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               Interview With Glen Kirkham Transcript

Brad: Hey this is Brad Langston from Facebook Cash Machines and today I’m excited to have
Glen Kirkham as my guest. Now for those of you that don’t know, Glen is a talented singer,
songwriter and producer and he is also a rock star on the Facebook marketing scene, as well as
the creator of the platinum selling Facebook course Facebook Fortunes.
How are you today Glen?

Glen: Amazing thanks Brad. What an amazing intro and every credit, I don’t think your listeners
actually know this but the only time we could get this call was 1 o’clock here in the UK which
means it’s 7AM right, where you are Brad?

Brad: Right, right, yeah

Glen: So that’s dedication man, that is real dedication, so it’s my pleasure to be here with you
today thanks.

Brad: Well that’s awesome Glen, glad to have you here. Unfortunately we don’t have time to
hear one of Glen’s concerts this morning, so we’ll have to focus on his Facebook marketing

So Glen how did you get started Marketing on Facebook?

Glen: Well I started off in the kind of internet marketing niche. Been in it quite a while now,
maybe 5 or six years and I was trying lots of different things out. I tried selling e-books for
example, I tried selling different courses, tried being an affiliate, tried pay-per-click, tried
everything really and I failed spectacularly at everything I tried for quite a long time.
 I remember I was trying to stop smoking and you know it’s something you do when you’re kind
of young, but I thought right I’m gonna try and stop smoking now and started seeing adverts in
my Facebook, on the right hand side of Facebook, adverts saying do you want to stop smoking,
and I was like how the hell does it know, how does Facebook know this. So I did a bit of
investigation and found out that it has a, like a really clinical way of finding out what people like
and don’t like and finding out what people’s problems are. So I thought the scope was massive
really to actually start marketing to like laser targeted specific people because what you’ll find
mostly with things like Google and the other paid marketing methods, or advertising methods
should I say is it’s very broad with respect to the capture like the capture net of all the people you
try to to get through to your page, whereas Facebook you can be just laser targeted, ultra specific.
So I started selling other people’s products via Facebook, started building up really large chunks
of people in the forms of Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups, and kind of went from there
really. Now I’m in hundreds of different niches, have literally millions of people available, you
know in terms of traffic to drive at any time day or night, so it’s really a versatile method.

Brad: That’s awesome Glen, I know a lot of our listeners are gonna be really interested in that,
so I’m going to get straight to it here. Today I’m going to hold your feet to the fire a little bit.
We’ve all heard the stories of people making you know hundreds and even thousands of dollars a
day from Facebook.
Glen: Uh huh

Brad: But here’s the catch. If you had to start from scratch today with no product, no website, no
list or jv partners and a limited budget and you absolutely had to raise $5000 in the next 30 days,
using only facebook and your existing knowledge, how would you do that?

Glen: That’s an absolutely stunning question. Um, make 5 grand. Ok well it’s funny because in
the Facebook Fortunes course, the course you mentioned earlier on, the game with that, the game,
well the challenge I set myself up was can I start again from nothing and do the same process
essentially and make money and it’s proven that this specific process is proven to work and it can
work to any scale and bring in any amount of money, so I’ll just like briefly share that with you.
I’d create a fan page or a group, either’s good, there both the same to be honest, they have their
benefits, but I’d go with the fan page for this purely because you can customize a fan page so
you can put what used to be FBML, which is the equivalent of Facebook’s version of HTML,
like the thing, the code that websites are made out of. But now it’s changed to i-frames which
you know are kind of similar, but the point of what I’m trying to say is, you can customize the
fan page ok.
So what I’d do is I’d find a fan page in a specific niche. So let’s say, off the top of my head, say
it’s the golf swing niche, you know so, or the golfers that want to improve their swing, I’m going
to create a page around that. And then what I’d do is, you know I imagine you saying limited

budget, ok you’re going to have to give me maybe a couple of hundred if you want me to make 5
grand in 30 days.
But what I’d do is on the i-frame on the custom tab that you can have on Facebook fan pages, I’d
have the option for someone to sign up to my list. Ok now I use I’m not affiliated
with them in any way and Aweber is basically an auto-responder service so when somebody put
their name and e-mail address in, in response to me giving them something for free, so I’ll get a
little book made for me, like a 10 page guide on how to improve your golf swing in the next 5
days for example. Give me your name and e-mail address and I’ll send that out to you.
Now what I’d do is I’d start driving some traffic through to that Facebook page via either pay-
per-click or I have quite a few, let’s say fake, Facebook accounts that have 5000 friends in each
of them, so I can just deploy maybe 10 or 20 of them accounts to send all 5000 friends through to
that page. Although that’s not highly targeted, it is a way to start that viral process. When
somebody signs up to receive that gift or that free guide or whatever it is, in my auto-responder
what I’d do is I’d send the redirect page, so once they’ve signed up they product straight to their
email, and the redirect page will go to either a Clickbank product, which is selling a golf book of
golf dvd or something to do with golf or I mean you could use Amazon as well if you wanted as
an affiliate or you could use e-bay as an affiliate or you could Commission Junction for CPA
offers as an affiliate and I’d monitor how many sign ups and opt ins it took to actually convert, to
sell that product.
Now the great thing is I’m a bit, um I’m quite defensive with respect to using Facebook because,
the reason I’d have the list in place is because I don’t want Facebook to go down tomorrow or for
them to change all their rules on fan pages for example, and you know suddenly my entire
business is depending upon the Facebook system, so that’s why I’d get an opt in, cause then I
know that at any time, day or night, I can email all of these people, who I know are interested in
golf and send them to either a sales page, somebody else’s products, my products of wherever.
So I think it would be, doing it that way, I think it would be quite easy to turn over 5 grand in a

Brad: Now you said that you already have a few basically fake pages, accounts is that correct?
Glen: That’s right, yeah.
Brad: Ok, Now how would you go about doing that without having those accounts already set
up or would you have to go about setting up a few accounts and getting people, you know,
getting friends on to your accounts, before you could then start the marketing process and be able
to make the 5000?

Glen: Well, first of all, I’d get it outsourced. I wouldn’t sit there and create 5000 accounts myself
cause that’s just laborious and time consuming. I’d a website called which is the
letter O and that’s basically Filipino and Indian outsourcers who I pay around $1.70 an
hour and they can pump out 15 – 20 accounts in an hour so I’d have a few of them working on it.
The only reason Brad that we use the, well I personally use the fake accounts is because there is
an ability to go to all the other, ok let’s use the golf niche, let’s just stick with that that niche. I
can go on Facebook and find maybe 20 or 30 fan pages about golf that have all got maybe
10,000, maybe some have got 50,000 and maybe some have got 2000, maybe some have got
100,000 and what I can do is I can scrape the list of id’s of all the people who are on their golf
pages, so I know that all of them are into golf ok.

So I then have a text file which has maybe half a million Facebook id’s of people who I know are
into golf ok. Now the reason I set these fake accounts up is because I’m going to start adding
these as friends. I’m going to start adding all of these people as friends to these Facebook
accounts. And all of these Facebook accounts, by the way, are going to be directed towards the
golf niche, so I’m going to get a picture of, you know, a royalty free image of a guy playing golf
or you know something that has a golf reference to it, so that people are like getting involved,
people want to, you know, connect with other golfers in the same kind of niche. So if we have,
let’s say we have 1000 accounts and we add 500 people to each of them accounts, that’s half a
million people who are into golf right? Then it’s just a case of suggesting all of them to the fan
page. And that’s the reason why we, well I don’t know if anyone else uses this process of using
Facebook, but it’s worked amazingly well for so I’ve literally got hundreds of thousands of fake
Facebook accounts in loads of different areas, in loads of different niches so that’s the way that I
personally dominate Facebook.

Brad: Ok so Glen, if our listeners wanted to learn more your methods and what you’re up to,
what would be the best way for them to do that?

Glen: Well my Facebook course is and there I basically recorded 21 videos of
me staring of with a fresh Facebook account, fresh Clickbank account, fresh Aweber account,
fresh email account, literally fresh everything and started again and my aim was over the space
of the 21 videos, can I, can everybody watch me like live, step by step doing every single process
from scratch and by the end can I make money and I do in the course. So it was more of a
challenge to me than the desire to set up a product, it was really all about can I do it again, can I
do it you know cause the first time it took me maybe 9 months to do it and now I can do it very
easily. By the time it gets to 7PM your time I could have made a few hundred dollars on
Facebook if I’d have started again from scratch. So the is the place where I’ve
kind of put all that to the test

Brad: Ok, so anyone interested in that, be sure to check out Glen’s course. And again this is
Brad Langston and I want to thank Glen for being my guest today. I really appreciate it Glen,
that’s some awesome information

Glen: Thanks Brad, it my pleasure. Thanks for listening man.

Brad: You bet. We’ll talk to you later Glen.

Glen: Lovely, cheers Brad. Take care.

Brad: You too.

Glen: Bye


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