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									Special Events

Please join us on a spectacular journey to the renowned California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.
Explore the four-story tropical rainforest, experience the penguins of the African Hall, watch the aquatic life in the
deepest coral reef exhibit in the world, and fear a towering T-rex skeleton!
Nearly 10 years and $500 million in the making, the new academy is a masterpiece of sustainable architecture.
The building blends seamlessly into the park’s natural setting and is filled with hundreds of innovative exhibits and
thousands of extraordinary plants and animals.
Friday, Sept. 11
6:15 p.m. Gather in front of the Moscone West Convention Center to load the buses.
6:30 p.m. The buses will depart for the California Academy of Sciences.
7–11 p.m. Enjoy the museum exhibits and heavy appetizers.
Return buses will be available beginning at 9 p.m. and will continue until 11 p.m.
Cost:         $65
Event:        042

                                                   Sunday Brunch
                                                   Sept. 13, 8:30–10 a.m.
                                                   CDA is offering a Sunday morning brunch for members and their
                                                   staff attending CDA Presents. This special event featuring delicious
                                                   food will provide attendees the opportunity to socialize with friends,
                                                   colleagues and exhibitors. The exhibit hall will open before C.E.
                                                   courses begin, allowing brunch attendees time to enjoy the food and
                                                   take advantage of Sunday-only exhibit floor specials. The menu will
                                                   include full brunch, coffee and orange juice. Get your tickets early.
                                                   On-site tickets will be available on a limited basis.
                                                   Cost:          $5
                                                   Event:         043
The Spot
      Your lounge for learning, networking and fun
      CDA Presents is excited to bring you a dynamic and interactive new area in the exhibit hall — The Spot.
      The contemporary lounge is The Spot for you to learn, network and have fun. You can earn C.E. credit, see
      new products, plan your office renovation, check your e-mail, or enjoy a cup of coffee and relax with friends.

      The Spot will feature:
      	         •	An	educational	theater	providing	C.E.	credits
      	         •	Product	demos	
      	         •	An	office	design	center
      	         •	A	live	art	board
      	         •	An	Internet	Café	
      	         •	WiFi	access
      	         •	C.E.	stations
      	         •	Coffee	and	snack	shop
      	         •	Cool,	contemporary	furniture	for	lounging	
      Experience	it	on	the	second	level	of	Moscone	West,	Friday	and	Saturday,	9	a.m.–5	p.m.,	Sunday	9	a.m.–2	p.m.
Headlining Speakers
     David A. Garber, DMD
     Restorative Dentistry

      Accelerated Esthetic Restorative Dentistry: Choices,    Saturday lecture
      Alternatives and Options

     James R. Dunn, DDS
     Restorative Dentistry

      Esthetic Restorative Treatments and the Visual        Sunday lecture
      Communication Tools Needed in a Contemporary Practice

     Ronald Jackson, DDS, FAGD, AFAACD, DABAD
     Restorative Dentistry

      Giving Your Patients Something to Smile About:          Friday lecture
      Composite Artistry

      Composite Artistry Workshop                             Saturday workshop

     John O. Burgess, DDS, MS
     Dental Materials

      Restorative Materials Update                            Friday lecture

      Improving Composite Resin Restorations                  Saturday workshop

     Debbie Castagna, Virginia Moore
     Practice Management

      Rejuvenate Your Practice — It’s Easier Than You Think   Friday morning lecture

      The Comprehensive New Patient Experience: From          Friday afternoon lecture
      “Thank You for Calling” to “When Can We Start?”
Headlining Speakers
     Joseph A. Blaes, DDS
     Assistant Program

      Temporization Made Easy                                 Friday workshop

      Pearls for the Dental Assistant: Understanding          Saturday morning lecture
      Dental Materials and Techniques

      The Journey to Becoming an Outstanding                  Saturday afternoon lecture
      Dental Assistant

     Bruce J. Crispin, DDS; Charles W. Wakefield, DDS, ABGD
     Esthetic Dentistry

      Perfecting Esthetic Results: Chairside Techniques       Friday and Saturday
      to Optimize Direct and Indirect Restorations —          workshop
      Two-Day Workshop

     Joseph J. Massad, DDS; Walter F. Turbyfill, DMD

      Dueling Dentures Match at Ringside With                 Friday morning lecture
      Joe Massad and Jack Turbyfill

      Exquisite Complete and Implant-Retained                 Friday afternoon lecture
      Overdentures Calibrated for the General Practitioner

      The Ultimate Prosthetic and Implant Impressioning       Saturday workshop

     John D. West, DDS, MSD

      21st Century Endodontics: What Every General            Saturday lecture
      Practitioner Should Know

      Mastering Safe, Simple and Superefficient Endodontics   Sunday workshop
Thursday Express Lecture Series
      Short on time but need C.E. credits? Turn to the Express Lecture Series.
      These short and engaging Thursday courses will provide informative content from
      up-and-coming speakers. Kick off your show experience with some express C.E.!

      Howard H. Chi, DMD, MA
      Sports Dentistry and Trauma
      This course will provide participants information on the role and responsibility of being a dentist for
      sport teams and how to handle dental trauma when a player sustains an injury.

       Room          Moscone West — 3014/16                     Time          1:30–3 p.m.
       Audience      DDS, RDH, RDA, dental student              C.E. units    Cat. I — 1.5

      Learning Outcomes
      1. Know the importance and role of a team dentist.
      2. Recognize the value of having a team dentist and diagnosis and handle dental trauma.
      3. Establish background on how to educate the sporting community on the importance of a team dentist.

      Scott Parker, DDS
      Composite Layering Technique: Simple Steps for Predictable Results
      Direct composite restorations are the foundation of most general dental practices today, yet restoring
      them with confidence and predictability can be a source of great frustration. This course will integrate an
      understanding of materials and their application to restorations in all types of situations. Attendees will leave
      with a greater understanding of how to make these restorations not only simple, but also esthetic so as to
      inspire patients.

       Room          Moscone West — 3018/20                     Time          11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
       Audience      DDS, RDH, RDA, dental student,             C.E. units    Cat. I — 1.5
                     office staff

      Learning Outcomes
      1. Understand tooth shading and color and the application to composite systems.
      2. Learn layering techniques to obtain better esthetics as well as increase the longevity and durability
         of the restoration.
      3. Learn how to dramatically decrease sensitivity in direct restorations.
Thursday Express Lecture Series
      Short on time but need C.E. credits? Turn to the Express Lecture Series.
      These short and engaging Thursday courses will provide informative content from
      up-and-coming speakers. Kick off your show experience with some express C.E.!

      Michael S. Simmons, DMD
      Snoring to Sleep Apnea — Why Dentistry and Why Now
      Screening for and co-treating sleep-disordered breathing is becoming increasingly popular for dental
      offices because of the epidemic and unmet need in our society. This course validates why the dental team
      should be aware of sleep disorders and be able to triage such problems. Through a PowerPoint presentation
      and video clips, participants will receive information about the different types of sleep disorders and which
      of them fall under the scope of dentistry. Participants will also learn about normal and abnormal sleep
      physiology, screening and diagnosis of these disorders, and current approaches and therapies provided by
      trained dental teams.

       Room          Moscone West — 3014/16                      Time           9–10:30 a.m.
       Audience      DDS, RDH, RDA, dental student,              C.E. units     Cat. I — 1.5
                     office staff, lab tech, spouse

      Learning Outcomes
      1. Recognize the need for and be able to take the first steps in screening patients for sleep-disordered breathing.
      2. Understand the most common sleep disorders and why dentistry should be more involved in this field.
      3. Describe treatment approaches for specific sleep disorders through interventions provided by dentistry.

      Kerry K. Straine
      Increase Your Profitability and Practice Value in These Uncertain Economic Times
      Patient care and profitability principles do go hand-in-hand. Learn “best practices” strategies for generating
      results that reflect your vision and values. Aligning your team to the mission of your practice is a result of
      your clarity, character and commitment. Move from analyst to catalyst, become a champion for strategic
      change, adding value to your organization, your patients and team members.

       Room          Moscone West — 3018/20                      Time           3:30–5 p.m.
       Audience      DDS, dental student, office staff           C.E. units     none

      Learning Outcomes
      1. Establish realistic benchmarks.
      2. Develop a relevant and resilient practice, a result of accurate thinking, not positive thinking.
      3. Model healthy behaviors and emotions that will ignite and inspire your team.
Dental Board Required Courses
      California Dental Practice Act and Infection Control — Ticketed Admission Only
      Every renewal cycle, California law requires licensed dentists and allied dental health professionals to
      complete	two	units	in	infection	control	and	two	units	in	the	California	Dental	Practice	Act	in	Category	I.	
      CDA is proud to present the following courses that will fulfill these required units for license renewal.
      Please Note:
      •	 Admission to these C.E. courses will be by ticket only.
      •	 You	may	purchase	your	tickets	in	advance	by	registering	online	at	for	immediate	confirmation	
         or	completing	the	registration	form	on	Page	464.	Tickets	are	$20	and	will	guarantee	your	seat	in	the	course.
      •	 If	available,	tickets	will	also	be	sold	on-site	at	the	Ticket	Booth	located	in	the	registration	area	of	the	
         Moscone	West	Convention	Center.
      •	 There	will	be	no	late	entries	allowed.	The	California	mandatory	education	requires	2	full	hours	
         for	credit.	It	is	strongly	recommended	that	you	arrive	a	minimum	of	15	minutes	in	advance	of	the	
         published starting time.
      •	 Seating is limited. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
      •	 Licensees are only required to attend one class on the California Dental Practice Act and one class on
         infection control.
      Infection Control for California
      Dental	Board	requirement	for	2	units:	This	program	provides	you	with	the	latest	educational	requirements	
      specific	to	CCR	section	1005,	the	Dental	Board	of	California	Infection	Control	Regulations,	to	include	
      handwashing techniques, sterilization and disinfection protocols. Also discussed will be the Cal-OSHA
      bloodborne pathogen standard, California Department of Health services waste management and CDC/
      ADA recommendations.
      California Dental Practice Act
      Dental	Board	requirement	for	2	units:	This	seminar	meets	the	new	C.E.	requirement	for	California	Dental	
      Practice Act education and discusses information and updates to the Dental Practice Act regulations on
      scope of practice, acts in violation of the Dental Practice Act and attending regulations, and other statutory
      mandates relating to the dental practice. This includes utilization and scope of practice for auxiliaries; scope
      of practice for dentists; laws governing the prescribing of drugs; citations, fines, revocation and suspension;
      and license renewal.
      Other Programs
      If	you	are	unable	to	attend	one	of	the	required	courses	offered	at	the	2009	CDA	Presents	meeting,	you	may	
      view the C.E. calendar at for programs at your local component societies or utilize CDA e-Learning.
      Required courses will be recorded and available for purchase.
Dental Board Required Courses
       Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009
                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     1–3 p.m.
       California Dental Practice Act           — 3001/3/5
       Robyn Thomason                    Fee    $20            Course # 001

                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     3:30–5:30 p.m.
       Infection Control                        — 3007/9/11
       Leslie D. Canham, RDA             Fee    $20            Course # 002

       Friday, Sept. 11, 2009
                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     7–9 a.m.
       California Dental Practice Act           — 3007/9/11
       Arthur W. Curley, JD              Fee    $20            Course # 003

                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     5–7 p.m.
       Infection Control                        — 3001/3/5
       Leslie D. Canham, RDA             Fee    $20            Course # 004

       Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009
                                         Room   Moscone West   Time    7–9 a.m.
       California Dental Practice Act           — 3007/9/11
       Arthur W. Curley, JD              Fee    $20            Course # 005

                                         Room   Moscone West   Time    5–7 p.m.
       Infection Control                        — 3001/3/5
       Nancy L. Andrews, RDH             Fee    $20            Course # 006

       Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009
                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     Noon–2 p.m.
        California Dental Practice Act          — 3001/3/5
        Robyn Thomason                   Fee    $20            Course # 007

                                         Room   Moscone West   Time     8–10 a.m.
        Infection Control                       — 3007/9/11
        Nancy L. Andrews, RDH            Fee    $20            Course # 008
                      The        Art and Science of Dentistry                                                           Special Events and Tours
                                                                                                                        Membership Party                                               042        Fri.        $65
                      Advance registration deadline: Aug 4, 2009                                                        Sunday Brunch                                                  043        Sun.        $5
                                                                                                                        Invisalign Clear Essentials I                                  044        Fri.        $1,695
                                                 INSTRUCTOR                    COURSE #      DAY/A.M./P.M.     FEE
Required Courses                                                                                                        Registration Categories and Fees
California Dental Practice Act                   Thomason                      001           Thursday          $20
Infection Control                                Canham                        002           Thursday          $20      CDA member dentists will receive one complimentary badge. All other membership categories must
California Dental Practice Act                   Curley                        003           Friday            $20      pay $20 per guest. Please include license number and title for allied dental health professionals.
Infection Control                                Canham                        004           Friday            $20
                                                                                                                        Dental Registration Categories                                                 Advance Reg.    On-site
California Dental Practice Act                   Curley                        005           Saturday          $20
Infection Control                                Andrews                       006           Saturday          $20      A       CDA member dentist                                                     Free            Free
California Dental Practice Act                   Thomason                      007           Sunday            $20      B       ADA life member                                                        Free            Free
Infection Control                                Andrews                       008           Sunday            $20      C       ADA member residing outside of CA                                      $200            $225
Thursday Workshops, Sept. 10                                                                                            D       Member dentist of recognized dental society outside of U.S.            $200            $225
Radiosurgery vs. Lasers                          Barr/Sherman                  009           Full Day          $325     E       ADA member active-duty military dentist (VA, federal, state dentist)   $50             $75
Forensic                                         Cardoza/Wood                  010           a.m.(DDS)         $150     F       Non-ADA member active-duty military dentist                            $365            $390
                                                                               011           a.m. (staff)      $125
                                                                                                                        G       CA Nonmember dentist (one-time rate)                                   $75             $75
                                                                               012           p.m. (DDS)        $150
                                                                               013           p.m. (staff)      $125     H       Nonmember dentist                                                      $800            $890
X-ray                                            Hauser/Johnson/Liberman       014           a.m.              $140     I       Inactive dental license                                                $250            $275
                                                                               015           p.m.              $140     J       Dental student/CDA member                                              Free            Free
Friday Workshops, Sept. 11
                                                                                                                        K       Dental student/graduate/non-member                                     $25             $50
Temporaries                                      Blaes                         016           a.m.              $195
                                                                               017           p.m.              $195     Please Note: Dentists may register staff and guests, but not other dentists. Dentists may not
Implants                                         Ehsan                         018           Full Day          $595     register under any category except dentist and nonmembers must be identified.
Practice Transition Track (junior DDS)           Industry Speakers             019           Full Day          $75
Practice Transition Track (senior DDS)           Industry Speakers             020           Full Day          $75
                                                                                                                        Allied Dental Health Professional Categories
Restorative Dentistry/2-day                      Wakefield/Crispin             021           Fri.& Sat.        $850
Digital Photography                              Young                         022           a.m.              $195     ADHP includes RDA, RDH, RDA(EF), RDH(EF), RDHAP, DA, Business Administrative Staff (AS), and
                                                                               023           p.m.              $195     Dental Laboratory Technician (LT). Include license number and type on form when registering.
Saturday Workshops, Sept. 12                                                                                            L        ADHP CDA member*                                              Free               Free
Materials                                        Burgess                      024            a.m.              $235
                                                                                                                        M        Guest of ADHP CDA member                                      $20                $25
                                                                              025            p.m.              $235
QuickBooks (basic)                             Gunn                           026            a.m.              $140     N        ADHP Non-CDA member registering with a dentist                $10                $25
QuickBooks (advanced)                          Gunn                           027            p.m.              $140     O        ADHP Non-CDA member registering without a dentist             $20                $25
QuickBooks (basic and advanced)                Gunn                           028            Full Day          $195     P        Guest of ADHP Non-CDA member                                  $20                $25
Crown Lengthening                              Hempton                        029            Full Day          $595
                                                                                                                        Q        International dentist working as a licensed hygienist         $20                $25
Composite Restoration                          Jackson                        030            a.m.              $245
                                                                              031            p.m.              $245              (not licensed in the U.S.; Non-CDA ADHP member)
Mini Implants participant)                     LaBarre                        032            Full Day          $1,295   R        International dentist working as official staff (requires     $20                $25
Mini Implants (observer)                       LaBarre                        033            Full Day          $495              letter of verification from the dentist who owns the office)
Removable Prosthodontics                       Massad                         034            4.0 hours         $325
Restorative Dentistry/2-day                    Wakefield/Crispin              021            Fri.& Sat.        $850     Other Registration Categories
Office of Your Dreams                          Industry Speakers              035            Full Day          $75
TDIC Risk Management Course – See Page 44 of Preliminary Program for registration information.                          S         Non-exhibiting dental dealer, manufacturer, consultant               $150            $175
                                                                                                                        T         Non dental professional (MD, DVM, RN etc.)                           $150            $175
Sunday Workshops, Sept. 13
                                                                                                                        U         Guest of dentist (One complimentary per dentist*)                    Free            Free
Recognize Embezzlement/DDS                       Gunn                         036            4.0 hours         $50
Recognize Embezzlement/DDS & Spouse                                           037            4.0 hours         $75      V         Non-dental guest of dentist                                          $10             $25
Periodontics                                   Hoexter                        038            4.0 hours         $450
Pediatric Dentistry                            Psaltis/Dayton                 039            3.5 hours (DDS)   $295               *An ADHP member is a dental professional who is not a dentist but has and independent,
                                                                              040            3.5 hours (RDA)   $125               paid membership with CDA.
Endodontics                                    West                           041            4.0 hours         $395
TDIC Risk Management Course – See Page 58 of Preliminary Program for registration information.
Photocopy for additional registrants. Only one dentist per form.                                                                                       ADVANCE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AuG 4, 2009. REGISTER TODAY!
                                                                                                                                                       n   Registration is available online at
Primary Registrant (print or type) Membership dues must be paid for the current year.                                                                  n   It is recommended that you register online to secure an immediate seat in a workshop or special
Name                                                                                                                                                       event, which have limited space.
                         LAST, FIRST, MI                                                                                                               n   You should receive your badges at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Please notify CDA if your
                                                                                                                                                           materials are not received in this time. Mailing will begin July 13.
Mailing Address         Affix address label here from back cover
                         STREET, P.O. BOX, SUITE, ETC.                                                                                                 n   Refund requests for ticketed programs must be made in writing and materials returned to the CDA
                                                                                                                                                           office no later than Aug. 10, 2009.
                         CITY/STATE/ZIP CODE                                                                                                           n   If you prefer to fax or mail your registration, please fax your form to 916.498.6178 or mail to:
                                                                                                                                                           CDA Presents, 1201 K St., 16th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
Area Code/Phone #                                                           Area Code/Fax #                                                                Mailed/faxed forms are processed in the order received
                                                                                                                                                       n   Complete all areas of the registration form legibly. Include formal first and last names, badge catego-
License #                                                                   ADA #                                                                          ries (See previous page) and license numbers for the licensed dental professionals. Licensed staff
                                                                            DENTISTS AND DENTAL STUDENTS ONLY
                                                                                                                                                           must include license number and formal name as listed with the Dental Board to ensure that
E-Mail                                                                                                                                                     proper continuing education credits are granted.
                                                                                                                                                       n   CDA member dentists and one staff/guest will receive complimentary registration. All other staff/
Is the above address       ❏ Home ❏ Office ❏ Other ❏ Check here if new address                                                                             guests (non-dentists) will be charged a registration fee of $10 per person if registering with a CDA
             Please check here if you require special assistance.                       n I do not wish to receive promotional materials.                  member dentist.
Primary Registrant (print or type)                                                               Registration                                        Workshops and Required Courses                                                                  Total Fees
                          LAST NAME                      FORMAL FIRST NAME + MIDDLE INITIAL      CATEGORY LETTER    LICENSE #   TITLE   FEE $              FEE $       COURSE #           FEE $        COURSE #        FEE $        COURSE #             FEE $

                   PRIMARY REGISTRANT ONLY

Staff/Guest Badges (Dentists cannot be registered as guests /staff)                              Registration                                        Workshops and Required Courses                                                                  Total Fees
                          LAST NAME                      FORMAL FIRST NAME + MIDDLE INITIAL      CATEGORY LETTER LICENSE #      TITLE   FEE $              FEE $      COURSE #            FEE $        COURSE #        FEE $        COURSE #             FEE $

                                                                                                                                                      EVENT #                             FEE $                     QUANTITY                        Total Fees
 Special Event Tickets: This area is for the purchase of membership party and special event tickets.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            X                         =
 Please indicate the total number of tickets per event you wish to purchase in the adjacent area. Use the above
 area to purchase registrant-specific workshop tickets and special event tickets.                                                                                                                           X                         =

      n Check or Money Order                                                   n VISA                           Credit Card #                                                                       Exp. Date
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Grand Total
                                                                               n MasterCard                     Signature
                                                                                                                                                SIGNATURE INDICATES APPROVAL FOR CHARGES TO YOUR ACCOUNT

                                                                               n AMEX                           Printed Name                                                                                                                    $

                                                                                                                                                PLEASE PRINT NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CARD

                                                                             H a ve a qu e s tion ? C all 800.Cda.s m ile ( 232.7645).

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