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									       CGS 1000
Introduction to Computers and
Chapter 3
Application Software
        Identify the categories             Identify the key features of widely used
        of application software            home, personal, and educational programs

        Explain how to work                    Identify the types of application
      with application software               software used in communications

  Identify the key features of widely          Describe the function of several
       used business programs                         utility programs

Identify the key features of widely used     Describe the learning aids available
 graphics and multimedia programs                 for application software
            Application Software
   Programs designed to make users more productive.
   Uses:
          Efficient business activities
          Assist Graphic & Multimedia projects
          Support home/personal & educational tasks
          Facilitate Communication
   4 Categories:
      1.   Business
      2.   Graphics & Multimedia
      3.   Home/Personal/Educational
      4.   Communications
      How is software distributed?
   Packaged software: mass-produced, copyrighted retail
    software. MS Office
   Custom software: performs functions specific to a
    business or industry
   Open source software: provided for use, modification,
    and redistribution
   Shareware: distributed free for trial period
   Freeware: copyrighted software provided at no cost
   Public-domain software: freeware with no copyright
Categories of Application Software
              1. Business Software
•   Assists people in becoming more effective & efficient while performing
    business activities.
                  Business Software
   Word Processing Software:
          Allows users to create and manipulate text and graphics.
          Clip art, font, font style, font size, formatting, print
   Spreadsheet Software:
          Organizes data
          Calculations
          Charts
   How is a spreadsheet organized?
          Columns identified by letters
          Rows identified by numbers
          A cell is the intersection of a column and row
                 Business Software
   Database Software:
        Allows users to create, access, and manage a database.
        Database is a collection of organized data that allows
         access, retrieval & use of data.
        Parts of database:
              A table contains records
              A record is a row in a table that contains data about a given
               person, product, object, or event.
              A field is a column in a table that contains a specific category of
               data within a record.
              Business Software
   Presentation Graphics Software:
     Used to create visual aids for presentations
     A presentation is sometimes called a slide show

   Note Taking Software:
     Enables users to enter typed text, handwritten
      comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on the
     Notes are organized like a notebook
                    Business Software
   Personal Information Manager Software:
       Allows PDA users to help users organize personal
            Calendar, address book, notepad, and synchronization with desktop
   PDA Business Software:
       In addition to PIM software, a huge variety of business
        software is available for PDA like:
            Create documents & worksheets
            Manage databases
            Create slideshows
            Take notes
            Manage budget
                Business Software
   Software Suite:
     A collection of individual applications sold as a
      single package
     Microsoft Office, Sun StarOffice.

   Project Management Software:
       Allows you to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the
        events, resources, and costs of a project.
                Business Software
   Accounting Software:
       Helps companies record and report their financial
   Document Management Software:
     Provides a means for sharing, distributing, and
      searching through documents by converting them
      into a format that can be viewed by any user.
     PDF
              Business Software
   Enterprise Computing Software:
     A large organization requires special computing
      solutions because of its size and large geographical
     Each functional unit has specialized software
Graphics and Multimedia
        Graphics and Multimedia
•What is computer-aided design (CAD)?
  •Software that allows you to create engineering,
  architectural, and scientific designs

•What is desktop publishing (DTP) software?
  •Enables you to design and produce sophisticated
  documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors

•What is paint/image editing software?
  •Used to create and modify graphical images
  •Sometimes called illustration software
          Graphics and Multimedia
• What is video and audio editing software?
  • Video editing software allows you to modify a segment of a
     video, called a clip
  • Audio editing software allows you to modify audio clips

• What is multimedia authoring software?
  • Allows you to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and
     animation into an interactive presentation

• What is Web page authoring software?
  • Allows users of all skill levels to create Web pages
  • Some application software programs include Web page
     authoring programs
Software for Home, Personal, and
        Educational Use
          Application Software for
   Email
   FTP
   Web Browser
   Video Conferencing
   Message Board
   Chat Room
   Instant Messaging
   Blogging
       Popular Utility Programs

Antivirus    Personal    Spyware    Internet     File
Program      Firewall    Remover     Filters    Manager

        File                   CD/DVD         PC
     Compression               Burning    Maintenance
       Learning Aids and Support Tools for
              Application Software
   What is Online Help?
        Learning Aids and Support Tools for
               Application Software
   What is Web-based Help?
       A Web site linked from Online Help
       Provides updates and more resources to respond
        to technical issues about a program
       Some Web sites contain chat rooms where a user can talk
        directly with a technical support person
          Learning Aids and Support Tools for
                 Application Software
   How can I learn more about a software package?
           Books
           Web
           School

   What is Web-based training (WBT)?
          Self-directed, self-paced instruction on a topic on the
Summary of Application Software

      Application software

                                    Software for communications
        Business software

                                      Popular utility programs
Graphics and multimedia software
                                   Learning aids and support tools
   Software for home, personal,        within an application
       and educational use

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