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Ever since its start in Rochester (USA) 51 years ago, this biennial conference has played a
unique role for high-energy physics. It has been the central occasion where the status of the
field is assessed, important new results are announced and future directions are discussed.

The ICHEP meetings typically attract more than 1000 physicists from all over the world. A
large number of the attendees is in charge of sophisticated technological projects at leading
high-energy laboratories around the world, such as CERN (Geneva), Fermi Lab (Chigaco),
DESY (Hamburg), KEK (Tokyo) and SLAC (Stanford). Characteristic features of these
projects are the scale, often involving many hundreds of physicists, and the advanced
cutting-edge techniques that are being used or are foreseen to be used. Examples are the
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and the recently proposed Tera-Electronvolt
Superconducting Linear Accelerator (TESLA) project in Hamburg.

Experimental high energy physics is research at the frontier of technology. In order to study
the particles and forces that make up the atom, we collide particles at the highest energies
and rates we can achieve, and detect the products of those collisions with sensitive and
precise detectors. In doing so, we need the latest technology in diverse areas like vacuum
systems, photon detectors, power supplies, high voltage control, superconductivity, magnets,
silicon devices, integrated circuits, high speed electronics, networking and computing. We
cooperate with industry to find and develop the technology we need, to our mutual benefits.

Taking part in our research has proven to be an excellent education for students and PhD-
students, and many continue their career in business and industry after earning their degree.

Spin-Off of our research finds its way to the whole world. The World Wide Web was
developed at CERN, and we are working hard on hits next phase: the GRID. Accelerators
are now common and important tools in hospitals for body scanning and cancer treatment;
our detector technology is now used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans and in
X-ray imaging.

Our field is in constant movement. We are currently building the LHC at CERN, but we are
actively researching the technology needed for the next generation of facilities that have
been proposed. Part of our conference will be devoted to discussions on these new facilities.

Around 1000 participants from more than 45 countries will attend this conference.

Host Countries
While the conference was always hosted by Rochester (USA) in the beginning, its location is
now changing every two years. In 2002 the conference will be hosted by the Netherlands for
the first time. In recent years the ICHEP meetings took place in Osaka (2000), Vancouver
(1998) and Warsaw (1996).
International Advisory Committee
A. Astbury         (TRIUMF)         G. Mikenberg    (Weizmann Institute)
J. Aubert          (IN2P3)          Y. Nagashima    (Osaka)
A. Bettini         (Gran Sasso)     K. Peach        (RAL)
H. Chen            (IHEP)           M. Roos         (Helsinki)
P. Darriulat       (Hanoi)          A. Shrinsky     (BINP)
J. Dorfan          (SLAC)           H. Sugawara     (KEK)
L. Foà             (Pisa)           S. Tovey        (Melbourne)
V. Kadyshevsky     (JINR)           M. Veltman      (Michigan, NIKHEF)
T. Kirk            (BNL)            A. Wagner       (DESY)
L. Maiani          (CERN)           M. Witherell    (FNAL)
                                    A. Wroblewski   (Warsaw)

Programme Committee
P. van Baal        (Leiden)         R. Klanner      (DESY)
R. Cashmore        (CERN)           T. Maskawa      (Kyoto)
R. Dijkgraaf       (UvA)            P. Mulders      (VU)
J. Ellis           (CERN)           M. Peskin       (SLAC)
J. Engelen         (UvA)            M. Pohl         (KUN)
A. Goshaw          (Duke)           M. Spiro        (Saclay)
G. 't Hooft        (UU)             N. Turok        (Cambridge)
E. Iarocci         (INFN)           F. Verbeure     (Antwerp)
S. de Jong         (KUN)            F. Wilczek      (MIT)

Local Organizing Committee
Ger van Middelkoop, Chairman
Stan Bentvelsen
Anja van Dulmen
Paul de Jong
Els Koffeman
Justus Koch
Eric Laenen
Gerard van der Steenhoven

Conference Secretariat
Eurocongres Conference Management
Jan van Goyenkade 11
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 679 34 11
Fax: +31 20 673 73 06
Web site:

            Wednesday      Thursday     Friday     Saturday     Sunday        Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday
              24/7           25/7        26/7        27/7        28/7           29/7        30/7          31/7
Morning                     Parallel    Parallel    Parallel                  Plenary      Plenary      Plenary
                           Sessions    Sessions    Sessions     Scientific   Sessions     Sessions      Sessions
                                                               Excursions        &            &            &
Afternoon   Registration                                                     Exhibition   Exhibition   Exhibition
               and                                              Set Up
             Welcome                                           Exhibition
Evening      Reception                             Concert/                  Concert/     Banquet
                                                   Theatre                   Theatre

The historic city of Amsterdam is proud to host this conference. The Dutch capital, famous
for its canals, is truly picturesque, featuring streets lined with old trees, impressive 17th-
century mansions, townhouses and a thousand charming old bridges. This unforgettable
center of history and culture offers fine museums such as the Rijksmuseum, with its
outstanding collection of Rembrandt paintings, the Stedelijk museum, famous for its modern
art, and the Vincent van Gogh museum boasting a collection of the Master’s most famous

Dates and Venue
The International Conference on High Energy Physics will be held at the Amsterdam RAI
Congress Centre, from Wednesday 24 July until Wednesday 31 July 2002.
The Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition and Congress Centre is ideally located for easy
access by both public and private transport. It is right next to a main arterial highway, it has
its own bus and tram station for direct access to the city centre, and its own railway station
with a direct line to Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol that is only minutes away.
Extensive parking facilities are also available on the premises and in the immediate vicinity.

Key Dates
1 February 2002               Mailing of the invitation, incl. registration form and
                              call for abstracts
1 May 2002                    Deadline early registrationfee
24 – 31 July 2002             Congress days

The official conference language will be English.

Conference Secretariat
Eurocongres Conference Management
Jan van Goyenkade 11
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 679 34 11
Fax: +31 20 673 73 06
Web site:

Conference attendees will be encouraged to spend time in the lounges of the Auditorium
where space is available for the exhibition. We understand the importance of providing
adequate time to display products and services and to talk to the conference participants in
person. Furthermore, coffee, tea and lunch breaks will take place in the lounges of the
Hotel Information
Through the intermediary of RAI Hotel Service, hotel accommodation can be reserved at
reduced rates. A hotel booking form, can be sent upon request. The rates for single rooms
range between EURO 75 to EURO 250 and from EURO 84 to EURO 300 for double rooms.

RAI Hotel Service
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
Telephone: + 31 20 549 1927
Telefax:      + 31 20 549 1948
For more information, please visit the web site:

More Information
Updated information about the programme, hotel accommodation, registration etc. will be
published on the web site:
The Conference Organisers are offering companies the opportunity to become sponsors by
enabling them to promote their products and services among the participants.

Below you will find a list of sponsoring posibilites, which are chosen to best fit the specific
interests of your company. Of course you are welcome to make your own suggestions as
well. All prices are excluding VAT. If you are interested in one of the sponsor items listed
below we kindly invite you to contact the Conference Secretariat:

Eurocongres Conference Management
Jan van Goyenkade 11
1075 HP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 679 3411
Fax: +31 20 673 7306

In principle all sponsors will be treated on a ”first come, first served” basis.

 minimum 9 m2                                                        Price: EURO 250 p/m2
 additional shell scheme                                             Price: EURO 50 p/m2

 inclusion in the list of supporting institutions and companies Price: EURO 1,000

 full colour        per page                                         Price: EURO 1,500
 black/white        per page                                         Price: EURO 1,000

For technical details as to the size and submission of films, please contact the Conference

 incl. manufacturing                                                 Price: EURO 15,000
 excl. manufacturing                                                 Price: EURO 6,000

Your company name will be displayed discreetly on each bag. The price includes one piece
of promotional literature inserted in the conference bag

INSERTS IN CONFERENCE BAG                                             Price: EURO 1,250
 insert one brochure or leaflet

LINK TO THE WEB SITE                                                  Price: EURO 1,000
 WWW - link of your company to the ICHEP 2002 website

NOTEPADS AND PENS                                           Price: EURO 2,000
 A notepad and a pen of your company in every conference bag.
LUNCH, DINER, RECEPTION, COFFEE/TEA                        Price: to be negotiated
 Your company name and logo displayed on several places during the above events.

POLOSHIRTS                                                        Price: EURO 2,500
                                                                  (incl. manufacturing)
   Your company name and logo printed on the ICHEP shirts of the conference staff who is
    working at the registration desk and other conference locations.

INTERNET CAFE                                                   Price: EURO 3,500
                                                                (excl. computers and other
                                                                technical facilities)
   A special location, named after your company, with computers on which the participants
    can send e-mails, surf on the Internet etc.

For other optional sponsoring possibilities such as sponsoring of social events or a dedicated
satellite symposim, please contact the Conference Secretariat - Eurocongres Conference
Place and Time
The exhibition will be held in the lounges of the Auditorium in the Amsterdam RAI Congress
Centre, from Monday 29 July, up to and including Wednesday, 31 July.

Opening Hours
The exhibition will be open for registered conference participants and registered
accompanying persons during the following hours:
Monday 29 July         9.00 – 18.00 hours
Tuesday 30 July        9.00 – 18.00 hours
Wednesday 31 July 9.00 – 16.00 hours

Construction and Dismantling of Stands
Construction: Sunday 28 July (08.00 – 19.00)
Dismantling: Wednesday 30 October (16:00 – 23.00 uur)

All registered conference participants and registered accompanying persons have free
admission to the exhibition.

Allocation of exhibition space
Exhibition space will be assigned by the Organizing Committee on a “first
come, first served” basis. If the requested location is not available, the exhibition manager
will assign space as close as possible to your preferred location in an impartial manner.
Exhibitors wishing to avoid being assigned space adjacent to that of a particular competitor
should indicate this on their application. All such requests will be respected as much as

Booth Rental
Floor space is available in units with a minimum of nine square meters (3x3 meters). The
stand rental fee is EURO 250 per square meter (excl. 19 % VAT). The rental fee is excluding
booth construction but includes free exhibitor badges and free announcement of the
company in the Final Programme.

General rules and regulations
The rules and regulations included in this invitation shall be read in conjunction with and as
part of the contract made between the applicant for booth space (hereafter called the
Exhibitor) and the International Conference on High Energy Physics (hereafter called the

Terms of Payment
The stand rental has to be paid in two instalments, as follows:
1. 45% by signing the contract for exhibition space;
2. 55% of the full payment is due and payable, before 15 May 2002
If applications are made after 15 May 2002, the stand rental must be paid simultaneously
with the application.
Shell Scheme Stand Construction
Exhibitors who do not wish to construct their own stand may order a shell scheme stand
construction at an additional charge. Basic shell scheme construction contains:
 Shell scheme walls 100 cm x 250 cm consisting of:
    Alucofol wall panels, colour white
    Aluminium profiles, height 250 cm and aluminium bars, height 10 cm
 Aluminium fascia-frame with fascia-panels, height 30 cm, colour white
 Decoration: 1 x company name and booth number in standard letter type, Helvetica,
   height 7.5 cm colour black
 Electricity: per 4 sqm. 1 spotlight 100W and per booth 1 wall socket, double till 1 kW,
   including main connection and consumption till 1 kW
The price of this basic shell scheme stand construction is EUR 50.- per square meter,
excluding booth rental and VAT.

Exhibition Manual
In February 2002, the Exhibition Manual, containing a list of official contractors, available
services, pertinent order forms for audio-visual equipment, signage, parking permits,
furniture, labour, flowers, telephone, air plumbing, electricity, security and booth cleaning will
be sent to exhibiting companies from which the organisation has received the signed
exhibition contract.

Floor Plan
Enclosed you will find the floor plan of the exhibition on which you can indicate the booth
space and location of your preference.

How to book exhibition space?
Please complete the enclosed exhibition contract and return it to the Conference Secretariat.
On receipt of your contract we will send you a confirmation and invoice for the first instalment
of 45% of the total amount.

Cancellation of exhibit space – penalty
The exhibitor must give written notice to the organizer to cancel the reserved booths or
exhibit space or any portion thereof. In the event of cancellation there will be a cancellation
penalty, which will be determined according to the date upon which the cancellation letter is
received, as a percentage of the rental fee payable under the contract, as follows

Cancellation letter received:            Percentage of the booth space rental fee payable

Before February 15, 2002                 25%

Before April 1, 2002                     50%

Before June 1, 2002                      100%

Upon payment of this amount to the Organizer by the Exhibitor (credit being given by the
Organizer for all rental already paid by the Exhibitor) the contract shall be cancelled and
neither party shall have any further claim against the other.
                                 EXHIBITION CONTRACT
                                    (Please complete in capitals)

Company name:           ______________________________________________________

Contact person:         ______________________________________________________

Address:                ______________________________________________________


Postal code/city:       _____________________________________________________

Country                 _____________________________________________________

Tel.: _____________________ Fax: ___________________E-mail: _________________

The following goods will be exhibited in our booth:




Number of m2:                   ____________________ (minimum 9 m2)

[ ] open space for EURO 250 per m2               [ ] add. shell scheme for EURO 50 per m2

TOTAL AMOUNT EURO _________________ (excl. 19% VAT)

We are interested in stand number(s) (see floor plan) ____________

Undersigned declares that the sum of EUR _________________, representing 45% of the total
amount being sent within 10 days after receipt of the invoice of the first instalment by bank transfer to
Bank Account Number Fortis Bank (Nederland NV) Amsterdam, the Netherlands, clearly
marked for ICHEP Conference. The Swift code of the Fortis Bank is: MEESNL2A.

The undersigned is fully aware of the terms and conditions of the general regulations set out enclosed
and accepts without reservations.

Date and place:____________________________              Signature: ___________________

Please return this contract to:
Eurocongres Conference Management, Jan van Goyenkade 11, NL- 1075 HP AMSTERDAM
Fax: +31 20 673 73 06, E-mail:
                              SPONSOR INTEREST FORM
                                  (Please complete in capitals)

Company name:         ______________________________________________________

Contact person:       ______________________________________________________

Address:              ______________________________________________________


Postal code/city:     ______________________________________________________

Country               _____________________________________________________

Tel.: _____________________ Fax: ___________________E-mail: _________________

We are interested in sponsoring the ICHEP Conference. Please contact us about the
following possibilities

Sponsor items:

[ ]    Inclusion in the list of acknowledgments          EURO 1,000
[ ]    Full colour advertisement                         EURO 1,500
[ ]    Black/white advertisement                         EURO 1,000
[ ]    Conference bag incl. manufacturing                EURO 15,000
[ ]    Conference bag excl. manufacturing                EURO 6,000
[ ]    Insert in conference bag                          EURO 1,250
[ ]    Link to the web site                              EURO 1,000
[ ]    Notepads and pens                                 EURO 2,000
[ ]    Poloshirts                                        EURO 2,500
[ ]    Internetcafe                                      EURO 3,500
[ ]    Lunch, diner, receptie, coffee/tea                to be discussed

[ ]    Others, ___________________________________________________

Date/place:____________________________             Signature ___________________

Please complete and return to:
Eurocongres Conference Management, Jan van Goyenkade 11, NL- 1075 HP AMSTERDAM
Fax: +31 20 673 73 06, E-mail:

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