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									                                                         Burlington Players Audition Form

Play Title ______________________________________ Audition Date _______________                                                     Attach
Name ______________________________                                      E-mail__________________________________                  Headshot
Home Phone __________________ Work Phone _____________________ Mobile Phone ________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________ State _______ Zip _______________

Role/Job Preferred _____________________________ Will you accept another? _________________________

Have you           read          seen     performed the play before? What role? _______________________________________

How did you hear about auditions              Postcard      Email       Theater Mirror    Stagesource      BP Web Site      NEED

           Other (please include name of publication, if any)? _____________________________________

Anyone cast in a Burlington Players production is obligated to assist with some area of production.
Please check off areas of experience (exp) or interest:
                          Exp.     Interest                                    Exp.      Interest                           Exp.    Interest
Set Design                                               Set Painting                                       Scenic Painting
Set Construction                                         Program Layout                                     Set Dressing
Light Design                                             Publicity                                          Other:
Costume Coord                                            Graphic Design                                     _____________________________
Sound                                                    Photography                                        _____________________________

Please list below any commitments (vacation, business travel, family events, etc.) between now and the end of the run of the

Are you participating in any other shows during this period and, if so, when? _______________________________________________
Please mark an “X” below in the times/days you CANNOT rehearse. If there are special circumstances (“only after 7 p.m.” or “available
every other week”) please write that in.
Sunday afternoon      _____________________          Tuesday evening      _______________________   Saturday morning     _______________________
Sunday evening        _____________________          Wednesday evening _______________________      Saturday afternoon   _______________________
Monday evening        _____________________          Thursday evening     _______________________   Saturday evening     _______________________
                                                     Friday evening       _______________________

List your performing experience below. Use the back if necessary.
Show                                     Role                                Group                         Location            About when?

By accepting a role in a show, you commit to paying $12 dues (unless already paid) and participating in
production work. If you have any questions on this, please contact the Production Manager for this show.

             If you are filling out this form online, save the form then attach it to an email and send it to

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