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									                                                                               W&W Stewardship Science C
                                                                                    Last Update May 3, 2

Table       Variable Name Description
Stems       Year             The year in which plot was measured and data collected
Stems       date             The precise date that plot was measured and data collected
Stems       Stand_plot       The stand and plot identifier
Stems       county           The county in which plot is located
Stems       state            The state in which plot is located
Stems       species          The species name of the stem in the row
Stems       dbh_cm           The diameter at breast height of the stem, significant to the tenths.

                             A dummy variable denoting whether or not the stem is alive or dead. This
                             variables is meant for Standing deadwood ONLY. Any deadwood that is
Stems       condition        not still standing can be found in the Coarse Woody Debris Table.

Stems       multistem        A variable indicating if a stem is part of a multi-stemmed tree
                             A classification of the trees crown dominance with respect to neighboring
Stems       crown_class      trees, subjective.
Stems       ba_m2            The basal area of the individual stem
Stems       notes            Clarifying notes about the stem
Stems       tag_num          The number of the tag nailed into a tree for future monitoring
Stems       age              The age of a tree based on an analyzed tree core
plot_data   year_est         Year plot was established
plot_data   Stand_plot       The stand and plot identifier
plot_data   county           The county in which plot is located
plot_data   state            The state in which plot is located
plot_data   latitude         The latitude of the plot's Northwest corner
plot_data   longitude        The longitude of the plot's Northwest corner
plot_data   slope_deg        The slope of the plot
plot_data   elevation_m      Elevation of the plot
plot_data   aspect           Direction of the main slope in the plot
plot_data   declination      Declination used to qualify aspect of the plot
plot_data   mgmt_notes       Notes indicating management activities taking place at the plot
plot_data   rock_cover_pct   Percentage of plot covered by rock
plot_data   notes            Other miscellaneous notes about the plot
wardship Science CODEBOOK
t Update May 3, 2010

        4-digit year, ex. 2009
        Format mm/dd/yyyy, if there is no specific date, mark NA
        Combination of forest name and plot number, example "Church-1" or "HS-101" or "MV-29"
        String ALL CAPS, example "MIDDLESEX"
        String of two capital letters, example "MA"
        6 digit, scientific code name, see worksheet entitled Species_codes, example "Querub" for Quercus rubra, or Red O
        Float number, unit centimeters, example "26.1". Anything less than 2.5 cm DBH but greater than breast height is c

        Dummy variable, "1" means alive and "0" means dead
        Within a plot, lowercase letters will group stems together into a "tree." Letters are distinct by plot -
        species. So, a Querub multistem in Plot 1 will have "a" next to each individual stem. A Quevel
        multistem in plot one can likewise have "a" next to each individual stem. However, a subsequent
        Querub in Plot 1, will have "b" next to each individual stem. NA if the stem is not a multistem.

        Numeric code. "1" means Dominant, "2" means Co-dominant, "3" means Intermediate and "4" means Supressed. N
        A floating number with maximum significant digits. Found using the formula PI * (dbh/200)^2
        String, examples include "incomplete age" or "possible identification error." Enter NA if no notes were entered.
        Whole number, example "234." Enter "NA" if no tag number exists.
        Whole number, example "95." Enter "NA" if no age was measured.
        4-digit year, ex. 2009
        Combination of forest name and plot number, example "Church-1" or "HS-101" or "MV-29"
        String ALL CAPS, example "MIDDLESEX"
        String of two capital letters, example "MA"
        Signed float number, latitude in decimal form, for example "42. 34684", 5 significant digits. "NA" if none were reco
        Signed float number, longitude in decimal form, for example "-71. 31129", 5 significant digits. "NA" if none were re
        Floating number measured in degrees, measured from center of plot.
        Floating whole number, measured in meters, example "1,200" measured in center of plot.
        Two-digit number, compass degrees denoting the direction of the main slope, while standing in the center of the p
        Two-digit number +/- 50.The azimuth correction used to adjust magnetic north to true north. Declination = (True N
        String, variety of letter and punctuation combinations, example "shelter-cut, recreational access." "NA" if not appli
        Whole number expressed as a percentage, example "25"
        String, variety of letter and punctuation combinations, example "not measure in 2009 due to funding"
uercus rubra, or Red Oak
 han breast height is considered a sapling for the purposes of this study. Stems below breast height are considered seedlings.

 " means Supressed. NA if not collected.

 tes were entered.

NA" if none were recorded.
 "NA" if none were recorded.

 in the center of the plot.
. Declination = (True North - Magnetic North).
ess." "NA" if not applicable or recorded.
ght are considered seedlings.
Vegetation type   6-digit SPECIES CODE            Complete Latin               Common Name
    Shrub         Araela                               Aralia elata           Japanese Angelica-tree
    Shrub         Araspi                              Aralia spinosa                Spiny Aralia
    Shrub         Berthu                            Berberis thunbergii         Japanese Barberry
    Shrub         Craspp                             Crataegus spp.                  Hawthorn
    Shrub         Chimac                           Chimaphila maculata          Striped Wintergreen
    Shrub         Corame                            Corylus americana             American Hazel
    Shrub         Corcan                           Cornus canadensis                Bunchberry
    Shrub         Fraaln                              Frangula alnus             Glossy Buckthorn
    Shrub         Gaupro                         Gaultheria procumbens              Wintergreen
    Shrub         Hamvir                         Hammamelis virginiana              Witch Hazel
    Shrub         Ilever                              Ilex verticilata              Winterberry
    Shrub         Kalang                           Kalmia angustifolium           Sheep's Laurel
    Shrub         Kallat                              Kalmia latifolia            Mountain Laurel
    Shrub         Linben                             Lindera benzoin                 Spicebush
    Shrub         Loncan                           Lonicera canadensis           Fly Honeysuckle
    Shrub         Lonspp                              Lonicera spp.            Honeysuckle species
    Shrub         Mitrep                             Mitchella repens              Partridgeberry
    Shrub         Mrygal                               Myrica Gale                  Sweet Gale
    Shrub         Nemmuc                        Nemopanthus mucronatus            Mountain Holly
    Shrub         Parqui                       Parthenocissis quinquefolia        Virginia Creeper
    Shrub         Rhafra                 Rhamnus frangula L. 'Asplenifolia'     Feathery Buckthorn
    Shrub         Rhocan                        Rhododendron canescens           Mountain Azalea
    Shrub         Rubspp                               Rubus spp.                  Berry Species
    Shrub         Ruball                          Rubus alleghaniensis               Blackberry
    Shrub         Rubhis                             Rubus hispidus                  Dewberry
    Shrub         Rubida                              Rubus idaeus                Red Raspberry
    Shrub         Rubocc                            Rubus occidentalis           Black Raspberry
    Shrub         Sampub                            Sambucus pubens              Red Berried Elder
    Shrub         Smirot                            Smilax rotundifolia        Roundleaf Greenbrier
    Shrub         Vacang                         Vaccinium angustifolium        Highbush Blueberry
    Shrub         Vaccor                         Vaccinium corymbosum         Late Lowbush Blueberry
    Shrub         Vacsta                          Vaccinium stamineum                Deerberry
    Shrub         Vacvac                           Vaccinium vacillans        Early Lowbush Blueberry
    Shrub         Vibace                           Viburnum acerfolium         Maple-Leaf Viburnum
    Shrub         Vibaln                           Viburnum alnifolium              Hobblebush
    Shrub         Vibcas                          Viburnum cassinoides              Wild Raisin
    Shrub         Vitrip                               Vitus riparia                River Grape
    Shrub         Vitspp                                 Vitis spp.                Grape species
    Shrub         Zaname                        Zanthoxylum americanum         Prickly Mountain Ash
 Herbacecous      Ampbra                         Amphicarpaea bracteata             Hog Peanut
 Herbacecous      Anespp                              Anemone spp.               Anemone species
 Herbacecous      Arahis                              Aralia hispida             Bristly sarsaparilla
 Herbacecous      Aranud                             Aralia nudicaulis           Wild Sarsaparilla
 Herbacecous      Aritri                           Arisaema triphyllum           Jack-in-the-Pulpit
 Herbacecous      Astacu                             Aster acuminatis              Whorled Aster
 Herbacecous      Astdiv                             Aster divaricatus           White Wood Aster
Herbacecous   Bidfro       Bidens frondosa             Devil's Beggartick
Herbacecous   Bidspp         Bidens Sp.                  Beggar's Tick
Herbacecous   Carspp         Carex spp.                  Sedge species
Herbacecous   Clibor      Clintonia borealis             Bluebead Lily
Herbacecous   Copgro     Coptis groenlandica               Goldthread
Herbacecous   Corsem   Corydalis sempervirens            Pale Corydalis
Herbacecous   Cynlou    Cynanchum louiseae            Black Swallow-wort
Herbacecous   Cypaca    Cyperipedium acaule            Pink Lady's Slipper
Herbacecous   Dalrep      Dalibarda repens                False Violet
Herbacecous   Digspp        Digitaria spp.             Crabgrass species
Herbacecous   Epirep       Epigaea repens               Trailing Arbutus
Herbacecous   Epivir     Epifagus virginiana              Beechdrops
Herbacecous   Galspp         Galium spp.                Galium species
Herbacecous   Germac    Geranium maculatum               Wild Geranium
Herbacecous   Gerrob    Geranium robertianum              Herb Robert
Herbacecous   Goopub    Goodyera pubenscens       Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Herbacecous   Gootes     Goodyera tesselata      Checkered Rattlesnake Plantain
Herbacecous   Hepane     Hepatica anericana          Round-lobed Hepatica
Herbacecous   Hiecan    Hieracium canadense           Canada Hawkweed
Herbacecous   Houcae     Houstonia caerulea                  Bluets
Herbacecous   Impspp       Impatiens spp.             Jewelweed species
Herbacecous   Isover      Isotria verticillata      Large Whorled Pogonia
Herbacecous   Lyscil      Lysimachia ciliata           Fringed Loosestrife
Herbacecous   Lysqua    Lysimachia quadifolia         Whorled Loosestrife
Herbacecous   Krivir       Krigia virginica             Dwarf Dandelion
Herbacecous   Maican   Maianthemum canadense           Canada Mayflower
Herbacecous   Monhyp    Monotropa hypopitys                 Pinesap
Herbacecous   Medvir     Medeola virginiana          Indian Cucumber Root
Herbacecous   Monuni     Monotropa uniflora               Indian Pipe
Herbacecous   Oxastr        Oxalis stricta                Wood Sorrel
Herbacecous   Poaspp        Poaceae spp                      Grass
Herbacecous   Phyame    Phytolacca americana               Pokeweed
Herbacecous   Polari     Polygonum arifolium               Tearthumb
Herbacecous   Polcus   Polygonum cuspidatum           Japanese Knotweed
Herbacecous   Polper    Polygonum persicaria             LadiesThumb
Herbacecous   Polbif    Polygonatum biflorum        Smooth Soloman's Seal
Herbacecous   Potsim      Potentilla simplex          Common Cinquefoil
Herbacecous   Rumace      Rumex acetosella           Common Sheep Sorrel
Herbacecous   Soldul     Solanum dulcamara            Climbing Nightshade
Herbacecous   Solspp        Solidago spp.              Goldenrod species
Herbacecous   Smirac    Smilacena racemosa           False Soloman's Seal
Herbacecous   Strros      Streptopus roseus             Rose Mandarine
Herbacecous   Symfoe    Symplocarpus foetidus       Eastern Skunk Cabbage
Herbacecous   Taroff    Taraxacum officinale          Common Dandelion
Herbacecous   Thadio     Thalictarm dioicum            Early Meadow Rue
Herbacecous   Tribor      Trienatlis Borealis             Star Flower
Herbacecous   Triund     Trillium Undulatum             Painted Trillium
 Herbacecous       Uvuper                    Uvularia perfoliata                     Bellwort
 Herbacecous       Uvuses                    Uvularia sessifolia                    Wild Oats
 Herbacecous       Veroff                   Veronica officinalis                Common Speedwell
 Herbacecous       Vioaff                       Viola affinis                    Pale Early Violet
 Herbacecous       Violat                     Viola latiuscula           Broad-Leafed Wood Violet
 Herbacecous       Viopal                      Viola Pallens                Northern White Violet
 Herbacecous       Viospp                        Viola spp                          Violet spp
Ferns and Allies   Adipen               Adiantum pendantum                       Maindenhair Fern
Ferns and Allies   Athfil                   Athyrium filix-femina                   Lady Fern
Ferns and Allies   Asppla              Asplenium platyneuron                    Ebony Spleenwort
Ferns and Allies   Denpun            Dennstaedia punctilobula                    Hayscented Fern
Ferns and Allies   Dryspi               Dryopteris spinulosa                Spinulose Wood Fern
Ferns and Allies   Drymar               Dryopteris marginalis                Marginal Wood Fern
Ferns and Allies   Lyccom            Lycopodium complanatum                       Running Pine
Ferns and Allies   Lycdig               Lycopodium digitatum                      Running Cedar
Ferns and Allies   Lycluc              Lycopodium lucidulum                     Shining Clubmoss
Ferns and Allies   Lycobs              Lycopodium obscurum                        Tree Clubmoss
Ferns and Allies   Matstr            Matteuccia struthiopteras                     Ostrich Fern
Ferns and Allies   Onosen                    Onoclea sensibilis                   Sensitive Fern
Ferns and Allies   Osmcla                   Osmunda claytonia                    Interrupted Fern
Ferns and Allies   Osmcin              Osmunda cinnamomea                        Cinnamon Fern
Ferns and Allies   Polvul                   Polypodium vulgare                  Common Polypody
Ferns and Allies   Polacr           Polystichum acrostichoides                   Christmas Fern
Ferns and Allies   Pteaqu                   Pteridium aquilirium                  Brachen Fern
Ferns and Allies   Thenov           Thelypteris noveboracensis                    New York Fern
Ferns and Allies   Thepau               Thelypteris paulustris                     Marsh Fern
Ferns and Allies   Thepha              Thelypteris phagopteris                   Long Beech Fern
Ferns and Allies   Thesim                   Thelypteris simulata             Massachusetts Fern
     Tree          Abiama   Abies amabilis                          Pacific silver fir
     Tree          Abibal   Abies balsamea                          balsam fir
     Tree          Abicon   Abies concolor                          white fir
     Tree          Abifra   Abies fraseri                           Fraser fir
     Tree          Abigra   Abies grandis                           grand fir
     Tree          Abilas   Abies lasiocarpa                        subalpine fir
     Tree          Abimag   Abies magnifica                         California red fir
     Tree          Abipro   Abies procera                           noble fir
     Tree          Chamae   Chamaecyparis                           White-cedar
     Tree          Chalaw   Chamaecyparis lawsoniana                Port-Orford-cedar
     Tree          Chanoo   Chamaecyparis nootkatensis              Alaska-cedar
     Tree          Chathy   Chamaecyparis thyoides                  Atlantic white-cedar
     Tree          Junocc   Juniperus occidentalis                  western juniper
     Tree          Junsco   Juniperus scopulorum                    Rocky Mountain juniper
     Tree          Junsil   Juniperus silicicola                    southern redcedar
     Tree          Junvir   Juniperus virginiana                    eastern redcedar
     Tree          Larlar   Larix laricina                          tamarack
     Tree          Larlya   Larix lyallii                           alpine larch
     Tree          Larocc   Larix occidentalis                      western larch
Tree   Liboce   Libocedrus                          Incense-cedar
Tree   Libdec   Libocedrus decurrens                incense-cedar
Tree   Picbre   Picea breweriana                    Brewer spruce
Tree   Piceng   Picea engelmannii                   Engelmann spruce
Tree   Picgla   Picea glauca                        white spruce
Tree   Picmar   Picea mariana                       black spruce
Tree   Picpun   Picea pungens                       blue spruce
Tree   Picrub   Picea rubens                        red spruce
Tree   Picsit   Picea sitchensis                    Sitka spruce
Tree   Pinalb   Pinus albicaulis                    whitebark pine
Tree   Pinban   Pinus banksiana                     jack pine
Tree   Pincla   Pinus clausa                        sand pine
Tree   Pincon   Pinus contorta                      lodgepole pine
Tree   Pinech   Pinus echinata                      shortleaf pine
Tree   Pinedu   Pinus edulis                        pinyon
Tree   Pinell   Pinus elliottii                     slash pine
Tree   Pinfle   Pinus flexilis                      limber pine
Tree   Pingla   Pinus glabra                        spruce pine
Tree   Pinjef   Pinus jeffreyi                      Jeffrey pine
Tree   Pinlam   Pinus lambertiana                   sugar pine
Tree   Pinmon   Pinus monophylla                    singleleaf pinyon
Tree   Pinmot   Pinus monticola                     western white pine
Tree   Pinnig   Pinus nigra                         European black pine
Tree   Pinpal   Pinus palustris                     longleaf pine
Tree   Pinpon   Pinus ponderosa                     ponderosa pine
Tree   Pinpun   Pinus pungens                       Table Mountain pine
Tree   Pinrad   Pinus radiata                       Monterey pine
Tree   Pinres   Pinus resinosa                      red pine
Tree   Pinrig   Pinus rigida                        pitch pine
Tree   Pinsab   Pinus sabiniana                     Digger pine
Tree   Pinser   Pinus serotina                      pond pine
Tree   Pinstr   Pinus strobus                       eastern white pine
Tree   Pinsyl   Pinus sylvestris                    Scotch pine
Tree   Pintae   Pinus taeda                         loblolly pine
Tree   Pinvir   Pinus virginiana                    Virginia pine
Tree   Pseudo   Pseudotsuga                         Douglas-fir
Tree   Psemac   Pseudotsuga macrocarpa              bigcone Douglas-fir
Tree   Psemen   Pseudotsuga menziesii               Douglas-fir
Tree   Seqsem   Sequoia sempervirens                redwood
Tree   Sequoi   Sequoiadendron                      Giant sequoia
Tree   Seqgig   Sequoiadendron giganteum            giant sequoia
Tree   Taxdid   Taxodium distichum var. distichum   baldcypress (typical)
Tree   Taxdin   Taxodium distichum var. nutans      pondcypress
Tree   Taxbre   Taxus brevifolia                    Pacific yew
Tree   Thuocc   Thuja occidentalis                  northern white-cedar
Tree   Thupli   Thuja plicata                       western redcedar
Tree   Tortax   Torreya taxifolia                   Florida torreya
Tree   Tsucan   Tsuga canadensis           eastern hemlock
Tree   Tsuhet   Tsuga heterophylla         western hemlock
Tree   Tsumer   Tsuga mertensiana          mountain hemlock
Tree   Acakoa   Acacia koa                 koa
Tree   Acebar   Acer barbatum              Florida maple
Tree   Acemac   Acer macrophyllum          bigleaf maple
Tree   Aceneg   Acer negundo               boxelder
Tree   Acenig   Acer nigrum                black maple
Tree   Acepen   Acer pensylvanicum         striped maple
Tree   Acepla   Acer platanoides           norway maple
Tree   Acerub   Acer rubrum                red maple
Tree   Acesah   Acer saccharinum           silver maple
Tree   Acesac   Acer saccharum             sugar maple
Tree   Aesgla   Aesculus glabra            Ohio buckeye
Tree   Aesoct   Aesculus octandra          yellow buckeye
Tree   Ailalt   Ailanthus altissima        ailanthus
Tree   Alnglu   Alnus glutinosa            European alder
Tree   Alnrub   Alnus rubra                red alder
Tree   Arbmen   Arbutus menziesii          Pacific madrone
Tree   Betall   Betula alleghaniensis      yellow birch
Tree   Betlen   Betula lenta               sweet birch
Tree   Betnig   Betula nigra               river birch
Tree   Betpap   Betula papyrifera          paper birch
Tree   Calcal   Calophyllum calaba         maria, santa-maria
Tree   Carcar   Carpinus caroliniana       American hombearn
Tree   Caraqu   Carya aquatica             water hickory
Tree   Carcor   Carya cordiformis          bitternut hickory
Tree   Cargla   Carya glabra               pignut hickory
Tree   Carill   Carya illinoensis          pecan
Tree   Carlac   Carya laciniosa            shellbark hickory
Tree   Carmyr   Carya myristiciformis      nutmeg hickory
Tree   Carova   Carya ovata                shagbark hickory
Tree   Cartom   Carya tomentosa            mockernut hickory
Tree   Caschr   Castanopsis chrysophylla   giant chinkapin
Tree   Casuar   Casuarina                  casuarina
Tree   Cecrop   Cecropia                   Cecropia
Tree   Cecpel   Cecropia peltata           yagrumo hembra ,trumpet-tree
Tree   Cedodo   Cedrela odorata            cedro hembra, Spanish-cedar
Tree   Celtis   Celtis                     Hackberry
Tree   Cellae   Celtis laevigata           sugarberry
Tree   Celocc   Celtis occidentalis        hackberry
Tree   Cercan   Cercis canadensis          eastern redbud
Tree   Corall   Cordia alliodora           laurel, capá prieto
Tree   Comflo   Comus florida              flowering dogwood
Tree   Dacexc   Dacryodes excelsa          tabonuco
Tree   Didymo   Didymopanax                Didymopanax
Tree   Didmor   Didymopanax morototoni     yagrumo macho
Tree   Diovir   Diospyros virginiana                 common persimmon
Tree   Eucglo   Eucalyptus globulus                  bluegum eucalyptus
Tree   Eucgra   Eucalyptus grandis                   rosegum eucalyptus
Tree   Eucrob   Eucalyptus robusta                   robusta eucalyptus
Tree   Eucsal   Eucalyptus saligna                   saligna eucalyptus
Tree   Faggra   Fagus grandifolia                    American beech
Tree   Fraame   Fraxinus americana                   white ash
Tree   Fralat   Fraxinus latifolia                   Oregon ash
Tree   Franig   Fraxinus nigra                       black ash
Tree   Frapen   Fraxinus pennsylvanica               green ash
Tree   Frapro   Fraxinus profunda                    pumpkin ash
Tree   Gledit   Gleditsia                            Honeylocust
Tree   Gletri   Gleditsia triacanthos                honeylocust
Tree   GorIas   Gordonia lasianthus                  loblolly-bay
Tree   Grevil   Grevillea                            Spider-flower
Tree   Grerob   Grevillea robusta                    silk-oak
Tree   Halcar   Halesia carolina                     Carolina silverbell
Tree   Ileopa   Ilex opaca                           American holly
Tree   Jugcin   Juglans cinerea                      butternut
Tree   Jugnig   Juglans nigra                        black walnut
Tree   Liquid   Liquidambar                          Sweetgum
Tree   Liqsty   Liquidambar styraciflua              sweetgum
Tree   Lirtul   Liriodendron tulipifera              yellow-poplar
Tree   Litden   Lithocarpus densiflorus              tanoak
Tree   Macpom   Maclura pomifera                     Osage-orange
Tree   Magacu   Magnolia acuminata                   cucumbertree
Tree   Magfra   Magnolia fraseri                     Fraser magnolia
Tree   Maggra   Magnolia grandiflora                 southern magnolia
Tree   Magvir   Magnolia virginiana                  sweetbay
Tree   Manbid   Manilkara bidentata                  ausubo, balata
Tree   Melqui   Melaleuca quinquenervia              melaleuca
Tree   Metpol   Metrosideros polymorpha              'ohi' alehua
Tree   Morrub   Morus rubra                          red mulberry
Tree   Nysaqu   Nyssa aquatica                       water tupelo
Tree   Nysoge   Nyssa ogeche                         Ogeechee tupelo
Tree   Nyssys   Nyssa sylvatica var sylvatica        black tupelo (typical)
Tree   Nyssyb   Nyssa sylvatica var biflora          swamp tupelo
Tree   Ostvir   Ostrya virginiana                    eastern hophombeam
Tree   Oxyarb   Oxydendrum arboreum                  sourwood
Tree   Pautom   Paulownia tomentosa                  royal paulownia
Tree   Perbor   Persea borbonia                      redbay
Tree   Pitsam   Pithecellobium saman                 monkey-pod
Tree   Plaocc   Platanus occidentalis                sycamore
Tree   Popbal   Populus balsamifera                  balsam poplar
Tree   Popded   Populus deltoides var deltoides      eastern cottonwood (typical)
Tree   Popdeo   Populus deltoides var occidentalis   plains cottonwood
Tree   Popgra   Populus grandidentata                bigtooth aspen
Tree   Pophet   Populus heterophylla              swamp cottonwood
Tree   Poptre   Populus tremuloides               quaking aspen
Tree   Poptri   Populus trichocarpa               black cottonwood
Tree   Popspp   Populus                           poplar hybrids
Tree   Prosop   Prosopis                          Mesquite
Tree   Propal   Prosopis pallida                  kiawe
Tree   Prupen   Prunus pensylvanica               pin cherry
Tree   Pruser   Prunus serotina                   black cherry
Tree   Quealb   Quercus alba                      white oak
Tree   Quebic   Quercus bicolor                   swamp white oak
Tree   Quechy   Quercus chrysolepis               canyon live oak
Tree   Quecoc   Quercus coccinea                  scarlet oak
Tree   Quedou   Quercus douglasii                 blue oak
Tree   Quefaf   Quercus falcata var falcata       southern red oak (typical)
Tree   Quefap   Quercus falcata var pagodifolia   cherry bark oak
Tree   Quegar   Quercus garryana                  Oregon white oak
Tree   Quekel   Quercus kelloggii                 California black oak
Tree   Quelae   Quercus laevis                    turkey oak
Tree   Quelau   Quercus laurifolia                laurel oak
Tree   Quelyr   Quercus lyrata                    overcup oak
Tree   Quemac   Quercus macrocarpa                bur oak
Tree   Quemic   Quercus michauxii                 swamp chestnut oak
Tree   Quemue   Quercus muehlenbergii             chinkapin oak
Tree   Quenig   Quercus nigra                     water oak
Tree   Quenut   Quercus nuttallii                 Nuttall oak
Tree   Quepal   Quercus palustris                 pin oak
Tree   Quephe   Quercus phellos                   willow oak
Tree   Quepri   Quercus prinus                    chestnut oak
Tree   Querub   Quercus rubra                     northern red oak
Tree   Queshu   Quercus shumardii                 Shumard oak
Tree   Queste   Quercus stellata                  post oak
Tree   Quevel   Quercus velutina                  black oak
Tree   Quevir   Quercus virginiana                live oak
Tree   Robpse   Robinia pseudoacacia              black locust
Tree   Sabpal   Sabal palmetto                    cabbage palmetto
Tree   Salnig   Salix nigra                       black willow
Tree   Sassaf   Sassafras                         Sassafras
Tree   Sasalb   Sassafras albidum                 sassafras
Tree   Tilame   Tilia americana                   American basswood
Tree   Tilhet   Tilia heterophylla                white basswood
Tree   Ulmala   Ulmus alata                       winged elm
Tree   Ulmame   Ulmus americana                   American elm
Tree   Ulmcra   Ulmus crassifolia                 cedar elm
Tree   Ulmrub   Ulmus rubra                       slippery elm
Tree   Ulmser   Ulmus serotina                    September elm
Tree   Ulmtho   Ulmus thomasii                    rock elm
Tree   Ulmbel   Umbellularia                      California-laurel
Tree   Ulm cal   Umbellularia californica   Califomia-laurel
** Pinmot so it doesn't match Pinus Monohylla
*Acesah so it does not match Acer saccharum

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