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					                   Occupational Social Work -
                  Employee Assistance Programs
                  and Other Integrated Services
                                Monday, June 7 through Friday, June 11, 2010
                                           8:00 am to 12:00 pm
                            20.0 NASW/UPA Endorsed Continuing Education Units

This class is a comprehensive introduction to the professional world of employee assistance programs (EAPs) and other
integrated services. The historical and business development of EAPs, as well as the current trends and best practices,
will be presented and discussed. The course covers the models of service delivery, core technology and clinical skills.
The course is designed to enhance the understanding of the business value of EAPs and how these programs address
concerns for safety and productivity. The complexity of working with management, human resources, unions, and
legal departments will be introduced. Instructor presentation will be supplemented with case scenarios, and guest
speakers. Attendees will come away with a good understanding of various EAP models, their value to industry and
gain an interest for an exciting, diverse, and challenging career option.

Topics will include:
         • historical development and rational for industry implementation
         • fundamentals of EAP
         • EAP design, administration, and management
         • clinical skills for EAP professional
         • integrating EAPs with other services

Instructor Drew Cannon, LCSW, has been the employee assistance program advisor with Chevron since 1994. He
has been providing EAP services to the industry since 1978 in North America, Europe, and Africa. Prior to his current
position, he was a clinician in a local mental health clinic and worked within the adult and juvenile criminal justice
systems. He has been a licensed clinical social worker since 1975 with experience working with children, adolescents,
marriages, families, substance abuse, and critical incident responses. His greatest challenge was developing mental
health and substance abuse resources in underdeveloped countries in Africa.

Mr. Cannon provides EAP services and training to full range of organizations including computer and banking
companies, federal agencies, and the industrial petroleum industry. Such experiences have helped him develop an
understanding of numerous workforce environments and a respect for diversity.

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