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									                            National Pedagogy Conference
                                17th and 18th November
                                Future Inn, Cardiff Bay

                                      Pen Portraits

Day 1

David Stone – Headteacher, Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Cardiff

David was born and educated in Cardiff, gained initial and masters degrees at Birmingham
University and completed his PGCE at Swansea University. He taught in Greece, Newport
and Cardiff before becoming, in 1996, headteacher of Corpus Christi Catholic High School
in Cardiff. From January – December 2005, David was seconded to the Welsh Assembly
Government to lead the quinquennial review of the National Headship Development
Programme. This included revamping the National Standards for Headteachers and all
training for aspiring, new and established headteachers. David has also been involved in
the debate on pedagogy initiated by the Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and
Skills and is a member of the Pedagogy Project Board.

Professor Andrew Pollard – Director, ESRC Teaching and Learning Research

Andrew Pollard is Director of the ESRC’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme
(, the UK’s largest coordinated initiative for educational research. As a
teacher, his career started in Yorkshire primary schools and he has worked in teacher
education or research at Oxford and Bristol Polytechnics and the Universities of the West
of England, Bristol, Cambridge and London. He is presently based at the Institute of
Education, University of London. He also has a family background in the print industry and
particular interests in workplace and lifelong learning.

Andrew Pollard has worked and published in four main areas. Resources for teacher
education and school practitioners include Reflective Teaching, Readings for Reflective
Teaching and Books on the implications of policy include: Look Before
You Leap?, Changing English Primary Schools? and Policy, Practice and Pupil
Experience: What Pupils Say. Publications on learner perspectives include Children and
Their Primary Schools and Children and Their Curriculum. He has specialised in
longitudinal ethnography and analysis of social factors in teaching and learning. This is
reflected in: The Social World of the Primary School, The Social World of Children’s
Learning, The Social World of Pupil Career and the Social World of Pupil Assessment. He
is at present working on an analysis of learning experiences through secondary education.

For many years, Andrew has been involved in research development and assessment
activities for the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council and he has also served on
two Research Assessment Exercise panels for education. He is a member of national
committees for the co-ordination and support of educational research in England, Scotland
and Wales, and was recently elected to the Executive Council of the British Educational
Research Association.

               Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales
Showcase Presenters

Showcase 1

Vanessa Lloyd – Christ Church C.P. School, Rhyl

Greenfingers - Branching out, Spreading the word....

A sharing of the Greenfingers Garden Project at Christ Church School in Rhyl:

1. It's development and influence within schools across Denbighshire and Conwy.

2. The creation of the Greenfingers forum - extending good practise across two counties.

3. Future developments………

Vanessa Lloyd is an Early Years teacher and has responsibility for the Arts and Outdoor
Environment at her school. She has presented her experience of developing an outdoor
classroom as part of county led Foundation Phase courses, and will be lecturing part time
on the PCGE Primary Course at Bangor University in 2006.

Showcase 2

Jane Grubb – Rhydypenau Primary School, Cardiff

Making My Mark

Presentation on a piece of classroom research carried out into marking and self evaluation
in a year 6 class, undertaken as part of the 'Learning to Learn' project.

Jane Grubb has been teaching in Cardiff for 15 years, the last five at Rhydypenau
Primary School. She is currently co-ordinator for IT, KS2/3 liaison and has responsibility
for inclusion. Jane is interested in developing teaching through the use of thinking skills
and independent learning strategies.

Emma Baker – Corpus Christi R. C. High School, Cardiff

Learning to Learn: Classroom Based Enquiries

Learning to Learn is based on the theories of Professor Guy Claxton who has essentially
broken Learning down into four fundamental skills. These are Resourcefulness,
Reciprocity, Resilience and Reflection. Jane Grubb and Emma Baker both attended
Cardiff’s Learning to Learn course last year, which is based on the work of Guy Claxton
and both carried out individual classroom based research projects. Here they present their
findings to you.

               Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales
Having gained honours in Maths, Operational Research and Statistics from Cardiff
University, Emma Baker qualified in July 2002 as a teacher of secondary maths. She is
now entering her fourth year of teaching at Corpus Christi RC High School in Cardiff. Last
year Emma attended Cardiff’s Learning to Learn INSET and carried out an individual
research project into improving learning with the aid of GTCW funding. Emma has since
been involved in the recruitment of secondary teachers for this years Building Learning
Power course. She also spoke at this year’s GTCW learning conference in Swansea.

Emma has pioneered the use of the interactive whiteboard in her department and has
participated in the sharing of this good practice with her colleagues at Corpus Christi on
INSET days. She has also recently been a part of a small network of teachers, which
produced an interactive CD ROM for use by teachers in Cardiff.

Showcase 3

Barbara Thomas – St David’s Catholic College, Cardiff

Key Skills for All

The presentation will cover:

         an outline of the delivery of all 6 key skills through integration into all curriculum
          areas and the pastoral programme;

         the impact of the Welsh Baccalaureate on Key Skills within the college;

         a more detailed explanation of the Key Skills Development Project, supported by
          DYSG in 2004-5; a Mentoring Project where students supported fellow students
          in Basic Literacy, Numeracy and IT and gained Wider Key Skills in the process.

Barbara Thomas is Basic & Key Skills Co-ordinator at St David’s Catholic College, a post
she has held since March 2004. Since September 2000 she has also been a Pastoral
Tutor. Current curriculum delivery includes a small amount of GCSE English (resit classes)
and the Politics module of the Welsh Bac. Prior to 2000, she was Head of French and still
acts as an A level examiner for the WJEC.

Showcase 4

Tanya Hancock – Plascrug Primary School, Aberystwyth
Clive Williams – Ysgol Gymraeg, Aberystwyth
Stella Jones - Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig, Aberystwyth

Improvement in Action

Improvement in Action illustrates using pupils’ views as a starting point for changing and
developing practice. The project has enabled K.S. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 teachers to develop as
researchers in the classroom and also as members of a collaborative network.

               Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales
Tanya Hancock has been teaching KS 1 at Ysgol Plascrug, Aberystwyth for ten years.
Ysgol Plascrug is Ceredigion’s largest primary school with just under four hundred pupils,
for many of whom English is an additional language: Between them the pupils have
twenty-eight different home languages.

Tanya is the maths coordinator and has a particular interest in the development of the
International dimension. She is currently coordinating the school's third Comenius project,
working with five European partner schools.

Clive Williams has been headteacher at Ysgol Gymraeg, Aberystwyth (300+ pupils) for
five years, following four years as the teaching head at Ysgol Gynradd Talybont. He was
also previously deputy head of Ysgol Gymraeg, Aberystwyth which was the first
designated Welsh medium primary school in Wales.

He is committed to the long term implementation of Improvement in Action, both in his own
school and in the Aberystwyth area and is at present part of a further project at The
Institute of Education, London which will also be disseminated to other schools in

Having read English at Cardiff University, Stella Jones spent a year working in Bolton with
young offenders and with an adult literacy project before returning to Wales to teach
English in a mixed comprehensive for three years. From here she went to St Paul's
School, Vina del Mar, Chile where she was appointed head of the English department and
one of her courses, ‘Appreciation of British Literature’ was approved by the Chilean
Education Committee. Since 1999 she has been teaching English in Ysgol Gyfun
Penweddig, a Welsh medium secondary school in Aberystwyth. She has been a marker
for KS3 and was appointed Head of Year 9 in 2003.

Showcase 5

Pauline Price, Barbara Greenhall and Marc Batten – Bassaleg School, Newport

Assessment for Learning

How do you persuade teachers that using lesson time to look at examples of pupils work
and comparing it against success criteria is worthwhile? How do you promote greater pupil
understanding and independence? How do you raise attainment and pupils’ confidence in
their ability to improve? Teachers at Bassaleg School have been exploring these issues
and will share their experiences with you in this session.

Barbara Greenall is head of Business and Social Sciences at Bassaleg. She teaches
sociology A level - a subject which attracts large groups of students each year. Her
development of Assessment for Learning techniques in the classroom has grown through
her action research work for her MA which she was awarded in July 2005. She sits on the
WJEC development group for the new Sociology A level specifications.

Pauline Price was head of English before taking early retirement in 2006. She has led a
large department on a journey exploring the benefits of assessment for learning. She is

               Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales
always keen to develop the work of the department and increasingly is being called on to
share her expertise on AfL with practitioners in other schools. She currently sits on the
ACCAC curriculum review panel for English.             Pauline can be contacted on

Marc Batten is head of PE. The department is currently running seven A level PE groups.
His interest in Assessment for Learning has grown out of a natural interest in the ability of
pupils to coach each other once they understand the success criteria. He is a senior A
level examiner for AQA.

Day 2

Brynley Davies – Principal, Ystrad Mynach College

Bryn Davies is the Principal of Ystrad Mynach College and a member of the ELWa
Regional Council for S.E. Wales. He is also Chairman of Venture Wales. He has worked
as a civil servant, teacher in a school and lecturer in colleges. He was the Managing
Director of a sizeable commercial training company, set up an Enterprise Agency and has
been the Chairman of two different Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Sussex and
Somerset. He is a Director of Fforwm and is a member of the City and Guilds Wales
Advisory Committee, the Welsh representative on the Board of the Lifelong Learning UK
and Vice-Chairman of Niace Dysgu Cymru.

Gerson Davies – Director of Education, Pembrokeshire LEA

Gerson Davies is Director of Education in Pembrokeshire LEA.

Alan Pritchard – Headteacher, Cyfarthfa High School

Alan Pritchard has been at Cyfarthfa High School since 1992. He is a past President of
WSSA and is a SHA Regional Representative. Alan is the founder of the SE Wales IQEA
Project. Alan has been teaching for 33 years and was formerly HOD Geography at
Cathays High School, Head of Lower School at Rumney, Cardiff, Deputy Head at Bedwas
and LEA Adviser for South Glamorgan. He is an avid Bluebird.

Listening to Learners

Ysgol Brynhyfryd, Ruthin

The Ruthin E-trail

The E-Trail has given year 12 pupils in Ysgol Brynhyfryd who are taking either IT or
History at AS Level a chance to improve their Key Skills and work towards gaining their
Welsh Baccalaureate qualification in a new and innovative way.

                Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales
Iwan Owen-Ellis is a history teacher and Deputy Head of Year 12/13 at Ysgol Brynhyfryd,
Rhuthin. Iwan also has a role in the Baccalaureate as a Personal Tutor.

Cyfarthfa High School, Merthyr

Listening to Learners at Cyfarthfa High School

In this presentation we will look at the rationale behind consulting pupils about their
learning and how we’ve approached it at Cyfarthfa. Three of our pupils will then present
the views of the student body on “What makes a good lesson?”

Angela Atkinson began teaching in 1983 at Tonypandy Comprehensive School in the
R.E. department. In 1990 she was seconded to the Mid Glamorgan advisory service as
advisory teacher for Equal Opportunities as part of the TVEI programme. Angela was
appointed Head of R.E. at Cyfarthfa High School in 1993 and was promoted to Assistant
Headteacher with responsibility for Teaching and Learning two years ago. One of her other
responsibilities is to co-ordinate the IQEA network in South East Wales.

Marshfield Primary School

Marshfield Primary School’s Learning Journey

One school’s attempts to further develop the learning culture of the school to more readily
meet the needs of children and staff in the 21st Century.

Mrs. Kirsty Bevan trained at the University of Wales, Newport gaining a B. Ed Hons. in
1999. She began her teaching career at Marshfield and was appointed Deputy
Headteacher in May 2003. Kirsty has recently been awarded the NPQH. During her career
she has delivered training both nationally and locally in mathematics, ICT and key skills.
She is an exemplar on excellent practice for both the LEA and her colleagues and is a
member of the school team developing video technology throughout the school.

Mr. Aaron Griffiths trained at the Univeristy of Wales Institute Cardiff, gaining a
B.A.Hons. in 2001. He commenced his teaching career at Marshfield, taking the curriculum
leadership role in English. Aaron has been used by Newport LEA as a provider of
exemplar lessons for NQTs in English and mathematics, and is a member of the school
team which is currently developing video technology.

               Aiming for Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Wales

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