grass to grow on the athletic fields is the current priority. The
                   uneven surface of the fields is a problem that cannot be fixed
                   immediately. This problem will be fixed by either re-grading the field
                   or by getting enough topsoil to fill in all of the depressions as they

Planning Department

   1.    Completed the passage of Perryville Comprehensive Plan
   2.    Hired a Code Enforcement Officer
   3.    Installed software to establish a Geographic Information System (GIS) data base
   4.    Developed a digital copy of the Town Code and Charter
   5.    Updated the Zoning Ordinance to include recent amendments
   6.    Prepared a sewer allocation tracking system
   7.    Studied, planned and implemented a Commercial Entertainment Mixed Use District
         (CEMUD) that resulted in the State’s first slots venue.
   8.    Developed a monthly invoicing and tracking system for development projects
   9.    Collected funds from delinquent development project accounts
   10.   Developed and implemented a landlord tenant ordinance and tracking system
   11.   Prepared and received a grant from the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization
         (WILMAPCO) to study and develop a plan for town owned property and surrounding
         areas to create a town center and transit facility to enhance rider use of the MARC.

Police Department

   1.    Hired a new Chief to fill the Chief's vacancy.
   2.    A security camera monitoring system was installed at the Police Department.
   3.    A computer tracking system put in place for monthly reporting.
   4.    Formulated a vision, mission, and core value's statement for the Police Department.
   5.    Purchased traditional police uniforms for personnel when working day shift.

                                   Total Crime Stats for 2009

                          CRIME                               TOTAL
              Robbery                             3
              Assault                             59
            Burglary                             25
            Theft                                183
            Auto Theft                           8
            CDS                                  14
            Disorderly                           176
            MDOP                                 56
            Adult Arrest                         102
            Juvenile Arrest                      33
            Traffic Violation                    217
            Warnings                             300
            SEROS                                191
            Parking Violations                   0
            Boat Ramp Violations                 0
            Accidents                            105
            Calls                                3,975

Public Works

   1. Rebuilt the altitude valve at the old I-95 water tank to stop overflow and prevent
      additional erosion.
   2. An upgraded security system had been installed in the Town Hall. This upgraded system
      now gave security to the upstairs meeting room and new offices, where there hadn’t been
      any security prior. The old alarm system had been put to use at the DPW building, giving
      security to that building, which did not have prior security. New security lights were also
      installed on the DPW to heighten security.
   3. Properly repaired patio area behind town hall that had suffered from settlement and
      erosion issues for several years.
   4. Susquehanna Avenue, Arch Street, Cherry Street and Locust had large sections of
      blacktop completely overlaid in an effort to revitalize the old town area of Perryville.
      Curbs and sidewalks were also repaired in these areas as the prior to the road repairs.
   5. McGuire Way has also been completely repaved. The road had drainage issues that had
      been reported by residents. After inspecting the area, several issues were found that had
      been causing the issues. Those issues were addressed in the paving. Two storm drains
      that were in great need of repair on McGuire Way were also completely rebuilt.
   6. Constant roadway erosion issues on the Sumpter Hill portion of Sumpter Drive were
      addressed. The eroded sections were removed and properly replaced. Larger stone was
      also placed along the ditch line in this area to prevent the erosion from reoccurring.
   7. IWIF performed an inspection of the DPW building and made some suggestions
      regarding safety concerns. The DPW staff addressed those concerns. IWIF
      representatives then performed a second inspection and were very pleased with the
      amount of issues that were addressed in a short period of time.
   8. DPW staff replaced a motor in a Perryville Police cruiser. This saved the town a large
      amount of money and also shows that the DPW is capable of performing larger and more
      diverse mechanical tasks.
   9. As a result of mechanical issues similar to the police car engine, members of the DPW
       staff have put into affect a maintenance program on all town owned equipment and
       vehicles. This maintenance program is to serve as a proactive (not reactive) approach to
       vehicle and equipment maintenance. This program also includes documentation for all
       maintenance performed. Oil changes as well as a full line of all other routine
       maintenance in 5,000 mile increments are a part of this program.
   10. Flooding issues that have existed for several years at the Broad Street underpass have
       been properly addressed. A drain line on the Amtrak property that has been fully blocked
       was discovered by the DPW with assistance from McGuirk Construction. The drain line
       was then opened using the Town’s sewer jet machine. After performing this work, heavy
       rains have not caused any flooding at this usually susceptible area. Amtrak was then
       informed of our findings and ensured that they would address the towns concerns and
       even redesign the catch basin on their property to prevent the issues from reoccurring.
   11. A new floating dock was installed at the community boat ramp. The dock was also
       removed by the DPW with assistance from the Parks Department. This work usually had
       to be contracted out to a crane company for assistance, we are now able to save that cost
       and perform the work in house.
   12. Several issues have been addressed at the Front Street Lift Station in light of recent
       sewerage overflows. It was discovered that a pump motor had not been operable for
       quite some time and needed to be rebuilt. The pumps were not properly programmed to
       be running at their maximum capacity. A VFD that was present at the station had also
       been found to be inoperable and beyond repair. Since discovering these issues, they have
       all been addressed. The malfunction motor has been repaired. The VFD’s were
       programmed by the DPW to now run the pumps at their maximum capacity. A new, user
       friendly VFD has been installed to replace the non-functioning VFD. There are now 3
       pumps running properly at the station. This has been a great improvement to the
       sewerage issues in that area. Other ideas are also being instituted in the area to prevent
       the backups. In early 2010 a backflow preventer has been installed in the main line to
       prevent backups that have constantly affected the Herpick residence.
   13. Removed an underground storage tank from Town property that was discovered by a
       neighboring property owner who was doing some landscaping work. The Town was not
       aware that the tank was there, but did take appropriate measures to remove it with
       Maryland Department of the Environment present during the removal. It was not found
       to contain anything hazardous and was properly disposed of.
   14. As well as all the fore mentioned accomplishments the DPW has also performed their
       regular duties such as read meters (quarterly), bulk trash (monthly), yard waste (twice
       monthly), repair mater main leaks, and address sewer backups.

Safety Committee

   1. Established Safety Committee with regular meetings.
   2. Created mission statement: “The Safety Committee of the Town of Perryville assists and
       protects the safety of all employees by providing safe working conditions at all locations
       and making safety information directly accessible to all employees.”
   3. Distributed various safety awareness posters to all departments for posting.
   4. Employee participation to watch safety videos “Housekeeping: It’s Everyone’s Job” and
       “A Positive Safety Attitude Pays”.
   5. Created and posted fire evacuation plans in Town Hall.
   6. Arranged for all Town Hall fire extinguishers inspected.
   7. Installed emergency exit door at Town Hall meeting room.
   8. Installed exit signs in Town Hall.
   9. Installed backup alarms on all Town vehicles.
   10. Established current phone contact list and distributed to all departments.
   11. Established Right-To-Know Centers with MSDS in all departments.
   12. Provided first aid kits at all locations.
   13. Received $10,000 savings for establishing a Safety Committee.
   14. Created universal accident reporting process.
   15. Created a safety program checklist to be used by all departments for determining safety
       items to be completed.

Wastewater Plant

   1. Staff
       Shawn completed CSUS Wastewater Volume II Course
       All town staff received their Temp W5, WA license
   2. Inspections
       Flow meters checked and certified.
       Effluent meter recalibrated after v-notch weir lowered
       SCBA Air cylinders: Refilled two (semi-annual refilling)
       SO2 and Cl2 sensors inspected
       MDE: Records review and plant visit. Unannounced Mar 4 & 5
       MDE: compost operations
       Completed required annual DMRQA29 analysis
       Fireline: Fire extinguishers
       MDE surprise visit, Oct. 28: Received complaint. Found complaint unfounded

   3. Safety:
       D&P Electric installed strobe light and outside alarm for Cl2 & SO2 system (MOSH)
       Environmental Equip. & Services rep checked & verified outside audible & visual
          alarm for gas leaks

   4. Compost Ops
       All compost met Class A requirements
       Cecil County Central Landfill hauled and utilized the final compost: A total of 528
         o Material was used for cover.
         o No hauling charges or tipping fees
       Press operations stopped Sept 18th to permit construction work.

   5. Repairs
       Press: Replaced lower belt tension air cylinders
      Press conveyor: Problem with sludge freezing under belt and hindering belt ops.
       Reconfigured catches under belt to minimize problem
      Tarby pump #1: Motor shorted out. New motor purchased and installed
       Installed new SS slide shaft on upper press belt tensioner
      Staff changed out lower scraper bar on belt filter press. Had one from the old press
       on site. Staff repaired upper pulley on belt press
      Removed media from volute of South RAS pump. Repaired bled off line on N RAS
       pump. Old line had rusted through and was leaking. Removed & installed new pipe
      Primary pump suction line was clogged. Staff removed blockage and got line back in
      RBC Blower: Found three holes in the motor electrical junction box and saw bare
       wire. D & P Electric ran three new feed wires from shut off breaker to motor.
      Replaced hot water heater in control building. Old one had a significant hole blown
       in the side
      Flipped cutting edge on loader bucket (work completed by in-house staff)

6. Construction Project: Work completed in support of the project (Costs used from plant
    Pumped down Digester #2
      o Treated as much in house with the press by pumping to digester #1
      o Mobile Dredging pumped down and cleaned tank. Mobile transported and
           disposed of material to a site in PA.
      o DPW flushed out the air header which was clogged
      o Kline’s flushed out existing line which will be the new suction line
    Pumped down Digester #1
      o Kline’s Septic pumped and hauled approx. 150,000 gallons of sludge & debris to
           their treatment facility.
    Cleaned out lab cabinets and moved lab and office into control bldg hallway to
      permit required work to occur in lab area
    02 Dec: Contractor lowered effluent flow meter v-notch weir and removed a section
      of concrete baffle in dechlorination tank. Coordinated operation to permit work to
7. Cost Measures
    Operated equipment and tanks only as needed on the old plant
    Worked with project to take care of items not defined in the contract. This
      eliminated change orders and assisted in work scheduling.
      o Effluent meter recalibration
      o Digester #1 cleaning
      o Digester #2 cleaning
      o Air header cleaning for both digesters
      o Flushing of digester #2 suction line
      o Replaced hot water
    Worked with project in adjusting operations for work to occur
      o Coordination of compost ops to permit the compost building to be cleaned and
      o Shutting off flows and redistributing to permit work to continue
         Revised new plant start-up
          o Contract required operating both plants until culture established in SBR
          o Drained all tanks to the SBR to seed the plant and get in operation
          o Permitted contractor to immediately begin work on demo and construction on the
              old plant. Waiting for the culture to establish itself may have taken a few
              months, which would have delayed the project.
          o Eliminated hauling and treatment costs from the old plant.
          o Operating both plants would have been challenging to meet the permit
              requirements and higher electric costs running two plants.
          o Plant met all permit requirements for the month of November 09.
         Electric costs
          o Spoke with the Aqua rep in regards to the increased costs and peak demand
              factor. He suggested and we made adjustments in the program in regards to the
              blower operation.
          o Spoke with the electric company and they suggested when everything is on-line
              to set up a meeting and discuss what can be done in regards to the cost.
         Chemical costs
          o Monitoring the use of the new chemical, alum. Initial engineer estimates stated
              300 gpd. Started at 18 gpd, increased to about 33 gpd. Aqua rep suggested, feed
              might be able to be reduced more. As the plant gets fully on-line will make
              attempts to reduce feed further.

   8. 11 Sept (Fri): Approx. 6.0” of rain. Plant flow was 2.632 million gallons (over 4X
      average. flow). Due to staff efforts in getting tanks in service during the severe rain
      event, NO solids washed out of the final clarifiers. Solids retained within the plant.
   9. Plant Treatment
       Plant met permitted effluent requirements from January through August 09 and
          November 09.
       Sept 09: Non-comp for ammonia concentration occurred due to the rain event.
          Parameter exceeded the permit limit but did not exceed the interim permit limits
          defined in the Consent Order. Site did not exceed the permitted loading. See
          previous bullet point.
       Oct 09: Non-compliance of daily ammonia for concentration and pounds occurred on
          Oct 27 and 28 that were the first samples after the SBR start-up (Oct 21). Ammonia
          concentration and lbs did not exceed the permitted levels as defined in the Consent
       Dec 09: Non-comp for E. Coli and TSS. The construction activity in the tanks in
          early December directly impacted the disinfection process. Changes have been made
          to meet the required disinfection. In regards to the TSS, this is unknown why based
          upon a review of the records and lab data.

Water Plant

   1. The new water treatment plant went online in March.
   2. There are some operational issues at the new water plant primarily related to the SCADA
      system that are still being addressed.
   3. There was hazardous waste spill on Town property that did not impact the water quality,
      which has been cleaned up. There are still some on going issues from the spill, which is
      the disposal of the remaining material currently on-site in roll-off containers.
4. We passed the raw water E-coli testing. This saved the town from having to go to level 2
   testing, which is quite expensive.
5. We have reduced our hours of operation and shift times. By doing this it is saving the
   town 48 hours a month in overtime.
6. All required testing for the year was completed.
7. Our trihalomethane levels have been reduced dramatically, Even though we did violate
   the levels for the year. This was due to the first quarter results which were from the old
8. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our operating cost.
9. We withdrew 176 million gallons of water from the Susquehanna River, and processed
   158 million gallons for the Town of Perryville.