Properties of Metals and Nonmetals by mikesanye


									Day 1: 2/4/11
   Big Idea (for this unit): Periodic trends in the
    properties of atoms allow for the prediction
    of physical and chemical properties.
   Today’s Concept: Trends in the periodic table
    can predict the properties and behaviors of
   At the end of today, you will be able to:
    1. know that the boxes on the Periodic Table
    are each for a different element.
    2. Know what an element is.
    3. conduct tests for physical and chemical
    4. distinguish between physical and chemical
 Opener: Answer the “What Do You Think?” question in your
  packet. Discuss your answer in small groups and as a
 For You To Do: Test for physical and chemical properties
  of metals and nonmetals in the lab. Complete this section
  of the packet.
 Discuss observations as a class.
 Powerpoint presentation on elements and properties
 Closure Question: What is the difference between a
  chemical and a physical property?
 Take Home Assignment: Safety Poster due Tuesday.
(FYI) Next class – 10th Grade Pre-test for Chemistry (it
  doesn’t count for a grade). The Chemistry teachers want to
  know how much you know about Chemistry before taking
  our course so that we may know what areas to focus on.
   Element: any material that cannot be broken down by chemical
   Physical Property: a property that can be measured without
    causing a change in the substance’s chemical composition
   Chemical Property: a characteristic that a substance undergoes in
    a chemical reaction that produces new substances
   Luster (shiny): the reflection of light from the surface of a
    material described by its quality and intensity
   Ductility: a property that describes how easy it is to pull a
    substance into a new permanent shape, such as, pulling into
   Malleability: the ability to be hammered into a shape without
   Reactivity: a property that describes how readily a material will
    react with other materials.
 Physical Properties:    Chemical Properties:
1. Color                1. Reacts with air
2. Conductivity         2. Reacts with acid
3. Physical state at
   room temperature
   (solid, liquid, or
4. Luster
5. Malleability
6. Ductility
   What is the difference between a physical
    property and a chemical property?

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