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									Air Traffic Controller
(AC)                                                                                             NAVY
    Navy Air Traffic Controllers (AC)       Career Path After Recruit Training
 perform duties similar to civilian air     Enlistees are taught the fundamentals through formal Navy schooling. Advanced technical and
 traffic controllers and play a key role    operational training is available in this rating during later stages of career development.
 in the effective use of Naval airpower
                                            School          Present             Approximate           Subjects                          Training
 throughout the world in operational                        Location            Training Time                                           Methods
 and training environments. Navy            Class "A"
 ACs are responsible for safely and         Technical       Pensacola, FL       16 weeks              Fundamentals of Air Traffic       Group
 effectively directing aircraft operating   School                                                    Control, radar, and radio         Instruction and
                                                                                                      communications                    simulators
 from airfields or the decks of aircraft
 carriers. They also control the
 movement of aircraft and vehicles on       Following "A" school, air traffic controllers spend one to two years gaining additional skills through on-
 airfield taxiways and issue flight         the-job training at their first duty station. This consists of additional lab, lecture, and individual training
 instructions to pilots by radio.           leading to certification at an airfield facility. ACs are stationed in traffic control centers on aircraft
    Standards for entry into the AC         carriers or at air traffic control facilities in the United States or overseas. During a 20-year period in the
                                            Navy, ACs spend approximately 30 percent of their time assigned to fleet units and 70 percent to shore
 field are high, but once accepted into     stations; many of the shore stations may be located overseas.
 the field, Navy ACs enjoy a
 demanding and highly rewarding
 career. This is a five-year enlistment     Qualifications and Interests                            Opportunities
                                               Applicants for the AC rating must                       The opportunities to enter the AC
                                            be at least 18 years old and must                       rating are excellent for qualified
 What They Do                               pass a flight physical prior to entering                candidates. Currently, about 2,500
                                            "A" school. The ability to speak                        men and women work in the AC
 Specific duties include:                   clearly is essential in this rating.                    rating.
                                            Applicants must have no speech
  controlling and directing air traffic    impediment and be able to clearly
                                            speak English. Applicants will be                       Related Civilian Jobs Related Civilian
 at airfields and on aircraft carriers                                                              Job—O-Net SOC code
 using radio, radar, and other signaling    required to pass a Read-Aloud test as
 devices;                                   part of their flight physical. Applicants
                                                                                                    53-2021.00 Air Traffic Controllers
  providing aircraft with critical         must be U.S. citizens eligible for a
 information on other air traffic,          security clearance and have no
 navigation systems, and airfield           history of drug abuse (no waivers
 conditions essential to safe               permitted). Normal hearing and                            Since Navy programs and courses are
 operations;                                normal color perception are required.                   revised at times, the information
  operating and adjusting computer-         Vision must be better than 20/200                      contained on this rating card is subject to
 based ground/carrier-controlled            and correctable to 20/20.                               change.
 navigation and radar approach                 Applicants should have an interest
                                            in aviation and working with or around                  (Revised 01/08)
  interpreting data shown on radar         aircraft. They should prefer to do
 screens and plotting aircraft positions;   detailed work and work as a team
  maintaining aeronautical charts          member. Applicants should have a
 and maps.                                  good memory and should be able to
                                            perform quick mental math
                                            calculations. They should be
 Credit Recommendations                     comfortable with computers and with
                                            graphical orientations such as on
    The American Council on                 maps or charts.
 Education recommends that
 semester hour credits be awarded in        Working Environment
 the vocational certificate or lower-
 division bachelor's/associate's degree        ACs usually work in clean, office-
 categories for courses taken in this       like environments at naval air stations
 rating on air traffic control and          and on-board aircraft carriers. They
 management, and federal aviation           work closely with others, are closely
 regulations.                               supervised, and do mostly mental

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