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Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 2                       January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

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           The holiday season has come and gone but we are still in a festive mood
           here at the Library.

           We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy healthy and
           productive New Year !

           The library’s collection of books and other materials has continued to grow,
           circulation is up and membership is holding steady. We are continuing to
           add hundreds of new books every year and are keeping our journals
           collection healthy and up-to-date.

           Come and see for yourself how your library is growing and improving. After
           all, YOU made it all possible.

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                                      D D Lewis, Football player,
                                 Out of Bits & Pieces, September 2004
Eskom Megawatt Park                Page 3                       January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

                       THE PERFECT EXCUSE! or
              Why my book has not been returned to the library!
           ... cuz I left it in my truck and my truck was in an accident
               and got towed to the garage and I won't be able to get
               to the garage in Abbotsford until this weekend.
           ... my mother took it camping and lost it.
           ... I didn't take it out!
           ... cuz my cat peed on it and it smells too bad.
           ... it flew out the car window on the N1 Freeway and was
               devoured by an 18 wheeler!

             Why did the librarian slip and fall on the

                       library floor?
                 Because she was in the non-friction

                      Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
                                          Victor Hugo (1802-18886)
                                   Out of Bits & Pieces, September 2004
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 4                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter



          330.34(6) AFR
           African development indicators
           World Bank

          620.92 BIO
           Bioenergy options for a cleaner environment:             in developed and
           developing countries
           Raiph E H Sims

           Book description
           Bioenergy options for a clear environment describes the biomass resource
           and its delivery. A panel of international experts describe the range of
           conversion technologies both commercially available and under
           development, and explore the technical, environmental and socio-economic
           barriers and benefits of using biomass in both developed and developing

               Covers a number of perspectives, taking the reader through the whole
                process from the bioenergy resource through conversion to fuel, to
                policy issues.
               World class editor and contributors
               Accessible and useful to those working in agriculture, forestry and
                planning, as well as energy researchers.

          620.9(031) ENC Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5 and Vol 6
           Encyclopedia of energy
           Cutler J Cleveland

           Book description
           “… a timely information resource as rising energy costs and consumption
           engenders a renewed focus on the subject … the Encyclopedia of Energy is
           strongly recommended for academic and large public libraries.”
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 5                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

         658.818 CON
          Energy in focus

         620.92 FAN
          Energy: technology and directions for the future
          John R Fanchi

          Book description
          Text highlights the need for alternative energy sources and surveys new
          sources available for use in the twenty-first century. Offers abundant
          halftone illustrations, appendices, references, and index.

         621.43.068.3 TIL
          Fuels of opportunity: characteristics and uses in combustion systems
          David A Tillman, N Stanley Harding

          Book description
          This book considers a diverse range of opportunity fuels and their application
          by addressing the following fundamental issues:

              What are the specific fuel properties of these opportunity fuels?
              What are the combustion/conversion characteristics of these fuels fired
               alone or in combination with conventional fossil fuels?
              How are they best applied in energy settings?
              What are the technical and environmental consequences of their use?

         65.012.122 AND
          Goal directed project management: effective techniques and strategies
          Erling S Anderson, Kristoffer V Grude, Tor Haug, Mike Katagiri, Rodney

          Book description
          Taking an approach to project management that simultaneously develops
          people, products, and the organisation, this book offers tools for setting
          project goals, breaking each goal down into controllable intermediate goals,
          dividing work tasks into many parts, and monitoring them so that intermediate
          goals are achieved on the way towards a completed project.

         504.6 EDW
          ISO 14001 environmental certification step by step
          A J Edwards
Eskom Megawatt Park                    Page 6                    January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter


         65.012.2 CAM
          Making sense of change management: a complete guide to the models,
          tools & techniques of organizational change
          Esther Cameron, Mike Green

          Book description
          Organisational coaches Cameron and Green offer advice to organizational
          manager’s on individual, team, and organizational change. They first set out
          the theory of change for each of these levels and then provide guidance on
          specific change scenarios, including organizational restructuring, mergers
          and acquisitions, cultural change, and information-technology-based process

         621.315 DEK
          Practical power distribution for industry
          Jan De Kock, Cobus Straus

         669.16 (680) PRO
          Proceedings of the tenth international ferroalloys congress
          Cape Town

                                God gives every bird his worm, but He does not
                                             throw it into the nest.
          P D James
          Devices and Desires
          Out of Bits & Pieces, September 2004

         65.012.122 NIC
          Project management for business and engineering:             principles and
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 7                       January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          John M Nicholas

          Book description
          Project Management for Business and Engineering is a direct response to
          the ever-increasing need for better project management.          This book
          encompasses the full range of project management – everything from origins,
          philosophy, and methodology to actual applications. Nicholas describes
          concepts and techniques such as project initiation and proposals, scope and
          task definition, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, control, project
          organisation, and the often overlooked “people” side – project leadership,
          team building, conflict, and stress management.

         968 SOU
          South Africa at a glance

          Book description
          SA 2001-02 SA at a Glance is the 17th edition of a pocket size annual
          reference covering politics, history, the economy and tourism. Concise,
          comprehensive and convenient, it is well written by three former newspaper
          editors and a retired ambassador. Full of relevant, up-to-date information
          and statistics, the book is widely used by government, academia and the
          private sector. There is also the lighter side in Quick Fixes and Getting to
          Know Us sections. The book is published after the annual budget
          presentation so that the target audience – business and the discerning
          tourists – has the latest official policy statement to supplement the latest data
          available on trade, social indicators, demographic and comparative statistics.

         336.2 (680) TAX
          Tax year 2005: guidelines for employers – Belastingjaar 2005: riglyne
          vir werkgewers

         65.012.43 DAP
          The case for corporate responsibility
          Lucilia Fernandes da Piedade

         681.32 EFF
          The effective IT: 30 ways to get the best from it: report 2004

         620.97 HYD
Eskom Megawatt Park                    Page 8                       January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

           The hydrogen energy transition:         moving toward the post petroleum
           age in transportation
           Daniel Sperling
           James S Cannon

           Book description
           The focus of this text is to address key questions with regard to the transition
           to hydrogen fuel to satisfy the world’s rapidly growing need for alternative fuel
           options. The initiatives set forth in this text will mold the research,
           development and education efforts that will change the practice of fuel
           consumption in the near future.

          681.324 (680) SOU
           The SA e-enterprise map: the essential tool for the connected economy

          65.012.2 THI
           The 3rd opinion: leading in today’s complex world and overstressed

          620.92 SCH
           The solar economy: renewable energy for a sustainable global future
           Hermann Scheer

           Book description
           Scheer is a member of the German parliament and head of european and
           world associations for renewable energy. He makes a case for throwing off
           the chains of dependence on fossil fuels, and building an economy and
           society that draws from solar energy directly.

                                       Irish Proverb


          316.472.3 CRO
           Cross-cultural communication:         the essential guide to international
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 9                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          Gerad Bannon, John Mattock

          Book description
          The increasingly global nature of business means that business people are
          meeting more regularly with clients overseas. But the global marketplace is a
          potential landmine if there is difficulty communicating effectively.

          Mattock has wide experience of working in very different cultures, and he
          offers accessible advice on how to get it right. Covering all the essential
          communication skills necessary to survival in unfamiliar surroundings, the
          guide explores company style, local culture, the character of individuals,
          negotiation tactics, getting the timing right, and how to communicate clearly
          and persuasively.       It also describes terms that commonly lead to
          misunderstanding, exercises, checklists, examples, opinions and case
          studies, taken from business people from around the world.

         621.3.01 BIR
          Electrical and electronic principles and technology
          John Bird

          Book description
          John Bird introduces electrical principles and technology through examples
          rather than theory – enabling students to develop a sound understanding of
          the principles needed by technicians in fields such as electrical engineering,
          electronics and telecommunications. Over 600 problems and 400 worked
          examples are included.

          This new edition of Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology is
          fully in line with the new 2000 GNVQ specifications from Edexcel and City &
          Guilds, covering optional units for Advanced GNVQ: Electrical and Electronic
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 10                     January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

         621.3.049 BIR
          Electrical circuit theory and technology
          John Bird

          Book description
          Comprehensive text for courses in electrical and electronic principles, circuit
          theory and electrical technology. The coverage takes students from the
          fundamentals of the subject, to the completion of a first year degree level
          course. Thus, this book is ideal for students studying engineering for the first
          time, and is also suitable for pre-degree vocational courses, especially where
          progression to higher levels of study is likely.

          John Bird’s approach, based on 700 worked examples supported by over
          1000 problems (including answers), is ideal for students of a wide range of
          abilities, and can be worked through at the student’s own pace. Theory is
          kept to a minimum, placing a firm emphasis on problem-solving skills, and
          making this a thoroughly practical introduction to these core subjects in the
          electrical and electronic engineering curriculum.

         621.438 GAS
          Gas turbine world 2003 GTW handbook: for project planning, design,
          construction and operation
          Cape Town

         681.32 BEL
          How to set up information systems:          a non-specialist’s guide to the
          Multiview approach
          Simon Bell, Trevor Wood-Harper

          Book description
          A spectacular dialogue of the deaf has been on-going for many years.
          Information systems are as misunderstood today as they have been for a
          decade. The designers who make them, the managers who commission
          them and the stakeholders who use them consistently fail to communicate
          with each other, resulting in the inevitable plethora of systems failures which
          appear in the media every week.
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 11                     January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          This book seeks to address the key problem of transforming organizational
          need into information systems delivery. Using understandable language,
          real world examples and user-focused tools and techniques it aims to deliver
          sustainable information systems in even the most complex contexts.

         658.562 HOY
          ISO 9000: quality systems handbook
          David Hoyle

          Book description
          This handbook is an essential guide to enable organisations to understand
          and apply ISO 9001:2000 requirements and the principles that underpin this
          radical revision of the family of standards.

          Unlike other books on the subject, each element, clause and requirement is
          analysed in detail with practical guidance provided for its implementation.

          The handbook is written for those managing existing quality systems as well
          as those establishing a quality system for the first time. It is written in an
          easy-to-follow format and style suitable for students, practitioners, discerning
          managers, instructors and auditors. It offers a range of solutions that are
          acceptable in many industries.

         65.011.4 NEE
          Managing corporate reputation and risk:       developing a strategic
          approach to corporate integrity using knowledge management
          Dale Neef

          Book description
          With the collapse of high-profile companies such as Enron and Tyco,
          worldwide anti-globalisation protests, and recent revelations of questionable
          behaviour by financial groups and auditors, corporate behaviour has become
          the highest priority topic for business people, investors, politicians and the
          public. Yet despite the critical importance of maintaining public and
          shareholder trust, most corporations make very little formal effort to actively
          manage the activities that can put their reputation, share price, and customer
          base at risk. Most corporations officially embrace the concept of Corporate
          Social Responsibility: but giving money away to local communities or worthy
          causes will not prevent an ethical disaster.

          The problem is not social irresponsibility; the problem is a lack of knowledge
          about what is taking place in the company or at its subcontractor sites. What
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 12                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          companies need to be thinking about is not a theoretical construct around
          Corporate Social Responsibility, or how they can spin public opinion by
          charitable actions. They need to be thinking about how they can create a
          practical knowledge and risk management framework in their company that
          allows them to avoid costly and reputation-damaging behaviour in the first

          Ultimately, this comes down to knowledge management. Whether violations
          of human rights, employment law, or environmental standards – or simply
          accounting shenanigans – invariably the reason that these activities are not
          anticipated and avoided is simply that executives and board members do not
          realize what is happening in the organisation, and what the likely implications
          of actions will be.

          This can be avoided by applying knowledge management techniques in three
          important areas:

          1.   They need to mobilize key employee knowledge and the vast amount of
               information available on potentially sensitive issues in a way that allows
               key decision-makers to “sense and respond” quickly and correctly to
               developing risks.
          2.   It means creating objective, scenario-based guidelines for ethical
               behavior, communicating those guidelines using knowledge
               management techniques among key organizational leaders, and
               providing a workable system of incentives for managers to surface
               potentially dangerous issues.
          3.   Companies need to adopt emerging guidelines such as AA1000 that
               provide for ethical procedures and performance indicators that enable
               companies to audit and monitor their own behaviour, and also to
               provide shareholders and the buying public with an objective report on
               the company’s ethical performance.

          We must always change, renew, rejuvenate
          ourselves; otherwise we harden.
                             Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749 – 1832)
                                        Poet and dramatist
                                   Bits & Piece September 2004

         65.012.2 BRI
          Managing transitions: making the most of change
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 13                     January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          William Bridges

          Book description
          From the most trusted voice on transition, a revised edition of the classics
          practical guide to dealing with the human side of organizational change.

          The business world is a place of constant change, with stories of corporate
          mergers, layoffs, bankruptcy, and restructuring hitting the news every day.
          Yet as veteran consultant William Bridges maintains, the situational changes
          are not as difficult for companies to make as the psychological transitions.
          Bridges provides a clear understanding of what change does to employees
          and what employees in transition can do to an organisation.

         51-74:621.3 ATT
          Mathematics for electrical engineering and computing
          Mary Attenborough

          Book description
          This book embraces many applications of modern mathematics, such as
          Boolean Algebra and Sets and Functions, and also teaches both discrete and
          continuous systems – particularly vital for Digital Signal Processing. In
          addition, as most modern engineers are required to study software, material
          suitable for Software Engineering – set theory, predicate and prepositional
          calculus, language and graph theory – is fully integrated into the book.

          Excessive technical detail and language are avoided, recognizing that the
          real requirement for practicing engineers is the need to understand the
          applications of mathematics in everyday engineering contexts. Emphasis is
          given to an appreciation of the fundamental concepts behind the
          mathematics, for problem solving and undertaking critical analysis of results,
          whether using a calculator or a computer.

         316.46 ADA
          Not bosses but leaders
          John Adair, Peter Reed
Eskom Megawatt Park                    Page 14                    January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          Book description
          A book that can genuinely be called a “classic”, this pioneering work from
          leadership guru John Adair has transformed the understanding of how
          leadership works and how executives can become business leaders. Adair
          presents his views as a dialog with a young business executive, who is soon
          to become a strategic leader. By using this approach “Not Bosses but
          Leaders” offers accessible guidance on exactly what is needed to become a
          leader, as each fundamental aspect of leadership is exposed and explained.

         621.396 BAI
          Practical fiber optics
          David Bailey, Edwin Wright

          Book description
          Text provides a design, installation, and troubleshooting guide to fiber optics
          for engineers working in the industry, introduces different types of fiber optic
          systems and components; and develops the skills needed for selection, use,
          and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

         621.317.31 PRO
          Protection against over current: guidance not 6

          Book description
          A series of guidance notes has been issued, each of which enlarged upon
          and amplifies the particular requirements of a part of BS 7671:2001. Each of
          these guides is extensively cross-referenced to the Regulations thus
          providing convenient and ready access. Some guidance notes contain
          information not included in the 16th Edition but which was included in earlier
          editions of the IEE Wiring Regulations.
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 15                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

         621.224.7 WIL
          Pumps as turbines: a user’s guide
          Arthur Williams

          Book description
          Pocket-size guide for engineers and technicians involved in designing and
          installing small water-power schemes. Discusses the use of standard pump
          units as a low-cost alternative to conventional turbines to provide stand-alone
          electricity generation.

         621.548 KHE
          Small wind systems for rural energy services
          Smail Khennas, Simon Dunnett, Hugh Piggott

          Book description
          A concise guide to all the essential steps for setting up wind business service
          in developing countries. Deals with all the key aspects of promoting wind
          energy for domestic and uses, as well as giving a guide to needs
          assessment, resource assessment, the economics of small wind machines
          and technology choice.

         681.32 CEN
          The 21st century CIO: unprecedented challenge and opportunity in a
          new era
          CSC Research Services

         65.012.41 THO
          The coaching handbook: an action kit for trainers & managers
          Sara Thorpe, Jackie Clifford

          Book description
          Packed with practical information, case studies and exercises. A non-stop
          shop of a book offers everything readers need to be able to harness the
          powerful and successful technique of coaching.

         621.3.003.1 EPR
          The EPRM glossary
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 16                    January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

         316.46 ADA
          The inspirational leader:     how to motivate, encourage and achieve
          John Adair

          Book description
          Text reinforces the argument that leaders are not born, but made. Taking the
          form of conversations between a young chief executive and the author, text
          explores the nature and practice of leadership.

         65.011 LIT
          The little black book

         331.108.45 (680) NAT
          The national training directory 2002-2003
          Department of Labour SA

         620.92 ELS
          The thermo economics of energy conversions
          Yehia M El-Sayed

         620.92 WAV
          Wave energy conversion: working group on wave energy conversion
          R Bhattacharyya, M E McCormick

         621.311 SCA
          Wiring systems and fault finding for installation
          Brian Scaddan

          Book description
          This book is a handy reference guide that deals with an area of practice
          which many students and technicians find particularly challenging. The
          readership of this book includes installation and plumbing contractors,
          heating engineers, and anyone who needs to be able to trace faults in
          circuits, whether they be in domestic, commercial or industrial systems.
          Coverage includes the interpretation of circuit diagrams, wiring systems, and
          the principles and practice of testing and fault diagnosis. Applications
          focused on include heating systems and intruder alarms.

         620.9 (100) INT
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 17                     January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

           World energy outlook
           International Energy Agency

           Book description

           This study assesses the prospects for investment in the global energy sector
           through 2030, attempting to answer questions related to capital needed to
           finance the construction of energy-supply infrastructure, and to the obstacles
           the energy sector will need to overcome to attract this investment. Seeking
           to stimulate debate among policy-makers, investors, and the energy industry,
           the study examines new capacity needs for production, transformation and
           transportation, unit capital costs, and incremental capacity needs for each
           fuel and region.


          620.92 WIL
           An end to global warming
           Laurence O Williams

           Book description
           Williams shows why we must stop using fossil fuels and evaluates a host of
           alternatives to arrive at a robust energy system that will modernize world
           energy production and protect the environment.

          621.311 ELE
           Electrical utilities of the world: the new electrical industry 2002

          620.92 BEG
           Energy: management, supply and conservation
           Clive Beggs

          395 SCH
           Helena van Schalkwyk
           Cape Town
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 18                     January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

         621.92 HAN
          Hands on energy, infrastructure and recycling
          Emma Judge

          Book description
          Appropriate “green” technologies are sometimes regarded as a second-rate
          solution but the three volumes of “Hands On” challenges this concept by
          presenting real-life examples of successful viable alternatives to demonstrate
          appropriate technological stories from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin
          America. All of the stories included have been produced as a result of
          personal experience form somewhere in the world. Subjects covered include
          success stories from agriculture, agro-processing, enterprise, energy,
          building and shelter, water and sanitation.

          “Hands On” promotes appropriate technologies and environmentally sound
          solutions which can help reduce consumption. All of the new technologies
          and scientific breakthroughs described can be readily applied by individuals
          at a reasonable cost to themselves and to the community. Some of the
          initiatives can be applied in the home while others can be used by
          entrepreneurs to stimulate green business and small-scale enterprise. While
          the intention of “Hands On” is to promote affordable and replicable
          technologies, there are a number of large scale “industrial” examples and
          experimental initiatives which are clearly beyond the reach of individuals.
          These are intended to stimulate the interest of, and encourage the
          investment by, big business.

         158.98 BAR
          How to pass advanced aptitude tests
          Jim Barrett

          Book description
          The use of tests as part of job selection and assessment procedures is now a
          routine part of the process. Most candidates can expect to face a battery of
          tests, including those aimed at identifying a person’s aptitude for a particular
          job. This is particularly true for those applying for positions of increased
          responsibility, where the selection procedures can be even more rigorous.
          This book aims to familiarize readers with the types of test they will face, as
          through practice candidates can improve on their test performance. There is
          also a self-assessment section that allows readers to ascertain which career
          path might be the right one for them, and more importantly whether they are
          currently in the right job.

         519.68 SQL
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 19                    January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          Programming Microsoft SQL server 2000 with Microsoft visual
          Rick Dobson

          Book description
          This definitive guide is for developers seeking the fastest ways to transform
          data into potent business solutions. If you’re looking for expert insights on
          how to build powerful, secure solutions with SQL server 2000 and Visual
          Basic.Net, this is the book for you.

         519.68 BASIC
          Programming Microsoft visual basic.net
          Francesco Balena

          Book description
          Useful for VB developers of all levels, Programming Microsoft Visual
          Basic.Net offers a massive and comprehensive guide to the new VB.NET.
          While concentrating on “traditional” programming techniques brought up to
          speed with .NET, this book also covers essential Web development, making
          it a solid choice for those making the leap from VB 6.

          The sheer size of this volume is its obvious distinguishing feature. Weighing
          in at over 1,600 pages, it’s easily one of the largest programming books ever
          published. The scope of coverage here is wide-ranging and comprehensive.
          The author first presents a basic language-based tutorial of the new VB.NET,
          highlighting basic keywords, data types, and new class design features like
          inheritance, delegates, and events.

          Patient, thorough coverage and plenty of short code examples are the
          guiding principles here. The tour of object-oriented features in VB.Net is
          among the best that you can find. Coverage of built-in .NET support for
          strings, match, date/time, and file I/O classes (and the like) will help you
          master these essential APIs. At many points, the author highlights what’s
          new and different from VB 6. There’s plenty of coverage of “traditional” VB
          applications, including the new Windows Forms, database programming with
          ADO.NET, and Win32 support including programming the Windows registry,
          MDI, graphics programming (with GDI+), Windows services, and the like.

         62 (1-773) WIL
          Technology transfer for renewable energy:          overcoming barriers in
          developing countries
          Gill Wilkins
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 20                    January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          519.68 BASIC
           Visual basic .NET complete
           San Francisco

           Book description
           Delivers the essential skills you need to start programming with VB.NET –
           including the basics of the new language and developing Windows
           applications with the new Visual Studio.NET tools.


          65.012.2 THE
           Creation of a strategic framework for culture change in an energy
           sector organisation
           Mamodingwana Elizabeth Thebe
           University of Warwick

          620.9(4) EUR
           European energy industry business strategies
           Atle Midttun

           Book description
           Since the European Union’s de-regulation policy for electricity and energy
           suppliers was implemented, new strategic configurations have emerged.
           Traditional restraints of geographical limitations on energy companies have
           been partly removed: the diversity at national regulatory and company level
           means that the European scene is one of a multiplicity of strategic
           configurations and developments, whilst also being complex and segmented.
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 21                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

           This book highlights the strategic and regulatory challenges of European
           deregulation, with its main focus being on the business strategies within the
           emerging de-regulated electricity markets; various regulatory implications
           which are raised in this new climate are discussed. Some of the central
           strategic issues facing the electricity industry in its new competitive context
           are explored and reviewed, with classical themes debated as a prelude to
           the following empirical investigation of actual business.

          519.68 FRONT
           Microsoft frontpage 2002 in 24 hours
           Rogers Cadenhead

           Book description
           Microsoft Frontpage is one of the most popular tools for creating Web pages
           and sites. It is particularly appealing to beginning and intermediate-level
           users who don’t necessarily want to have to be experts in HTML or
           JavaScript in order to create a professional looking Web site. Most users
           want to quickly learn only the most common, most important tasks involved
           in creating simple, well-designed Web sites.

          681.32 PRE
           Preparing for the implications for e-security
           CSC Research Services

          621.311 STA
           Statistical data on electricity in Italy
           Gesotre Rete Transmissione Nazionale


          621.311 CLA
           Electricity in households and micro-enterprises
           Joy Clancy, Luch Redeby

          620.92 SOR
           Renewable energy:    its physics, engineering, use, environmental
           impacts, economy and planning aspects
           Bent Sorensen
           San Diego

          621.311 (680) ELE
Eskom Megawatt Park                   Page 22                      January 2005
Information Centre Newsletter

          Electricity supply statistics for South Africa

         336.763 KIY
          Rich dad’s guide to investing: what the rich invest in, that the poor and
          middle class do not!
          Robert T Kiyosaki
          New York

          Book description
          The rich are different from the rest of us, if for no other reason than US tax
          and securities laws allow them to invest in ways that keep us from catching
          up to them. That’s why 90% of all corporate shares of stock are owned by
          10% of the people. Kiyosaki believes it’s possible for anyone to move up into
          that 10%, but it takes a different view of investing than most people have; it
          takes a plan to be a successful investor. And a plan is more than simply
          buying and selling, or collecting “assets” that bring in no cash and are thus
          more akin to liabilities. The way most people invest, “they might as well be
          pushing a wheelbarrow in a circle,” he writes. A plan is “mechanical,
          automatic, and boring,” a formula for success that has worked historically for
          most of those who’ve used it.

          Kiyosaki’s “rich dad” (actually, the father of his best friend) tells him the
          simplest analogy is the game Monopoly: buy four green houses, trade them
          for one red hotel, and repeat until you become rich.

          The overall message of “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” is that this is an
          abundant world, full of opportunity for the sophisticated investor. However, it
          sometimes takes a while to find this point. Much of the book is told in
          dialogues between young Kiyosaki and his rich dad, and these conversations
          can ramble. There are rewards for the careful reader – for example, in the
          middle of a section on the basic rules of investing. Kiyosaki’s rich dad
          compares investor education to toilet training: difficult at first but eventually
          automatic. But getting to these inspired metaphors means wading through a
          lot of repetitive dialogue. It’s a bit ironic that someone who advocates
          investor discipline should show so little as a writer. But by the end of the
          book, even the rambling starts to make sense. By the hundredth time you
          read that the rich don’t work for money, and that you don’t need money to
          make money, both concepts start to make sense. It still looks difficult to
          apply these ideas, but “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” certainly makes the
          case that they’ll work for anyone bold and smart enough to practice them.

         658.562 BER
          Quality management for the technology sector
          Joseph Berk, Susan Berk
Eskom Megawatt Park                  Page 23                    January 2005
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           Book description
           Contains detailed technical reviews on essentials of quality management in
           highly technical environments, covering quality concepts, measurement,
           statistical techniques, experimental design, current quality standards, and
           delivery performance improvement. Includes many practical examples and
           case studies drawing on the author’s observations of hundreds of companies
           making everything from biomedical devices to smart bombs. Joseph is a
           quality and productivity consultant to high technology organisations.


          336.764.2:62 ENE
           Energy and power risk management glossary


          159.923.2 GUT
           Overcoming common problems: the stress workbook
           Joanna Gutmann

          EPRI TR-109938
           Proceedings: Third international conference on boiler tube failures in
           fossil plants
           Electric Power Research Institute
           Palo Alto CA
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