Table Survival of spinal cord injury one year and ten year

					Table 3: Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by Region and
Author(s) of published data
Region        Country        Author(s) of              Observation    1-year        10-year             Comments
                             published                   period      mortality      mortality
Asia, East
              Taiwan         Yeh                        1977-1989    5.8% (n=94)            n/r*   Of those who died,
                                                                                                   26.5% had complete
                                                                                                   lesions in the cervical
                                                                                                   region and 3.4% were
                                                                                                   incomplete. 3% had
                                                                                                   complete paraplegia
                                                                                                   and 1.5% were
              Taiwan         Lan                        1986-1990         10.1%              n/r   Nine cases were
              (Hualien                                                    (n=10)                   tetraplegic, 6 of these
              County)                                                                              died from respiratory
                                                                                                   failure during acute
                                                                                                   care. The paraplegic
                                                                                                   patient died 8 months
                                                                                                   post injury from
                                                                                                   pressure sore- related
Asia, South
              Pakistan       Masood                     2003-2007         10.7%              n/r   Died during
                                                                          (n=23)                   hospitalisation.
              Thailand       Kovindha                   1985-1991     8% (n=31)              n/r   Four of the cases who
              (Chiang Mai)                                                                         died were high
                                                                                                   tetraplegics who
                                                                                                   refused treatment. 23
                                                                                                   cases died during
                                                                                                   acute stage and 4
                                                                                                   cases after 6 weeks of
              Thailand       Parajareya                 1989-1994    16% (n=35               n/r   Respiratory
              (Bangkok)                                              died in                       complications
                                                                     acute care                    accounted for 89% of
                                                                     hospital)                     total deaths (n=219).
                                                                                                   68% of the deaths had
                                                                                                   complete cervical
              Australia      O’Connor                   1986-1998          5.7%          14.3%     110 deaths occurred in
                                                                                                   the first two months.
              Australia      Soden                      1955-1994             n/r       SMR 2.3    Total of 195 deaths,
              (NSW)                                                                                expected 85 deaths.
                                                                                                   Study cohort was 335
                                                                                                   individuals with SCI
                                                                                                   who had died. Leading
                                                                                                   causes of death were
                                                                                                   pneumonia and
                                                                                                   influenza (n=27) and
                                                                                                   septicaemia (n=25).

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
Region     Country      Author(s) of      Observation      1-year       10-year                Comments
                        published           period        mortality     mortality
           Australia     Yeo                1955-1994             n/r    9% (n=132        Total 1,453 SCI
           (NSW)                                                          died within     patients, 55% with
                                                                         18 months;       cervical lesions and
                                                                            12% with      45% with
                                                                          tetraplegia     thoracic/lumbar
                                                                        and 5% with       lesions. A further 14%
                                                                         paraplegia)      (n=197 died after 18
                                                                                          months; 60% of these
                                                                                          deaths occurred in
                                                                                          people with cervical
                                                                                          lesions and 40% with
           Australia    Cheshire           1959-1966      6.1% (n=20)   6.1% (n=20)       Acute deaths from SCI
           (Victoria)                                                                     <60 days; chronic
                                                                                          deaths from SCI > 60
                                                                                          days post accident.
                                                                                          Acute respiratory
                                                                                          deaths were
                                                                                          responsible for 70% of
                                                                                          the SCI deaths.
           Denmark      Hartkopp          1953-1971 and           n/r          14.5%      Most common causes
                                            1972-1990                   (n=52 out of      of death was lung
                                                                            a total of    disease, such as
                                                                         359; SCI at      pneumonia, suicide
                                                                                  first   and ischaemic heart
                                                                            inclusion     disease. Among
                                                                        period, dead      tetraplegic individuals,
                                                                            at 1973):     76% of deaths were
                                                                               16.4%      caused by lung
                                                                        (n=87 out of      disease and
                                                                            a total of    pneumonia.
                                                                         529; SCI at
                                                                        period, dead
                                                                             at 1992)
           Israel       Zeilig                1948                       50% (n=10)       Participants (20: 19
                                                                             died 50      males, 1 female) with
                                                                         years later,     SCI that occurred
                                                                        average age       during the 1948 Israel
                                                                            at death      War of Independence.
                                                                             was 60       No regular follow-up
                                                                              years.      during the first 20
                                                                                          years post injury. Mean
                                                                                          age at injury was 22.6
                                                                                          years. No individuals
                                                                                          with complete
                                                                                          tetraplegia. There were
                                                                                          13 paraplegia ASIA A
                                                                                          cases, 4 paraplegia
                                                                                          ASIA C-D and one
                                                                                          tetraplegia ASIA C.

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
Region     Country      Author(s) of           Observation    1-year      10-year                Comments
                        published                period      mortality    mortality
           Israel       Tchvaloon               1962-2004                 7.1% (n=10)      143 SCI patients
                                                                                           following road
                                                                                           accidents. Age at injury
                                                                                           37.8 years (mean). 43%
                                                                                           were cervical, 49.3%
                                                                                           thoracic and 7.7%
                                                                                           lumbar. 41% were
                                                                                           complete at admission
                                                                                           to rehabilitation (Frankel
                                                                                           grade A). Maximum
                                                                                           survival was 43.3 years
                                                                                           after injury.
           Italy        Pagliacci               1997-1999                  16% (n=82)      511 persons out of 608
                                                                             after post-   first-admission SCI
                                                                            discharge;     patients who were
                                                                            mean time      discharged between
                                                                          of 3.8 years.    1997-1999 from 7 spinal
                                                                            7% (n=36)      units and 17
                                                                               had died    rehabilitation units were
                                                                            prior to the   located and surveyed.
           Norway       Lidal                   1961-1982           n/r          36.7%     142 of 387 patients with
                                                                               (n=142)     traumatic SCI died
                                                                                           during the observation
                                                                                           period. The main
                                                                                           causes of death were
                                                                                           (16%), ischaemic heart
                                                                                           diseases (13%) and
                                                                                           urogenital diseases
                                                                                           (13%). Main risk factors
                                                                                           for higher deaths were:
                                                                                           higher age at injury,
                                                                                           tetraplegia and
                                                                                           functionally complete
           Portugal     Martins                 1989–1992          56%               n/r   398 new cases of SCI
           (Coimbra)                                            (n=223)                    were identified for the
                                                                                           period 1998-1992. Of
                                                                                           these, 64 (16%) were
                                                                                           dead on arrival at
                                                                                           hospital, 159 (40%) died
                                                                                           during acute care, and
                                                                                           13 died after several
           Brazil       Brasil                  1986-1995        10.9%               n/r   164 patients with
                                                                 (n=18)                    traumatic SCI. Of these
                                                                                           18 died (15/100 cervical
                                                                                           SCI, 2/27 thoracic and
                                                                                           1/37 thoraco-lumbar).
                                                                                           Highest death rate was
                                                                                           in the cervical complete

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
Region     Country       Author(s) of         Observation    1-year         10-year           Comments
                         published              period      mortality       mortality
           Brazil        Neumann               2001-2005     26.2% died                  84 patients with
                                                            during acute                 cervical SCI. 26% of
                                                                   care.                 patients with complete
                                                                                         cervical lesion (n=28)
                                                                                         died in hospital.
                                                                                         Number dropped to
                                                                                         5.2% when cases with
                                                                                         significant brain injury
                                                                                         or haemodynamic
                                                                                         instability were
           Brazil (San   Barros                1982-1987    21% (n=90)                   In hospital deaths,
           Paulo)                                                                        mostly by respiratory
           Canada        Kattail               1996-2007      4% (Note:           n/r*   569 patients (mean
           (Toronto)                                            included                 age of 50 years) with
                                                              272 cases                  acute spinal trauma.
                                                                  with no                This included 268
                                                             spinal cord                 cases with ASIA E and
                                                                  lesion)                4 Unknown ASIA.
           Canada        Hamilton              1975-1988              n/r     3% (n=6)   Of the 174 paediatric
           (Alberta)                                                                     cases, 6 died (5 had
                                                                                         complete cord injuries).
           Canada        Hu                    1981-1984             n/r*       10.7%    Retrospective cross-
           (Manitoba)                                                           (n=13)   sectional study of 122
                                                                                         patients with
                                                                                         neurological injury.
                                                                                         Mortality increased
                                                                                         with increasing age at
           USA           Shavelle              1973-2003           61%             n/r   Study group: 810
                                                                (n=491)                  persons injured at 20
                                                                                         years of age and older
                                                                                         who were ventilator
                                                                                         dependent at
                                                                                         discharge from
                                                                                         rehabilitation. 319
                                                                                         persons survived the
                                                                                         first year. Of the group
                                                                                         where cause of death
                                                                                         was known (69%),
                                                                                         31% of deaths were
                                                                                         caused by pneumonia
                                                                                         and other respiratory
           USA           Samsa                 1940-1987              n/r         15%    Population of veterans
                                                                                         with traumatic SCI

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
Region     Country            Author(s) of        Observation    1-year          10-year           Comments
                              published             period      mortality        mortality
           USA                Burney               1982-1989     17% (Acute             n/r   Based on 2,946
                                                                care deaths                   patients entered in the
                                                                  due to SCI                  Major Trauma
                                                                   with other                 Outcome Study
                                                                    injuries);                (MTOS) database
                                                                6.9% (Acute
                                                                 deaths with
                                                                   only SCI)
           USA                Stover                 1984                 n/r          14%    Based on entire
                                                                                              National Database
                                                                                              (approx. 10,000 plus
                                                                                              cases). Incomplete
                                                                                              paraplegics have the
                                                                                              highest survival rate,
                                                                                              followed by complete
                                                                                              incomplete tetraplegics
                                                                                              and complete
                                                                                              tetraplegics. Leading
                                                                                              causes of death were
                                                                                              septicaemia and
                                                                                              pulmonary emboli.
           USA (California)   Kraus                1970-1971         48.3%              n/r   Deaths occurred during
                                                                 (n=299 out                   the period from injury
                                                                     of 619                   date to hospital
                                                                     cases)                   discharge. 79% of the
                                                                                              cases were dead on
                                                                                              arrival, the remaining
                                                                                              21.4% died on ward.
           USA (California)   Kraus                1970-1971              n/r        53.9%    Five to six-years after
                                                                                              SCI, 35 out of 320 (or a
                                                                                              total of 334 persons
                                                                                              died out of 619 cases)
                                                                                              persons had died.
                                                                                              Cause of death in the
                                                                                              35 cases was primarily
                                                                                              due to cardio-
                                                                                              respiratory or renal
           USA (Maryland)     Bohlman              1950-1972    37% (n=67)              n/r   180 patients with
                                                                                              cervical level SCI, 113
                                                                                              survived for at least
                                                                                              one year. 86 of these
                                                                                              patients had follow up
                                                                                              for 2 to 16 years.
           USA                Price                1988-1990      8% (n=30)             n/r   376 persons were
           (Oklahoma)                                                                         hospitalised with SCI.
                                                                                              Of these, 30 died
                                                                                              during hospitalisation
                                                                                              and rehabilitation.
           USA (California)   Krause                 1996                  n/r   16% (n=52)   278 people out of 330
                                                                                              with SCI in 1985 were
                                                                                              alive in 1996.

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
Region         Country           Author(s) of    Observation    1-year         10-year            Comments
                                 published         period      mortality       mortality
               USA               Krause           1997-1998                          14.8%   Participants: 1,209,
               (Southeast)                                                         (n=179)   mean age at injury was
                                                                                             32 years, with average
                                                                                             of 9 years since their
                                                                                             injury. 54% had
                                                                                             cervical injuries.
               USA               Krause           1997-2005              n/r         16.2%   Participants: 1389
               (Southeast)                                                         (n=225)   adults with traumatic
                                                                                             SCI occurring at least
                                                                                             1 year prior to the
                                                                                             study in late 1997 and
                                                                                             early 1998
               Zimbabwe          Levy             1988-1994    49% (n=67)              n/r   136 people with
                                                                                             traumatic SCI were
                                                                                             sent to rehabilitation
                                                                                             centres. Ten died in
                                                                                             the rehabilitation
                                                                                             centre from
                                                                                             septicaemia due to
                                                                                             pressure sores. Two-
                                                                                             thirds who died were
                                                                                             tetraplegics. A further
                                                                                             57 had died before one
                                                                                             year. Two-thirds who
                                                                                             died were tetraplegic.
               South Africa      Key              1963-1967    13% (38 out             n/r   63% who died while in
               (Cape Province)                                   of 300 SCI                  hospital were
                                                                cases died                   tetraplegics. Another
                                                                in hospital)                 3% (n=9) died after
                                                                                             discharge primarily
                                                                                             from bed sores
                                                                                             (septicaemia) and
Africa, West
               Nigeria (Zaria)   Iwegbu           1973-1982    25% (n=12)              n/r   25% of 48 patients
                                                                                             died within 10 weeks
                                                                                             of admission. Of 6
                                                                                             admitted tetraplegia
                                                                                             cases, only one
                                                                                             survived. 10 of the 12
                                                                                             who died had bed
                                                                                             sores at time of death.
                                                                                             All had urinary

Table 3 (continued): Survival of spinal cord injury (one-year and ten-year mortality) by
Region and Author(s) of published data
                                                                                       Survival                      Comments
Region           Country              Author(s) of             Observation     1-year          10-year
                                      published                  period       mortality        mortality
                 Nigeria              Nwuga                     1974-1977      84% (n=64)                n/r   12 people out 76 SCI
                                                                                                               cases survived. C4-C8:
                                                                                                               28.2 (Mean number of
                                                                                                               days survival post
                                                                                                               T1-T6: 62.7 (Mean
                                                                                                               number of days
                                                                                                               survival post
                                                                                                               T7-T12: 68.9 (Mean
                                                                                                               number of days
                                                                                                               survival post
                                                                                                               L1-S5: 190.7 (Mean
                                                                                                               number of days
                                                                                                               survival post
                 Nigeria (Plateau     Igun                      1984-1997      26% (n=18)                n/r   68 cases were treated
                 State)                                                                                        for SCI. At 30 days
                                                                                                               post injury, 18 people
                                                                                                               had died; 67% had
                                                                                                               cervical injuries and
                                                                                                               33% had thoraco-
                                                                                                               lumbar injuries. A total
                                                                                                               of 5 patients died from
                                                                                                               disease, two from
                                                                                                               acute ascending cord
                                                                                                               oedema in tetraplegic
                                                                                                               patients and 11 from
                                                                                                               seticaemia from bed
                 Nigeria (Ilorin)     Solagberu                 1995-1999       26% (n=10                n/r   Of those who died,
                                                                                  out of 39                    70% had cervical SCI.
                                                                                  patients)                    All died within 12 days.
                 Nigeria (Enugu)      Nwankwo                   1996-2000        11% (n=8                n/r   All were complete
                                                                                  out of 74                    tetraplegics, died of
                                                                                  patients)                    respiratory insufficiency
                                                                                                               within one week of
                 Nigeria (Enugu)      Nwadinigwe                1996-2001          34.3%                 n/r   Of those who died,
                                                                              (n=36 out of                     89% had cervical
                                                                              104 patients                     spinal injury and died
                                                                                                               mainly from respiratory
                 Sierra Leone         Gosselin                  2002-2004        29% (n=7              83%     24 patients were
                                                                                  out of 24                    admitted with SCI. 7
                                                                                   patients                    died while in hospital
                                                                                    died in                    and a further 13 died
                                                                                  hospital)                    after 10 to 28 months
                                                                                                               after discharge (4 out
                                                                                                               of 24 patients were lost
                                                                                                               to follow-up).
* Not reported
** Source/: Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, /World Population
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