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checklist by wanghonghx


									1 month before the move
Date     Done? What                                                         Notes
                 Confirm the date of the move.                              Make sure the move date is set in stone so that things aren't complicated later on.
                                                                            If you're currently renting then make sure you give your landlord at least your minimum notice
                 Give notice to landlord.
                 Book hotel if required, if move is taking over a few
                                                                            Booking well in advance will mean cheaper prices especially in the summer months.
                 Decide if you want to use a removal company.               See our guide on whether to use a removal company.
                 Check home insurance policy to see if contents are
                                                                            If not then you may want to use a removal company.
                 covered during the move.
                                                                            Give items away to charity or sell at a car boot sale or give to friends. Remember you'll need to
                 Sort through old stuff and have a clean out.
                                                                            go through any loft, basement, shed and garage.
                                                                            If your new place needs new furniture or carpets do your ordering now so that they'll arrive
                 Order new furniture or carpets if required.
                                                                            when you move in.
                 Notify your electricity, gas and water companies that      You need to give at least 48 hours notice, but it's best to get it out of the way. You may want to
                 you're moving.                                             look into using a new provider at the new residence.
                 Notify the list of other people who need to be told
                                                                            See our notify list.
                 around a month in advance.
                                                                            Find out if you can apply in advance before moving, or else you may need to make use of
                 Arrange parking permit for new residence.
                                                                            temporary visitor's permits until then.
                 Start collecting boxes.                                    You'll need lots of them if you're not using a removal company that provides them.

2 weeks before the move
Date      Done? What                                                        Notes
                 Start packing non-essential items like clothes you won't
                                                                            See our packing guide.
                 be wearing, books, etc...
                 Start using up things in the freezer/fridge.
                 Arrange to have keys for the new place ready for the
                 day you're moving.
                 Reconfirm details with removal company if you are
                                                                            Confirm times and addresses.
                 using one.
                 Arrange parking for the removal vehicle and also           Ideally you should arrange a parking suspension right outside your house so that things don't
                 unloading at the new residence.                            need to be carried so far.
                 Notify the list of other people who need to be told
                                                                            See our notify list.
                 around 2 weeks in advance.
1 week before the move
Date      Done? What                                                      Notes
                 Do the bulk of your packing.                             See our packing guide.
                                                                          It's recommended for identity security that you do this for at least 1 year. Do this at
                 Redirect your post.                             It takes at least 5 days for them to set it up and you'll
                                                                          be charged a fee.
                 Return library books and other borrowed items from
                 local friends and neighbours.
                 Arrange for children to be looked after for the day of   Either that or plan where it'll be safe for them to stay and what they can keep themselves
                 the move.                                                occupied with.
                 Arrange for pets to be looked after.                     Book them into a kennel/cattery or ask some friends or family to look after them for the day.
                 Write list of useful information for the new people      This might include such information as the location of utility meters, electrical boxes, rubbish
                 moving in.                                               collection, etc...
                 Arrange a locksmith to change the locks at the new       You'll have no idea who has a copy of the key for the new place, so the safest option is to have
                 residence.                                               the locks changed immediately.
                 Notify the list of other people who need to be told
                                                                          See our notify list.
                 around 1 week in advance.

2 days before the move
Date      Done? What                                                      Notes
                 Do last-minute laundry.
                 Empty, defrost and dry the fridge/freezer.               Either food which won't need a fridge for a while or arrange to eat out.
                 Prepare a list of important paper documents.             Contracts, telephone numbers for estate agent, landlord, solicitor, etc...
                 Pack valuables and important documents such as
                                                                            Make sure you keep this with you when you move.
                 passport, driving licences, and jewellery in a safe place.
                 Pack a bag or box with essential things you'll need
                                                                          Essential clothes, light bulbs, toiletries, medication, torch, toilet rolls, scissors, toolbox, tape.
                 during the move or just after.
                                                                          By now you should have most the packing done, leaving just the essential stuff out which you
                 Complete packing.
                                                                          can pack at the last minute.
                 Write an inventory list of boxes and items that need to
                                                                         You'll need this on the day of the move to check everything has reached your new residence.
                 be moved.

Day before the move
Date      Done? What                                                      Notes
                                                                          As the fridge is likely to be disconnected make sure you buy things which can survive without
                 Prepare food and drink for the move.
                                                                          being kept cold.
Charge your phone.   You might be on the phone quite a bit during the move to check it's all running smoothly.
On the day of the move
Date      Done? What                                                        Notes
                                                                            Or if they're staying with you then make sure they're somewhere safe and have something to
                 Settle the children in with their carer for the day.
                                                                            keep themselves occupied.
                 Drop any pets off with their carer for the day.
                 Strip the beds.
                 Pick up the keys to the new residence.
                 Make sure the removal company or anyone else who is They'll need to know what should and should not be moving, have the correct directions to the
                 helping is fully briefed.                           new place, a key to get in if you won't be there, and have a plan of where to unload everything.
                 Read and note the electricity, gas, and water meter        You may need to give this information to your utility company to make sure they bill you
                 readings.                                                  correctly.
                 Once everything is loaded, double-check the house for
                                                                            Remember to look in any loft, basement, shed and garage.
                 anything that might have been missed.
                 If possible run through the checklist of items and boxes
                                                                            The removal company may ask you to sign an inventory list of their own.
                 once everything is loaded.
                 Check everything is locked at the old residence and
                 hand in the keys to landlord or agent.
                 Check that electricity, gas, water, phone work in the
                 new residence.
                                                                            If you find a problem then notify your landlord if you are renting, or if you are the new owner
                 Check the state of the property for any issues.
                                                                            then alert your surveyor and solicitor if it isn't something mentioned in the original survey.
                 Once everything is unloaded check your inventory list
                 to make sure everything is there.
                 Check items for any damage.                                You'll need to notify the removal company or your home insurance to make a claim.
                 Store your valuables bag or box somewhere safe once
                 you have moved in.
List of people to notify

1 month before                                  Notes
Electricity company
Gas company
Water company
Telephone company
Internet company
Cable/Satelite TV company
Benefit or social security provider             For your local Job Centre Plus visit
Local councils for both old and new residence   For council tax purposes
Subscriptions for magazines, papers, etc..

2 weeks before                                  Notes
Inland Revenue                                  To do this online visit
Mobile phone company
Credit card companies
Store card companies
Friends and relatives
Insurance companies                             This might include house, car, health, life, pet
Pension companies

1 week before                                   Notes
DVLA                                            Both your driving licence and vehicle registration certificate need to
                                                be updated
TV License                                      To do this online visit
Car breakdown company
Electoral Register                              To do this online visit

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