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									Digital Art 101: Rookie
Level:      Introduction
Duration:   2 Days
Time:       10 AM - 5 PM
Cost:       £497 ex VAT

  On this workshop you can learn the techniques used in games and movie industries to
  create the visual concepts at the beginning and throughout the productions.

  The Digital Art 101 : Rookie class helps you to start working with a tablet and teaches you
  everything you need to know about painting in a digital environment. You will also learn
  lots of practical things like composition, lighting, colours, perspective, style, genres,
  anatomy, etc. Attending this 2-day course will help you to start experimenting on your
  own and find your own style as a digital artist.

Who is this course for?
  Everyone interested in digital painting, matte paintings, concept art, sketching in
  Photoshop. Everyone interested in the digital art industry for computer games and

Assumed Knowledge
  At least have attended the Academy Class Photoshop 101: Rookie class or have
  equivalent experience

What you will learn
  You will learn the foundations for drawing and painting in Photoshop

  h3. 1. day: Basics to become a Digital artist

  - using a digital tablet, painting on a digital canvas
  - painting with Photoshop (brush engine, layers, blend modes and masking)
  - theory of creating art (composition, lighting, colours, perspective, style, genres,
  anatomy, etc)
  - getting inspiration from famous digital artists and their work

  h3. 2. day: Sketching and Colouring

  - creating sketches to capture ideas and play with composition and form
  - reviewing and selecting the best sketches
- modifying and preparing sketches for colouring
- lay out the colour scheme of the image

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