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here - Ravenna


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									Truro > London > Paris > Venice > Ravenna ...and back
Thursday 02 September to Saturday 11th September 2010

Changes to visits and meals may be announced at the morning hotel meetings.

Thu 02   London      Train - Truro to Paddington
                     15:02 Train - St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord arr. 1817
                     20:33 Train - Paris-Bercy Station to Venice arr. 09:34

Fri 03   Venice      1700 Coach Departs Marco Polo Airport, to Hotel Sant'Andrea, Ravenna

Sat 04   Ravenna     09:30 Meeting in Hotel Sant'Andrea
                     10:30 Neonian Baptistery
                     11:30 Coffee at Caffè Belli
                     12:00 St Apollinare Nuovo
                     13:00 Lunch at Caffè Belli
                     1800 Free afternoon - Dinner at Osteria del Tempo

Sun 05   Ravenna     09:30 Meeting in Hotel Sant'Andrea
                     10:30 St Vitale (Mass at S.Vitale is at 10.30 today. The visits stop at
                     10.00 until 11.30). then via Arian Baptistery for...
                     13:00 Lunch at Bar Mosaica (close to Basilica S. Vitale)
                     Afternoon free
                     17:00 Aperitif at Luciano's
                     18:00 Dinner at La Gardela

Mon 06 Ravenna       09:30 Meeting in Hotel Sant'Andrea followed by
                     Bus from Hotel [Have bags packed early]
                     10:30 St Apollinare in Classe
                     12:00 Lunch at St Apollinare in Classe
                     13:00 Coach and then water taxi from Piazzale Roma, Venice
                     Onward to Hotel American, Venice
                     18:00 Dinner at Ristorante Riviera [or restaurant nr. Hotel]

Tue 07   Venice      09:30 Meeting in Hotel American
                     10:30 St Marco
                     12:00 Coffee at St.Marco
                     1300 Lunch at A La Valigia
                     14:00 Afternoon Free
                     18:00 Dinner followed by Interpreti Veneziani Concert at 21:00
Wed 08 Venice    09:00 Meeting in Hotel American [baggage away earlier]
                 09:30 St Rocco
                 10:30 Coffee at Caffè Timon
                 12:00 Bus to Villa Sandi
                 13:00 Lunch at Frari followed by walk to Piazzale Roma for...
                 ...14:00 bus to Asolo
                 18:00 Dinner at Tenuta Villa Sandi
                 [After Dinner] Arrive Castel Brando Asolo

Thu 09 Asolo     Possible free day in Asolo or else Castel Brando to enjoy the village and
                 castle and/or local walks
                 13::00 Lunch
                 17:00 Aperitif
                 18:00 Dinner in Hotel at renowned restaurant

Fri 10   Asolo   09:00 Coach to Venice to meet return flights to UK
                 Train travellers have a possible optional trip to Padua before:
                 19:57 Train: Venice - Paris-Bercy arr. 08:19 Saturday 11 September,
                 then own options for route home.

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