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1.     HYMER steers the course to a successful future with an excellent fleet of

2.     Motorhomes

       2.1    The motorhome range in model year 2011
       2.2    The camping bus model range: HYMER Car
       2.3    The compact model ranges: HYMER Van, HYMER Exsis-i
       2.4    The alcove model range: HYMER C-Class
       2.5    The semi-integradet model ranges: HYMER T-class CL, SL, 2x2
       2.6    The integrated model ranges: Hymermobil B-Class, HYMER B-SL,
              Best Line, B-XL
       2.7    The luxury model ranges: Hymermobil S-Class, HYMER Liner

3.     Caravans

       3.1    The caravan range in model year 2011
       3.2    Eriba-Touring
       3.3    HYMER Feeling
       3.4    HYMER Sporting
       3.5    HYMER Arctic Star
       3.6    HYMER Nova
       3.7    HYMER Nova S

4.     HymerCard – the industry’s first and best customer card

5.     HYMER-rent – the exclusive premium rental partner for holiday travel

6.     The market for leisure vehicles: figures, data, statistics

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1. HYMER steers the course to a successful future with an excellent
fleet of vehicles

HYMER presents a fleet of vehicles geared to customer and market requirements, and
steers the course to a successful future with resolve and optimism. Playing a key role in
achieving this optimistic target is the exceptional debut of the new Hymermobil B-Class. By
completely redesigning Europe’s best-selling motorhome, HYMER again documents its
position as the caravaning industry’s trendsetter.

The basis for the success strived for is the return to motorhome values of proven quality
which are founded on over 50 years of experience in constructing leisure vehicles and have
been cemented by deploying innovative technology and implementing practical customer
requests. The outcome is impressive as the new HYMER B-Class excels in its market
segment with the best concepts industry-wide in terms of insulation, body quality, driving
performance, safety, living-area, kitchen, sleeping area and storage space design, heating
and maintenance. By painstakingly implementing this ten-point programme, HYMER has yet
again set new benchmarks in the caravaning industry and has gained a significant
competitive edge in the segment of integrated motorhomes with double floor.

In addition to lifting the curtain on this excellent newcomer, HYMER has revised its entire
motorhome range with the same objective, taking a forward-looking, target group-oriented
approach. The spectrum has been streamlined across the model ranges and trimmed to
market requirements.

HYMER will enter the coming season with 13 motorhome ranges encompassing 46
individual models. Apart from enhancing comfort and functionality across all the models, the
focus in the new generation of HYMER models has been particularly on redesigning the
living areas and washrooms. By popular request, all the seating arrangements provide extra
cosiness by increased seat depth, even better backrest upholstery and optimised
configurations. The new textile cladding in the roof area (comes as standard, depending on
model), which decidedly improves the acoustics, and a new curtain design contributes to the
comfy ambiance.

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More wooden elements and high-quality materials embellish the washroom area and create
a warm, really homely atmosphere. In addition, the practicality of the washrooms has been
significantly improved in terms of space by providing a separate shower and more freedom
of movement, depending on model.

As regards optional extras, HYMER has pursued the policy – based on the purchasing
synergies of a major enterprise – of providing furnishing comfort of the highest standard for
the new generation of models by offering model-dependent packages which come at
attractive prices for the customer.

In revising the HYMER caravans – and in some cases redesigning them – attention has
been focused on more furnishing, comfort and practical improvement of various details. The
line-up for the new season has been streamlined to six ranges comprising 29 models in all.
True to the motto “less is more”, HYMER has adjusted to market demand and concentrated
more on customers’ requests for the range of layouts and features.

In terms of “downsizing”, special attention has been given to the weight and compactness of
the caravans. Here the further development of compact and light-weight pop-top caravans
and caravans (HYMER Feeling) with elevating roof has taken centre stage. While complying
with weight and dimensional requirements, these caravans still provide an additional and
comfortable sleeping area for two persons.

September 2010 will see the start to Eriba-Touring caravan production in Bad Waldsee and
Upper Swabian production quality will give a positive impetus to this range. The winterised
HYMER Arctic Star range formerly made only for the Scandinavian markets will now be
launched across Europe for the first time.

The HYMER Nova model ranges have been thoroughly revised. These ranges are currently
those enjoying the greatest success industry-wide and they demonstrate the recognised
motorhome manufacturer’s expertise in the caravan sector. The HYMER Nova range
comprises three new, attractive layouts. In addition, four HYMER Nova S models have been

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completely redesigned along the lines of the new Hymermobil B-Class and have been
provided with exclusive furnishings and fittings that are unparalleled in the industry.

Besides being spurred on by this new, revised spectrum of models, HYMER’s optimism
about successfully shaping the future is fuelled by other facts as well.

In the 2010 Motorhome of the Year poll conducted by promobil, six HYMER motorhomes
(HYMER Car 302, HYMER C-Class, HYMER C-Class Crossover, HYMER T-Class CL as
well as B-Class CL and B-SL Hymermobil motorhomes) clinched first place in thirteen of the
poll’s categories. Another four models (HYMER Car 322, HYMER Van, HYMER Exsis-i and
Hymermobil B-Class XL) took very good second places to set up an outstanding
performance record. Since this poll is based on the opinion of active members of the
motorhome fraternity (altogether 21,733 readers took part), the company can indeed proudly
claim to have perfectly met the target groups’ taste with its product quality and model policy.

An important indicator of the corporate and model policy being correct and successful also at
international level is the fact that HYMER’s registration figures have been significantly better
in many major European markets than the respective, local trend. For example, the French
market for motorhomes contracted 17.2 percent in the 2009 calendar year while HYMER lost
only 2.4 percent. HYMER succeeded in increasing the market share from 5.6 percent to 6.6
percent. In Norway, the difference for the market stood at negative 28.2 percent, while
HYMER’s market share increased from 10.1 percent to 13.3 percent. In Sweden the market
also declined 31.2 percent while HYMER’s figures were up 12.3 percent here, taking the
market share from 4.7 percent to 7.7 percent.

Another positive aspect is increased manufacturing efficiency in Bad Waldsee with a
headcount adjusted to suit market demand, continuous improvement in production
processes and more intensive quality control. These measures were initiated by HYMER as
part of the restructuring plan.

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Considering these facts and given the entire mosaic of marketing strategies, product
developments and corporate policies, HYMER is highly confident of replicating the success
to which it is accustomed in the new season.

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2. Motorhomes
HYMER Car               HYMER Van            HYMER C-Class           HYMER T-Class CL           HYMER T-Class SL

HYMER Car 302           HYMER Van 512        HYMER C-Class 534       HYMER T-Class 614 CL       HYMER T-Class 614 SL
HYMER Car 322           HYMER Van 562        HYMER C-Class 614       HYMER T-Class 654 CL       HYMER T-Class 654 SL
                                             HYMER C-Class 634       HYMER T-Class 674 CL       HYMER T-Class 674 SL
                                                                     HYMER T-Class 698 CL       HYMER T-Class 694 SL

HYMER T-Class 2x2       HYMER Exsis-i        Hymermobil B-Class      Hymermobil B-Class SL      Hymermobil B-Class SL

HYMER T-Class 2x2 614   HYMER Exsis-i 512    New: Hymermobil B 504   Hymermobil B 504 SL        Hymermobil B 655 SL BestLine
HYMER T-Class 2x2 654   HYMER Exsis-i 562    New: Hymermobil B 514   Hymermobil B 514 SL        Hymermobil B 660 SL BestLine
                                             New: Hymermobil B 544   Hymermobil B 524 SL        Hymermobil B 675 SL BestLine
                                             New: Hymermobil B 554   Hymermobil B 614 SL
                                             New: Hymermobil B 578   Hymermobil B 654 SL
                                             New: Hymermobil B 594   Hymermobil B 674 SL
                                             New: Hymermobil B 678   Hymermobil B 694 SL
                                             New: Hymermobil B 694   New: Hymermobil B 698 SL
                                             New: Hymermobil B 698

Hymermobil B-Class XL   Hymermobil S-Class   HYMER Liner

Hymermobil B 709 XL     Hymermobil S 800     HYMER Liner 809 L
Hymermobil B 779 XL     Hymermobil S 830     HYMER Liner 839
                        Hymermobil S 840

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2.1. The motorhome range in model year 2011

The debut of the new B-Class will play a pivotal role in the company’s success in the
motorhome sector in model year 2011. By undertaking the complete redesign, HYMER has
again set new motorhome construction standards in the segment of integrated motorhomes
with double floor.

HYMER is also concentrating on continuing to expand its leading position in integrated
motorhomes, while devoting the same attention to successfully developing the model
offering in the other vehicle segments. HYMER has turned special attention to optimising
numerous layouts and equipment options to meet individual customer requests.

Against this backdrop, the line-up of layouts has been streamlined to further strengthen the
brand and the successful models in their market position. In model year 2011, HYMER’s
motorhome spectrum encompasses altogether 13 ranges with 46 individual models.

Product photos updated on an ongoing basis are to be found online at www.hymer.com - Company -
Press + News – Press Photos. Regularly updated technical data and layouts of the new motorhomes and
caravans (German/English) are available at www.presse2011.hymer.com.

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2.2 Camping bus model range: HYMER Car

HYMER Car 302
This year’s Motorhome of the Year title in the camping bus category documents the high
level of acceptance and success of the Hymer Car 302. The concept of the fully glazed Fiat
Ducato van with a maximum permitted laden mass of 3,000 kilograms as the basic vehicle
has proven to be a good one. That also applies to the standard engine version with a 2.2-
litre Multijet engine delivering 100 hp and to the optional versions delivering 120 or 157 hp.

For the first time the customer can select his favourite paint finish for the HYMER Car 302
and for the below-described HYMER Car 322 from all the Fiat colours available, six pastel
shades and five metallic options. However, customers should allow for an adequate lead
time depending on the colour chosen.

In the basic version the HYMER Car 302 has a Vario two-seater bench with seat belts and a
table in the living area, a row of cupboards at the back right and a double bed at the back
left. With an additional bench seat (optionally available), this highly practical, basic camping
bus version transports up to six persons. What is more, the HYMER Car 302 provides
sufficient space and lashing points for transporting bulky sports equipment or bicycles.

The HYMER Car 302, with a length of 4.99 metres, unfolds its true motorhome potential
thanks to an intelligent space allocation and furnishing scheme, as well as to the installation
of additional packages: the Street Line Package includes, among other items, passenger
airbag, cruise control, power-adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, an engine-operated air
conditioning system with pollen filter and radio installation kit.

The Electro Package comprises two 12-volt outlets in the table area, two 230-volt outlets, a
230-volt mains supply socket, additional interior lighting and a 90 AH leisure battery. In
response to popular request, a new feature is the installation of an Eberspächer living-area

                                                                                           Page 8
The Camping Complete Package rounds off the comprehensive motorhome fittings,
comprising a kitchenette with combined sink-cooker unit, a floor unit with gas/fresh water
and waste water connection, fresh water tanks (2 x 19 litres), waste water tank (40 litres)
and a 50-litre refrigerator including separate freezer compartment. With the assistance of
practical hose extensions, the entire kitchen facilities can be taken out of the vehicle and
used outdoors, for instance under an awning.

Besides the standard bed (1.96 x 1.35 metres), which is effortlessly formed using the Vario
bench seat, HYMER additionally supplies an elevating roof with a maxi bed on request. With
a reclining area just short of 2.0 x 1.50 metres, this bed is situated under a specially made
roof shell raised by a scissors mechanism - not only at the front but also at the back – far
enough to ensure pleasing freedom of movement.

With all these appointments, the compact HYMER Car 302 camping bus - suited for use on
an everyday basis - promises to deliver the comforts for enjoyable holidays for a family of
four or four adults.

HYMER Car 322
The HYMER Car 322 is the second model in this category. Still measuring 5.99 metres in
length, 2.08 metres in width and 2.62 metres in height, it is a little larger than its smaller

Based on Fiat Ducato, the HYMER Car 322 with a maximum permitted laden mass of
3.3 tonnes has a 2.2-litre 100 hp Multijet engine as standard. Engine versions delivering
120 and 157 hp are optionally available. The 3.0-litre 157 hp version also comes with an
automatic gearbox.

In terms of exterior paintwork, the customer can choose from altogether eleven colour
shades offered by Fiat. (See also the section on the HYMER Car 302). The tinted and
visually elegant windows additionally give the HYMER Car 322 an attractive dynamic

                                                                                       Page 9
The interior is something else as HYMER provides close-to-perfect, all-round solutions in
confined space conditions by implementing the latest findings in motorhome – more
specifically, camping bus – construction. The furniture design features Merano pear wood
with silver-coloured additions to the tabletop and counter edges. The proven layout with
semi-dinette, kitchenette, washroom and rear bed boasts a host of ingenious technical
features giving a sense of spaciousness never experienced before on this footprint. The
dining table is sectioned lengthwise, folding away to afford convenient access to the seating
group. The furnishing scheme, with rearwardly tapered cupboards, is designed to give as
much space for movement as possible.

The HYMER Car 322 has a remarkable amount of storage space. Ample storage areas with
easy access through folding and sliding mechanisms are provided in the seating group area
and in the floor. There is spacious storage area across the entire width of the cab.

The kitchen is again very generously dimensioned, featuring mod cons such as a stainless
steel sink, two-burner hob and four drawers in the floor unit. The optionally available 97-litre
(70-litre as standard) refrigerator, fitted in the side unit directly next to the kitchenette, also
provides ample capacity.

The fully appointed, commodious washroom is accessed by way of a tambour door which
does not take up any floor space as it is opened. The angular design of the washroom layout
widens the convenient entrance to the rear area and to the bed. Featuring a high-quality
foam filling, the bed measures 1.50 metres throughout its width and nearly two metres in
length – an amazing expanse in this class. An extending step integrated in the bed frame
makes for easy access while providing additional storage area.

The bed folds away in no time to provide a very large storage and luggage space. There are
four lashing eyelets on the floor for securing luggage, bicycles or the like. A net attachable at
half height in the passageway between wardrobe and washroom ensures additional safety.

As new features for the 2011 season, the HYMER Car 322 will also be offered with an
elevating roof and a maxi-double bed (see HYMER Car 302 for a detailed description).

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The HYMER Car 322 is a motorhome suited for use on an everyday basis, whatever the
season. Winter use is taken care of by the new underseat Truma Combi 4, providing cosy
warmth in both the living area and the cab thanks to a cleverly devised system. In this way,
for instance, warm air is supplied to the driver/passenger area by nozzles in the B-pillar. The
bodywork (vehicle insulation) consists of PE foam, 10 millimetres thick in the roof and wall
area. The floor is foamed with the same material 20 millimetres thick.

A ten-litre boiler sees to hot water. The fresh water and waste water tank each have a
volume of 100 litres. An insulated and heated waste water tank is available at extra charge
for winter holidays.

Since all the HYMER Car models for the new season will be made exclusively in Bad
Waldsee, HYMER hopes that this range will be crowned with even greater sales success.

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2.3 The compact model ranges: HYMER Van, HYMER Exsis-i

In the category of compact motorhomes for model year 2011, HYMER offers two semi-
integrated HYMER Van and two integrated HYMER Exsis-i models, each having the same
layout. The model names are HYMER Van 512 and 562 and HYMER Exsis-i 512 and 562.
Both models are based on a Ford Transit with a Euro 4-compliant, 2.2 TDCi engine with 140

From the new season onwards, these compact models will no longer come with external
locker doors on the left in the direction of travel, but – on request – with a garage door
similar to the version customers are familiar with on the right.

Another new feature is that optionally the HYMER Van models can be fitted with an
exclusive elevating roof and comfortable maxi-double bed, as described in the above
HYMER Car models.

Furthermore, HYMER will supply the semi-integrated Van models with the alternatively
selectable Silver Line or White Line full packages of features. They differ only in the exterior
paintwork. In the case of Silver Line, the cab and side walls are in silver metallic with
corresponding decals. In the case of White Line, the cab is blue and the side walls are white
with special decals. Otherwise both packages contain a comprehensive range of convenient
features such as an engine-operated air conditioning system, passenger airbag, central
locking system, concertina darkening system for the cab, mosquito net blind for the living-
area door, an 89-litre refrigerator and three-burner hob, an audio system 6000 with CD
player and remote control on the steering wheel and much more besides.

The HYMER Exsis-i models are offered exclusively with the Silver Line package of features.
It should be mentioned that HYMER Exsis-i with its two model versions and complete
furnishings and fittings offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio compared to all the
industry’s competing products.

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The 512 model presents a layout for the Van and Exsis-i with a semi-seating area, a
longitudinal seat and a transverse bed at the rear. The 562 version has a layout with a semi-
seating area, longitudinal seat and twin beds at the rear.

The elegant Merano pear wood furniture finish for the HYMER Van and the Lugano pear
wood finish for the HYMER Exsis-i have proved successful, as has the Almeria style
collection as standard for both models. The living-area scheme with furniture flaps and
handles, the kitchen worktop finish, lighting elements, the upholstery and the way it is crafted
with high seating comfort, and the PVC flooring in Ravel design – all have met with high

In the 512 models a clothes cupboard is situated in the garage area at the rear, with easy
access thanks to the upwardly folding rear bed – an elegant and space-saving solution. In
the 562 models a clothes cupboard of the same principle is situated under the twin beds.

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2.4 The alcove model range: HYMER C-Class

For the new season HYMER offers three models for the HYMER C-Class alcove range: the
HYMER C-Class 534 with dinette, bunk bed at the rear and garage, the HYMER C-Class
614 with transverse bed at the rear and semi-seating area with lengthwise bench, and the
HYMER C-Class 634 with transverse bed at the rear and dinette.

A new feature of the C-Class 614 is that an alcove fold-down bed comes as standard, while
it can be fitted to the other models in this range on request. In addition, a new and more
convenient living-area door with optional window is used in all the C-Class models. The
innovations for the 2011 season also include an optionally available garage door on the left
in the direction of travel.

In general, this range with Fiat chassis is offered with an all-white paint finish. The HYMER
C-Class also comes as a four-wheel drive version: the special HYMER C-Class 4x4 model.
In the basic version these motorhomes have a 2.3-litre 130 hp Multijet engine, depending on
model. A 157 hp engine version is optionally available.

In the alcove range HYMER has gone for very family-friendly layouts with ample storage
area and plenty of space. The Merano pear wood finish graces the furnishing. The attractive
Almeria style collection comes as standard. The entire scheme is geared to ergonomic,
flowing forms. Cupboards and furnishing elements in the entrance area are designed to
ensure the best possible freedom of movement. This also applies to all the other furniture,
such as bench seats or overhead storage cupboards, which give maximum leg and

The practical shoe locker flap to the right of the entrance door and in the kitchen the
spacious three-burner hob and sectioned glass cover have proved successful.

HYMER also provides very attractively priced optional extras for the alcove range: the
HYMER C-Class Comfort Package (including, among other items, a 150-litre refrigerator),
the HYMER C-Class Chassis Comfort Package and the HYMER C-Class Arctic Package.

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2.5 The semi-integrated model ranges: HYMER T-Class CL, SL, 2x2

HYMER has very successfully filled the medium-price range segment with the semi-
integrated T-Class CL. These motorhomes are offered at a medium price level, while
providing high HYMER quality and attractive HYMER design. The Motorhome of the Year
title in the 2010 poll is testament to the recipe for success of this model range.

High standard but low weight is the premise for these vehicles, meaning that while they
boast attractive layouts, high comfort and functionality, these vehicles offering a large load
capacity have a maximum permitted laden mass of 3.5 tonnes in the standard version. The
basis is formed by the tried-and-tested, high-quality Fiat Ducato chassis with 2.3-litre 130 hp
Multijet engine. The version with a 3.0-litre 157 hp Multijet engine is optionally available.

All   in   all,   four   HYMER      T-Class    CL     models     are   offered:      the   HYMER
T 614 CL with transverse bed at the rear, the HYMER T 654 CL with a fixed bed measuring
1.45 metres in width at the rear, the HYMER T 674 CL with twin beds at the rear and the
exclusive HYMER T 698 CL with queen-size bed at the rear.

The L-shaped seating groups in all the T-Class CL models are completely new. By virtue of
increased seat depth, improved backrests and a longer L-side, they offer even greater
seating comfort. An extra bed can be made there using an optionally available, collapsible
table and additional upholstery.

The new comfort washrooms in the T-Class 614 CL and T-Class 674 CL offer significantly
more luxury with a separate shower, an optional practical wooden grid and a convenient
bench model toilet. Similarly, the T-Class 654 CL Vario washroom - with separate shower at
the rear next to the fixed bed - delivers extra space and convenience. The T-Class 698 CL
has an en suite washroom partitioned from the living area by a sliding door. Situated in front
of the king-size bed, the washroom features a large, separate shower with a wooden grid
and a wooden seat. It provides ample freedom of movement, which can be enlarged yet
further by effortlessly pushing the bed as much as 30 centimetres back.

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All the vehicles have an all-white paint finish as standard. A champagne paint finish with
white cab or an all-silver paint finish is available as a colour option.

The living-area door with leather lining and an optionally available window is a new feature
adding extra convenience. The interior scheme of the T-Class CL models is graced by the
Merano pear wood furniture finish and the Almeria style collection as standard. Cupboards
and furnishing elements in the entrance area are designed to ensure the best possible
freedom of movement. This also applies to all the other furniture, such as bench seats or
overhead storage cupboards, which give maximum leg and headroom.

The HYMER comfort hob as standard in the kitchen area has proved successful with a two-
part cover giving added, more flexible work space and permitting the economical use of two
or three burners. What is more – in response to popular demand – household pans of all
sizes can be used on the burners. The control buttons are considerably larger, providing
enhanced ease of use.

In accordance with the above-mentioned HYMER policy of offering customers an extremely
attractive, comprehensive package of optional extras, the range is now available with a
HYMER T-CL ExclusiveLine Package. Among its features are: cruise control, power-
adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, passenger airbag, mosquito net blind and window for
the living-area door, a large HYMER panoramic skylight, a 150-litre refrigerator with
separate freezer compartment as well as insulated and heated waste water tank. A feature
included in the package that is especially worth mentioning is the new platform heater which
heats the living-area floor with warm air.

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In model year 2011, HYMER offers four HYMER T-Class SL models in the premium version
of its semi-integrated model range. True to the motto of “never change a winning team”, all
the HYMER T-Class SL models are based on a Fiat chassis as standard with a 2.3-litre
130 hp Multijet engine and ABS, TCS and EBD. The pearl-grey paint finish of the side walls
is also standard and can be replaced by all-silver paintwork on request.

In the coming season all the T-Class SL models feature the L-shaped seating group newly
designed by HYMER to provide significantly more space and extra comfort. Facing the
L-shaped seating group is a cosy couch (614/654) or a comfy single seat (674/694),
depending on model. An extra bed can be made there using an optionally available,
collapsible table and additional upholstery.

The HYMER T-Class 614 SL and 694 SL models both have a transverse bed at the rear.
While the T-Class 614 SL has a comfort washroom with separate shower, practical wooden
grid and bench model toilet, the T 694 SL boasts a luxurious en suite washroom partitioned
from the living area and the extravagance of a separate shower and a set apart

The HYMER T-Class 654 SL has a fixed bed and a Vario washroom with separate shower at
the rear. The T-Class 674 SL has twin beds and a comfort washroom with separate shower,
a practical wooden grid and bench model toilet. 7-zone cold foam mattresses are available
on request for additional, individual sleep comfort.

To personalise the design of the living area, the Havanna style collection is optionally
available (in the package) and can be combined with all the fabric options offered for this
model range. The intelligent lighting system allows the individually selectable light scenarios
for the sleeping area and living area to be switched independently of one another.

The attractive and extremely affordable range of optional extras in the T-Class SL
StarEdition Package include: the champagne paint finish of the side walls with white cab or
all-silver paintwork, power-operated panoramic skylight above the cab, cruise control,

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passenger airbag, engine-operated air conditioning system, a TecTower for the kitchen, a
Caro digital satellite antenna, a DVD tuner (for CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3) and a
reversing video system with 7-inch colour monitor.

HYMER T-Class 2x2
This semi-integrated motorhome has been on the market for almost a year now. As its name
“2x2” indicates, it offers ideal accommodation for four persons. This model range is based
on the Fiat Ducato ladder-frame chassis with wide track, powered by a 130 hp engine. ABS,
TCS and EBD, electronic brake force distribution, come as standard.

The bodywork has a Carrara white paint finish. A special paint finish with champagne-
coloured side walls and white cab, or all-silver paintwork, is also available on request.

There are two models in model year 2011: the T-Class 2x2 614 with double bed at the rear
and the T-Class 2x2 654 with fixed bed. The highlight of both models is the comfortable,
optionally available fold-down double bed. With a reclining area of 1.95 metres (long) by
1.40 metres (wide), it folds away to give headroom of 1.85 metres, which is unique in the
industry. Incidentally, the fold-down bed can also be power-operated on request. The entire
vehicle with 2.09 metres headroom is ergonomically designed with a view to maximising
freedom of movement. This also applies to the compact L-shaped kitchen which can be
used even when the fold-down bed is in its lowered state.

The L-shaped seating groups in this model range are completely new. By virtue of increased
seat depth, improved backrests and a longer L-side, they offer even greater seating comfort.
Facing the L-shaped seating group is a cosy couch above which there is a window lending a
bright atmosphere. An extra bed can be made using an optionally available, collapsible table
and additional upholstery.

The new comfort washroom in the T-Class 2x2 614 again offers plenty of space with a
convenient bench model toilet and a separate shower. In the T-Class 2x2 654 the washroom
is at the rear and takes the form of a Vario washroom with bench model toilet and a separate

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shower made possible by a swivel wall mechanism. The comfort of both showers is
enhanced by an optional wooden grid integrated in the shower tray.

The features of the attractively priced HYMER T 2x2 ExclusiveLine Package include an
exclusive special paint finish, cruise control, power-adjustable and heated exterior mirrors,
passenger airbag, a mosquito net blind and window for the living-area door, a large HYMER
panoramic skylight and a 150-litre refrigerator with separate freezer compartment. .

A warm-air thermo floor available on request provides special luxury.

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2.6 The integrated model ranges: Hymermobil B-Class, B-SL / B-XL

The new Hymermobil B-Class
In unveiling the new B-Class, HYMER is celebrating the premiere of the year. The new
model range will cause a stir and provide new impetus throughout the industry. The foremost
considerations in the comprehensive, innovative redesign of the Hymermobil B-Class were -
besides offering a competitive price/performance ratio – layouts geared to campers’
requirements, functionality tailored to caravaning needs and the best possible quality of
materials and workmanship. The result is the best B-Class of all time.

HYMER is launching the range with nine layouts. The paintwork will be in Carrara white as
standard or in champagne on request. The tried-and-tested basic vehicle is the Fiat Ducato
with its low-frame chassis, wide track and (except for B 504) 130 hp engine. On request,
special spiral springs for the front axle increase the axle load and improve both the comfort
and the handling characteristics.

The nine layouts of the new generation are geared primarily to customer requests and meet
many individual requirements:

The most compact model is the B 504 which is approximately 5.94 metres in length and has
a large garage. The interior features a lounge suite, large fold-down bed, a single bed almost
one metre in width across the rear, a Vario washroom and a spacious, lengthwise

The B 514 is approximately 6.49 metres long and, in addition to a large garage, it features a
lounge suite, lengthwise kitchen, Vario washroom, fold-down bed and double bed at the

Again 6.49 metres in length, the B 544 has a “classic” layout with a luxurious salon suite,
corner kitchen with optional TecTower, comfort washroom and fold-down bed.

                                                                                      Page 20
The B 554 is approximately 6.90 metres long and provides – besides the fold-down bed – a
rear fixed bed measuring 1.45 metres in width, next to which there is a Vario washroom with
a very large shower. A corner kitchen with optional TecTower and a spacious seating group
in the living area put the finishing touches to this layout.

With a length of approximately 6.99 metres, the B 578 has twin beds at the rear. In addition
to the compulsory fold-down bed, this model has a comfort washroom including a separate
shower, a lengthwise kitchenette with optional TecTower and a lounge suite.

The B 594 has a layout that is unique in the industry. Measuring approximately 6.99 metres
in length, it provides a double bed at the rear in addition to the fold-down bed. Furthermore,
it has a comfortable living-area seating arrangement, a corner kitchen with TecTower option
and a luxurious en suite washroom.

The approximately 7.44-metre-long B 678 presents a very popular layout. Besides the fold-
down bed, two twin beds at the rear provide a comfortable sleeping area. Furthermore this
model has a comfortable living-area seating arrangement, a corner kitchen with TecTower
option and a luxurious en suite washroom.

Again approximately 7.44 metres in length, the B 694 has a very large garage under the rear
double bed which, just like the fold-down bed, is 1.50 metres wide. The floor plan of this
layout again excels with a luxurious en suite washroom, corner kitchen with TecTower option
and a cosy living-area seating arrangement.

With the same length of 7.44 metres, the B 698 has – besides the fold-down bed – a
luxurious queen-size bed with a reclining area of 2.00 metres x 1.40 metres, again
complemented by an en suite washroom offering unique comfort. Putting the finishing
touches to these premium appointments are a corner kitchen with TecTower option and a
spacious living-area seating arrangement.

Apart from this attractive range of layouts, HYMER sets new benchmarks yet again in the
caravaning industry with a 10-point programme presenting the best concepts in terms of

                                                                                      Page 21
insulation, body quality, driving performance, safety, living-area, kitchen, sleeping area and
storage space design, heating and maintenance. In so doing, HYMER gains a significant
competitive edge in the segment of integrated motorhomes with double floor.

Best insulation concept
Quality-conscious motorhome enthusiasts will be pleased to see that the new B-Class again
exhibits the best insulating values. They are unmatched in the industry thanks to the tried-
and-tested, patented PUAL body construction. The integrally formed, fully foamed side wall
and roof elements are joined using patented bonding technology borrowed from the aircraft
industry. Due to the absence of a wooden framework, screw joints or other structurally
conditioned cold bridges, there is no thermal loss. As a result, the cost-conscious
motorhome holidaymaker saves significant heating energy and enjoys the best indoor
temperature. High-quality Seitz aluminium framed windows, special twist locks on all the
tightly closing storage space doors and flaps, and a newly designed double floor serving for
insulation and functional purposes complete HYMER’s perfect insulation concept.

Best body construction concept
In addition to the PUAL technology offering perfect insulation and extreme durability,
HYMER has developed a tailor-made double floor serving for insulation and functional
purposes, including numerous storage areas. It is situated under a very stable, three-
centimetre-thick floor, extending in one plane from the cab to the rear - barrier free. The
double floor, 19 centimetres in height, accommodates the entire supply network, from the
electricity, the hot-air ducting to the fresh water supply and waste water disposal. The new
position of the fresh water and waste water tanks on the rear axle is especially
advantageous. It gives the vehicle a lower centre of gravity, takes the load off the front axle
and significantly improves the handling characteristics. The double floor itself is heated with
warm air, which heats the entire floor area and creates a pleasant indoor temperature. In
addition, all the tanks and all the piping are safely protected from the cold – something which
not only winter campers will be pleased about.

                                                                                       Page 22
Best driving concept
The driving concept also fulfils many customer wishes and ensures the ideal conditions for
safe travel. The new B-Class is based on a Fiat low-frame chassis with wide track. A 130 hp
engine as standard (except for the B 504) ensures very good driving power. Optionally, the
front axle can be fitted with special spiral springs to provide even better road holding,
increased axle load and comfort as well as improved handling characteristics.

In addition to these advantages in terms of driving performance, the driver and front-seat
passenger enjoy great visibility thanks to a large windscreen ensuring perfect all-round
vision. A lowered dashboard contributes to this exceptional view of the road. Perfectly
positioned, sturdy exterior mirrors ensure a good rear view. In addition, the Hella headlamps
produced exclusively for HYMER have daytime running light as standard and provide perfect
night vision. Two special sun visors fitted under the front bed prevent visibility problems
when the sun is low. An entry light and two reading lights fitted under the fold-down bed
ensure good visibility in the cab. All round, it is a concept which clearly leaves nothing to be

Best safety concept
Safety is always a top priority for HYMER – and that goes for the new B-Class as well. The
overall concept of the original Fiat frame, the engine compartment reinforcements tested by
Fiat and the optimally placed crashbox ensures maximum safety. That is why HYMER
leaves them in their original state and does not subsequently modify them for structural
reasons. Another important safety aspect is the optimised all-round view, permitting earlier
recognition of any dangers and hence risk reduction. This includes the 3-blade wiper system
with enlarged wiper blades. Two three-point belts in the lounge suite and, depending on
layout, a fifth seat with optional belt guarantee a safe journey for all fellow travellers.
Furthermore, in designing the new B-Class HYMER has paid attention to the best possible
implementation of the most stringent requirements in complying with safety standards and in
planning optimal escape routes. Protective devices in the bed area ensure undisturbed
sleep. High-quality twist locks on all the storage area doors and flaps protect against

                                                                                       Page 23
Best living concept
HYMER has again fulfilled many customer wishes in the interior design where the focus has
been on comfort and functionality. The living area flooded with light gives an incredible
sense of space. The new lounge suite has a high backrest and deep leg support. The suite
has one section extending all the way to the driver’s door and is very cosy. Alternatively,
depending on model, a salon suite or living-area seating group is the perfect furniture. The
living-area table provided as standard can be moved in any direction as the user pleases.
The optionally available luxury version not only turns through 360 degrees but also has two
drinks holders integrated into the table frame. The ensemble is completed by two Aguti
revolving seats with wide, folding arm rests – optionally also adjustable in height and
inclination – ensuring the best seating and travelling comfort. Lovely, high-class curtains,
high-quality fabrics and the flowing contours of the furniture with warm tones in the
distinctive “Marasca Select” finish create an ambience which is beyond comparison. The
generous headroom of 1.98 metres and the floor heated throughout its one-level expanse
put the finishing touches to the lavish design. The flexible TFT mount adds a practical note,
depending on model. The fabric-covered lower shell of the fold-down bed as standard, the
ceiling fabric lining and the elegant leather lining of the entrance door create a distinctively
homely atmosphere. There is a choice of high-quality pleated curtains and/or electric blinds
for the cab.

Again, great importance is attached to comfort in the washroom area. The generous
washroom area takes the form of a Vario washroom, comfort washroom or en suite
washroom, depending on layout. The comfort washroom with separate shower, optional
wooden grid and bench model toilet is a haven of well-being. However, the top features are
presented by the en suite washroom with separate shower and washroom/toilet opposite.
The shower has a floor-level shower tray which permits extra standing height, with an
optional wooden grid and wooden seat. A wooden sliding door serves as the partition from
the living area and guarantees perfect privacy.

                                                                                       Page 24
Best kitchen concept
The kitchen facilities are impressive, delivering the convenience to which users are
accustomed from a domestic environment and practical functionality. The large three-burner
hob with a sturdy, continuous grate and large control knobs is easy to operate and clean.
Highly practical features are the deep sink and tap with high neck, the splash guard towards
the seating area, the kitchen roll holder (depending on layout), the integrated waste bin and
the optional dish drainer. The sink cover is perfect for using as a chopping board. The
numerous,    exceptionally   spacious   drawers,   some   of   which   can   be   individually
compartmentalized, the spacious solid surface worktop and the perfect lighting with three
spot lights create a chef-worthy ambience. The kitchen has a 113-litre refrigerator as
standard incorporating a freezer compartment. Optional features, depending on model, are a
TecTower and a Fantastic Vent as a powerful extractor fan. Joints especially sealed with
sealing tape or sealing strips and rear ventilated overhead storage cupboards guarantee
carefree cooking pleasure.

Best sleeping area concept
The fold-down bed is in a class of its own. The reclining area with comfortable innerspring
mattress has a generous expanse of 1.95 x 1.50 metres. When lowered, it is not only easy
to access but it also stands firm and ensures the best stability. On request, the fold-down
bed can be power-operated and provided with a roof window measuring 40 x 40 centimetres
in size. The various bed versions at the rear come with slatted frames and comfortable
innerspring mattresses as standard. Seven-zone cold foam mattresses with a cup spring
frame base are supplied on request for all the fold-down beds and rear bed versions. As
elsewhere, comfort rules in the rear sleeping area. A rear window and/or a panoramic
skylight can be optionally fitted, depending on model, for extra light and a perfect
atmosphere. Microfibre coating of the rear and side walls creates a sense of warm cosiness.
Numerous open shelves provide ample space for reading matter, spectacles and other
items. The (reading) lights fitted on both sides at the front and rear are another practical
touch for free choice as to which direction to recline in. In the same way as with the fold-
down bed, all the rear beds are designed for convenient access. The rear double bed
version has a special feature allowing the bed to be optionally lowered as much as 30

                                                                                     Page 25
centimetres for easier access and added headroom. The single bed version presents
another clever solution with storage areas and clothes cupboards under the beds.

                                                                                   Page 26
Best storage space concept
Motorhome users continually face the task of finding a good place to stow away everything
needed for a journey where it is not in the way. Here, again, the new B-Class comes up
trumps. Not only is there storage space galore, but it is also cleverly designed. The B-Class
garages have a remarkable loading height of 1.13 metres and inside height of 1.19 metres.
Numerous, large shelves and an optional garage management system for storing camping
furniture and outdoor equipment provide extra practical storage possibilities. The garage
doors are conveniently fitted with a gas strut. A large flap (90 x 48 centimetres) affords easy
access from the outside to a storage space for versatile use situated under the lounge suite.
There is optionally also room there for an underfloor drawer.

The storage spaces in the double floor are accessible from the inside and can be loaded via
flaps under floor level. The clothes cupboards are equipped with re-arrangeable shelves and
a re-locatable clothes rail. As already mentioned, models with single beds have cleverly
designed under-bed clothes cupboards and storage cabinets at the rear. The steps to the
rear bed can be used as storage space thanks to hinged lids. The bench seat folds together
with the upholstery (without having to remove it) for convenient access to the storage space
underneath. There are up to two shoe lockers available in the entrance area, depending on
model. Open compartments beneath the numerous, deep overhead storage cupboards offer
additional storage space. If you add the many storage areas in the kitchen and washroom,
this makes the new B-Class a true “storage space marvel”.

Best heating concept
Motorhome holidaymakers set great store by a pleasant indoor temperature. To maximise
the efficiency, HYMER has installed the heater in the new B-Class in the double floor
underneath the seating group. This positioning – and also thanks to the high performance of
the Truma Combi 6 with ten-litre hot water boiler – enables ideal distribution of warm air
throughout the motorhome. It is a recognised fact in the industry that the HYMER-patented
PUAL body construction makes an unrivalled contribution to perfect insulation. In addition,
however, the double floor is also heated. This not only ensures that all the supply systems,
including the fresh water and waste water tanks, are kept frost-free but also creates pleasant
floor temperatures throughout the interior. The ALDE hot water heating system and the

                                                                                       Page 27
Webasto auxiliary heater for the cab provide special luxury and are both available on
request. Other optional heat sources are a heat exchanger and a hot air heat exchanger.

Best maintenance concept
Accessibility to the engine component and to technical supply units is a sensitive area
where, once again, HYMER has come up with intelligent solutions. It is easy to check the oil
level and coolant in the engine compartment and to refill the windshield washer fluid. The
electro-block and technical supply unit underneath the seating group in the living area afford
ready access from the outside. All the fuses and boiler drain valves can be effortlessly
operated. The same applies to gas locker access. All in all, many technical jobs on the new
B-Class involve little effort and average skill.

The new B-Class has a lot to offer at a starting price of approximately Euro 63,000 for the
smallest model. Considering the fact that every new B-Class model offers a truly competitive
price/performance ratio compared with the industry’s other similarly appointed motorhomes,
it earns the title “Best B-Class of all time” beyond a shadow of doubt.

Hymermobil B-Class SL
The Hymermobil B-Class as a model range has held the title of “Europe’s most successful
range” and “Motorhome of the Year” for some time now and has just had this status
reaffirmed for the 23rd time in a row. The models of the HYMER B-SL range play a pivotal
role in this success.

They are all based on a Fiat Ducato chassis with AL-KO low-frame chassis as standard,
powered by a 2.3-litre 130 hp Multijet engine with ABS, TCS and EBD. A four-channel full air
suspension and an AL-KO rear axle air suspension optionally provide exceptional comfort.

This new model year altogether eight models are coming onto the market. Seven of them
represent the versions with single bed or double beds at the rear and with fixed or twin beds.
They feature the new washroom versions – the Vario washroom or the completely new

                                                                                      Page 28
comfort washroom – depending on model, in each case with separate shower and wooden
grid as standard.

The HYMER B 698 SL has a new layout with queen-size bed and a very comfortable en
suite washroom which is partitioned from the living area by a sliding door and has a large,
separate shower and an ample washroom and toilet area.

All the models in this range also have the new L-shaped seating group which has been
designed to provide even greater seating comfort and gives a very pleasant cosy
atmosphere to the living area as a whole. A new luxury table, which not only turns in all
directions through 360 degrees but also has an integrated drinks holder, ensures extra

Another new feature is the microfibre fabric lining of the side walls, at the rear and in the
ceiling area with additional foam-padded polyester fabric. Combined with the flock finish of
the dashboard in the cab this has a significant sound damping effect, while the homely
atmosphere it creates is an intentional and welcome side effect.

With practicality in mind, a shoe locker next to the entrance is fitted as standard in this model
range. The top-quality lighting system is optimised by separate and independent light control
for the living and sleeping areas, allowing the user to save individual light scenarios. Another
(optionally selectable) luxury appointment is the very large panoramic skylight which is
available depending on model. Extending from the central passageway to over the rear bed,
the skylight can also be opened.

Various B-SL Star Edition Packages provide numerous combinations of optional extras at an
extremely attractive total price.

                                                                                        Page 29
Hymermobil B-Class SL BestLine
The Hymermobil B-Class SL models with Mercedes chassis continue to be available under
the BestLine name. There are three models. The B 655 SL BestLine and B 660 SL BestLine
models have a Mercedes-Sprinter 313 CDI chassis with 2.2-litre 129 hp engine. The third
model is based on a Mercedes-Sprinter 516 CDI chassis with 2.2-litre 163 hp engine.

The interior scheme of the B 655 SL BestLine model features a fixed bed, the HYMER B 660
SL BestLine features the version with a double bed at the rear and the HYMER B 675 SL
BestLine has twin beds. Optionally, all the beds can be fitted out with the sleep comfort
system using 7-zone cold foam mattresses. The features in place since last year have been
largely retained due to the warm reception they met in the market.

                                                                                  Page 30
Hymermobil B-Class XL
There are two models for the new season: the Hymermobil B 709 XL with king-size bed at
the rear and the Hymermobil B 779 XL featuring twin beds. All two models have a large
garage underneath the bed area.

Both vehicles are based on a strong Iveco 50-C-15-CCS chassis with a 3-litre 146 hp
engine. The larger Iveco 50C-18-CCS chassis is optionally available. The maximum
permitted laden mass is 5.2 tonnes in the standard version with a maximum payload of 950
kilograms. With rear drive and twin tyres, the HYMER B-XL displays excellent handling
performance – even when heavily loaded – which is in no way compromised by the
admissible trailing load of 3.5 tonnes.

The body elements boast excellent insulation properties with a 66-millimetre floor thickness
and 35-millimetre roof and side wall thickness. This insulation and a new thermo multi-
functional floor ensure perfect climatic comfort in the Hymermobil B-XL. In addition to the 66-
millimetre thick insulation there is also an Alde hot-water underfloor heating system providing
pleasant temperature and climatic conditions throughout the living and washroom area.

The very large panoramic windscreen is also in XL format, offering a perfect view from the
comfort lounge. HYMER has opened up an XL dimension with the comfort lounge made up
of three elements. The new L-shaped seating group additionally has a very wide bench at
the side. Together with the two Ergo-Flex club seats, this ensemble provides ample room for
up to six persons. The Ergo-Flex club seats have comfy upholstery with wider, well-padded
arm rests to guarantee exceptional comfort and ergonomic support while travelling. The
centre-piece of the dining/living area is a table of novel design, enabling the table to be
moved in any direction, just as the user pleases.

The scheme of the washroom and sleeping area is again in XL format. The entire washroom
area with separate shower and a set apart washroom/toilet can be partitioned off from the
living area to create a spacious en suite washroom. In the sleeping area, the beds provide
excellent headroom thanks to a design scheme with set back lockers. The foot area of the

                                                                                      Page 31
single beds incorporates additional, deep lockers which, together with further under-bed
storage compartments, provide space for stowing away bulky items and clothing.

The Hymermobil B-Class XL is dubbed “the storage space marvel” due to its ample storage
capacity, as demonstrated by the sleeping area alone. However its nickname is primarily
due to the thermo multi-functional floor accommodating so-called Maxiflex pull-out units. The
B 779 XL has three Maxiflex pull-out units: one with a capacity of 210 litres and two with a
capacity of 100 litres each. The B 709 XL has one 210-litre and one 100-litre unit. All the
units can be locked and have an additional guard against dirt and splash water. They are
designed for easy, ergonomic loading thanks to a flap that opens wide. The rear garage with
its two very large doors also provides ideal, capacious storage facilities.

Both models can be individually upgraded in “XL style” by various B-XL StarEdition

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2.7 The luxury model ranges: Hymermobil S-Class, HYMER Liner

Hymermobil S-Class
The Hymermobil S-Class range will comprise three models based on the Mercedes-Sprinter
516 CDI chassis with 2.2-litre 163 hp engine. Standard features include ABS, TCS, EBD, Al-
Ko Air Top supplementary suspension, daytime running light as well as driver and
passenger airbags.

The S-Class comes with a Carrara white paint finish as standard, a champagne-coloured
paint finish can be optionally selected. The very large, specially bonded panoramic
windscreen provides perfect visibility and a stylish exterior design.

An extremely stylish interior ambience is created by a modern furnishing scheme in Noce
Bergamo design with elegant overhead storage cupboard flaps. A new element is that the
entire ceiling has microfibre lining including foam-padded polyester fabric as standard, which
not only adds to the homely atmosphere but also damps sound.

The exclusive three-burner hob with sectioned black glass cover and user-friendly control
buttons used in the kitchen ensure the convenience to which users are accustomed from a
domestic environment. The elegant but robust solid surface worktop and the tap that has
been integrated in a practical way make work easier in the kitchen. A special convenience
feature is the central locking system for the kitchen cupboards and drawers.

The large en suite washroom has a Thetford C 250 ceramic toilet, including automatic
ventilation and three-level indicator, for added convenience. The sleep comfort system with
7-zone cold foam mattresses can be supplied for the rear sleeping area and for the fold-
down beds instead of the comfortable innerspring mattresses, depending on model. The
choice of sleeping area versions covers the classic double bed at the rear (S 800), twin beds
(S 830) or queen-size bed (S 840).

                                                                                      Page 33
The 2011 generation has two models: the HYMER Liner 809L with double bed at the rear
and the HYMER Liner 839 with twin beds.

The models come with a Carrara white paint finish as standard, a silver or champagne paint
finish is optionally available. The 6.7-tonne IVECO chassis with TCS, ABS, cruise control, a
more powerful generator, a 100-litre (optionally a 170-litre) fuel tank, optional four-channel
full air suspension with self-levelling, air conditioning for the cab and double/halogen
headlamps has met with great approval.

The Liner has a flat, heated double floor (35 centimetres clear height) extending from the
cab (inclusive) to the rear, which not only contains a large part of the sophisticated technical
equipment but also provides ample, winter-proof storage space. The roof, walls and floor
have a sturdy thickness of 41 millimetres. The new models afford easy access to the double
floor from the inside seating area.

The very comfortable lounge-style seating area, couch and revolving seats in the cab are
complemented by a table which can be moved in all directions – as the user pleases. A
couch-facing-couch seating version is available as an optional extra. Together with the two
revolving cab seats, this provides an ideal living and seating ensemble. From model year
2011, the boxes under the bench seat can be loaded with great ease thanks to the special
folding system.

A hot-water heating system with optional underfloor hot-water heating guarantees cosy
warmth. Another high-quality feature is the separate air conditioning facility optionally
available for living and sleeping area. A new addition is the optional use of electrically
operated HEKI skylights.

The kitchen is functionally and technically equipped to the highest standard. Among its
features alongside the TecTower (optionally in a 190-litre version) and optionally integrated
coffee machine is a three-burner hob with extremely high heating output (two kilowatts).

                                                                                       Page 34
Drawers capable of withstanding heavy loads, a strong furniture carcass and a hard-wearing
solid surface worktop put the finishing touches to the practical kitchen design.

Again, importance has been attached to top-quality material and the utmost technical
functionality of the washroom appointments. The washroom has a domestic-style shower
with a folding door made of real glass and the shower itself has an integrated rain shower-
head. The basin is a high-quality solid surface wash basin. Besides the Thetford C 250
ceramic toilet as standard with automatic ventilation and three-level indicator for the tanks,
the Liner is also fitted on request with a domestic-style ceramic toilet and 100-litre fixed tank
for waste. A partitionable salon washroom can be ordered as an optional extra. Depending
on the (door) configuration, the salon washroom offers spaciousness that sets new
benchmarks in the caravaning sector.

The salon washroom can be effortlessly partitioned from the living area by a swing door and
from the sleeping area by a sliding door. The toilet has a (frosted glass) window and is
divided off within the washroom by a swing door. An optionally available Fantastic Vent
additionally improves extraction and air quality in the washroom. This is also of benefit for
the large, domestic-style shower with sliding elements for ergonomically convenient access
and with a high-quality wooden grid inserted in the shower tray for extra cleanliness. Given
these quality appointments, the fact that a separate hand shower is installed hardly needs
mentioning. The salon washroom is rounded off by a very spacious wardrobe.

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3. Caravans
Eriba-Touring               HYMER Feeling          HYMER Sporting       HYMER Arctic Star         HYMER Nova

Eriba-Touring Familia 310   HYMER Feeling 390      HYMER Sporting 440   New: HYMER Arctic Star 565 New: HYMER Nova 435
Eriba-Touring Triton 430    HYMER Feeling 425      HYMER Sporting 465   New: HYMER Arctic Star 595 HYMER Nova 465
Eriba-Touring Troll 530     HYMER Feeling 430      HYMER Sporting 505   New: HYMER Arctic Star 685 New: HYMER Nova 495
Eriba-Touring Troll 550     New: HYMER Feeling 470 HYMER Sporting 530   New: HYMER Arctic Star 785 HYMER Nova 530
                                                   HYMER Sporting 560                             New: HYMER Nova 531
                                                                                                  HYMER Nova 540
                                                                                                  New: HYMER Nova 541
                                                                                                  HYMER Nova 545
                                                                                                  HYMER Nova 580


New: HYMER Nova S 540
New: HYMER Nova S 545
New: HYMER Nova S 690

                                                                                                                         Page 36
3.1 The caravan range in model year 2011

HYMER lifts the curtain on several new models for the 2011 generation of caravans, with the
completely redesigned HYMER Nova S range taking the limelight. Similarly to the new B-
Class, the new HYMER Nova S aspires to achieve the top scores in the industry for all the
technical features and appointments. A special newcomer is the HYMER Arctic Star range of
winterised models offered for the first time not only for Scandinavia but also across Europe.

The currently most successful range on the market, the HYMER Nova, presents several new
layouts and improvements. The HYMER Feeling also earns a place in the category of
caravan success models with the introduction of a new layout and the concept of additional
sleeping space by means of an elevating roof and maxi double bed. In moving the
production of Eriba-Touring caravans to Bad Waldsee, HYMER is pursuing its objective of
giving new impetus to the success of this cult range.

In general, HYMER has revised its range of caravans taking a target group-oriented
approach and has streamlined it to meet market requirements. The 2011 generation of
caravans has six ranges with altogether 219 individual models. The high level of expertise in
caravan construction gained over the past years is reflected in the new generation of
models. Accordingly, HYMER underlines its leading position on the European caravan
market with best (PUAL) body technology, maximum safety, attractive layouts, innovative
technical features and practical mod cons. Given HYMER’s safety awareness, this includes
using European branded tyres almost exclusively for HYMER’s entire range of caravans.

Product photos updated on an ongoing basis are to be found online at www.hymer.com - Company -
Press + News – Press Photos. Regularly updated technical data and layouts of the new motorhomes and
caravans (German/English) are available at www.presse2011.hymer.com.

                                                                                          Page 37
3.2 Eriba-Touring

As production is being moved to Bad Waldsee and will begin in September 2010, the Eriba-
Touring cult range will initially comprise four models with the layouts for which there is the
greatest demand.

These are the popular Familia 310, Triton 430, Troll 530 and Troll 550 models. The basic
version of the Familia 310 has a dinette at the front and at the rear. The Triton 430, with a
body length of 4.21 metres, has the same seating arrangement plus kitchenette, wardrobe
and washroom/toilet. The Troll 530 has the same configuration, but as the body is 4.71
metres long the interior is larger. The customer can order each of the above-mentioned
caravans with a fixed double bed at the rear, at no extra charge. In addition to kitchen
washroom and wardrobe, the Troll 550 has a fixed bed across the rear and a dinette at the
front lengthwise in the direction of travel. In this basic version described, all the seating
groups can be converted to form beds.

The exterior design of this range is unchanged from last year with the two-tone pearl
grey/silver paint finish as standard, attractive rear light moulding, pop-top and familiar front

The corrosion-resistant, self-supporting steel tube structure with 50 years of proven reliability
continues to be used. The technical features of the chassis include independent wheel
suspension with shock absorbers, automatic overrun and auto-reverse system. The camping
body is 25 millimetres thick in the wall area and 35 millimetres thick in the floor area. The
pivoted windows have double glazing and the large pop-top comes with 26-millimetre-thick
sandwich insulation and two scissor lifts. The inside headroom is 1.91 metres in the pop-top
area, giving a sense of generous spaciousness.

Hallmarks of the interior décor for the new generation are an ergonomic furnishing scheme
and an attractive design. The entrance door is of pleasing height and width to provide
convenient access and has a high-quality interior lining with additional storage
compartments. The Toscana cherry wood furniture finish with cream-coloured elements on

                                                                                        Page 38
the linen cupboard and overhead storage cupboards at the rear form a harmonious
synthesis with high-quality upholstery fabrics and curtains. The entire scheme gives lively
touches of colour. The upholstery foam for seating areas in the dining/living area is of
premium quality. The textile coverings have stain protection.

The compact kitchen is elegant and ergonomic, featuring a curved worktop with inset,
circular stainless steel sink and three-burner hob. The refrigerator has a generous volume of
about 70 litres.

The Eriba-Touring models having a washroom can also be fitted with a shower on request.
A spare wheel is now offered only optionally in order to optimise space and weight

                                                                                     Page 39
3.3 HYMER Feeling

In model year 2011, the HYMER Feeling range comprises four layouts. A newcomer is the
HYMER Feeling 470 with twin beds at the front, a kitchen and washroom in the middle, and
U-shaped seating group at the rear.

The three other models with proven layouts are the HYMER Feeling 390 with a large dinette
convertible to form a comfortable double bed at the front and a kitchen washroom/toilet at
the rear. The HYMER Feeling 425 has a fixed double bed at the rear, a kitchen facing a
washroom/toilet in the middle and a dinette at the front. The HYMER Feeling 430 has two
dinettes convertible to form beds at the front and rear, and a kitchen and washroom in the

An exclusive, new feature is that all Feeling models (except for the Feeling 390) can be fitted
with an elevating roof and underneath it a maxi double bed boasting an area of 2.00 x 1.50
metres. This means two comfortable berths more on the same footprint – an advantage
appreciated especially by families. The slatted frame and bed fold away to provide
remarkable headroom when the caravan is used as living space.

From model year 2011, the Feeling range is based on an AL-KO chassis. The optional AL-
KO AKS safety coupling provides yet more travel safety and comfort.

In essence, the HYMER Feeling represents a classic pop-top caravan combining
established handling qualities with state-of-the-art living standards. The bodywork of the
entire range is based on HYMER-patented PUAL technology, providing the best stability and
insulation. The sporty styling and practical equipment of this range primarily address young

The interior design lives up to the promise of the attractive exterior in every respect. The
furnishing scheme is based on the new Merano pear wood design. The materials used in
this caravan segment give the furniture a high-quality, robust impression. As the furniture
has a very deep carcass, it offers plenty of room, it is very practical and it provides visual

                                                                                      Page 40
appeal. The PVC flooring is in a complementary design lending a harmonious tone to the
entire interior.

HYMER offers a range of optional extras at a very attractive total price in an All-In Package
including the AL-KO AKS safety coupling, a three-burner hob with electric ignition, an 80-litre
refrigerator (60 litres as standard), a mosquito net roller door and a 230-volt warm air

The compact dimensions of the HYMER Feeling models mean safe road-holding
characteristics and therefore simple handling, even for those inexperienced in towing.

                                                                                      Page 41
3.4 HYMER Sporting

The HYMER Sporting range comprises five models in the new season.

The HYMER Sporting 440 has double beds at the front, a dinette at the rear, and a kitchen,
washroom with shower in the middle. The HYMER-Sporting 465 presents a fixed bed and
washroom with shower at the front, a U-shaped seating area at the rear and kitchen in the
middle. This model is also available as a special offer at a bargain price and will be
described in detail at the end of this section.

The Sporting 505 has a fixed bed and washroom with shower at the front, an additional bunk
bed at the rear (with an extra-wide expanse in the head area and a flexible guard for
protection), while the dinette and kitchen are sited in the middle of the caravan.

The HYMER Sporting 530 is the version with the U-shaped seating group at the rear, twin
beds at the front and kitchen and washroom in the middle.

The largest model of this range is the Sporting 560 with a fixed bed and washroom including
shower at the front, bunk bed at the rear (again with an extra-wide expanse in the head area
and a flexible guard for protection), and a U-shaped seating group in the middle facing the

For model year 2011 there is the option of selecting a smooth-finish version in Carrara white
and attractive aluminium rims. Additional socket outlets for the kitchen and seating group
areas and various, attractively priced packages of optional extras can be ordered.

In general the Sporting is a range successfully designed by HYMER for the lower medium-
price segment. All the models represent the most popular layouts on the market and come at
a very attractive price, particularly for newcomers. However the favourable price does not
mean that the customer has to forego proven HYMER quality: a point where it must be
underlined that HYMER is the only caravan manufacturer to use foamed side walls in this

                                                                                     Page 42
market segment. The exterior walls have a textured finish in white as standard with new
elegant decals.

All the HYMER Sporting caravans feature furniture graced by ergonomic, elegant curved
contours. The furnishing scheme in Merano pear wood design with elegant framed storage
space doors – enhanced in some cases in the living area by beige leather-look inlays –
creates a very pleasant atmosphere. The fabric, design and crafting of the upholstery in the
living area ensure pleasing comfort.

The appointments in the kitchen (including three-burner hob with cover) and washroom are
practical as well as fresh and attractive in design. The visual impact is enhanced especially
in the washroom by mirror and chrome elements.

Another practical feature is the double damper used exclusively by HYMER in this segment
for opening and closing the bed frames. The lights at the seating areas, in the kitchen and
sleeping area are practical and elegant. Two spot lights directly above the kitchen worktop
and two spot lights in the canopy ensure ideal lighting for work in the kitchen. Adjustable
spot lights at the seating area and above the fixed beds allow the reading light to be
individually set as required.

In common with all HYMER leisure vehicles, there are attractive packages of optional extras
available for this range at an unbeatable price: an All-In Package, a Comfort Package and
an Arctic Package to equip the caravan for winter use.

In addition to these ranges of optional extras there is a special offer package for the HYMER
Sporting 465. Offering savings of over Euro 4,000 compared with single purchase, the
package contains the following items:
Smooth finish in Carrara white, special exterior design, chassis with 1,500/1,600 kilograms,
galvanised Stabilform corner steadies, Winterhoff safety coupling, grey drawbar cover, hub
caps, a double-glazed, illuminated (80 x 50 cm) HYMER panoramic skylight, a large (100 x
40 cm) outside storage room door, innerspring mattresses, Truma Therme, 12-volt warm air
system with automatic speed control, fixed 45-litre fresh water tank, shower tray, exclusive

                                                                                     Page 43
ambiance lighting, TFT 19-inch monitor with mount and a radio with CD/MP 3 including
loudspeakers, cabling and antenna.

                                                                            Page 44
3.5 HYMER Arctic Star

HYMER is marketing its fully winterized HYMER Arctic Star range for the first time Europe-
wide. So far, these winter camping models were available especially for the Scandinavian
market only. From 2011, four models will be offered for the European launch.

With a body length of 6.16 metres, the HYMER Arctic Star 565 has a U-shaped seating
group convertible to form a bed at the front, and a fixed bed at the rear where there is also
the washroom with shower. In the middle are a kitchen with all mod cons and a wardrobe
with a large refrigerator.

The Arctic Star 595 has a fixed bed and a single bed at the rear. The washroom is
diagonally opposite the kitchen in the middle of the caravan, and the spacious U-shaped
seating group with its known (bed) qualities is sited at the front.

The HYMER Arctic Star 685 presents a very interesting layout on a body length of 7.49
metres: in addition to a U-shaped seating group with adjoining kitchen and wardrobe at the
front, there are two areas which can be partitioned off one after the other at the rear. In the
first one there is a double bed on the left in the direction of travel, facing a sideboard. In the
second one there are two bunk beds on the right in the direction of travel, facing the
washroom. In this way even a separate children’s room is formed at the rear.

The largest caravan of this range is the HYMER Arctic Star 785 with a body length of 8.18
metres. In addition to the large U-shaped seating group at the front with adjoining kitchen
and wardrobe, the middle, separable part of the caravan features a dinette facing children’s
bunk beds. The rear area can also be partitioned off and accommodates a fixed bed and the
washroom with shower.

However, the range is noted not only for its exceptional layout configurations, but also for the
standard winter-proof equipment:

                                                                                         Page 45
The basis for this winterized range is the proven AL-KO chassis with galvanised Stabilform
corner steadies and safety-relevant AKS stabiliser.

The patented PUAL body construction and Truma S 5003 heater including a 12-volt warm
air system ensure perfect insulation and warmth. The Truma Therme and electric underfloor
heating also come as standard. The HYMER panoramic skylight and the Mini lift/tilt rooflight
above the fixed bed provide perfect ventilation and plenty of light. The kitchen has a 100-litre
refrigerator (with winter cover) and an extractor fan. Standard features in the washroom are
a shower tray with extending shower head and shower curtain. The fresh water tank has a
capacity of 45 litres and the rolling waste water tank holds 22 litres. Putting the finishing
touches are an electro autonomy installation kit and 7-zone cold foam mattresses for
especially healthy sleep.

This range can be individually upgraded yet further with a wide spectrum of optional extras.
Here are just a few examples of the special items offered: Alde hot water heating system,
TecTower refrigerator versions all the way to a jumbo 179-litre version and an extensive
multimedia offering for warm cosy evenings in the Arctic Star despite icy temperatures
outside. In the HYMER Arctic 785 model, the Alde hot-water heating system is even

                                                                                       Page 46
3.6 HYMER Nova

The caravans in the HYMER Nova range are currently those crowned with the greatest
success in the portfolio of the Upper Swabian leisure vehicle manufacturer. For model year
2011 HYMER is launching a completely re-designed Nova range. This range, which is
focused largely on the realisation of customer requests, has secured a leading market
position for HYMER in the upper medium-price segment.

For the 2011 generation HYMER offers altogether nine layouts, three of which are new

Making its debut is the HYMER Nova 435 which presents a very interesting layout on a body
length of 5.32 metres: At the front is a fixed bed, washroom/toilet with shower. In the middle
is the kitchen facing the wardrobe and at the rear is an elegant, commodious corner seating

A further new model is the Nova 531 with a large U-shaped seating group at the rear and U-
shaped seating group at the front, both of which are convertible to form large berths. The
kitchen and washroom with shower and toilet are situated in the middle of this caravan.

Another newcomer is the HYMER Nova 541 whose layout corresponds to that of the Nova
531 but has a vehicle width of 2.40 metres (plus ten centimetres).

Proven layouts are featured by the HYMER Nova 465 with fixed bed at the rear and a U-
shaped seating group at the front, and HYMER Nova 495 which twin beds at the rear and U-
shaped seating group at the front. The HYMER Nova 530 has the same seating and
sleeping configuration as the Nova 495 but a mirrored arrangement of the kitchen in the
middle of the caravan.

The HYMER Nova 540 has remained unchanged since last year with a U-shaped seating
area at the front and a large dinette at the rear. The HYMER Nova 545 has – in addition to a
U-shaped seating area at the front and a fixed bed at the rear – a very large kitchen which

                                                                                      Page 47
can also be optionally fitted with a TecTower combined with 150-litre refrigerator. The layout
of the HYMER Nova 580 boasts twin beds in the middle of the caravan. Washroom with
shower, toilet and wardrobe are situated at the rear and there is a comfortable U-shaped
seating area at the front.

While the HYMER Nova 435, 465, 495, 530 and 531 models are 2.30 metres wide, the other
models with an overall width of 2.40 metres create a sense of greater spaciousness.

All the Nova models are based on the fully galvanised lightweight chassis from AL-KO which
– in addition to the galvanised Stabilform corner steadies, semi-trailing arm suspension and
independent wheel suspension with shock absorbers – also features the proven AL-KO AKS
safety coupling. The specially designed drawbar cover is elegant and the front gas locker is
practical with a chequer plate floor and a gas strut to securely hold the flap.

The body – with a Carrara white exterior paint finish as standard, optionally in champagne –
excels with all the HYMER assets: the PUAL patented walls, including roof and rear section,
are fully bonded according to a system borrowed from aircraft construction. This ensures the
utmost torsion resistance and reliable water-proofing to rule out any decay. The exterior
design is the dernier cri. Highlights are the distinctively styled HYMER rear light moulding,
the elegant manoeuvring handle spanning the rear and the rounded contours also reflected
in the window design. A Mini-Heki skylight including mosquito net and darkening blind come
as standard, a large winding roof-light is optionally available.

The entire interior of the HYMER Nova is captivating. In the entrance area there is a practical
shoe locker. The furniture in Merano pear wood design is embellished by an integrated light
concept. All the storage cupboards and seating elements have excellent rear ventilation -
another feature underlining the quality of the furniture construction. Curved, flowing contours
and spot lights incorporated in the canopy create a unique atmosphere. The new storage
space doors add another elegant touch. The individually adjustable hinges and high-quality
fittings used in making all the overhead storage cupboard flaps and doors ensure top quality.
The aluminium bedsteads with two gas struts on the slatted frame are also of the best
quality. Plentiful storage areas and curtains which can be fully drawn (optional) are practical

                                                                                      Page 48
features. Mod cons include the high-quality CD/DVD tuner which can be operated from
indoors and outdoors and the TFT monitor with swivel mount, which (optionally) can be
viewed from outdoors, from the seating area or bed area.

In the living area, a new upholstery design with leg support and comfortable back provide
the perfect seating comfort typical of HYMER. In addition, all the cushions have non-slip
backing to see they stay in place. The single-leg table gives ample legroom and can be
moved in all directions. The seating area can be effortlessly converted into a large reclining
area by lowering the table. Easy access to the storage space in the seating area is provided
by divided cushions and a large outside flap.

An illuminated cabinet with mirrors for multifunctional use forms the transition from the living
area to the kitchen area. The ergonomically configured kitchen provides exceptional storage
space and ease of use with large shelves, roller-mounted drawers and wire pull-out baskets.
The kitchen working surface can be enlarged by folding the partition. The entire kitchen has
rear ventilation. The three-burner hob with sectioned glass cover ensures the convenience
to which users are accustomed from a domestic environment. The deep sink and tap with
high neck, an aluminium moulding providing a perfect seal and the (optionally) integrated
extractor fan with removable, easy-to-clean filter are further compelling features.

Washroom features are a ceramic-coated Dometic toilet with practical tank on wheels, and a
large amount of space. This also applies to the shower which, depending on model comes
with curtain and hand shower as standard. The storage space in the washroom is
commodious and closed. The large mirror and granite-look splash guard in the basin area
also create a stunning visual impact.

To top the comprehensive furnishings and fittings already provided, HYMER also offers the
Comfort and Moving Packages: two bargain-priced ranges of optional extras including
(depending on model) items such as the following: Easy Comfort fittings with special
washstand top and kitchen worktop in a dull-finish stone look, an Alde hot water heating
system, a Truma floor air conditioning system and sumptuous multimedia packages
transforming the caravans into an exclusive home cinema.

                                                                                        Page 49
3.7 HYMER Nova S

Similarly to the history and re-design of the Hymermobil B-Class, the completely re-designed
HYMER Nova S caravan range can be dubbed “the best HYMER Nova S of all time”. This
status is earned by a number of factors: the best living area concept, the best kitchen
concept and the best loading concept compared with the competition, plus an unrivalled
multimedia package.

The new generation of models comprises three very attractive layouts. The HYMER Nova S
540 with a body length of 6.32 metres is to have a comfortable U-shaped seating group at
the front and spacious single beds at the rear. In the middle are the kitchen and wardrobe
facing the washroom/toilet including separate shower with wooden grid integrated in the
shower tray.

With the same space, the HYMER NOVA S 545 offers a U-shaped seating group, a fixed
bed at the rear adjoined by a partitioned en suite washroom with shower and toilet. A very
large kitchen and wardrobe are sited in the middle of the vehicle.

The HYMER Nova S 690 comes in two versions. In the middle of the caravan there is a
luxurious lounge suite in the one version and a remarkable sideboard in the other. Identical
details in both vehicles are the facing kitchen and a U-shaped seating group at the front and
the fixed bed and washroom including shower at the rear.

The entire HYMER Nova S range represents the pinnacle of comfort and luxury, not only for
HYMER caravans but industry-wide. The entire concept is modelled closely on the S-Class
motorhome segment.

The new exterior paint finish is Carrara white as standard. A champagne finish is optionally
available. The perfect curved contours thanks to the PUAL bodywork, and the optically
recessed rear light moulding lend a sporty, elegant flair to the large vehicles.

                                                                                     Page 50
The visual impact outside gives a foretaste of what lies in store within. The ergonomically
styled furnishing scheme in Noce Bergamo design with curved forms, smooth surfaces,
overhead storage flaps with beige high-gloss inlays and gleaming handles in chrome-look
are highlights of the exclusive décor. To put the finishing touches to the picture there is the
Ravel PVC flooring. A high-performance floor warming system throughout is available on

The lavish design of the seating areas with a panoramic view delivers the ultimate seating
comfort and their styling creates an exceptional ambiance. As a very exclusive touch, all the
caravans in the Nova S-Class are optionally available with leather furnishing. The
freestanding table with lifting column and light beige centre can be moved in all directions. It
can be effortlessly lowered to create a flat support for the cushions and hence an additional
reclining area. Divided upholstery combined with divided lids for the under-seat boxes
makes it easy to stow items away. This is also true of the areas underneath the fixed bed
which are easy to access thanks to double gas struts.

The kitchen area impresses with wide, granite-look shelving, combined three-burner hob and
sink and large, fully extending, soft-close drawers over the entire length of the kitchen. It also
features a HYMER larder pull-out unit that is unique in the industry and extends to the full
height of the caravan. All in all, the kitchen guarantees maximum convenience, similar to
that with which the user is accustomed from a domestic environment.

The multimedia packages available are unique, providing all present-day technical
innovations to transform the caravan into a high tech vehicle. Flat screens viewable from all
directions and loudspeakers from the living to the sleeping area are just one facet of the
“wow” experience.

An optional sleep comfort system with sprung bed frames and 7-zone cold foam mattresses,
bedspread and four extra cushions provides additional individual comfort. Among the items
rounding round off the unique luxury fittings are the optional Truma Saphir Comfort air
conditioning unit and the Alde hot water heating system. With the Arctic Package of optional
extras the entire range is ideally suited for winter camping.

                                                                                         Page 51
In view of array of details - some of which are unparalleled elsewhere - and the package as
a whole, it is not presumptuous to call each single model in this range “the best Nova of all

                                                                                     Page 52
4. HymerCard – the industry’s first and best customer card

      HymerCard:                             Premium service for holidays on wheels
      HymerCard travel:                      The choicest holidays on the move
      HymerCard teaming partners:            Unique benefits for HymerCard customers
      The virtual HYMER-Welt:                www.hymer.com, the best internet presence
      HYMER-finance:                         Smart financing, carefree travel
      Santander Safe:                        The exclusive purchase price insurance

Nothing grows faster in the caravaning industry than the number of HymerCard customers.
Membership numbers have now reached just short of the 40,000 mark and demand is
continuing to rise. Only the HymerCard, the mother of all caravaning customer cards,
guarantees around-the-clock service and successfully promotes the caravaning concept with
cross-marketing campaigns. Almost 20 years ago HYMER spotted that not only can
customers demand more of a leisure vehicle manufacturer than the production of high-
quality motorhomes and caravans, but that they also do so. Since its introduction in 1993 as
the first card in the industry, the HymerCard with its services has developed into the
unrivalled best customer card in the caravaning sector.

The fact that customer service has top priority for the Upper Swabian company and its
employees is demonstrated by the array of user-oriented improvements and the continuous
expansion of the wide spectrum of services.

Over the years, and by tapping into HYMER’s innovative talent, a unique array of services
has been created – covering exclusive travel offers, information and entertainment in the
form of newsletters and customer magazines, interesting partnerships with companies and
organisations as well as first-class assistance should problems occur en route. “Experience
tomorrow today” means staying one – often decisive - decisive step ahead of trends in the
service sector.

                                                                                    Page 53
HymerCard: Premium service for holidays on wheels
Small card, great effect: For many years now, customers purchasing a HYMER motorhome
or HYMER/Eriba caravan have received on request the small card opening the door to a
vast array of services.

Safe travel with the HymerCard:
The HymerCard and the organisation behind it is always at the customer’s disposal, not just
before embarking on a journey but also while travelling. HYMER service under the
HymerCard means assistance for convenient travel preparation and for a safe journey, even
should problems occur. The numerous services offered deliver convenient travel and
inspiring holiday ideas.

From information on entry requirements, the currency, immunisation protection, all the way
to the weather and local climatic conditions, the HymerCard service supplies everything in
advance which you need to know about the holiday destination of your choice. Just in case,
you can put copies of your identity card, driving licence and vehicle documents in the
HymerCard document depot before your departure, permitting swift replacement in the event
of theft or loss. And the HymerCard service will not fail you if you lose your key to the
vehicle. The finder is asked to put it in the next letter box and a unique code number takes it
back to its owner, as if by magic.

Breakdowns are particularly annoying when on holiday. How good it is to have a partner at
your side who will provide swift and unbureaucratic assistance. With HymerCard the next
breakdown service is just a call away and will come to your aid - round the clock, Europe-
wide. In case of accidents, towing or special rescue vehicles are also organised. Whether a
doctor, lawyer or interpreter is needed – the HymerCard team will find the right service for
you in any situation. That is exactly what comprehensive customer service is about.

HYMER charts your course, whether on land or sea. If the HymerCard customer’s holiday
travels take him across water (to Scotland or Sicily, for instance), HYMER will help him catch
the next boat. The Reiseservice Kiel – a longstanding partner of HYMER AG – books the

                                                                                      Page 54
right ferry for the customer and then sends the tickets by mail – it’s just a call away:
+49 431 92828.

Safe travel also requires financial security. The slogan “Life flows better with…” could come
from HYMER and perfectly fits the advantages the customer gains from HYMER’s
cooperation with the Santander Consumer Bank AG. Since the year 2000, customers have
had the option of applying for the HymerCard as a full Visa credit card, giving them access
to two realms of services at one and the same time. The HymerCard-Visa gives customers
all the benefits of a modern credit card, but as owners of a HYMER motorhome or
Eriba/HYMER caravan they do not pay any annual fees. In addition to the main card, two
partner cards can be applied for free of charge.

Furthermore, the flexible repayment options of the HymerCard-Visa are available subject to
credit standing. The customer can pay for cashless transactions at over 29 million retail
outlets worldwide which accept Visa or withdraw cash round-the-clock from over 1.2 million
cash dispensers. Further information is available at www.santander.de.

Be better informed with the HymerCard magazine:
With a circulation as large as 60,000 copies, the HymerCard magazine ranks among the
leading magazines in the caravaning sector. Those seeking in-depth information,
background reports devoted to specific subjects and attractive photos enjoy reading the
(free) HymerCard magazine. Three times a year it is automatically delivered to HymerCard
holders’ letterboxes, supplying travel tips, product information and news from and about
HYMER. Highlights in the magazine are technical product reports, exclusive travel reports
and information on the unique benefits for HYMER customers through exclusive
partnerships with leisure parks, campsites and museums etc. in Germany and throughout
Europe. The editorial quality and host of unique offers are so fascinating that almost 40,000
customers and many thousands of other interested parties regularly read the HymerCard

                                                                                     Page 55
Those who are not yet HYMER customers can nevertheless benefit from the information in
the company magazine by downloading a pdf document of the current issue at
www.hymer.com (HYMER-Welt  HymerCard  HymerCard Magazine).

HymerCard travel: The choicest holidays on the move
The choicest holidays or a new dimension in holiday travel: those travelling with HymerCard
can rely not only on perfect organisation and support, they mostly get to discover their
holiday destination off the beaten track. The fact that this is so is due mainly to the
competent and experienced tourist operators with whom HYMER enjoys a long and close
working relationship.

Whether you tour the Ruhr, go on a trip to Königsburg, travel to Croatia or do a round tour of
the Black Sea, HymerCard gives you an exclusive travel experience and on excursions you
will benefit from more inside tips than any other holidaymaker. In the 2010/2011 holiday
season, the travel portfolio includes classic escapes like Austria or Tunisia as well as
journeys to the Dolomites, Sardinia or Switzerland. Motorsports enthusiasts can again look
forward to exciting weekends during the DTM season, where they will get to take a behind-
the-scenes look at motor sports. The new, attractive HymerCard travel programme again
includes a visit to the Kastelruther Spatzen musical group in South Tyrol or a motorhome
tour following Fugger’s trail.

From the beginning of August 2010, those yearning for faraway places will find all the
HymerCard travel offers in the HymerCard travel catalogue for the 2010/2011 season by
simply going to www.hymer.com (HYMER-Welt  HymerCard  HymerCard Travel). For
further information on the current programme call: +49 7524 999 8555 or send an e-mail to:

                                                                                      Page 56
HymerCard teaming partners: Unique benefits for HymerCard customers
The HymerCard service is the ideal partner in matters surrounding travel. Numerous
campsite and event operators offer their services to HymerCard. For the current season, 63
exclusive partners covering the campsite and stopover sector, fitness and wellness, the
technical sphere and museums as well as the amusement and gastronomy scene have
teamed up with HymerCard. Travel to the most beautiful (camping) places in Germany, the
Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Croatia and benefit from the exclusive offers
secured by your HymerCard.

Most of this year’s teaming partners are accounted for by 53 exclusive campsites and
stopovers offering up to 15-percent discounts and other reduced rates. In addition, the
HymerCard service team presents new partners such as the Waldsee Thermae Health
Centre with an introductory spa special, the Public Observatory of Laupheim or the
Gustavshof vineyard in Rheinhessen.

Details of the services offered are easy to find at to www.hymer.com (HYMER-Welt 
HymerCard  Teaming Partners) where there is an outline map and you can download
each partner’s offering or ask the HymerCard service (Phone: +49 7524 999 8555, E-mail:
hymercard@hymer.com) for the brochure with all the HymerCard teaming partners.

The virtual HYMER-Welt: www.hymer.com , the best internet presence
Today a platform for innovative, modern customer service is the internet where customers
seek information on the product range, company and services. They expect user-friendly
interfaces to take them to their goal with a minimal number of clicks. HYMER meets this
aspiration with its technically innovative, constantly updated website at www.hymer.com.
Commended in various representative surveys in the past, the site offers numerous
interesting features, while the clarity and ease of use is in no way compromised. One
highlight is the HYMER TV section where the internet user can enter the world of HYMER
and call the company profile or vehicle descriptions in moving images. Events such as
HYMER’s 50th anniversary celebrations are available as a film clip, as are detailed studies of
individual HYMER vehicles such as the HYMER Liner, HYMER Car or Hymermobil B-Class.

                                                                                      Page 57
User-friendliness is taken seriously at www.hymer.com: “CTRL” and “+” enlarges the screen
view to render the text easily legible for everybody and to reveal all the details of the images
or films. A great idea and, what is more, a unique service sector-wide.

Besides the new attributes, the established ones continue to fill the bill. For instance, in the
HYMER archive those who are interested can download product catalogues from 1980 up to
present and see, for instance, what HYMER’s very first 1981 alcove motorhome looked like.
All the current motorhome and caravan catalogues are available for download or in printed

Whether it be the presentation of new vehicles, the extensive second-hand market or the
exclusive Europe-wide campsite search engine, users can find the leisure vehicle of their
dreams at www.hymer.com just as easily as the right destination for their next fantastic
holidays. The online shop takes you straight to the pages of Movera GmbH – a HYMER
subsidiary – with everything the camper’s heart desires, from the awning to the complete
SAT TV system.

In addition, you can subscribe to the informative HYMER newsletter and set up your own
myHymer.com account at www.hymer.com. Apart from the up-to-date company newsletter
(up to six times a year), HYMER offers an individual e-mail address with mailbox for
worldwide access, 50 MB capacity, virus scan and advertising blocker. In this way you will
enjoy mobile freedom, can communicate all over the world and feel at home.

HYMER-finance: Smart financing, carefree travel
Fair and flexible – HYMER-finance, the seasoned service of the Santander Consumer Bank,
makes dreams of home on four wheels come true without having to pay for everything at
once. The very attractive terms offered by the HYMER partner – no matter whether for
financing or leasing – are geared to customers’ individual needs. Smart financing when
buying a leisure vehicle ensures carefree travel.

                                                                                       Page 58
In addition to classical instalment financing with up to 120-month terms maximum, HYMER
finance offers budget financing (72-month term maximum) involving the payment of small,
easy monthly instalments with a final instalment at the end of the financing term. The same
conditions apply as for the standard financing with three different options for the final
                              1.      Pay the final instalment
                              2.      Simply take out follow-up financing for the final instalment or
                              3.      Return the vehicle (set-off of the final instalment and purchase
                                      of new vehicle).

Intelligent and innovative: AutoFlex, the particularly flexible version, is a product with
individual instalments by a flexibly repayable loan. Here the customer can fix the amount of
the monthly instalment himself and – in an equally hassle-free way – he can reduce it by
making payments inbetween (up to the minimum instalment).

Another very interesting option is the AutoDispoPlus card, giving the customer a Maestro/EC
card including a credit limit on top of the HYMER-finance financing. This means the
customer always has a money reserve of € 5,000* which he can use at the HYMER
dealership for vehicle accessories or garage services, among others. The AutoDispoPlus
card is also generally accepted in the retail trade, at petrol stations or, when travelling, by
numerous service providers. This comes at an initial interest rate of zero percent (in the first
six months). Afterwards the amount taken up is subject to an initial, effective annual interest
rate of currently 9.99 percent. The debit interest is 9.56 percent per annum (variable). The
information represents the 2/3 model as defined by §6a para. 3 of the German Directive on
Price Indications (PAngV).**

*subject to credit standing
**mandatory information pursuant to the German Directive on Price Indications (PAngV) amended effective 11 June 2010.

                                                                                                                Page 59
Santander Safe: the exclusive purchase price insurance
With Santander Safe, HYMER-finance offers wide-ranging extra protection because, in the
event of theft or total loss, a comprehensive insurance generally only pays the current
vehicle value. In contrast, Santander Safe ensures settlement of the difference between
current value and purchase price plus a dynamic value adjustment of three percent per
annum (inflation adjustment). In the event of damage or loss, Santander Safe hence allows
the customer to buy an equivalent motorhome or caravan at the HYMER dealership, despite
any increases in market price.

- 36- and 48-month term (independent of the financing)
- Valid for motorhomes and caravans, for eight years maximum from initial registration
- Valid for all financing programmes (except AutoFlex)
- Maximum compensation: Euro 15,000.00
- Excess up to Euro 150.00 is refunded in the event of damage or loss

Processing of the financing or leasing (www.santander-leasing.de) desired is attended to
directly through HYMER-finance and is hassle-free. To give you a survey of all the finance
options without obligation, the HYMER-finance online financial calculator is available at
www.hymer.com (HYMER-Welt  HYMER-finance). In addition, customers have the
possibility of contacting a HYMER dealership nearby where the advisors will be pleased to
be at their disposal for further queries.

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5. HYMER-rent – the exclusive rental partner for holidays on wheels

      Just do it: hassle-free booking on the internet
      Service for the hirer: exclusive extra services for HYMER-rent customers
      Buy me! Rental vehicles lure price-conscious buyers

Hymer-rent is Europe’s most successful rental organisation for leisure vehicles. A choice
rental fleet and exclusive services make sure that holidays on wheels are great fun.
HYMER-rent depots throughout Germany offer vehicles for every taste and every budget:
from the nippy two-person motorhome which comes at no more than Euro 65/day, through
family-friendly vehicles with plenty of storage space, all the way to the luxury models for
superlative comfort. Over 900 motorhomes in six price categories are available Europe-wide
to choose between. The new B-Class will already be available for hire in the coming season.
At HYMER-rent, the service and rental offer know no limits.

Those who have never hired a motorhome before are fully informed – not just on the spot
but in advance. Every customer receives a HYMER-rent DVD “Rent a HYMER, First steps”
along with the confirmation of his rental contract. This DVD, which is unique in the industry,
gives an in-depth introduction to handling and driving motorhomes together with lots of tricks
and tips for safe caravaning.

Another service: Are you looking for a suitable gift? Use the HYMER-rent gift voucher to give
somebody a very special present. Whether for a birthday, for Christmas or Easter or as a
spontaneous gift – give great travel pleasure to someone dear. Vouchers can be
conveniently ordered online.

Just do it: hassle-free booking on the internet
Organising and booking holidays online has long since become established practice. What
could be more convenient than selecting the most attractive holiday destination, best
conditions and – in the case of HYMER-rent – the right camping vehicle, while sitting at your
home computer together with the whole family? Using the internet as your holiday launch

                                                                                      Page 61
pad will quickly take you to the holiday of your dreams. At www.hymer-rent.de the vehicle of
your choice is just a few clicks away. Once the place of departure or rental depot has been
entered, the system only needs to know the number of seats and berths and the travel
period. Quick as a flash, a list of the vehicles available is displayed together with the layout
and price. It goes without saying that any other vehicle details required can be accessed
just as readily.

Those who have make a decision and want to book proceed to the next online step where -
in addition to equipment such as bed linen, tableware or winter tyres - further services can
be booked, including the extended cancellation clause. For a daily sum of Euro 3.50, it
works the same way as a travel cancellation insurance, allowing cancellation of the rental
contract and refund of sums already paid in case of a certified accident, illness, pregnancy
etc. The precondition is that the cancellation clause must have been agreed upon conclusion
of the rental contract. In the event of cancellation, only processing costs of Euro 50.00 are
due. In addition, the booking options include the Safety Plus Package which, for Euro 99.00
per rental, reduces the security deposit as well as the excess to Euro 750.00 (fully
comprehensive insurance) or Euro 250.00 (partial coverage). Hassle-free booking and safe,
affordable holidays with HYMER-rent.

There are further savings of up to 15 percent of the rental for price-conscious holidaymakers
with the HYMER-rent Happy Weeks, which vary according to German state. Simply click
Happy Weeks at www.hymer-rent.de and take a look at the current data under seasons. For
14-day rentals in the specified periods there are two days for free, and for 21-day rentals
even three.

For smart spenders in a hurry, there is still the optimised express booking system at
www.hymer-rent.de, where just five clicks are needed to take you straight to the vehicle
available. Another plus point for those with a keen eye for cost is that the prices at HYMER-
rent are just as attractive as last year. Last minute offers apply for participating dealerships
only, it is worth an inquiry.

                                                                                       Page 62
Affordable European holidays outside Germany can also be flexibly planned with HYMER-
rent: with numerous rental depots throughout Europe offering HYMER quality and service.
Take, for example, the possibility for travellers to pick up their rental vehicles at the holiday
destination. For holiday travels to Spain or Slovenia, smart travellers save themselves the
long car journey and simply fly to the region of their choice – a service much appreciated by
families with small children.

Buy me! Rental vehicles lure price-conscious buyers
Many acquire a taste for holidays on the move the very first time they go away with a
HYMER rental motorhome and decide that all future travels will be with their own four walls.
No weather constraints, no hotel ties – holidays on wheels are simply fun. HYMER-rent
makes the decision in favour of caravaning far, far easier. As the vehicles in the HYMER-
rent fleet are replaced after two years maximum, an attractive one- to one-and-a-half-year-
old vehicle can be bought at an exceedingly attractive price. A practical service: at
www.hymer-rent.de you can look for the vehicle of your choice straightaway and contact the
respective dealership direct.

The advantages of a HYMER second-hand vehicle that is as good as new are clear to see:
on the one hand HYMER guarantees best servicing of the vehicles by its dealers; any traces
of usage or damage are seen to professionally when you receive the vehicle. On the other
hand, the warranty is upheld within the framework of the statutory rights. Buyers of such a
rental motorhome can avail themselves of the favourable HYMER-finance terms in the same
way as for the purchase of a new vehicle. If you are interested in this option, go to
www.hymer.com (HYMER-Welt  HYMER-finance).

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New motorhome registrations

in Germany

01.09.2009 - 31.07.2010

               2009/2010                  2008/2009               % change

September             885                         1,001                  - 11.6

October               865                            951                   - 9.0

November              667                            712                   - 6.3

December              528                            596                 - 11.4

January               622                            646                   - 3.7

February              799                            952                 - 16.1

March               3,038                         2,290                    32.7

April               2,527                         3,122                  - 19.1

May                 3,123                         2,995                      4.3

June                2,324                         1,913                    21.5

July                1,822                         1,701                      7.1

Total              16,879                       17,200                       1.9
                          Source: Federal Motor Vehicle Licensing Agency, Flensburg

                                                                                      Page 64
New caravan registrations

in Germany

01.09.2009 - 31.07.2010

               2009/2010                  2008/2009               % change

September             909                         1,257                  - 27.7

October               886                         1,005                  - 11.8

November              621                            650                   - 4.5

December              388                            447                 - 13.2

January               365                            494                 - 26.1

February              596                            840                 - 29.0

March               2,365                         2,187                      8.1

April               2,205                         2,681                  - 17.8

May                 2,686                         2,635                      1.9

June                1,991                         1,837                      8.4

July                1,708                         2,056                  - 16.9

Total              14,721                       16,089                     - 8.5
                          Source: Federal Motor Vehicle Licensing Agency, Flensburg

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Trend in new motorhome

registrations in Germany

by calendar year from

1992 to 2009
          No. of
Year    motorhomes                                           % change

1992       20,412                                                     - 5.9

1993       16,237                                                   - 20.5

1994       13,035                                                   - 19.7

1995       13,238                                                       1.6

1996       12,601                                                     - 4.8

1997       12,733                                                       1.0

1998       13,839                                                       8.7

1999       15,665                                                     13.2

2000       18,345                                                     17.1

2001       18,946                                                       3.3

2002       17,733                                                     - 6.4

2003       17,802                                                       0.4

2004       19,363                                                       8.8

2005       20,606                                                       6.4

2006       21,235                                                       3.1

2007       19,655                                                     - 7.4

2008       20,920                                                       6.4

2009       17,556                                                   - 16.1
                    Source: Federal Motor Vehicle Licensing Agency, Flensburg

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Trend in new caravan

registrations in Germany

by calendar year from

1992 to 2009

Year    No. of caravans                                                          V%

1992        33,580                                                      0.9

1993        31,221                                                    - 7.0

1994        30,424                                                    - 2.6

1995        29,135                                                    - 4.2

1996        27,581                                                    - 5.3

1997        26,517                                                    - 3.9

1998        26,026                                                    - 1.9

1999        25,646                                                    - 1.5

2000        26,189                                                      2.1

2001        24,570                                                    - 6.2

2002        22,656                                                    - 7.8

2003        22,595                                                    - 0.3

2004        21,562                                                    - 4.6

2005        21,665                                                      0.5

2006        22,413                                                      3.5

2007        19,067                                                  - 14.9

2008        19,278                                                      1.1

2009        16,723                                                  - 13.3
                     Source: Federal Motor Vehicle Licensing Agency, Flensburg

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