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                                         MICHIGAN SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL SURVEYORS
                                                     SOUTHEAST CHAPTER
 2010 BOARD OF

James D. Hollandsworth, PS PE
734-759-1600 (office)
734-282-6566 (fax)

Jason T. Verran, PS
734-285-7510 (office)
734-285-7572 (fax)
                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES
Lawrence R. Feindt, PS
Secretary                                                    January 14, 2010
248-344-2077 Ext. 211 (office)
248-305-8030 (fax)
                                                  DeCarlo’s Banquet & Convention Center                            6015 E. Ten Mile Road
David P. Smith, PS
                                                         Warren, Michigan 48091
248-363-1515 (office)            The January 14, 2010 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Southeast
248-363-1646 (fax)               Chapter of the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors was called to
                                 order at 5:35 p.m. by James Hollandsworth. Board members present were
Craig P. Amey, PS
Director                         James Hollandsworth, Jason Verran, Lawrence Feindt, Craig Amey,
586-726-1234 (office)            Gregory Ash (at 6:05 p.m.), Chris Asiala, James Isaacs, and Kelly Fedele.
586-726-8780 (fax)                 Absent was David Smith.
Greg L. Ash, PS
Vice-President                   Secretary’s Report
734-416-9650 (office)            1) Larry Feindt presented copies of the November 12, 2009 board meeting
734-416-9657 (fax)                minutes. A motion was made by Kelly Fedele and seconded by Jim
                                    Isaacs to accept the minutes as presented. Motion passed.
Chris Asiala, PS
248-852-3100 (office)            Treasurer’s Report
248-852-6372 (fax)       1) The Treasurer’s Report as provided by David Smith was given by Jim
                                    Hollandsworth. A motion was made by Craig Amey and seconded by
James W. Isaacs, Jr., PS
                                    Jim Isaacs to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.
Chapter Representative
248-454-6304 (office)
248-454-6312 (fax)
                                    Balance Sheet                As of December 31, 2009
Kelly M. Fedele, PS PE
Director/Past President          CURRENT ASSETS
734-675-8251 (office)
734-675-8504 (fax)               Checking/Savings              Petty Cash                                 50.00
                                       219 – Money Available               775.00
Survey Technician
Council Representative
                                       220 – General Checking            5,935.19
                                    Total 219 – Money Available             6,710.19
                                    221 - Savings CD                       25,000.00
                                 Total Checking/Savings                    31,760.19

                                 Total Accounts Receivable                     -52.60

                                 TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                     $31,707.59

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                              SOUTHEAST CHAPTER
                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES (continued)
                                 January 14, 2010
                   LIABILITIES & EQUITY

                      1110 – Accumulated Funds                   29,704.70
                      3000 – Opening Bal Equity                     -52.60
                      Net Income                                  2,055.49
                   Total Equity                                  31,707.59

                   TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                   $32,526.36

State Report
1) Jim Isaacs gave the State Report for the Board meeting held on January 7, 2010.
2) John Fenn was disqualified from consideration for the Lifetime Achievement Award
    because he a Board Member of the Foundation.
3) 319 members have not paid their dues and 400 members have paid. MSPS stands to
    loose $60,000 if more dues are not forthcoming.
4) The Central Chapter brought out the fact they cannot account for who has paid 2009
    chapter dues and who has not. They want this situation straightened out and would like to
    receive their money. It was requested that the 2010 list show each members name
    together with the status of amounts paid so the accounting can kept current.
5) Jim Isaacs noted to the State Board that the Southeast Chapter has the same problem and
    would like to receive the same information. President Paul Brown mentioned he would
    investigate this situation.
6) Raffle tickets at a cost of $100 each are still available for the drawing at the annual
7) The Burt & Mullett Chapter of ACSM at Ferris State University is holding a seminar on
    January 15, 2010 entitled “State Plane Coordinates and Datum Transformations” to be
    presented by David Doyle of the National Geodetic Survey. The cost is $185 per attendee.
8) Office help for Kay Sneyd from Davenport is slated to begin on January 11 with NO cost to
9) It was determined that this year each Life Member recipient and their guest will receive free
    banquet tickets and lodging for one night at the Annual Meeting. Free lunches will only be
    provided to students who are receiving scholarships as opposed to free lunches for all
    students as was done in the past.
10) No printed notebooks or CDs will be provided at the 2010 Annual Meeting. The
    information will be provided in one of these ways via specific request if a person does not
    have computer access. It was proposed to make the information available on the web site
    for downloading and printing before the meeting.
11) Several counties plan on re-visiting Act 345 for the purpose of reviewing the possibility of
    new legislation to effect changes in response to the promulgation of Memorandum No. 15
    by the Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation.
12) The Surveyor of Past winner is Walter J. Lehner. It was requested that the Southeast
    Chapter President arrange for a press release and contact a relative who would the attend
    Banquet to receive the presentation of the plaque. A public place to display the plaque
    should be arranged, and the Macomb County building was suggested.
13) MSU has made several changes to its GIS brochure in reaction to complaints delivered by
    the MSPS attorney. MSPS is requesting one additional reference to locating items in the
    field be amended. Hopefully this case will settle without the necessity for a lawsuit. Jim
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                              SOUTHEAST CHAPTER
                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES (continued)
                                 January 14, 2010

    Isaacs has a letter recapping the activity to date if anyone would like to read it.
14) The Northern Chapter is challenging the other chapters to make contributions in support of
    the Schonstedt Program. The program has been created to provide metal locators for the
    detection of buried mines by certain developing countries under the auspices of the United
    Nations. The Northern Chapter offered to match the highest contribution of any one
    chapter up to the cost of one metal detector ($1,041.00).
15) It was reported that 92 MSPS members are interested in BLM manuals from NSPS. Three
    chapters did not report. A motion was passed to purchase 100 books.
16) Norm Caldwell, Jack Owens and John Quine have been nominated to be Fellow Members.
17) The first reenactment group meeting at the Museum of History in Lansing (near our
    building) is scheduled for January 23 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m.
18) The State Board officers for 2010 will remain unchanged from 2009.
19) Carol Waite of the Northern Chapter reported on progress made pertaining to the Michigan
    Law project.
20) The “drop dead” date for payment of dues is January 15, 2010. A payment plan can be
    arranged if a request is made to the State office by an individual member.

1) Received request from the Douglas Houghton Student Chapter of Professional Surveyors
   at Michigan Tech for a financial contribution toward travel expenses for students wishing to
   attend the 2010 national ACSM convention to be held in Phoenix in April.
2) A motion was put forward by Craig Amey and seconded by Kelly Fedele for the Southeast
   Chapter to give $500 to both Michigan Tech and Ferris State to help students defray
   expenses associated with attendance at the ACSM convention. Motion carried.
3) Craig Amey noted he discovered a flyer affixed to a utility pole advertising non-professional
   surveying services under the guise of Prelim Survey Company. Craig stated he made
   contact with the person involved and demanded they cease and desist from such illegal
   activities. The person’s verbal response indicated that these activities would be halted.
4) Received a letter from Jan Fokens requesting consideration by members of the Southeast
   Chapter for financial support for “A Worthy Cause”, a humanitarian project championed by
   a NSPS Governor from New Jersey. Money would be applied toward the purchase of
   specialized Schonstedt metal detectors to be donated for use by developing countries to
   find land mines.
5) A motion was made by Craig Amey and seconded by Jim Hollandsworth to donate $125
   toward the “A Worthy Cause” project. The motion was denied.
6) A letter was received by MSPS from Dave Rigney of the National Geodetic Survey seeking
   to ascertain the amount of interest among members in maintaining the Calibrated
   Baselines in the state, as well as the present level of use. A brief discussion amongst the
   members ensued, and Jason Verran offered to send out e-mails to conduct a poll amongst
   the Southeast Chapter members.

Old business
1) The next Southeast Chapter meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2010. The possibility of
   having the meeting at Cabela’s was discussed.
2) The 2010 Annual Meeting will be held at the Causeway Bay Hotel and Conference Center
   in Lansing from February 23-26, 2010.
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                              SOUTHEAST CHAPTER
                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES (continued)
                                 January 14, 2010

New business
1) Walter J. Lehner is to receive the Surveyor of the Past award at the 2010 Annual Meeting.
   Ray Donnelly is to be commended for the write-up presented for consideration.
2) Committees for the 2012 Annual Convention need to be formed to begin the planning and
   preparation process. Interested members should contact Jim Hollandsworth.
3) Kelly Fedele gave an update regarding the status of the 2010 Southeast Chapter
   scholarship program. There are presently four applicants from Ferris and two from
   Michigan Tech. The deadline for receipt of applications is January 15, 2010. Craig Amey
   and Larry Feindt will assist Kelly with the determination of the winners.
4) Jim Hollandsworth gave a Southeast Chapter membership status update. He mentioned
   that he called seven people on the list of those who had not yet paid their dues, and he
   thought it proved to be very helpful. Two paid, and four didn't realize they could work out a
   payment plan and were going to call MSPS to make some type of arrangement. Jim was
   unable to reach one of the persons, because the phone number was not in service.
   Hopefully, the calls resulted in the continued active membership of four people that we may
   have otherwise lost.
5) Possible schedules were discussed pertaining to a kick-off meeting regarding the 2012
   Annual Meeting as well as a Southeast Chapter board meeting to review and adopt a
   budget for 2010.

Good of the Order
1) Please wear name badges to the Chapter meetings. Also, please request a badge if you
   do not have one.
2) New licensees are provided $40 toward the cost of banquet tickets at the Annual Meeting
   which is billed to the Southeast Chapter.

A motion was made by Kelly Fedele and seconded by Jason Verran to adjourn the meeting.
Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence R. Feindt, PS

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