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									2009|2010 highland/etling

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                                                                                           Meet the Highland/Etling
                                                                                         Writers & ArrAngers for 2009–2010
                    series guidelines

    string explorer | Grade 1–2½
    Correlated with the units of the String Explorer method, these pieces
    provide a variety of teaching opportunities to implement and
    fortify the skills learned by young string players. Each composition
    and arrangement is suitable for a young orchestra’s first concert
    performances, with parts that are clearly bowed and fingered to make             Darol Anger           Susan H. Day        Julie Lyonn Lieberman      Todd Parrish
    teaching simple and enjoyable. Selections include a Violin III (Viola,
    treble clef) part as well as optional piano accompaniment.

    strictly strings | Grade 1–2
    The Strictly Strings Orchestra Series provides stimulating arrangements
    for first- and second-year string players that reinforce newly learned
    notes, bowings, key signatures, rhythmic patterns, and musical terms
    and symbols. The selections in this series cover a variety of musical           Shirl Jae Atwell       Rick England             Bert Ligon            Bob Phillips
    styles and periods. All arrangements correlate with Strictly Strings,
    our popular string method, but may also be used in conjunction with
    other instructional methods. Each arrangement includes an optional
    piano accompaniment and a Violin III (Viola, treble clef) part.

    string orchestrA | Grade 1–4
    The grand tradition of Highland/Etling continues in this exciting
    series of original compositions and arrangements for string orchestra.            Tim Aucoin          Robert Gardner            Bob Lipton           Randy Sabien
    Written by many of the leading composers of school orchestra music,
    each selection is carefully graded and edited to provide the maximum
    educational and musical benefit to your students. Each work is
    chosen for its musicality, uniqueness and appropriateness to the
    developmental level of students. From well-crafted arrangements of
    symphonic masterworks to exciting original compositions, this series
    provides a wealth of musical materials for the school orchestra.

    string AlternAtives | Grade 1–3½                                              Lauren Bernofsky          Vince Gassi          Brendan McBrien          Ruth Siegler
    The String Alternatives Series blazes new pathways in string
    performance music by providing authentic-sounding compositions
    and arrangements of the very best repertoire in fiddling, jazz,
    mariachi, Latin, rock and world music. Each piece in the series presents
    a truly unique and broad learning experience by integrating facets of
    our eclectic American cultural heritage. Elements such as slides and
    ornaments are notated for a more stylistically correct performance.
    When appropriate, optional percussion, piano, and other rhythm                    Dave Black        Carrie Lane Gruselle      Richard Meyer        Edmund J. Siennicki
    instruments are included for greater authenticity. Designed to be
    played by string students who are experienced or new to alternative
    styles, this series will motivate students at all levels.

    First philhArmonic | Grade 1–2
    Specially designed with the young musician in mind, the First
    Philharmonic Series has everything to make your students’ first full
    orchestra experience an enjoyable and successful one. Easy-to-read
                                                                                   Almon C. Bock II     William G. Harbinson   Deborah Baker Monday      Robert Sieving
    parts are well bowed and fingered with all measures numbered,
    keeping within practical ranges for all instruments (string parts in first
    position, with occasional optional upper octaves for more advanced
    players). With doublings carefully considered for the orchestra with
    less-than-full instrumentation, these orchestrations sound like the
    original by retaining the integrity of the composer’s original intent.

    Full orchestrA | Grade 3–4
    This series provides challenging, yet very playable arrangements for             Renata Bratt          Vernon Leidig           John O’Reilly           Doug Spata
    the full orchestra. A variety of musical styles is represented, with an
    emphasis on giving students the opportunity to experience first-hand
    the wonders of the symphony orchestra and its literature. Carefully
    arranged for today’s orchestras, the Highland/Etling Full Orchestra                                        For detailed biographies on our distinguished
    Series provides orchestra directors with superb concert selections to
    help them meet their educational and musical goals.                                                        composers, please visit alfred.com.

                                                                                 Andrew H. Dabczynski

                                                     cd 1, trAck 4                                     cd 1, trAck 7                                           cd 1, trAck 9
                                                     ludWig’s tAngo, Grade 2                           prelude to the AFternoon                                A plAyFul polkA, Grade 2
                                                     by Richard Meyer                                  on A FArm (A Carnival of                                by Edmund J. Siennicki
                                                     (00-31582) F $42.00                               the Barnyard Animals)                                   (00-31578) F $42.00
                                                     Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony has             Grade 2½                                                Always lively and often loud dance
                                                     been transformed into a delightful tango          Various, arr. Bob Phillips                              music, a polka is truly fun for students to
                                                     for your young string orchestra. Everyone         (00-31583) F $42.00                                     play! Though this setting is perfect for a
                                                     will recognize the material here, and all         What fun! The con-DUCK-tor is                           concert, the boisterous feel of an evening
                                                     of the instruments get a chance at the            summoned to stage by a duck call!                       of dancing remains! (2:05)
                                                     tune, as Ludwig’s famous four-note motif          Hilarious suggestions are included for                   Correlates with Book 2, p. 26
                                                     is tossed from section to section. Packed         costumes, props, corny skits and jokes as
    string explorer                                  full of learning opportunities including
                                                     staccato and legato bow styles, dotted
                                                                                                       each section represents a group of animals              cd 1, trAck 10
                                                                                                       in the barnyard playing familiar tunes. Turn            still the First noel, Grade 2
    cd 1, trAck 2                                    rhythms, accents and simple accidentals,          the students and parents loose on this                  Traditional, arr. John O’Reilly
    intrAdA (“Pas de Deux”                           this arrangement even includes parts              one! Great for introducing the instruments              (00-31577) F $42.00
                                                     for maracas and claves to add to the              at recruiting demonstrations or featuring
    from The Nutcracker Ballet)                                                                                                                                A warm and easy holiday arrangement
                                                     international flavor. A fun way to                your principal or superintendent as
    Grade 1½                                                                                                                                                   of Still, Still, Still and The First Noel that
                                                     introduce your students to a symphonic            narrator. This crazy-like-a-fox piece
    by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky,                                                                                                                               will grace your holiday concert stage
                                                     masterpiece and to tango style. (2:30)            includes: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,
    arr. Andrew H. Dabczynski                                                                                                                                  as well as broaden your students’
    (00-31584) F $42.00                               Correlates with Book 2, Unit 3                   William Tell Overture, Rock-A-Doodle-Doo,
                                                                                                                                                               listening and technical abilities. Both
                                                                                                       Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, The Chicken
    Discover the essence of Tchaikovsky’s                                                                                                                      tunes are presented on their own and
                                                     cd 1, trAck 5                                     Dance, Turkey in the Straw, Baa, Baa Swing
    musical genius while performing a                                                                                                                          then combined to conclude this lyrical
                                                     rondo presto (from String                         Sheep, Funky Bass, Old McDonald Had a
    gorgeous Romantic-era classic based                                                                                                                        arrangement. Rhythmically it is quite easy,
                                                     Quartet K. 157), Grade 2                          Farm and Bonaparte’s Retreat. (6:00)
    upon a G-major scale! The memorable                                                                                                                        which will enable your young players
    themes of the Nutcracker Ballet are              by W. A. Mozart, arr. Andrew H. Dabczynski         Correlates with Book 2, p. 23                          to focus on achieving a good balance
    beloved world-wide, and the melodic              (00-31581) F $42.00                                                                                       between melody and harmony. (3:00)
    figures are maintained for all instruments       Mozart’s “Early Quartet” collection is                                                                     Correlates with Book 1, p. 32
    while rhythms, bowings and fingerings            recognized as a crown of string chamber            See p. 15 for more information
    are immediately achievable. Creatively           music. This accessible arrangement, from           on String Explorer                                     cd 1, trAck 11
    arranged to be accessible to beginners,          an arranger recognized for his careful and                                                                roselAnd, Grade 2
    the rich harmonies and dramatic dynamics         creative adaptations, is very true to the                                                                 by Edmund J. Siennicki
    also provide motivation for more advanced        original. An interesting bass part has been                                                               (00-31579) F $42.00
    students. A selection that will enhance any      added, and the more taxing rhythms,
    concert, at any time of the year. (2:30)         accidentals and embellishments have                                                                       A lighthearted piece that works well at
                                                     been simplified. Playable by younger                                                                      many tempos, making it playable by
     Correlates with Book 1, Unit 12                                                                                                                           groups of many levels. (2:30)
                                                     players, yet advanced students also will
    cd 1, trAck 3                                    find this piece delightfully satisfying—                                                                   Correlates with Book 2, p. 22
    the kings oF christmAs                           even challenging—when played at a
                                                     faster tempo. Here’s a centerpiece for any
    (featuring Good King Wenceslas,
                                                     string orchestra concert program! (3:00)
    We Three Kings and Joy to the
    World), Grade 1½                                  Correlates with Book 1, Unit 13                                                                                   suzuki®
    Traditional, arr. Bob Phillips
                                                     cd 1, trAck 6
                                                                                                                                                                    violin school
    (00-31580) F $42.00
                                                     cello squAdron                                    strictly strings                                           neW revised edition
    Let the earth receive her King! So rings
    the closing chord of this lovely setting of      Grade 2
                                                     by Richard Meyer
                                                                                                       cd 1, trAck 8                                                             Books 1–4
    Good King Wenceslas, We Three Kings and                                                            the bAnks oF bonnie doon
    Joy to the World. Unison parts and varied        (00-31585) F $42.00
                                                                                                       Grade 2
                                                                                                                                                                        noW AvAilAble!
    section features provide interest and skill      Listen closely and you’ll hear
                                                                                                       Scottish Folk Song, arr. Dave Black
    building for all instruments in this truly       them coming… it’s the Cello Squadron
                                                                                                       with quotes from Mark Williams
    easy holiday piece. (2:15)                       to the rescue! This fun and exciting
                                                                                                       (00-31576) F $42.00
                                                     section feature has it all—roaring airplane
     Correlates with Book 1, p. 32                                                                     A lush, contemporary string setting
                                                     engines (on cello C strings of course!),
                                                     “dive-bombing” glissandos, and a heroic           reflecting the essence of Mark Williams’
                                                     main theme based on Wagner’s famous               band arrangement of this lovely folk
                                                                                                       song. Done as a tribute to the well-known
      stAy current with neWs,                        Ride of the Valkyries. Designed to give
                                                     everyone in the orchestra a chance to             composer following his death, the smooth
                                                                                                                                                                                        Volume 5—
      neW releAses, & speciAl                                                                                                                                                        Available Fall 2009!
                                                     learn and practice their triplet rhythms,         flowing quality, balance and dynamics
      oFFers from Alfred by joining                                                                    will add tremendously to the emotional
                                                     this piece is sure to spark the imagination
      the mailing list today!                                                                          appeal of this arrangement. (1:45)                                  Features new format,
                                                     of all of your students. (2:35)
      Visit the orchestrA pAge of                                                                       Correlates with Book 2, p. 16                                     recordings & exercises!
                                                      Correlates with Book 2, Unit 5
      alfred.com and click on the
      link to sign up.                                                                                                                                                     Visit alfred.com/suzuki
                                                                                 = Holiday selection
                                                                                                                                                                            for more information.

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                                                    cd 1, trAck 15                                  cd 1, trAck 19                                            cd 1, trAck 23
                                                    mozArt vAriAtions, Grade 2                      Air And bourrée, Grade 2½                                 commemorAtive overture
                                                    by W. A. Mozart, arr. Ruth Siegler              by J.S. Bach, arr. Vernon Leidig                          Grade 3
                                                    (00-31591) F $47.00                             (00-31607) F $45.00                                       by Bob Phillips
                                                    Young string players will be captivated         Beautiful Bach! A lovely transcription of                 (00-31586) F $47.00
                                                    by the sophisticated but innocent quality       the “Air” from the Goldberg Variations and                Opening with a flowing melody
                                                    of this music. Written by history’s most        the “Bourrée” from the Suite in F set in two              appearing in variations throughout the
                                                    famous child superstar, this charming           movements. Perfectly scored for young                     sections, then leading into lyric violin
                                                    piece is an arrangement from the Clarinet       orchestra! (5:00)                                         and cello solos and a duet, this piece
                                                    Quintet in A Major, K. 581. Theme and                                                                     has something for every player in your
                                                    variations including a G Minor section, a       cd 1, trAck 20                                            orchestra. The conclusion features a
    string orchestrA                                slow section in which to develop vibrato,
                                                    and a rollicking finale provide a multitude
                                                                                                    hold on (Keep Your Hand
                                                                                                    on the Plow), Grade 2½
                                                                                                                                                              driving and energetic violin line while
                                                                                                                                                              the low strings revisit the opening theme
    cd 1, trAck 12                                  of teaching opportunities. (4:30)               Spiritual, arr. Carrie Lane Gruselle                      underneath the violin melody. (2:45)
    porcupine pAntomime, Grade 1                                                                    (00-31594) F $47.00
                                                    cd 1, trAck 16                                                                                            cd 1, trAck 24
    by Doug Spata                                                                                   This African-American spiritual expresses
    (00-31598) F $45.00                             eAr-igAmi, Grade 2                              the difficulty of the lives of those who                  elegy For string orchestrA
                                                    by Richard Meyer                                would have been singing it, and yet,                      Grade 3
    The jazzy melodies and bouncy style will        (00-31592) F $55.00                             embedded in its intensity is a call for                   by Almon C. Bock II
    make this piece an audience favorite,
                                                    Ear-igami is a fascinating                      strength and perseverance. Freedom                        (00-31610) F $47.00
    but directors will appreciate the often-
    overlooked skills that the piece teaches.       musical tribute to the ancient                  will come but we must hold on. Both                       Rich harmonic textures envelope a lush
    Throughout this selection, beginning            Japanese art of paper folding. Instead          struggle and hope are represented in                      melody in this original composition for
    string players switch from “bow hand” to        of a bow, each performer uses a piece           this arrangement by variations in scoring,                string orchestra. Long melodic lines will
    “pizzicato hand,” making the orchestra          of paper to make sounds and “play”              beginning with the cello and bass in their                encourage bowing techniques to bring out
    look like a porcupine, raising and lowering     their instrument. Your audience will be         lower register and ending with the violins                the lovely melody and harmony. The writing
    its quills! An optional drum part adds a        entranced as they watch and hear the            in third position, and by fluctuating                     also features extended contrabass notes for
    bossa nova beat to this charming tune.          variety of effects possible in this             dynamics and varying articulations. (2:30)                those orchestras having such instruments.
    (2:20)                                          charming set of pentatonic variations.                                                                    There is a very subtle change from D major
                                                    Premiered by the composer’s middle              cd 1, trAck 21                                            to B-flat major and back to D major in the
    cd 1, trAck 13                                  school orchestra, this music is sure to         díA de AlegríA (Day of Joy)                               middle of the piece, which change also
    mArch oF the czAr, Grade 1½                     intrigue high school and adult musicians        Grade 2½                                                  features a cello soli passage. (5:00)
    by Susan H. Day                                 as well. Nothing like it! (4:45)                by Bob Phillips
    (00-31589) F $45.00                                                                             (00-31587) F $47.00                                       cd 1, trAck 25
                                                    cd 1, trAck 17                                                                                            “mArch” From Suite No. 1
    Introduce the concept of flats with this                                                        Revel in the celebration of life and new
                                                    loch lomond, Grade 2½                           beginnings! While evoking a Latin feeling,                Grade 3
    catchy minor melody that provides the           Scottish Folk Song, arr. Carrie Lane Gruselle
                                                                                                    this piece crosses all boundaries with the                by Gustav Holst, arr. Deborah Baker Monday
    perfect aural model! All flats are written in   (00-31588) F $45.00
    for ease of teaching. Other skills included                                                     high-energy boundless joy found in all                    (00-31596) F $55.00
    are pizzicato, slurs, lifts and marcato         While enjoying this beautiful Scottish          sections. In the key of G Major, all in first             This lively march comes to us from one
    bowing. Viola and Violin 2 parts are            song, students can focus on shaping             position, Día de Alegría is highly playable               of Holst’s most popular works, the First
    doubled. (2:40)                                 phrases and allowing bowings and                and comes together quickly. Students will                 Suite in E flat for Military Band written in
                                                    dynamics to bring expressiveness and            ask to play this one again and again. (2:30)              1909. Two contrasting themes—a crisp,
    cd 1, trAck 14                                  meaning to the melodies. It’s a perfect                                                                   marcato in D and a lyrical, legato theme in
    viking ships                                    tune to develop vibrato, and shifting is        cd 1, trAck 22                                            G—thrill listeners. The powerful finale of
    oF old, Grade 1½                                required in the 1st violin, cello and bass.     shores oF                                                 the march, back in D, uses both melodies
    by Susan H. Day                                 Bagpipes are sometimes suggested in             irelAnd, Grade 2½                                         layered on top of one another. The lyrical
                                                    the background double stops, providing          by Susan H. Day                                           section features the cellos and violas and
    (00-31590) F $47.00
                                                    the feel of the history of this ancient tune.   (00-31601) F $47.00                                       all parts are interesting. (2:45)
    Inspired by a trip to Sweden and Norway,        (2:15)
    this piece captures the drama and                                                               Winner of the 2008
                                                                                                                                                              cd 1, trAck 26
    excitement of seeing the Viking ships           cd 1, trAck 18                                  Merle J. Isaac
                                                                                                    Composition Contest, Senior Division,                     mist shrouded memories
    in person. Although written for a large         quicksilver, Grade 2½
    District Elementary Festival, this piece                                                        this lovely tune captures the feel of                     (Traditional Folk Melodies of China)
                                                    by Doug Spata                                                                                             Grade 3
    works well with any size group of any                                                           Ireland with its lush harmonies and
                                                    (00-31599) F $47.00                                                                                       Traditional,
    age. It uses tremolo, pizzicato, col legno,                                                     pleasing melodies. Starting with a
                                                    An audience-pleasing showstopper! This          four-measure violin solo, the theme                       arr. Bob Lipton
    accents, tenuto, legato and an occasional
                                                    challenging scherzo in 9/8 time features        recurs throughout the piece in different                  (00-31605) F $47.00
    high 3rd finger in the 1st Violin and Viola
                                                    exciting melodies, jumping arpeggios            sections of the orchestra, in the keys of                 A poignant, powerful and
    parts. Students and teachers love this
                                                    and sprightly rhythms. Your orchestra           A minor and E minor. An easily accessible                 playful arrangement of traditional
    piece because it’s fun and the melody
                                                    will have a great time with the unusual         piece in 6/8 time! (5:05)                                 Chinese folk melodies. Starting with a
    sticks in their heads! Have your students
                                                    rhythms, the feel of an atypical meter and                                                                plaintive viola solo, then moving through
    write a Viking story to go with the piece!
                                                    the whimsical, brisk style. All valuable                                                                  a wide variety of moods, all members
                                                    technical skills for the orchestra! (2:00)                                                                of the orchestra will be fully engaged
                                                                                                                                                              playing music that sounds ancient and
                                                                                                                                                              fresh at the same time. (3:30)

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    cd 1, trAck 27                                   cd 1, trAck 30                                   cd 1, trAck 34                                         cd 1, trAck 37
    A hero’s Welcome                                 “summer” From the Four                           symphony no. 44 “trAuer”                               souvenir d’Amerique
    (Pavane for String Orchestra)                    SeaSoNS (First Movement)                         (Fourth Movement), Grade 4                             (Variations on Yankee
    Grade 3                                          Grade 3½                                         by Franz Joseph Haydn, arr. Todd Parrish               Doodle), Grade 4
    by Doug Spata                                    by Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Brendan McBrien         (00-31595) F $55.00                                    by Henri Vieuxtemps,
    (00-31600) F $45.00                              (00-31597) F $47.00                              Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Haydn’s             arr. Rick England
    Add emotional resonance to any concert           This music is hot, and Vivaldi wanted            death with this outstanding symphony!                  (00-31608) F $55.00
    with the gentle, bittersweet melodies and        it that way! You’ll feel the heat and            This exciting and energetic work is a rare             On a tour of America in 1833 and
    flowing style of this piece. All sections of     experience a gathering summer storm in           example of Haydn’s use of the minor                    1834, the Franco/Flemish violin virtuoso
    the orchestra take turns with the lyrical        this work. Performers and audience alike         tonality in symphonic writing, which                   Henri Vieuxtemps heard Yankee Doodle.
    themes and fluid accompaniments, but             will love the drama and energy in this           is aptly subtitled “Trauer,” translated                On returning to Europe, he produced
    it’s the emotive, yearning tone that will        familiar classic. There are parts for solo       “Mourning.” The string parts are very                  the violin and piano barnburner that was
    make the piece memorable. Featuring              violin and cello, and like Vivaldi’s original,   close to the original with changes made                the inspiration for this string orchestra
    advanced part independence, broad                the music includes his sonnet text written       only to accommodate the important                      arrangement. Everyone in the orchestra
    dynamic changes, and an emotive style            into the parts so students can experience        lines of the original oboe and horn parts.             gets a crack at the melody and some
    to introduce and build concepts in               what the master was communicating                Students will thoroughly enjoy the                     alternate notes are provided for those
    musicianship. (3:25)                             through the music. A guaranteed winner           contrapuntal style allowing simultaneous               with acrophobia. This is a must-have for
                                                     on your next orchestra concert! (4:25)           independent melodies. Some shifting is                 those who enjoy programming patriotic
    cd 1, trAck 28                                                                                    required through third position for violins            music where the fireworks are in the
    tWo Folk dAnces, Grade 3                         cd 1, trAck 31                                   and fourth position for cellos and basses.             string parts. (3:20)
    by Nira Chen and Nicholas Roubanis,              i sAW three ships, Grade 3½                      (3:40)
    arr. Lauren Bernofsky                            Traditional, arr. Vince Gassi
    (00-31603) F $55.00                              (00-31604) F $47.00                              cd 1, trAck 35
    Want your students to fall in love with          A delightful adaptation of a traditional         legend oF sleepy holloW
    music? Then this is the piece for you!           English Carol. Coated with a layer of sugar      Grade 4
    These two gems of folk dance music have          frosting, this piece will warm you up            by Richard Meyer
    been artfully arranged for intermediate          with its joyous harmonies and charming           (00-31606) F $60.00
    string orchestra. Have a hot violinist           melodies, making you feel like you are           An exciting and colorful tone poem
    in your orchestra that you’d like to             sitting in front of a crackly fire sipping       based on Washington Irving’s famous
    showcase? Misirlou begins and ends with          hot cocoa on a crisp wintry night. Sure to       short story, your students will love this
    impressive-sounding solo cadenzas,               become an audience favorite! (3:00)              musical depiction of the fateful night
    framing the unforgettable theme. Dodi Li                                                          when Schoolmaster Ichabod Crane meets
    is a hauntingly beautiful love song, and         cd 1, trAck 32                                   up with the fabled Headless Horseman.
    in this enchanting arrangement, each             A birch bAy celebrAtion                          Whimsical, romantic and frightening, this              string AlternAtives
    instrument gets a chance to play melody          Grade 3½                                         piece is sure to stir the imaginations of
    and harmony, arco and pizzicato. (5:30)          by Richard Meyer                                 your students and their audience. A great              cd 1, trAck 38
                                                     (00-31627) F $55.00                              challenge for the more advanced string                 AmericAn Fiddle medley
    cd 1, trAck 29                                                                                    orchestra, and a wonderful lesson in tone              (featuring Cripple Creek,
                                                     Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the
    vAriAble stArs, Grade 3                          annual string teachers’ workshop in Birch        painting. (7:00)                                       Boil Them Cabbage Down
    by Almon C. Bock II                              Bay, Washington with this two-movement                                                                  and Soldier’s Joy), Grade 2
    (00-31626) F $55.00                                                                               cd 1, trAck 36                                         Traditional, arr. Bob Phillips
                                                     commemoration. The piece provides a
                     This theme and six              great challenge! First presenting a tender       Allegro giocoso                                        (00-31617) F $45.00
                     variations on the well-         and wistful folksong, and then moving to         (from Symphony No. 4), Grade 4                         Bring out the cowboy hats and bandanas
                     known children’s song           a rousing, virtuosic, “fiddle-tune meets         by Johannes Brahms, arr. Robert Sieving
                                                                                                                                                             for this fantastic arrangement of
                     incorporate many string-        ragtime” feel, this energetic romp is a          (00-31609) F $60.00                                    everyone’s favorite fiddle tunes! This one
                     playing techniques              non-stop workout that your students will         The sturdy gaiety of this piece will endear            is perfect for young players. All sections
                     providing great teaching        love to play, practice and perform! (5:00)       students and audience alike! Carefully                 play the melodies, providing interest
                     opportunities in a setting                                                       crafted to preserve the essence of the                 and a chance to work on dynamics.
                     sure to be a hit with young     cd 1, trAck 33                                   original, this arrangement retains the                 Performance recommendations to help
                     and old alike. The six          mercurius, Grade 3½                              core of the string parts with the necessary            make the tunes sound “fiddley” are
                     variations, including a waltz   by Shirl Jae Atwell                              substance of the winds. (3:00)                         provided in the score. (1:30)
                     and a cha-cha, are uniquely     (00-31602) F $47.00
                     woven to maintain the           “Mercurius” is a medieval Latin noun used                                                               cd 1, trAck 39
    theme, but impart their own characters           to describe messengers, of which the                                                                    midnight on the WAter
    and flavors featuring each section of            Roman god Mercury is most famous. The                                                                   Grade 2
    the orchestra at various times. The final        forward motion of Mercurius is a constant                                                               by Benny Thomasson, arr. Renata Bratt
    variation includes a surprise and will           in the bass part while the melody floats                                                                (00-31618) F $45.00
    leave audiences wondering if they heard          above, first in octaves, then as a duet, in a
    correctly. The piece ends with a rousing                                                                                                                 A famous, majestic, mid-tempo fiddle
                                                     smooth flowing manner. The harmony is                                                                   tune sure to please any audience! Easy
    restatement of the theme. (5:40)                 realized in conjunction with the rhythmic                                                               and accessible, this Texas waltz features
                                                     pattern of the bass to convey the purpose                                                               beautiful Americana harmonies. In D
                                                     of this “bearer of news.” (3:15)                                                                        Major, all instruments stay in first position.
        = Holiday selection                                                                                                                                  Every section has a turn playing the tune
                                                                                                                                                             as well as the accompaniment, so there is
                                                                                                                                                             plenty here for all sections to enjoy! (2:30)
      Visit alfred.com/downloads or your favorite digital downloads site to listen to thousands
        of full-length recordings of orchestra music. Enter code 477520 at checkout to receive         reAdy to buy? Order today from the VIP dealers listed on pp. 18–19 of this booklet.
                     one free download (up to 99¢) at alfred.com/downloads.                                         Prices are in US $. Price and availability subject to change without notice.             
     cd 1, trAck 40                                  cd 1, trAck 43
     FoWl Fiddles                                    bossA Azul, Grade 3
     (featuring Turkey                               by Bert Ligon
     in the Straw, Cluck                             (00-31622) F $55.00
     Old Hen and Red Wing)                           A great change of pace and the perfect
     Grade 2                                         level for your intermediate group!
     Traditional, arr. Andrew H. Dabczynski          Bossa Azul (uh-ZOOL = blue) sounds like
     (00-31624) F $47.00                             sitting in the tropical shade with a cool
     Here’s a terrific medley of three beloved       Caribbean breeze. Melodic material
     fiddle tunes that beginning string players      appears in all parts and is designed for
     will have the skills to play, but more          fun and successful performances. An
     advanced students will find delightfully        improvisation section is included where
                                                     soloists can improvise using D or G
                                                                                                   First philhArmonic                                      Full orchestrA
     challenging. Easy-but-effective
     techniques extend students’ performance         major scales, or play from the provided       cd 1, trAck 47                                          cd 1, trAck 49
     abilities. (3:40)                               suggested solos. Fully notated piano, bass    rAdetzky mArch, Grade 2                                 grAnde processionAl For An
                                                     and drums are included. (4:00)                by Johann Strauss, Sr., arr. Richard Meyer              AcAdemic occAsion, Grade 3
     cd 1, trAck 41                                                                                (00-31611) F $57.00                                     by Alexandre Guilmant, arr. Rick England
                                                     cd 1, trAck 44
     tWin sisters, Grade 3                                                                         A perfect setting of this festive piece! Get            (00-31613) F $67.00
     Traditional, arr. Julie Lyonn Lieberman         Fourth dimension, Grade 3
                                                     by Randy Sabien                               the audience involved and carry on the                  Are you looking for a big, bombastic
     (00-31619) F $45.00                                                                           great tradition of clapping and stomping                opener or closer for your next symphony
                                                     (00-31623) F $47.00
     This memorable melody has Celtic tinges                                                       along with the music. Just right for the                orchestra concert? Do you need a
     combined with an old-timey feel, and            As heard on the composer’s recordings,        early full orchestra experience. (3:00)                 contrasting piece to a delicate Debussy
     a sprig of syncopation from the South’s         this eerie jazz tune will challenge and
                                                                                                                                                           impression and want to stay “French”?
     blues fiddle style. Based on the G Dorian       thrill the players! Based on a twelve-bar     cd 1, trAck 48                                          Are you too pooped to “Pomp”? This
     minor scale, your students will have            blues progression with a twist, each          pAstorAl symphony                                       composition, in a bold march style with
     a chance to create their own solos or           section takes a solo. Solos are written
                                                                                                   (First Movement), Grade 2½                              a short fugal exposition in the middle,
     play the easy written solos for all four        out or may be improvised. Encourage           by Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. Richard Meyer             will work for you. Your students will enjoy
     instruments. A very easy and playable           the players to use special effects, as in
                                                                                                   (00-31612) F $57.00                                     the opportunity for their sections to
     tune with spots of more challenging             another dimension. It’s okay for a variety
                                                                                                   Carefully arranged with the young                       shine and your audience will remember
     rhythms. (2:45)                                 of sounds to emerge! (3:35)
                                                                                                   orchestra in mind, this version retains all             the energetic build to the final climactic
                                                     cd 1, trAck 45                                of the charm and color of Beethoven’s                   chords. (5:30)
     cd 1, trAck 42
                                                     tcheFuncte shuFFle, Grade 3½                  original. Students will develop their lyrical
     li’l dArlin’, Grade 3                                                                                                                                 cd 1, trAck 50
                                                     by Tim Aucoin                                 playing skills while learning to “listen
     by Neal Hefti, arr. Darol Anger
                                                                                                   for the tune” as it moves from section                  lAke dAnce, Grade 3½
     (00-31620) F $55.00                             (00-31616) F $55.00                                                                                   by William G. Harbinson
                                                                                                   to section. A wonderful way to develop
     One of the greatest arrangements that           Feel the relaxed energy of a hot afternoon                                                            (00-31615) F $67.00
                                                                                                   proper balance in a symphonic setting,
     Hefti wrote for the legendary Count             while the gators bask on the banks of
                                                                                                   and a great introduction to music that                  Recurring themes within contrasting
     Basie Big Band in the early 1950s, here’s       the Tchefuncte River in Louisiana! This
                                                                                                   invokes moods and pictures. (5:20)                      sections, ranging from the majestic to a
     a real jazz ballad! This chart features         swingin’ feel-good jazz shuffle features
                                                                                                                                                           spirited dance, will delight audiences and
     dense harmonies on a deceptively                a catchy melody over a Blues in G with
                                                                                                                                                           players alike. Mixed meters, asymmetrical
     simple melody. Suggested solos over             a middle section reminiscent of Count
                                                                                                                                                           meters and the playful development
     changes are written out for solo players        Basie taking it home. Written out solos for
                                                                                                        hAve you received                                  of previous motives characterize the
     or sections. Chords are provided over a         violin, viola and cello are included with
                                                                                                        your copy oF the                                   development section, leading into a
     walking bass line, making it possible to        backgrounds for all sections. (3:50)
                                                                                                                                                           rousing finale. Great contemporary
     add instruments to the optional rhythm                                                              2009–2010 belWin                                  composition! (6:02)
                                                     cd 1, trAck 46                                   orchestrA promotion?
     section. A drumset part is included (4:15)
                                                     don’t get Around much                                                                                 cd 1, trAck 51
                                                     Anymore, Grade 3½                                                                                     selections From americaN
                                                     by Duke Ellington and Bob Russell,
                                                                                                                                                           Suite, Grade 4
                                                     arr. Robert Gardner
                                                                                                                                                           by Antonín Dvořák, arr. Brendan McBrien
                                                     (00-31621) F $60.00
                                                                                                                                                           (00-31614) $72.00
                                                     Big band jazz translates very well for
                                                                                                                                                           A musical postcard to the world! Your
                                                     strings and this cool arrangement stays
                                                                                                                                                           audiences will be thrilled with this early
                                                     true to the style of the original. Most
                                                                                                                                                           piece of Americana, and your musicians
                                                     sections share the melody, with the
      Alfred has the largest selection                                                                                                                     will love the colors and energy of this
                                                     others playing the famous call-and-
     of orchestra titles on smartmusic®!                                                                                                                   uniquely American music as imagined
                                                     response accompaniment, and all but
         Visit alfred.com/smartmusic                                                                                                                       by the great Czech master following his
                                                     the cellos remain in first position. Two
          for more information on this                                                                                                                     visit to America in the 1890s. This work
                                                     solos are written out for each instrument,        Request one by sending an e-mail to
             innovative technology.                                                                                                                        contains music inspired by African-
                                                     with chord changes and back-up parts             customerservice@alfred.com today!
                                                                                                                                                           American, Native-American and Scottish
                                                     provided to allow students to create their          Hurry…offer good while supplies last.
                                                                                                                                                           music and features three movements (I, IV
                                                     own solos, encouraging improvisation.
                                                                                                                                                           and V) of Dvorák’s original five-movement
                                                     This will make an upbeat and distinctive
                                                                                                                                                           suite. (7:00)
                                                     addition to any concert program. (4:55)

       Visit alfred.com/downloads or your favorite digital downloads site to listen to thousands
         of full-length recordings of orchestra music. Enter code 477520 at checkout to receive     reAdy to buy? Order today from the VIP dealers listed on pp. 18–19 of this booklet.
10                     one free download (up to 99¢) at alfred.com/downloads.                                      Prices are in US $. Price and availability subject to change without notice.          11
         Alfred music publishing & Wilfin music are                                                cd 2, trAck 26                                       cd 2, trAck 41
        proud to present Works for string orchestra                                                cAtch me iF you cAn
                                                                                                   Grade 1½–2
                                                                                                                                                        entrAtA mAestoso, Grade 2
                                                                                                                                                        (76-30178) F $45.00
                                                                                                   (76-30170) F $45.00                                  cd 2, trAck 42
       The Wilfin catalog is written and arranged by Loreta Fin, a renowned                        cd 2, trAck 27                                       heAr me o lord, Grade 3
        elementary, middle school and early high school music educator in                          pAstorAl dreAming                                    (76-30181) F $45.00
      Australia and Immediate Past National President of the Australian String                     Grade 1½–2                                           cd 2, trAck 43
      Association (AUSTA). This growing collection is designed to help young                       (76-30171) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        AlleluiA!, Grade 3–3½
           orchestras build technical development and ensemble sense.                              cd 2, trAck 28                                       (76-30182) F $45.00
               These innovative and refreshing pieces are fun to play!                             Journey oF Five, Grade 3                             cd 2, trAck 44
                                                                                                   (76-30173) F $45.00
     cd 2, trAck 1                                   cd 2, trAck 14                                                                                     bourree, Grade 2
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 29                                       (76-30157) F $45.00
     big ben boogie, Grade 1–1½                      spAnish FiestA, Grade 2½                      somerWood celebrAtion
     (76-30146) F $45.00                             (76-30194) F $45.00
                                                                                                   Grade 2–2½
                                                                                                                                                        * cd 2, trAck 45
     cd 2, trAck 2                                   cd 2, trAck 15                                                                                     dAnce oF the cossAcks
                                                                                                   (76-30179) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        Grade 2½
     vivA itAliA (Tarentella)                        boogie Fever, Grade 1                         cd 2, trAck 30                                       (76-32797) F $45.00
     Grade 2                                         (76-30185) F $45.00
                                                                                                   celtic meditAtion, Grade 2
     (76-30148) F $45.00                             cd 2, trAck 16                                (76-30167) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        * cd 2, trAck 46
     cd 2, trAck 3                                                                                                                                      mousie At the door
                                                     Jumpin’ Jelly beAns                           cd 2, trAck 31                                       Grade 1
     JAckAroo Jive, Grade 2                          Grade 1½–2                                    sundAy stroll, Grade 1½                              (76-32794) F $45.00
     (76-30150) F $45.00                             (76-30168) F $45.00
                                                                                                   (76-30187) F $45.00
     cd 2, trAck 4                                   cd 2, trAck 17                                                                                     * cd 2, trAck 47
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 32                                       FAntAsiA on
     mAtildA leArns to WAltz                         WoolloongAbbA WAltz                           sAd JAcques, Grade 1–1½                              scArborough FAir
     Grade 1–1½                                      Grade 1½–2                                    (76-30142) F $45.00                                  Grade 2–2½
     (76-30144) F $45.00                             (76-30169) F $45.00
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 33                                       (76-32796) F $45.00
     cd 2, trAck 5                                   cd 2, trAck 18
     pAchelbel’s cAnon, Grade 2                      dAnzA hellenicA, Grade 2
                                                                                                   AeoliAn WAltz, Grade 2                               * cd 2, trAck 48
                                                                                                   (76-30153) F $45.00                                  WombAt WAltz
     (76-30154) F $45.00                             (76-30172) F $45.00
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 34                                       Grade 1
     cd 2, trAck 6                                   cd 2, trAck 19                                                                                     (76-32795) F $45.00
                                                                                                   WAltz-A-round, Grade 2
     south brisbAne tAngo                            snAp, crAckle And pop
     Grade 2                                         Grade 2
                                                                                                   (76-30162) F $45.00                                  * cd 2, trAck 49
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 35                                       Fruit sAlAd, Grade 1½–2
     (76-30160) F $45.00                             (76-30159) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        (76-32798) F $45.00
     cd 2, trAck 7                                   cd 2, trAck 20                                petite vAlse, Grade 1
     kAlypso kAngAroo, Grade 2                       beez kneez, Grade 1–1½
                                                                                                   (76-30186) F $45.00                                  * cd 2, trAck 50
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 36                                       chilli sAlsA, Grade 1½–2
     (76-30176) F $45.00                             (76-30141) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        (76-32799) F $45.00
     cd 2, trAck 8                                   cd 2, trAck 21                                AndAnte And rondo, Grade 3
     koAlA kAnon, Grade 1–1½                         greensleeves theme
                                                                                                   (76-30164) F $45.00                                  * cd 2, trAck 51
                                                                                                   cd 2, trAck 37                                       sAiling into moreton bAy
     (76-30177) F $45.00                             Grade 1–1½                                                                                         Grade 2
     cd 2, trAck 9                                   (76-30147) F $45.00                           mAJestic mArch, Grade 3
                                                                                                                                                        (76-32800) F $45.00
                                                                                                   (76-30165) F $45.00
     JillAroo Jump, Grade 2                          cd 2, trAck 22
     (76-30184) F $45.00                             rhythmic rondo, Grade 2                       cd 2, trAck 38                                       * cd 2, trAck 52
                                                                                                   chorAle, Grade 2                                     spine chiller, Grade 2½
     cd 2, trAck 10                                  (76-30151) F $45.00
                                                                                                                                                        (76-32801) F $45.00
                                                                                                   (76-30156) F $45.00
     dAnzA rusticA, Grade 3                          cd 2, trAck 23
     (76-30158) F $45.00                             cockAtoo three step                           cd 2, trAck 39                                       * New!
     cd 2, trAck 11                                  Grade 2                                       AriA—bist du bei mir
                                                     (76-30152) F $45.00                           Grade 3–3½
     tAngo time, Grade 2                                                                           (76-30174) F $45.00
     (76-30183) F $45.00                             cd 2, trAck 24
                                                     clog dAnce, Grade 1–1½                        cd 2, trAck 40
     cd 2, trAck 12
                                                     (76-30145) F $45.00                           Allegro From sonAtA in F
     WednesdAy Workout                                                                             Grade 3–3½
     Grade 1½                                        cd 2, trAck 25
                                                                                                   (76-30175) F $45.00
     (76-30188) F $45.00                             steppin’ out, Grade 2
     cd 2, trAck 13                                  (76-30166) F $45.00
     mexicAn holidAy, Grade 2                                                                      To view scores and hear pieces from
     (76-30193) F $45.00                                                                           the Wilfin catalog, visit wilfinmusic.com.au
                                                                                                   or alfred.com.
       Visit alfred.com/downloads or your favorite digital downloads site to listen to thousands
         of full-length recordings of orchestra music. Enter code 477520 at checkout to receive     reAdy to buy? Order today from the VIP dealers listed on pp. 18–19 of this booklet.
1                     one free download (up to 99¢) at alfred.com/downloads.                                   Prices are in US $. Price and availability subject to change without notice.   1
     Flex-Ability Series                                                                                                    Alfred’s Learning Tools
     arr. Victor Lopez
     This versatile series is idea for solos, duets, trios, quartets, or any size of ensemble,
                                                                                                                               Bring the Best to
     including violin, viola, cello and bass, as well as percussion, woodwind and brass                                     You and Your Students!
     instruments. It is meant to be useable by all levels of ability for fun at home, in
     school, or around the community. The CD accompaniment is available separately
     and includes a performance track (for listening) and a play-along track.

                          neW! Flex-Ability:                            Flex-Ability: pops
                          classics                                     Titles include: La Bamba
                        Titles include: Overture                       • When the Saints Go
                        from the opera The                             Marching In • Eye of the
                        Barber of Seville • Bourée                     Tiger • Peter Gunn • In the
                        from Lute Suite No. 1 •                        Midnight Hour • China
                        Habañera from the opera                        Grove • Jeepers Creepers
                        Carmen • Theme from                            • Soul Man • Sweet
                        Hungarian Dance No. 5 •                        Georgia Brown • Frosty
     Minuet from Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook the Snowman • Celebration
     • Theme from The New World Symphony •
     Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 • Theme                                                          string explorer                                                                   strictly strings
     from Pomp and Circumstance • Prince of                            more pops
     Denmark’s March • Toreador from the opera                         Titles include: Alegria       • Logical teaching sequence                                                       • Smooth transition from
     Carmen • Overture from the opera William Tell                     (from Alegria) • American
                                                                       Idiot • Because of You        • Includes great arrangements                                                       rote-to-note reading
                         Flex-Ability: holiday                         • Boulevard of Broken         • History Highlights are an                                                       • Quick introduction to
                        Titles include: Jingle                         Dreams • Gonna Fly Now                                                                                            ensemble playing
                        Bells • Santa Claus Is                         (Theme from Rocky) •            excellent springboard
                        Comin’ to Town • Have                          Hedwig’s Theme (from            for discussions                                                                 • Carefully planned lesson
                        Yourself a Merry Little    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) • Hips     • Teacher’s Resource Kit includes                                                   sequence develops all
                        Christmas • (I’m Gettin’)  Don’t Lie • Jumpin’ Jack Flash • The New Girl
                        Nuttin’ for Christmas •    In Town (from Hairspray) • We Are Family •          theory and composer                                                               players’ abilities equally
                        Frosty the Snowman • I’ll Wonka’s Welcome Song (from Charlie and               biography worksheets                                                            • Variety of fun melodies,
                        Be Home for Christmas      the Chocolate Factory)                                                                                                                keys and modes
     • Angels We Have Heard on High • Joy to
     the World • We Wish You a Merry Christmas Visit alfred.com for more information
     • Auld Lang Syne • Chanukah Medley:           about this series and for current                                                For more information, please visit:
     Chanukah/I Have a Little Dreydl               pricing information.
                                                                                                                        alfred.com/stringexplorer     alfred.com/strictlystrings

     Pop Instrumental                                                                                          Develop Your Students’
     Ensembles for All Series                                                                                    Bowing Technique
     arr. Michael Story
                                                                                                           with these valuable resources:
     A versatile, educational, and fun series intended for like or
     mixed instruments to perform in any size group or                                                                                 violin bow technique dvd
     combination of instruments. All books are in score format                                                                         by Fintan Murphy
     with each line increasing in difficulty from Grade 1                                                                              Violin Bow Technique, a new multimedia DVD-ROM by Fintan
     to Grade 3-4. Alternate passages and notation are          Revised & Updated!                                                     Murphy, shows you how you can develop and improve your
     included to suit instrumental ranges. With no page                                                                                bowing skills. More than 150 video clips in 11 chapters cover all
     turns required, the songs and measures are consistent                                                                             the major bowstrokes, complete with the steps needed to develop
     which makes finding rehearsal points quick and convenient.                                                                        artistic and advanced bowing. Watch the video on your own or
     Perfect for concerts with family and friends, recitals, auditions, and festivals!                                                 show it to the entire class.
     duets—Titles are: I Got Rhythm • Wipeout • Splish Splash • What’d I Say • Over the Rainbow      dvd (78-29994) .........................................................................................................................................$29.95
     • The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down • Margaritaville • Scooby Doo, Where Are You? • The
     Lion Sleeps Tonight • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini • Domino • (Meet) The                                                orchestral bowing: style and Function
     Flintstones (From “The Flintstones”) • Bang the Drum All Day • Theme from New York, New                                                    by James Kjelland
     York • Chattanooga Choo-Choo • You’re the One That I Want • Raiders March.                                                                 Promote a better understanding of how bowing technique
     trios—Titles are: Old Time Rock and Roll • Sing, Sing, Sing • Hedwig’s Theme • You Raise                                                   merges with musical interpretation to produce optimum
     Me Up • All I Wanna Do • The Magnificent Seven • This Is It! • Mack the Knife • Can You Read                                               results. This text addresses the elements of sound production,
     My Mind? • Crazy In Love • The Pink Panther • Star Wars Main Title • I’ll Be There For You •                                               bowing technique, terminology, and musical interpretation—
     American Idiot • Hips Don’t Lie.                                                                                                           all with integrated teaching suggestions. The correlated
                                                                                                                                                workbook contains exercises, etudes and excerpts for applied
     quartets—Titles are: Summertime • Celebration • We Are Family • Batman (TV Theme) •                                                        study. Appropriate for school ensembles thru college method
     Imperial March • Theme From “Ice Castles” (Through the Eyes of Love) • Jump • It Don’t Mean a
     Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing) • James Bond Theme • Smooth • Gonna Fly Now • Peter Gunn.
                                                                                                     textbook (00-19609) ..............................................................................................................................$24.95
                                                                                                     Workbook (00-19608) .............................................................................................................................. $8.95
       Visit alfred.com/downloads or your favorite digital downloads site to listen to thousands
         of full-length recordings of orchestra music. Enter code 477520 at checkout to receive        reAdy to buy? Order today from the VIP dealers listed on pp. 18–19 of this booklet.
1                     one free download (up to 99¢) at alfred.com/downloads.                                                  Prices are in US $. Price and availability subject to change without notice.                                                           1
                                           Sight-Read It for Strings                                                                                   philhArmonic series
                                           improving reading and sight-reading
                                                                                                                                                     At last, the excitement of alternative styles can be experienced by your
                                           skills in the string classroom or studio                                                                    entire string orchestra! Veteran educator Bob Phillips teams up with
                                           by Andrew Dabczynski, Richard Meyer & Bob Phillips
                                                                                                                                                    fiddling expert Andrew Dabczynski, jazz guru Randy Sabien and lifelong
                                              develop better music readers!                                                                        mariachi performer and educator John Nieto for this fun series that teaches
                                              Be ready for the sight-reading room at festival!                                                        alternative string techniques. The Philharmonic format includes basic
                                                                                                                                                      and advanced versions of each tune, often with simple improvisation
                                                                                                                                                           suggestions. For elementary through high school students.
     A comprehensive supplement for classroom or studio in a unique format,
     Sight-Read It for Strings will develop consistent reading habits and improve
     sight-reading for violin, viola, cello & bass students. Using a non-sequential unit
     format, materials are flexible & can be individualized.                                                                                                                          neW! basic Fiddlers philharmonic:
                                                                                                                                                                                            celtic Fiddle tunes
     Sight-read it for Strings develops consistent reading habits
                                                                                                                                                                                 Easy Celtic - An absolutely perfect way to introduce fiddling
     by addressing:                                                                                                                                                              to your youngest string players! Eleven tunes from the Celtic
         • counting systems and rhythm identification                                                                                                                               fiddling tradition are presented first in a simplified, very
                                                                                                                                                                                  easy “Basic” version of the tune printed with note names in
         • identification of musical & non-musical cues                                                                                                                          the note heads. The tune is also presented in an “Advanced”,
         • identification of musical patterns                                                                                                                                      but still accessible version of the tune. Lyrics are included
         • Awareness of the music page layout (the “road map”)                                                                                                                   where applicable. The optional accompaniment CD features
         • special reading issues not necessarily related to notes                                                                                                                recordings of the Basic and the Advanced tune as well as a
                                                                                                                                                                                        back-up track for play-along at home or in class.
     violin                                                                   bass                                                                                                    Visit alfred.com to see the complete series listings.
      (00-25259)................................................$7.95          (00-25262)................................................$7.95
     viola                                                                    score
      (00-25260) ...............................................$7.95          (00-25263)............................................. $13.95
      (00-25261) ................................................$7.95

     best-sellers from our 2008 release!
     string explorer
     miniature symphony (Meyer) (.5) (00-29719) ................................................................ $42.00
     the gentle giant (A Lyric Solo for Double Bass and Orchestra)                                                                                      basic Fiddlers                                      mariachi philharmonic
       (Phillips) (2½) (00-29715) ....................................................................................................... $42.00        philharmonic:                                         Authentic orchestral settings of

     strictly strings                                                                                                                               old-time Fiddle tunes                                   familiar, traditional tunes for string
                                                                                                                                                                                                          orchestra alone, mariachi band alone
     the enchanted Wizard (O’Reilly) (1½) (00-29713) ........................................................ $42.00                                 A simpler version of the popular                      or both combined. Includes optional
                                                                                                                                                   Fiddlers Philharmonic for elementary                  trumpet & guitar parts for an extra flair!
     string orchestrA                                                                                                                                  and middle school students.
     ghosts of brandenburg (Meyer) (4) (00-29729) ............................................................$60.00
     gloria in excelsis deo (Brubaker) (2) (00-29735) ...........................................................$47.00
     italian symphony (First Movement) (England) (3½) (00-29738) .............................$60.00
     momentum (Meyer) (3) (00-29722) ...................................................................................... $55.00
     remote control (Meyer) (2½) (00-29743)...........................................................................$47.00
     symphony no. 41 (Parrish) (4) (00-29723) ........................................................................$60.00
     string AlternAtives
     Five ukrainians in a bell tower (Ukrainian Bell Carol)
       (England) (3½) (00-29754) .....................................................................................................$47.00
     shamrock polkas (Dabczynski) (2½) (00-29755).............................................................$47.00
     sing, sing, sing (adapted from the stage show Barrage)                                                                                         Fiddlers philharmonic &                                        Jazz philharmonic &
       (Marshall/Phillips) (4) (00-29761) ........................................................................................$60.00             Fiddlers philharmonic                                          Jazz philharmonic:
     First philhArmonic                                                                                                                                     encore!                                                     second set
     egmont overture (Meyer) (2) (00-29745) ..........................................................................$57.00                          Cross-cultural fiddle tunes with a                           Original jazz compositions in a
                                                                                                                                                      solo version, followed by a 3-part                         carefully constructed pedagogical
     Full orchestrA                                                                                                                                 arrangement for group performance.                          order. No improvisation is necessary
     soliloquy for orchestra (McBrien) (3½) (00-29747) .....................................................$67.00                                                                                                  but will most likely develop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  naturally as student progresses.

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                      Winner of the parents’ choice Award!
                                                                                                                  great music
music literacy for upper elementary,                                                                               curriculum
middle school & high school
by Daniel Anker, Carol Ponder & Donna Santman • Preface by Eric Booth

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Music From the Inside Out is a cinematic
exploration of the magic and mystery of music through the stories, passion, and
artistry of the 105 musicians of The Philadelphia Orchestra. Bring the excitement
of the film into the classroom through a newly developed curriculum that
engages students in reading, writing, listening and talking about all kinds of
music and offers students the opportunity to compose their own works. The
curriculum is intended for grades four and up and is constructed so that each
lesson may be used individually or as part of the complete curriculum. The
accompanying CD includes a wonderful selection of music examples for the
classroom. The full-length movie as well as a special supplemental teaching DVD
that includes excerpts not shown in the theatrical release are available.
deluxe kit (Book, Music Listening CD, Teacher’s DVD
  & Full-length Theatrical Release DVD) (00-27929)...................................................... $99.95
book, music listening cd, & teacher’s dvd
  (00-26045) ...................................................................................................................................$79.95
Full-length theatrical release dvd
  (00-27932) ...................................................................................................................................$24.95

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