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                       DISTRICT 52 & YOU
Volume 9, Issue 4                                                                            April 2009

                        Information from the District meeting
  WANTED- Answering Service Volunteers
  Men and women to be part of a 12-step call-list to help the suffering alcoholic.
  You can make your own hours and the rewards can be priceless. This is an
  awesome opportunity to give back what was so freely given to you. If you are
  interested in putting your name on this list please contact: Lisa M. 815-791-3896 or
  Tammy G. 815-937-5752. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
  Pink can donations are needed for buying literature for the prisons. We need
  women volunteers to go to the jail once a month on Wednesday’s at 7pm. Great
  chance to do 12th step work! Contact Linda R. at 815-401-5979.
  Public Information ordered 2 cd’s for public service announcements for the radio.
  Joe R. has accepted the Grapevine chair. There are a couple of positions still open
  at the committee level and there is talk of possibly combining a couple of chair
  positions. If you are interested please come to the next District meeting.

  Please announce the Alateen meeting on Thursday’s at 7:30pm at St. John’s
  Church at your meetings.

  Service Orientation Workshop for GSR’s, Committee Chairs and anyone involved
  in service work will be coming soon. Watch for more details.

                                   The Link needs You!!
  Share your experience, strength and hope with the newcomer and/or still suffering alcoholic.
   Write about a Step, Tradition, Spiritual experience, or how you came into AA. Give it to one
             of the newsletter committee members listed on the back, or mail it to:
                                            District 52
                                           PO Box 265
                                        Bradley IL 60915
  Answering Service: 1-815-939-4996                District 52 AA Website: www.aa-kankakee.org
  NIA AA Website: www.aa-nia.org         E-mail the Editor Kelly: d52-thelink@aa-kankakee.org

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                               District 52 Newsletter 1
               Father Joseph C. Martin, S.S.
              October 12, 1924 - March 9, 2009.

  My name is Joe Martin, and I'm an alcoholic.
  Father Martin first uttered this statement in 1958,
  when he was in treatment for alcoholism at the
  Guest House, what would prove to be a refuge for
  him from his drinking and a turning point in his life.
  His personal journey in recovery prompted a
  celebrated career in which his only aim was to
  ease the suffering of individuals and families,                  Birthdays and Anniversaries
  around the world, affected by addiction.
                                                                            Billie – 7 years
  He was born on October 12, 1924 in Baltimore,                            Faith R. - 5 Years
  Maryland. He quickly developed a fondness for
  religion and faith. People fondly recall his special                    Kelly T. – 13 years
  story-telling ability and wonderful sense of humor.
  In 1942, Father Martin graduated from Loyola                             Paula J. - 5 Years
  College and entered St. Mary's seminary.
                                                                         Rodney Mc. - 5 years
   He possessed a special ability to educate but his                       Art H. – 14 years
  drinking became very troublesome. Father Martin
  frequently cited the tremendous impact his mentor                            Frank W.
  Austin Ripley had on his journey in recovery. Many
  of Father Martin's teachings originated in concepts                     Michele L.   John S.
  he learned while at the Guest House.
                                                                          Bill M.      Sara H.
  His enthusiasm for sobriety coupled with his
                                                                          Chris M. Jerry F.
  passion for teaching evolved into an unending
  quest to ease the suffering of individuals and                               Jimmie K.
  families affected by addiction. In his career,
  spanning more than 35 years, Father Martin was
  catapulted into international acclaim as a prized                      Alcoholics Anonymous
  speaker and educator on addiction and recovery
  thru the Twelve Steps.

             Self-Seeking Slips Away                                        Step Four: Made a searching and
  Today, God, help me remember not everything              fearless moral inventory of ourselves. (pg. 59)
  is about me. When I was using, thinking of               Tradition Four: Each group should be autonomous
  myself was my whole existence. With                      except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a
  abstinence, I began to practice understanding,           whole. (pg. 562)
  humility, gratitude, caring and sharing with
  others. By having faith in our Program’s                 Concept Four: At all responsible levels, we ought to
  recovery Steps and their other-centeredness              maintain a traditional “Right of Participation,”
  focus, I am reminded that I am a person who              allowing a voting representation in reasonable
  truly needs other people.                                proportion to the responsibility that each must
                  From The 12 Step Prayer Book             discharge. (pg. 574)

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                               District 52 Newsletter 2
  District 52 7th Tradition                                    Not a Glum Lot
           Thank You!!
  March contributions from the groups:              Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship designed
  District 52 GSR Meeting       $22               and administered by a bunch of ex-drunks
  As of March 2009 this is the District’s         whose only qualifications for membership is
  Finances:                                       that they can't hold their liquor and don't want
                                                  to learn how. It has no rules, dues or fees, nor
  Account Balance               $2547
  Prudent Reserve               $2000             anything else that any sensible organization
  Above Prudent Reserve          $547             seems to require.
  Average Monthly 7 th Tradition                    At meetings the speaker starts on one
  from Groups                    $257             subject and winds up talking about something
  Average Monthly Expenses       $326             entirely different and concludes by saying he
  District 52 carries the message to the          doesn't know anything about the program,
  suffering alcoholic and to our local AA         except that it works. The groups are always
  groups. Thank you for your support!             broke, yet always seem to have money to carry
  January thru March Costs                        on. They are always losing members but seem to
  Answering Service                     $464.51   grow. They claim AA is a selfish program but
  AT&T                                  $ 68.46   always seem to be doing something for others.
  Copies                                $ 24.00     Every group passes laws, rules, edicts and
  Print Shop                            $393.02   pronouncements which everyone blithely
  Rent                                  $30.00    ignores, members who disagree with anything
  Total                                 $979.99   are privileged to walk out in a huff, quitting
                                                  forever, only to return as though nothing
                                                  happened and greeted accordingly. Nothing is
                        Quotes Heard Around
                                                  ever planned 24 hours ahead, yet great
                       the Rooms from Cynth’s     projects are born and survive magnificently.
                           Little Black Book      Nothing in AA is according to Hoyle. How can it
                                                    Perhaps it is because we have learned to live
                                                  and laugh at ourselves. God made man and
                                                  woman. He made laughter, too. Perhaps he is
                                                  pleased with our disorganized efforts and
                                                  makes things right no matter who pushes the
  The basic requirements to recover               wrong button. Maybe he is pleased, not with our
       1) Honesty                                 perfection, but with our sincerity. Maybe he is
       2) Desire to change your life              pleased with our trying to be nobody, but
                                                  ourselves. We don't know how it works, but it
      AA is a progressive program for a           does and members keep receiving their
             progressive disease.                 dividend checks from their AA investments. It
                                                  is smart to be sober and it is much easier, my
                 Absence of fear – peace.         friends, to stay sober than to get sober.

                                                                                        ~~ (Stolen)

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                               District 52 Newsletter 3
  Saturday Euchre Club at the Alano Club be there before 3:30 pm $6.00 per person.
  Alateen Meeting Thursday’s at 7:30pm at St. John’s Church, 1045 W. River, Kankakee.
  Apr 4 Spring Assembly and Pre-General Service Conference Workshop in Waukegan IL
  Apr 11 Unity Newsletter 30th Annual Banquet. Ingalls Park Athletic Club, Park Rd., Joliet IL AA and
  Al-Anon Speakers. For tickets call Jack O. 815-744-1390.
  Apr 16 District 52 GSR and Trustee Meeting at Riverside Board Room A @ 6:30. Call Carl G. for
  more details at 815-693-9680.
  April 24-26 AA Spring Fling AA Conference Galesburg Community Center, 150 E. Simmons St.,
  Galesburg IL
  Apr 29 St. Anne Promises Open Speaker Meeting at 7:30pm. Speaker is Kim B. from the First Things
  First group. Call Mike H @ 815-427-6027 or Tim C @ 708-946-6619 to get your name on the cake
  and/or directions.
  Apr 26-May 2 59th General Service Conference. Crowne Plaza Hotel, New York NY
  May 16 Kankakee Alano Club Banquet and Speaker meeting at Tuscany Fine Dining in Manteno.
  5pm for coffee, 6pm dinner and 7pm speaker. Contact Bob L. at 815-955-9544.
  May 16 Spring Committee Meeting Lord of Life Church in La Fox IL
  The First Things First Group has their business meeting the last Friday of the month.

                                             Future Events
                          For more information go to www.aa-nia.org/events.html
  Aug 15 Friends of Bill & Lois 4th Annual Pool & Luau Party at the Clifton Public Pool. Call Carl or
  Debbie G. to volunteer at 815-693-9680.
  Sept 6 911 Feed Your Face Occurrence at Perry Farm 11am till?? Hamburgers and hotdogs and coffee
  provided. Bring a covered dish and lawn chairs.
  Sept 11-13 Lemont Oaks campout.
  Sept 13 Golf Outing Contact Frank C. 815-939-2763 or Joe P. 815-939-4404.More information to come.
  Sept-25-27 First Things First Campout with more information to come.

   I would like to thank the fellowship for your gifts, your kindness and
     your prayers in my great time of need. I really am grateful to the
    fellowship of A.A. Thank you for all that you have done for me and
     God bless you.                                            Jackie H.

                                       Meetings that need you:
          Sunday night Big Book Study in Ashkum at United Methodist Church, 105 N. 3rd St., at 7pm
          Sunday at Kankakee Terrace 6:30 pm. Call Spike for details @815-939-9718.
          Monday & Friday at the Salvation Army at 6:30pm.
          Thursday 12 noon Lost Sheep Group at Church of Good Shepherd, 2nd and Locust, Momence

      Disclaimer: The newsletter committee apologizes for any past and present mistakes in the
    newsletter. The articles in the newsletter are the opinions of the authors and not the newsletter
          committee, District 52, Area 20, or Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office.
                  The newsletter committee: Kelly W. - Heather H - Spike - Mike R

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                        District 52 Newsletter 4

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