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					                            Who’s In Charge? A National Conversation
Teleconferences Total Length: 90 min        Moderated Discussion: 60 min              Question and Answer Discussion: 30 min
           Lead Moderator: Julie Petty          Moderators: Teresa Moore, Jaime Daignault & Yoshi Kardell

       Tuesday, May 3, 2011                        Tuesday, June 7, 2011                            Tuesday, July 12, 2011
         2:00 pm Eastern                             2:00 pm Eastern                                   2:00 pm Eastern

Topic: How are self-advocates in          Topic: How are self-advocates in                 Topic: What steps will self-advocate
charge of their own lives?                charge of their own self-advocacy                leaders take to bring the movement
                                          group?                                           forward?
 1. What does it mean to be in
    charge of your own life?                1. What has the self-advocacy                   1. What are the goals that came out
 2. What support do people need to             movement accomplished so far?                   of the ADD Allies in Self-Advocacy
    be in charge of their own lives?        2. When you compare the                            Summits?

     Support from families?                    self-advocacy movement to                    2. How will we work together with
                                               other civil rights movements, do                our allies?
     Support from staff?                       you think self-advocacy has had              3. How can we make things work
 3. What gets in the way?                      its day in the sun?                             with what we have?
 4. How much control do guardians           3. What helps to advance the                    4.   How will self-advocate leaders
    really have?                               movement?                                         work together to advance the
 5. What options do individuals and                                                              movement?
                                            4. What challenges or barriers get
    families have to plan for the
                                               in the way?
                                            5. What kind of support is helpful?
                                               Not helpful?
                                            6. What is your wish or dream for
                                               the movement?

                                       Produced by the Riot at HSRI www.theriotrocks.org
                                                                                                 May 3, 2011 
                                  A National Conversation 
                                                                                                 June 7, 2011 
                                      Who’s in Charge? 
                                                                                                 July 12, 2011 

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