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EVDO (EV-DO) is actually the abbreviation of three words: Evolution (Evolution), DataOnly. Its full name: CDMA20001xEV-DO, is CDMA20001x Evolution (3G) of a path of a stage. This path has two development phases, the first is called 1xEV-DO, the "DataOnly", it allows operators to use an IS-95 CDMA or CDMA2000 same carrier frequency bandwidth of up to 2.4Mbps in the former can be To the data transfer rate, has been accepted by ITU as ITU international 3G standards, and already have the condition of business. The second phase is called 1xEV-DV. 1xEV-DV means "DataandVoice", it can be in a CDMA carrier frequency to support both voice and data.

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									   EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

                      Leveraging 1xEV-DO for
                    the Public Safety Community

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   EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

QUALCOMM Incorporated

• Global leader in developing and delivering
  innovative digital wireless communications
  solutions based on CDMA and other
  advanced technologies.

                                                 • NASDAQ symbol: QCOM
• Partners with wireless operators, device
                                                 • $5.67 billion FY05 revenues
  manufacturers, independent software            • Founded in 1985
  vendors, distribution suppliers and Fortune    • ~4,300 US patents (~1,600
  1000-class corporations to drive adoption        issued, ~2,700 pending)
  mobility solutions based on third-generation   • Over 2,500 US patents pending
                                                 • $1.01 billion FY05 R&D
  (3G) CDMA and other digital technologies.        Expenditures
                                                 • Member of the S&P 500 Index
                                                 • "100 Best Managed
                                                   Companies" - Industry Week
                                                 • "100 Best Companies to Work
        Execution - Innovation - Partnerships      for in America" - FORTUNE
                                                 • ~9,300 employees in 26
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    EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

QUALCOMM’s Alignment with Industry and Consumers

•    Enable device vendor competition and selection
       – Wide selection of handsets from many suppliers enabled by QUALCOMM’s
         technology transfer, range of chipsets, software and broad licensing program
•    Provide a robust technology roadmap
       – Innovation, development and standardization of new technologies (e.g., EV-DO,
         DOrA, HSDPA, HSUPA, OFDMA, 802.11n)
•    Enable new consumer services in alignment with industry
       – gpsOne, BREW, uiOne, MediaFLO
•    Support operators to optimize network performance
•    Strategic investments/acquisitions to help drive the growth of the

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   EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

Aggressive Investment in a Complete Technology Roadmap
Cumulative R&D Expenditures More Than $5B to Date                                                           $1.01B

• Standard royalty rate has not changed during this time
 QUALCOMM Yearly R&D Expenditures
                                                                                                       HSUPA, MBMS,
                                                                  $523M                                 WCDMA RF,
                                                                                         HSDPA          Lower Cost
                                               $452M                                      EDGE
                            $415M                                                                         HSDPA,
         $340M                                                                      OFDM multicast
                                                                                     (FLO & EV-DO          802.11n,
                                                                 EV-DO Rev. A          Platinum),         Scaleable
                                               Integrated       (VoIP, QoS, etc)    iWAN including       Bandwidth -
                           1xEV-DO            multimedia           RF CMOS              In-Cabin,          EV-DO,
                          GSM/GPRS           (video, audio,          QChat,
        WCDMA                                                                         UI / Trigenix,    OMA DRM v2,
                             JAVA            CMX, storage,         CDMA450          MEMs / Iridigm,
     CDMA2000 1X           Bluetooth            3D, etc),          Integrated                               MDDI,
                                                                                        RF CMOS
    gpsOne (A-GPS)           R-UIM           World phone,         multimedia,                              HSDPA
         BREW               WCDMA             GSM/GPRS            World phone          CDMA450              EDGE
     radioOne (ZIF)      CDMA2000 1X            1xEV-DO           GSM/GPRS             Integrated      MediaFLO USA,
          HDR           gpsOne (A-GPS)           JAVA…              1xEV-DO            multimedia,          OFDM
        Tri-mode            BREW               Bluetooth              JAVA            World phone      multicast (FLO
      cdmaOne…            radioOne…             R-UIM…            Bluetooth…          GSM/GPRS…          & EV-DO…

          2000                2001                2002                2003               2004                2005
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      Technologies listed for each year are based on initial press releases. R&D typically began substantially earlier.
      EV-DO rA
   For Public Safety

Lowering the Cost of CDMA2000 Devices
CDMA2000 = Highest Capacity Networks, Less Infrastructure Cost

    $100                                   $90
                             $78                                    $77
      $80                                         $71
      $60                                                                  $50                      $48


                         2002                 2003                     2004                 1Q-3Q 2005

                                          Lowest 10%           Lowest end

Note: CDMA Devices Sold per Calendar Year; Lowest end phones sold in quantities over 150,000 units with on-going
shipments                                    PAGE 5
 Source: QUALCOMM Incorporated
      EV-DO rA
  For Public Safety

Segmentation Strategy
Integration Yields Cost-effective Solutions at All Tiers

                              Value Platform     Multimedia Platform         Enhanced Platform               Convergence Platform
                                                  CMX / MP3 / WMA / REAL /   CMX / MP3 / WMA / REAL /         CMX / MP3 / WMA / REAL /
               MUSIC          CMX / MP3 / AAC+        AAC+ / E-AAC+              AAC+ / E-AAC+                    AAC+ / E-AAC+
                                                          Surround Sound       Surround & Positional Sound      Surround & Positional Sound

                     3D                               50k Triangles/sec         225k Triangles/sec                4M Triangles/sec
        Gaming & 3D GUI                               400k 3D pixels/sec         7M 3D pixels/sec                133M 3D pixels/sec

            CAMERA                2Mpixel                   3Mpixel                    5MPixel                          8MPixel

               VIDEO                               Record: 15 fps @ QCIF      Record: 15 fps @ QVGA            Record: 30 fps @ VGA
                Record &
                               15 fps @ QCIF
                                                  Playback: 15 fps @ QCIF    Playback: 30 fps @ QVGA          Playback: 30 fps @ VGA

                                                       A-GPS Mode                 A-GPS Mode                       A-GPS Mode
     Hybrid, MS-Assisted,       A-GPS Mode           Standalone Mode            Standalone Mode                  Standalone Mode
    MS-Based, Standalone                                                                                        Enhanced Navigation
                                                    Enhanced Navigation        Enhanced Navigation

                                                                                   Bluetooth 1.2                 Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
                                Bluetooth 1.2             Bluetooth 1.2               WLAN                             WLAN
                                                                                    Mediacast                        Mediacast

                                    QCIF                     QCIF+                      QVGA                              VGA
                                  [176 x 144]               [176 x 220]                [320 x 240]                     [640 x 480]

                                                                                                                     Dual CPUs
   uPROCESSOR /               CPU – 50-180MHz         CPU – 150-225MHz          CPU – 225-300MHz
                                                                                                                   400MHz - 1GHz
          QDSP                 QDSP-75MHz               QDSP-75MHz                QDSP-90MHz

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*Specifics vary per chipset                                                                                                              6
       EV-DO rA
  For Public Safety

 Wireless Roadmap - The Right Technology for the Right Service
Wide-Area Multiple Access Technologies
for cdmaOne/CDMA2000 operators
      CDMA2000                                                  CDMA2000                                                           EV-DO                             EV-DO
           1X                                                 1xEV-DO                                                            Rev A                             Rev B*
                                          for WCDMA/GSM/GPRS operators
                                                                      Rel-99                                          Rel-5                                           Rel-6
                                                                 WCDMA                                            HSDPA                                          HSUPA*

                                                        In-band 3G multicast                                  EV-DO                                              EV-DO
                                                    for CDMA2000 operators                                   Gold                                Platinum Multicast*
                                                                                                 In-band 3G multicast                                              WCDMA
                                                                                                for WCDMA operators                                              MBMS*
                                                                  Dedicated multicast network
                                                                             for 3G operators                                                              FLO

Local-Area Technologies
for home, enterprise, campus and hotspot access
                      802.11b                                                   802.11a/g                                   802.11n**                      802.11n (Full)**

       2001                 2002                2003                 2004                2005                 2006                 2007                2008                 2009
Timeline depicts initial commercial availability of each technology.        PAGE 7 ** Expected mid-2006 initial availability of EWC 802.11n basic version, early-2008 for full featured version.
*These technologies are in process of standardization/commercialization - timelines are not certain.
   EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Roadmap
                                 VoIP                      Push To Talk
                       1X-like spectral efficiency/     Instant Messaging
                         voice capacity/quality
                                                        Instant Multimedia
                                                           Audio and video
                                                            <750ms PTT
                Low Latency                                                  Video Telephony
                    30-50ms                                              Packet voice and video

   Rev. A – Higher Data Rates                                             Gold Multicast
                3.1Mbps FL                                              Platinum Multicast
               1.8Mbps RL
                                                                         Data-rate media delivery
           Avg 600-1300Kbps DL

     Quality of Service (QoS)                                                   Equalizer
      Multiple QoS concurrent flows                                      Interference cancellation
      Selected by user or application                                    Voice/data capacity gains

                              Rel. 0
                          2.4Mbps FL                          Rev. B – Multicarrier
                          153Kbps RL                            Up to 73.5Mbps in 20MHz
                      Avg 300-600Kbps FL                       Fully backward compatible
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     EV-DO rA
  For Public Safety

 CDMA Operators Committed to EV-DO Rev. A
 Greater Capabilities & Efficiencies are Driving Migration

                                                                                        EV-DO Rev. A
                                                                                         EV-DO Rev. A
                                                                                   Product Announcements:
                                                                                    Product Announcements:
                                                                                         Sierra Wireless
                                                                                          Sierra Wireless
                                                                                           AirCard 595 &
                                                                                            AirCard 595 &
                                                                                    MC5725 PCI Express Mini Card
                                                                                     MC5725 PCI Express Mini Card
                                                                                           * Planned for 2006
                                                                                             * Planned for 2006
                                                                                         Novatel Wireless
                                                                                          Novatel Wireless
                                                                                        Merlin 720 PC Card &
                                                                                         Merlin 720 PC Card &
                                                                                       Expedite 720 Mini Card
                                                                                        Expedite 720 Mini Card
                                                                                          * Planned for Q3 2006
                                                                                            * Planned for Q3 2006
                                                                                          * Planned for Q4 2006
                                                                                            * Planned for Q4 2006
     United States                              South Korea
     • Sprint-Nextel - Q1 2007                  • KTF - 2007                               Japan
     • US Cellular                              • LG Telecom - Q4 2006                     • KDDI - Q4 2006
     • Verizon Wireless                         • SK Telecom - H2 2006

Source: Operator and vendor press releases
                                              PAGE 9
Note: Many of these operators have yet to announce specific planned launch dates                                        9
       EV-DO rA
  For Public Safety

 Enhanced and Convergence Platform EV-DO Chips
 Competitive Advantage - Integrated Multimedia

  •     >250 commercial devices available/in design
  •     High-quality audio and video
  •     Download and play 3D games
                                                                 • >25 commercial devices
                                                                 • Supports up to 2.4Mbps
                                                                 • Multimedia enhancements
                      MSM6550 commercial

                                                                 • Strong global Interest
                                                                 • Supports up to 3.1Mbps
                                                                 • On-time sampling March 2005


                                                                 •   Unrivaled computing performance
                                                                 •   High-end multimedia experience
      LG VX9800        LG             Samsung                    •   30 frames per second
                      SB120            SB300                     •   On-time sampling June 2005
                                                  DOrA* + dual
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*DOrA = CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A                processor                                  10
       EV-DO rA
 For Public Safety

Continue to Drive Air Interface Improvements
EV-DO Rel 0, Rev A, Rx Diversity, Equalizer
and Interference Cancellation Techniques

                                                                        830Kbps                  ~50%

                                                  Forward Link          EV-DO        Rel. 0 +     Rev. A + 2-Rx Handset
                                                                                  2-Rx Handset
                                              sector throughput gains   Rel. 0
                                                                                                   Diversity + Equalizer



                                                                        316Kbps                  ~70%

                                                  Reverse Link
                                            sector throughput gains      EV-DO       EV-DO        EV-DO Rev. A + 4-Rx BTS
                                                                         Rel. 0      Rev. A           Diversity + SIC*
Figures are per sector for a single RF carrier.              PAGE 11
*SIC: Successive Interference Cancellation.                                                                                  11
                                 EV-DO rA
                              For Public Safety

                         Increasing Peak Data Rates and Throughput
                                               Peak Data Rates Implemented                                                       Data Throughput                         FL 2Rx,
                                                (Forward Link in 5MHz)                                                           Per Sector                              Rev. A

                                                                                                                                 (2x10MHz)                             7,350Kbps

                                                                                               EV-DO Rev. B                                                             FL 2Rx
                                                                                                                                  Assumes 100% loading
                                                                                                                                  of data traffic                        Rel. 0
Kbps (in logarithmic scale)

                                                                                              EV-DO Rev. A
                                                                           EV-DO Rel. O

                                                                             CDMA2000 1X
                                    100                                                                                                                FL 2Rx            FL 1Rx
                                                                                                                                                                          Rel. 0
                                      10                                                                                                               FL 1Rx
                                                   IS-95A                             CDMA2000 1X
                                                                                                                                                        1X1          EV-DO Rev. A
                                               1995        1998       2000        2002       2006*       2008*                 Kbps/Sector           2,450 - 3,675    6,090 - 10,500
                                                                                                                               Spectral Efficiency    0.25 - 0.37       0.61 - 1.05
                                                         Year commercially launched                                            Frequency Reuse            1/1               1/1

                    1.          CDMA2000 simulation methodology, 10 users per sector.
                                                                                                  PAGE 12
                    2.          CDMA2000 simulation methodology, 10 users per sector, equalizer gain simulated. * Estimates.                                                        12
       EV-DO rA
    For Public Safety

     gpsOne Overview (QPoint)
•    Hybrid solution combining GPS satellite (C/A
     code) and wireless network infrastructure
•    Best performance:
       –    High availability, all terrain: includes rural and indoor coverage
       –    Client/Server network assist model (A-GPS)
       –    High, pin-point outdoor accuracy (5-10m)
       –    Increased sensitivity; improvement over GPS
       –    Minimal time-to-first-fix
       –    Exceeds FCC E-911 mandate requirements

       –    Differential GPS based solution
•    Fully integrated into the CDMA MSM ASIC
•    Location information controlled at handset                                                    Stations

•    Mobile Station Assisted or MS Based                                                  R3 =
                                                                            Mobile Terminal
       – NEW: Standalone Pos. Loc. in Handset                               Terminals     Cτ 3
•    Standards-based (IS-801 or IP)                                 PDE
•    Works over multiple air interfaces                           SnapTrack
   EV-DO rA
For Public Safety

 BREW Enables Application Software
                                   Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)
                    API supporting architecture application software development for wireless handsets

                                                                                                                                                    Java Applet

                                                                                                                                                                  Java Applet

                                                                                                                                                                                Java Applet

                                                                                                                                                                                              Java Applet
                                   Instant Messenger

                                                                 Position Location

                                                                                                                                   Info. Services
                                                                                       Video Games

                                                                                                              Group Chat


                                                                                                                                                       JavaTM VM

                                                         BREW API Platform
                                                                                                      ASIC Software
                              User                                                   (BREW is air-interface independent, can support
                            Interface                                                  cdmaOne, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV, GSM/GPRS
                                                                                                    & UMTS (WCDMA))

    EV-DO rA
 For Public Safety

BREW by the                                            Total: 36                              Total: 25                         Total: 3

numbers:                         Verizon
                                                                   Bermuda Digital Comm.

March 2006 vs. March 2005        KTF                               Rural Cellular Corp (RCC)              ALLTEL
                                 Korea                             USA                                    USA

                                 KDDI                              Alaska Comm. Sys. (ACS)                O2
        Mar 2006      Mar 2005   Japan                             USA                                    Multiple Properties

          62            41       US Cellular                       UNEFON
                                 USA                               Mexico
      BREW Solution Customers
                                 3                                 Circket
                                 Multiple Properties               USA
          40            32
         Device Manufacturers    ALLTEL                            Cellular South
                                 USA                               USA

          29            24       China Unicom
             Countries with
            BREW Solutions       VIVO                              Bluegrass Cellular
                                 Brazil                            USA

                                 Tata                              Cellcom
                                 India                             USA
                                 Reliance                          Illinois Valley Cellular
                                 India                             USA

                                 Pelephone                         Guamcell
                                 Israel                            USA
    EV-DO rA
 For Public Safety

BREW Groups and Auto Install
• For Enterprise use, groups defined by users and
• New action features included in latest BREW versions


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