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									MSC– The System Solution For
Conventional And Mulch Seeding                                          Links & Attachments:

With the new generation of MSC, Accord is responding to the              Brochure
                                                                          (PDF 2MB)
requirements of cost-conscious and successful farmers and
contractors who need to combine high forward speed output                Technical data
with quality crop establishment.                                          (PDF 115KB)

                                                             Disc        CT Farming Systems
                                                             Harro        (PDF 4.4MB)
                                                             n For
                                                             h And
The MSC 6m has a hopper capacity of 3,000 to 3,900
disc is individually mounted on rubber buffers. The depth of the
front section of the disc harrow can be independently adjusted to
that of the rear section. Optional, hydraulic parallel depth
adjustment of the entire disc harrows. Fixed cutting angle discs 20"   MSC 3 m
(508 mm), 2 x 18" outside hollow discs.

Wheel Packer For A Level Consolidated Seed Bed
Each pair of tyres are fixed with rubber mounting for overload
protection Scraper and stone deflector are fitted as standard. Tyre
size 6.50/80x15. A wheel packer for re-compaction in the field and
safe transport on the road. Pneumatic or hydraulic braking system
are available as an option.

                             Seed Coulter With Leaf-Spring
                             "Auto Reset" Stone Protection
                             The new CX Mulch seed coulter from
                             Accord operates at a constant coulter     The MSC 6 m hydraulic
                             pressure of 160 kg, to ensure even        folded for road transport.
                             depth placing including at high
                             working speeds. The proven leaf-
                             spring stone protection protects the
                             coulters against overload. The
                             coulter consists of a serrated steel
                             disc and a convex plastic disc. No
The press wheels for         adjustable scraper required!
optimum emergence.
Press Wheels For Optimum Emergence
Rubber mounted press wheels behind the CX Mulch seed coulters
feature infinitely variable pressure and depth adjustment for
optimum re-compaction. In wet conditions, the press wheels can
be fully raised to extend the machine's operational perameters.        The disc harrow section with
The S covering tines continue to work independently of this.           curved 520 mm discs for
                                                                       crumbling and levelling.
The Main Features Of The MSC
    Optimum levelling via the packer rollers and disc harrow
       sections prior to the seeding coulters
       Optimum reconsolidation in front of the seeding coulters
       Large capacity hopper, 3,700 litres (3,000 kg wheat)
       High output, up to 6.4 ha/h = 16 km/h (4m)
       30 to 35 hectares per day possible even with a 3 m
       High durability, rubber element protection system for all
        working tools, even on stony soils
       Excellent manoeuvrability of the implement due to close
        coupling between tractor and front packer wheels
       Operation, even in wet conditions, is possible due to the
        retractable press wheels                                        The wheel packer for
       Constant, even sowing depth across the whole machine            reconsolidation and levelling
        width, even in varying soil conditions within the same field    of the soil before seeding.

Accord MSC - Plough Or Mulch Seeding Operation
    Fuel savings
    Levelling of workload peaks
    Optimum use of the available sowing time due to high
    Constant depth control even on varying soils
    Optimum reconsolidation
    Maximum flexibility under all conditions
    Low maintenance

For Mulch Seeding                                                       The seed coulter with leaf-
     Lower equipment costs                                             spring "auto-reset" stone
     Stable soil structure
     Biologically active soil
     Reduced soil erosion

                               Electronic Control
                               Apart from the well-known FGS
                               tramline control and the ESC, the
                               MSC can be equipped with the
                               TELLUS. The Tellus is the
                               standardised ISOBUS-enabled
                               tractor terminal system from the
                               Kverneland Group which is also
                               suitable for other ISO-compatible
The TELLUS is the
standardised ISOBUS-            Via the ISOBUS connection,
enabled tractor terminal        TELLUS automatically identifies the
system from the Kverneland      job control unit, which is located on
Group.                          the machine. The Tellus terminal
                                displays the data received from the
job control unit and via a series of ”soft keys” allow programming
for complete set-up, monitoring and control of the machine.
TELLUS has an RS 232 port for GPS, which is also used as the
service interface.

For further information on ISOBUS, please refer to

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