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									                                                                                               Chapter 1
                                                                   Chapter 1 is all about bags, racks, eye
                                                                   protection, clothing and decals, such as our
                                                                   Lethal Threat “Bike Tattoos” decals, a full
                                                                   line of custom style stickers, embroidered
                                                                   patches and T-shirts. This is also where you
                                                                   will find the extensive line of Bobster
                                                                   eyewear and Zodiac-branded genuine
                                                                   Dickies pants, shorts and jackets. Sumax
                                                                   genuine fiberglass moulded hard saddlebags
                                                                   and a complete line of motorcycle luggage
                                                                   from K-Drive. New are Bluetooth headsets,
                                                                   which are ideal for rider-to-passenger or
                                                                   rider-to-rider communication to a distance
                                                                   up to 500 meters (0.3 miles or 546 yards).

Sumax hard saddlebags for Touring and Softail models

            Lethal Threat “Bike-Tattoos”, Custom Bike decals,
            embroidered patches and T-shirts

                                                                K-Drive saddlebags come in various
                                                                sizes, styles and materials

Bluetooth headsets are ideal for rider-to-passenger or
rider-to-rider communication
         Communication System/Backpacks/Leather Accessories


         Bluetooth radio technology allows wireless short-range
         communication and is commonly used with mobile phones. This
         technology is also ideal for rider-to-passenger or rider-to-rider
         communication to a distance up to 500 meters (0.3 miles or                 DOWCO'S UNIVERSAL MOTORCYCLE BACKPACK
         546 yards). One kit contains battery operated weather tight headsets       The Rally Pack is the perfect add-on portable storage system made
         for 2 persons. With a set of fully charged batteries you can use the       in the USA by Dowco. It solves the storage problems associated with
         system non-stop up to 7 hours. Headsets fit in any motorcycle helmet       road trips. Constructed of durable, weather resistant Heavy-Duty
         and feature wind and noise compensating microphones, providing a           black polyester, the Rally Pack backpack includes a jumbo backpack,
         good audibility up to approx. 120 km/h (75 MPH).The system can also        a roll bag, a vinyl roll bag liner and an attachable bungee net.
         be used to receive calls from your cell phone and to play stereo music     Thefoam-core construction maintains pack shape for easier packing
         from cell phone or MP3 player.With two systems a maximum of three          and provides additional protection of contents.The Jumbo backpack
         riders can be connected at the same time and also switches easily to       and roll bag may be used together or separately, depending upon
         any 2 of them.The maximum distance or "reach" between the riders           storage requirements. The Rally Pack also offers extra storage and
         without losing audibility is 500 meters.                                   easy access with front and side pockets and fits most Sissy Bar and
         743150 Bluetooth Multi-Interphone system for 2 persons                     luggage rack combinations. Quick, simple and easy to fasten with
                                                                                    reliable hook and loop strap closures.
                                                                                    234136 Dowco Rally Pack

                                                                                                            "QUICK ACTION" HEAVY-DUTY
                                                                                                            LEATHER KNIFE CASES
                                                           DELUXE’ LEATHER GRIP AND                         When the knife is pulled out of this Heavy-
                                                           LEVER COVERS                                     Duty black leather case, the blade opens
                                                           Whether in the wind or standing still, these     automatically.The belt straps and edges are
                                                           grip covers add a custom look to your ride.      studded for superior strength. Cases are
                                                           The genuine leather tassels hang 16” off the     available in left and right hand.
                                                           handlebar or lever ends, and may be              231618 Right hand knife case
         HANDLEBAR ACCESSORIES                             trimmed to suit your tastes. We recommend        231620 Left hand knife case
         Genuine black leather grip and lever covers.      using an adhesive when installing to ensure
         These custom crafted accessories are              a secure fit.
         complete with laces giving you the look, feel     231640 Grip covers deluxe
         and comfort of leather. Ensure a secure fit.      231641 Lever covers deluxe
         Sold in pairs.
         A. 231617 Grip cover set
         B. 231616 Lever cover set



                           K-DRIVE "CLICK & LOCK"
                           SADDLEBAG KITS
                           K-Drive's "Click & Lock" system
                           allows you to install and removal
                           of the saddlebags in just a few
                           seconds, but then locked with a key
                           to your bike. Bags and included
                           supports are made specifically for
                           every application for a perfect fit                                        K-DRIVE SADDLEBAGS
                           and won't damage your                                                      K-Drive bags are made of tough,
                           paintwork.The included saddlebag                                           waterproof Iparex 1100 and
                           supports follow the contour of the                                         reinforced with PVC. These bags
                           motorcycle, are perfectly chromed                                          feature leather straps and rust
                           and come complete with the                                                 proof buckles. Selected models
                           required hardware. Installation on                                         are also available with chrome
                           1994 to present Sportster models      studs. All black and sold in pairs for left and right.
                           requires relocation of the turn
                           signals onto the saddlebag            Plain      Chrome Studs
                           supports. These K-Drive bags are      745219     745220 K-Drive Universal Small saddlebags
                           made of tough, waterproof Iparex      745216     N/A      K-Drive Universal saddlebags double edge
                           1100 and reinforced with PVC,         745217     745218 K-Drive Universal saddlebags
                           feature leather straps and rust
                           proof buckles. Selected models are
                           also available with chrome studs.

Plain  Chrome
black  studs
745200 N/A      Fits all 1994 to present Sportster models,
                40 Liter/pair
745201 745202   Fits all 1991 thru 2006 Dyna models,
                38 Liter/pair
745203 745204   Classic round style, fits 1984 thru
                2006 Softail models, except 2006 Softail
                Standard and Night Train, 46 Liter/pair
745227 N/A             Fits all 2007 to present Dyna models,
                46.5 Liter/pair
745207 745208   Slant style, fits 1984 thru 2006 Softail
                models, except 2006 Softail Standard and
                Night Train, 50 Liter/pair
745205 745206   Fits 2006 Softail Standard and Night Train
                and all 2007 to present Softail models,
                46 Liter/pair

         Saddlebags/Saddlebag Accessories


                                                                            CLASSIC KING SIZE SADDLEBAGS 1948 STYLE
                                       K-DRIVE "CLICK & LOCK"               "Riders like these saddlebags" was the headline in the Original
                                       LEATHER SADDLEBAG                    Accessory catalog back in 1948, and riders still do.These handcrafted
                                       KITS                                 saddlebags are a perfect reproduction of the classic 1948 style
                                       K-Drive's "Click & Lock" system      saddlebags and are made of the finest grade upper cowhide available,
                                       allows you to install and removal    well waterproofed and practically wear proof. Saddlebags come in
                                       of the saddlebags in just a few      black with black welt in Regular rigid mount or Softail mount. Further
                                       seconds, but then locked with a      decorated with chrome plated studs and ornaments. Bags are approx.
                                       key to your bike. Bags and           20" long, 14" high, 5" wide on the top and 3" wide at the underside.
                                       included supports are made           Sold in pairs.
                                       specifically for every application   741861 Regular rigid mount, black welt
                                       for a perfect fit and won't          741862 Softail mount, black welt
                                       damage your paintwork. The
                                       included saddlebag supports
                                       follow the contour of the
                                       motorcycle, are perfectly
                                       chromed and come complete
                                       with the required hardware.
                                       Installation on 1994 to present
                                       Sportster models requires
                                       relocation of the turn signals
                                       onto the saddlebag supports.
                                       These K-Drive bags are made of
                                       real leather and feature rust
                                       proof buckles. Selected models
                                       are also available with chrome

         Plain   Chrome
         Leather studs
         745209 N/A    Fits all 1994 to present Sportster models,
                       40 Liter/pair
         745210 745211 Fits all 1991 to present Dyna models,
                       38 Liter/pair
         745212 745213 Fits 1984 thru 2006 Softail models, except
                       2006 Softail Standard and Night Train,
                       46 Liter/pair
         745214 N/A    Fits 2006 Softail Standard and Night Train
                       and all 2007 to present Softail models,
                       46 Liter/pair

                                                                            CHROME TEARDROP CONCHO
                                                                            Beautifully chromed, metal concho to dress up your saddlebags,
                                                                            saddle skirts, chaps, belts or many others. Attaches with screws, sold
                                                                            180388 Teardrop concho

                                                                                   Saddlebag/Saddlebag Supports


These rear fenders and saddlebags are made from fiberglass composite in precision built
moulds. These bagger style rear fenders fill the gap between the bags and your frame. For
1997 to present Touring models the fiberglass rear fender lays directly over the stock fender,
without any modification. For 1996 to present Softail models you either have to modify the
stock rear fender or you have to order the optional Softail Sub fender separately. The suitable
saddle bags are available in two versions.A version with stock measurements and a "Big Ass"
version that measures 2 1/2" overstock.These "Big Ass" saddle bags raise the storage capacity
with 30%, convenient for holiday trips or daily traveling.Also great for crash repairs, retaining
the stock appearance of your Bagger. Saddle bags for Softail models come complete with
support brackets. Although saddle bags on Touring models can be fitted with OEM brackets,
it is strongly recommended to use the separately available Phantom brackets. Phantom brackets
are made of stainless steel with black powder coating for increased strength and durability.
Also to be used as an upgrade for the OEM brackets with OEM saddle bags as found on FLHT,
FLHRC, FLHR, FLHTC and FLHTC-U models. Slotted holes are predrilled for precise fitment. All
saddle bags feature front chrome lockable latch and rear torque hinges, rich dark heather
trunk lining and rubber grommets with Dzus 1/4-turn quick release hardware. Bags are sold
in pairs in a grey primer gelcoat finish, ready for your painter's preparation .

Fits FLH/FLT models 1997 to present
751300 Saddle Bags, stock Touring measurements
751301 Big Ass saddlebags, 2 1/2" wider than stock
751307 Phantom Bracket kit                                                                          PHANTOM SADDLE BAG
751309 Bagger Style Fender                                                                          BRACKETS FOR TOURING
Fits Softail models 1986 to present (except 2006 to present FXST,                                   Phantom brackets are a "stronger then
FXSTB, FXSTS, FLSTFSE, 2007 to present FLSTF, FLSTC and all FXSTD                                   stock" replacement for the OEM brackets as
models)                                                                                             found on FLHT, FLHRC, FLHR, FLHTC and
751304 Saddlebags, stock Touring measurements with brackets                                         FLHTC-U models. Can also be used to mount
751306 Big Ass saddle bags, 2 1/2" wider than stock with brackets                                   aftermarket saddlebags on other FLH and
751310 Bagger Style Fender                                                                          FLT series models. Brackets feature slotted
751311 Bagger style Sub-Fender                                                                      holes for precise fitment and made out of
                                                                                                    stainless steel with a powder coated black
Note: Replacement of exhaust might be necessary when installing saddle bags on Softail              finish. Come complete with rubber bumper
models.                                                                                             cushions and stainless steel hardware. Fits
                                                                                                    FLH/FLT models 1997 to present.
Note: These saddlebags feature front hinges and are not compatible with OEM Tour-Packs.             751307 Phantom Bracket kit
We recommend the use our Arlen Ness saddlebags found elsewhere in this catalog for these

         Forkbags/Saddlebag Accessories/Saddlebag Supports
                                                                                                               K-DRIVE FORK BAGS
01                                                                                                             These K-Drive fork bags are made of tough,
                                                                                                               waterproof Iparex 1100 and reinforced with
                                                                                                               PVC, feature leather straps and rust proof
                                                                                                               buckles. Available in plain black or with
                                                                                                               chrome studs.

         Get the look and results of a professionally
         finished interior for your stock Harley hard
         saddle bag interior. It will protect your
         belongings and reduce rattles and noise to a
         minimum.The soft touch felt finish liner is precut
         and very easy to install. This complete kit          BAGGER BAG ORGANIZER FOR
         includes fit lining for 2 lids,2 bags,professional   HARD SADDLE BAGS
         spray adhesive and foam tape weather seal.           This organizer is made from water-resistant
         Available for OEM hard saddlebags on                 heavy-duty black polyester and is mounted
         1997 thru 2004 Touring models and our ZPN            inside your saddlebag. Feature a large cover
         751300 and ZPN 751304 fiberglass                     flap, metal reinforced mounting holes and
         saddlebags. as well as for OEM hard                  come complete with hardware and
         saddlebags on 2005 to present Touring models.        mounting instructions. Saddle bag organizer
         238504 Fits 1997 thru 2004 models                    measure 8" (20 cm) x 13" (33 cm) with one
                        and ZPN 751300 &                      large and three smaller pockets, great to        Plain  Chrome
                        751304 saddlebags                     store maps, tools, phone, camera and all         black  Studs
         238511 Fits 2005 to present models                   other small items. Saddle bag Organizers are     745221 745224 Small 26 cm long,
                                                              sold each and fit in left or right side saddle                 diameter 10 cm
                                                              bags as used on all hard luggage equipped        745222 745225 Medium 30 cm
                                                              Touring models (also know as Baggers)                          long, diameter
                                                              1993 to present.                                               12 cm
                                                              345550 Bagger bag organizer                      745223 745226 Large, 33 cm long,
                                                                                                                             diameter 10 cm

         These beautiful custom saddlebag latch
         covers are CNC machined from billet 6061-
         T6 aluminum and have a beautiful chrome
         plated finish. They replace the original
         equipment saddlebag latch cover to add a             SADDLEBAG SUPPORTS FOR 2006                      FEHLING SADDLEBAG SUPPORTS
         striking new look.They are sold in pairs and         TO PRESENT DYNA                                  FOR V-ROD
         come with all hardware. They fit 1993 to             German made saddlebag supports. Fits all         Very practical and sturdy design by Fehling.
         present Touring models equipped with color           Dyna models 2006 to present.                     Applicable for every saddlebag system
         matched hard saddlebags. Sold in sets of left        731635 Saddlebag supports                        available for V-Rod. Fits 2002 to present V-
         and right including chrome hardware.                                                                  Rod models.
         302198 Chrome billet aluminum                                                                         731657 Saddlebag supports
                     saddlebag latch cover kit

                                                                                                        Saddlebag Supports


Leather saddlebags are more than just an accessory, for travelers it’s a necessity. Take care that bags do not come into contact with rear shocks
or calipers as this may result in damaged bags, chrome or paint. Zodiac has three different styles available, quick removable Zip-Off, Slim-Lines
and Wide- Bodies. All three style supports have a perfect chrome finish.

Zip-Off style supports are very easy to “put on and take off” the bike and designed for those that only want them on when
A. 302111 Fits all 4 Speed Big Twin models from 1958-1986 (not Softail)
B. 302110 Fits 5 Speed Softail models from 1986 to 1999 (not Fat Boy and FLSTN)
C. 302257        Fits all Softail models 2000 to present, except FXSTD Deuce and 2007 FXSTC

Slim-Line supports are designed to stay on your bike even when the saddlebags are taken off. They keep your bags away from
shocks and calipers. Supplied in pairs.
D. 302112 Fits Sportster models 1982-1993, requires turn signal relocation on 1990-1993 models (OEM 90799-86)
E. 302114 Fits Sportster models 1994 to present, except XL 1200S and XL 883R, requires turn signal relocation (OEM 90799-94)
F. 302113 Fits 4 Speed FL and FX models from 1971-1986, except Softail (OEM 90584-85)
G. 302116 Fits all Softail models 1984-1999, requires turn signal relocation (except FLSTS and FXSTD) (OEM 91790-84)
H. 302256           Fits all FXST Softail models 2006 to present and FLSTF Fat Boy 2007 to present
I. 302258           Fits FXST Softail models 2000 thru 2005 and FLST Softail models 2000 to 2007. Does not fit FXSTD Deuce and 2007 to
              present FLSTF Fat Boy
J. 302115 Fits all Dyna Glide models 1991 thru 2005 except Wide Glide models, requires turn signal relocation on all 2001 to present
              models except FXDX (OEM 90589-91C)

Wide-Body supports are designed for those that leave saddlebags on at all time. They give your bike a fatter look from the back.
Wide-Body saddlebag supports come in pairs.
K. 302117 Fits FX and FL models 1971 thru 1986, except Softail (OEM 90584-85)
L. 302119 Fits all Dyna models 1991 to present, requires turn signal relocation on all 2001 to present models except FXDX (OEM 90589-
             91C & 90593-93)

         Bungee and Straps/Luggage Racks


         BUNGEE CORD
         Master proves that is possible to innovate          MASTER LOCK LONG BUNGEE                         REAR LUGGAGE RACK FOR
         the good-old bungee cord. These bungee              CORDS                                           SPORTSTER
         cords are made from their super strong              Master Lock Twin Wire bungee cords have         Chrome plated luggage rack that is easy to
         Steelcor cord and feature adjustable offset         two wires to provide twice the strength of      install on 1979 thru 2003 Sportster models
         hooks that are made from durable plastic            others.The rounded end reduces the chance       with the included hardware. Rack is 6"
         material. These cords are adjustable from           on scratching. Set contains two 1 meter         (15 cm) wide and 8" (20 cm) long.
         5 to 100 cm (2" to 39"), or 100 to 150 cm           (39") long bungee cords.                        301039 Chrome Sportster luggage rack
         (39" to 59") making them ideal to tie-down          738015 Set of two 1 mtr. long bungee
         luggage on your bike. Easy to operate: just                     cords
         pull the cord through the hook till you have
         the length you need and then secure it in
         the locking groove. It does not get any easier
         then this. Sold each.
         738010 Master adjustable bungee cord
                     5-100 cm
         738019            Master adjustable bungee
                     cord 100-150 cm                                                                         LUGGAGE RACK FOR DYNA’S
                                                                                                             Just the right size luggage rack as it is not
                                                                                                             too big to disturb the flowing lines of your
                                                                                                             bike.Available for FXD and FXDX Dyna Super
                                                                                                             Glide models and FXDL Dyna Low Rider
                                                                                                             models 1991 to present. Rack has a chrome
                                                                                                             plated finish and is easy to bolt on.
                                                                                                             731652 Luggage rack for FXD, FXDX
                                                                                                                         and FXDL

         Strong and long luggage strap made by
         Master Lock. Has a Zamac buckle with a              MASTER LCOK BUNGEE SET
         high corrosion resistant silver colored finish      Ten pieces of different length bungee cords
         for years of dependable service. Grey strap         in a convenient organizer. Cords feature
         is 2.5 mtr. (8.2 feet) or 5 mtr. (16.4 feet) long   Master Lock's unique reverse twin wire
         and has a tensile strength of 250 kg. Sold          hooks that offer more strength and are very
         each.                                               practical to use. Contains two of each 25 cm,
         738011 Luggage strap, 2.5 meter                     45 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm long             FEHLING LUGGAGE RACK WITH
         738018              Lashing strap, 5 meter          bungees. Great to tie down light and            DRIVER SISSY BAR FOR DYNA’S
                                                             medium weight luggage onto your bike.           To provide you with ease and comfort,
                                                             738016 Master Lock bungee set                   Fehling developed this luggage rack with
                                                                                                             integrated sissy bar. Bolts directly to fender
                                                                                                             struts and rear fender of 2006 to present
                                                                                                             Dyna models. Must be used in combination
                                                                                                             with (most) solo seats, which can be found
                                                                                                             elsewhere in our catalog.
                                                                                                             731637 Fits 2006 thru 2008 Dyna
                                                             MASTER SPIDER BUNGEE                                        models
                                                             The Spider bungee cord is made from three       731956            Fits 2009 to present Dyna
                                                             80 cm long bungees, joined to help you to                   models
                                                             tie down alsmost any kind of luggage on
                                                             your bike. Sold each.
                                                             738013 Master spider bungee

                                                                                                               Luggage Racks
                                                 REAR LUGGAGE RACKS
                                                 Easy mounting under the saddle with a                                                            01
                                                 single bolt.The license plate attaches to the
                                                 back of the rack where it stays visible. The
                                                 simple design does not interfere with the
                                                 lines of your bike, but provides all the
                                                 comfort of a full luggage rack. The Wide
                                                 Glide model rack connects to the fender
                                                 struts and to the saddle mount for extra        301036 Fits 1986 thru 2005 Softail
BOBTAIL FENDER RACK FOR                          sturdiness. This model has a slight upswept            models
SOFTAIL                                          shape to emphasize the sports bike looks.
Chrome plated luggage rack that follows the
lines of the Bobtail rear fender as fitted on
2000 thru 2005 FXST, FXSTB and FXSTS
Softail models. Simple bolt-on installation
with the included hardware.
301024 Chrome Bobtail fender rack
            (OEM 56481-03

                                                                                                 301023           Fits 2000 thru 2005 FXST
                                                                                                            Softail models (except Deuce),
                                                                                                            and 2006 to present FLST
                                                                                                            Softail models

                                                 301037 Fits 1991 thru 2005 Dyna Glide

Follows the contour of the fender and
mounts to the fender strut and the seat
mounting hole. Fits FXDWG 1993 thru 2005.
Chrome finish.
301663 Bobtail luggage rack
                                                                                                 301021           Fits 2006 to present FXST

                                                 301038 Fits 1992 thru 2005 Dyna Wide
                                                        Glide models

If you want to convert your bike into a
nostalgic one, this is the part you need! This
rack is an exact reproduction of the original                                                    FEHLING FRONT-END LUGGAGE
part fitted to 1941 thru 1957 FL models.                                                         RACK FOR V-ROD
Usable on any rear fender. Fill up the seat to                                                   A real wannahave for those who just want
taillight area with this chrome-plated rack.     301022           Fits 2006 to present Dyna      to wrap some small luggage on the front-
162279 “Old Style” luggage rack                              Wide Glide models                   end of their V-Rod. Maximum loading
                                                                                                 capacity 3 kg. Direct installation on triple
                                                                                                 trees allowed with bolts and spacers that
                                                                                                 come with the rack. Dimensions: 10” wide,
                                                                                                 and 7” deep. Fits all V-Rod models 2002 to
                                                                                                 731658 Front-end luggage rack

                                                 301035 Fits 1982 thru 1994 FXR and
                                                        1976 thru 1985 FX models

         Luggage Racks
                                                                                                      SOLO LUGGAGE RACKS
01                                                                                                    You won’t disagree when we say that these
                                                                                                      Solo luggage racks look well. Designed to
                                                                                                      accommodate the solo rider, it curves along
                                                                                                      with the fender, making it both practical and
                                                                                                      sharp looking. All Solo luggage racks are
                                                                                                      constructed from solid steel, hand polished
                                                        FEHLING V-ROD                                 and then chromed for a show quality finish.
                                                        LUGGAGE RACK                                  Available for 1985 to present Sportster,
                                                        Chrome plated luggage rack for the VRSC       1984 to present Softail, 1991 thru
                                                        V-Rod models. Rack has more storage           2005 Dyna’s, and 1997 to present Road
                                                        capacity then the OEM rack. Bolts directly    Kings.
                                                        to the OEM accessory fender base plate kit,
                                                        which also provides an attachment point for
                                                        uprights and sissy bars. Fender base plate
         HANDLEBAR LUGGAGE RACK                         kit comes complete with all required
         A handy way to carry small items on your       hardware, including those needed to mount
         handlebar. These chrome plated handlebar       the Fehling luggage rack.
         mounted luggage racks are made in              731621 Chrome V-Rod luggage rack
         Germany. Available complete with clamps        731622 Chrome fender base plate kit
         for use on almost any 1" diameter                          (OEM 51120-01A)
         handlebar. When you want this rack for use                                                   Solo Sportster racks
         on Fat 1 1/4" diameter handlebars you have                                                   301025 Fits XL series 1985 thru 2003
         to order a special rack and two special                                                      301032 Fits XL Standard models
         clamps separately.                                                                                   2004 to present
         731699 Handlebar luggage rack                                                                301033 Fits XL Custom models 2004 to
                     complete with clamps for 1"                                                              present
         731955             Handlebar Luggage Rack
                     only, for use on 1 1/4"
                     handlebars                         FEHLING LUGGAGE RACK FOR
         731954             Clamp for 1 1/4"            DYNA
                     handlebars, sold each              Chrome plated luggage to fit 2006 to
                                                        present Dyna models. Maximum load
                                                        capacity 5 kg. Easy to install using both
                                                        saddle- and license plate holes. Comes with
                                                        required mounting hardware. Dimensions:       Solo Softail racks
                                                        7.3” wide, 6.5” deep and 3.8” high.           301027 Fits FXST series 1997 thru 1999
                                                        731636 Fits 2006 to present Dyna              301028 Fits FXST series 2000 thru 2005
                                                                   models                             301034 Fits FLSTF FatBoy models
                                                                                                               2005 thru 2006

         These chrome luggage racks are designed
         to follow the contour of stock Fat Bob
         fenders found on FXWG, FXST, FXSTC, and
         FXSTS models. Will also fit all other models
         which have been converted to a Fat Bob rear                                                  Solo Dyna racks
         fender.                                                                                      301029 Fits FXD Narrow Glide series
         301762 Bobtail luggage rack                                                                          1991 thru 2005
                                                                                                      301030 Fits FXDWG series 1993 thru

                                                                                                      Solo Road King racks
                                                                                                      301031 Fits 1997 thru 2008

                                                                                                                  Luggage Racks


This chrome plated luggage rack mounts easily under the passenger
seat mount bolt and the license plate bracket mount bolts. The rack
is just large enough to take some luggage and just small enough to
not disturb the sporty lines of your Sportster.
731650 Fits 1982-2003
731653 Fits 2004 to present

                                                                        STAINLESS STEEL DETACHABLE FRONT LUGGAGE
                                                                        Installed and removed in a snap, these front luggage racks are made
                                                                        of Stainless Steel with a high luster polished finish.The perfect solution
                                                                        to carry a sleeping bag or other lightweight luggage. Available for
                                                                        FLSTC Heritage Softail, FLSTF FatBoy, FLHR RoadKing, as well as FLST
                                                                        models equipped with the “nacelle” chrome headlight housing
BLACK LUGGAGE RACK FOR DYNA SUPER GLIDE                                 conversion ZPN 237336. Just bolt the rubbers and bushings to your
Fehling’s black luggage rack that bolts straight on to FXDX Dyna        front end as indicated on the included installation instructions, and
Super Glide Sport, and FXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport models            than hook the rack onto the rubbers.After your trip you can just hook-
2000 thru 2005.                                                         off the rack and leave the bushings and rubbers in place. Racks come
731953 Super Glide luggage rack                                         with installation instruction, a small tube of Loctite and Allen key.
                                                                        Must be mounted with 4 pcs. ZPN 750397 bushings, which must be
                                                                        ordered separately. Racks are designed for loads up to 10 pounds
                                                                        (4.5 Kg).
                                                                        740900 Fits FLSTC Heritage Softail models
                                                                        740901 Fits FLSTF FatBoy
                                                                        740902 Fits FLHR RoadKing
                                                                        740903 Fits FLST models equipped with nacelle headlight
                                                                        750397 Bushing, sold each. (4 pcs. required) (OEM 67621-94)
European made chrome plated luggage rack. Direct installation
through mounting holes of stock seat and stock license-plate bracket.
Rack comes complete with all required installation hardware. Fits all
V-Rod models 2002 to present.
731656 V-Rod luggage rack

         Goggles & sunglasses


         BOBSTER SPORT & STREET                           BOBSTER SPEKTRAX                                 BOBSTER ROAD HOG II
         CONVERTIBLE GOGGLES                              CONVERTIBLES                                     CONVERTIBLE GOGGLES
         This ruggedly, reliable eyewear converts         Spektrax are the ultimate all-in-one eyewear     Regulate the Road with this adaptable
         from sunglasses to goggle, allowing              that is both convertible and interchangeable     eyewear that is both convertible and
         adaptation to essentially any environment.       with a removable prescription insert. Ideal      interchangeable. Ideal for use any time of
         Designed for maximum versatility, it features    for riders requiring prescription lenses, this   day or night and in any environment, this
         three sets of interchangeable lenses and         eyewear converts smoothly from sunglass          eyewear features four different sets of
         closed cell memory foam around the interior      to goggle with the included detachable           interchangeable polycarbonate lenses as
         of the frame for protection and comfort. A       strap. The removable RX insert fits securely     well as a detachable, adjustable strap for
         perforated frame provides regulated air          between the shatter-resistant polycarbonate      quick conversion from sunglasses to goggle.
         entry to prevent fogging. Comes with 3 sets      lens and the anti-impact frame which is lined    Two sets of removable foam are included
         of polycarbonate lenses in anti-fog smoked,      with open cell foam. The Spektrax offers         with sweat-absorbing open cell and closed
         amber and clear, a removable goggle strap,       excellent peripheral vision from the curved,     cell memory foam, thus producing one pair
         carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.     single-lens geometry. For continued activity     of eyewear that can be worn in 24 different
         744350 Bobster Sport & Street                    through the day and night, the three lens        ways. Features 100% UVA/UVB protection,
                      convertible goggles                 options of anti-fog smoked, amber and clear      Grilamid TR90 frame, polycarbonate lenses
                                                          are included. Comes also with carrying case,     in dual grade reflective, Anti-fog smoked,
                                                          microfiber cleaning cloth and removable RX       amber and clear, a removable goggle strap,
                                                          insert.                                          an open cell and closed cell removable foam,
                                                          744353 Bobster Spektrax convertible              carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.
                                                                       goggles                             Available with your choice of black or silver
                                                                                                           744354 With black frame
                                                                                                           744355 With silver frame

         Bobster's Sport & Street II is a sleeker, more
         aerodynamically shaped version of the Sport
         & Street. Converts easily from sunglasses to
         goggles, allowing adaptation to essentially
         any environment. Designed for maximum
         versatility, it features three sets of
         interchangeable lenses and closed cell
         memory foam around the interior of the
         frame for protection and comfort. A                                                               BOBSTER LOW RIDER II
         perforated frame provides regulated air                                                           CONVERTIBLE GOGGLES
         entry to prevent fogging. Comes with 3 sets                                                       The Low Rider is a wrap around eyewear
         of polycarbonate lenses in anti-fog smoked,                                                       that rides stylishly over the eyes while
         amber and clear, a removable goggle strap,                                                        providing ultimate peripheral vision. Three
         carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.                                                      sets of polycarbonate lenses allow a smooth
         Also available as officially licensed Jack                                                        transition from day riding to evening and
         Daniel's version with JD logo.                                                                    night rides.The rugged, matte frame is made
         744351 Bobster Sport & Street II                                                                  of Grilamid TR90 ensuring a snug fit, while
                     convertible goggles                                                                   cushioned by soft open cell foam that
         744352 Officially Licensed Jack Daniel's                                                          absorbs perspiration and keeps out wind
                     version                                                                               and debris. Comes complete with Smoked,
                                                                                                           Amber & Clear lenses, removable goggle
                                                                                                           strap, carrying case and microfiber cleaning
                                                                                                           744356 Low Rider II

                                                                                                Goggles & sunglasses


SHIELD I INTERCHANGEABLE                       AIRLOCK I & II                                   BOBSTER GXR CONVERTIBLE
EYESHIELD                                      INTERCHANGEABLE                                  GOGGLES/SUNGLASSES
An interchangeable sunglass including three    SUNGLASSES                                       Bobster GXR are light and stylish. These are
sets of shatter-resistant polycarbonate        Block out the breeze with the Airlock I and      sunglasses supplied with an easy to
lenses in smoked, amber and clear. These       Airlock II. These glasses feature made of        exchange head strap, making them
not only ensure 100% UVA/UVB protection,       gloss black TR90 frames, which are lighter,      convertible from goggles into sunglasses
but also maximum peripheral vision. These      more flexible and significantly more durable     and vice versa. Has a black frame and anti-
wrap-around lenses have molded nose            than conventional plastics. Lenses are           fog smoke polycarbonate lenses. Bobster
pieces for added comfort. With the simple      crafted       from         shatter-resistant     GXR Sunglasses are excellent for women
quick release system, the polycarbonate        polycarbonate, and provide 100% UVA/UVB          and men with smaller faces.
lenses easily interchange. Comes with          light protection. The streamlined, wrap          744364 Bobster GXR Convertible
carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.   around construction is extremely
744357 Shield One                              comfortable, and the detachable side shields
                                               reduce air draft by as much as 95%. The
                                               interchangeable lenses allow tailoring lens
                                               color to ambient light conditions. Airlock I
                                               has broad legs, Airlock II has narrow legs.
                                               Both the Airlock I and II come with smoked,
                                               amber and clear lenses, 2 sets of detachable
                                               wind blockers, a carrying case and a
                                               microfiber cleaning cloth.
                                               744359 Airlock I                                 LOW RIDER I
                                               744360 Airlock II                                Tuck Low with Bobster's Low Rider I. This is
                                                                                                wrap around eyewear that rides stylishly
                                                                                                while providing ultimate peripheral vision
BOBSTER BUGEYE II GOGGLES                                                                       with a 10 base curve. The rugged black
A lightweight goggle with three sets of                                                         polycarbonate frame ensures a snug fit,
shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses,                                                         while closed cell memory foam keeps out
including anti-fog smoked, amber and clear                                                      wind and debris. Smoke anti-fog
for multiple options while riding day or                                                        polycarbonate lenses combined with foam
night. The sturdy yet flexible polymer                                                          ventilation prevent fogging from clouding
elastomer frame contains ventilation ports                                                      vision. Specially designed aerodynamic
to prevent fogging while an adjustable strap                                                    temples are molded to minimize airflow
keeps the goggles snug over the face. This                                                      from all directions. Comes with microfiber
is the ideal extreme sport eyewear with open                                                    pouch.
cell sweat absorbing foam around the frame     FOAMERZ SUNGLASSES                               744365 Low Rider I
for ultimate eye protection as well. Comes     The Foamerz provide cushion with comfort.
with carrying case & Microfiber cleaning       These wrap around sunglasses stay put and
cloth.                                         fit easily under a helmet, providing all the
744358 Bobster BugEye II goggles               benefits of a goggle in a sunglass style. This
                                               polycarbonate, lightweight frame holds
                                               curved arms that hug the head while anti-
                                               fog, polycarbonate lenses protect the eyes
                                               with 100% UVA/UVB protection. A durable
                                               carrying case is included as well for
                                               convenient transport. Available with your
                                               choice of smoked, amber or clear anti-fog
                                               polycarbonate lenses.
                                               744361 With smoked lenses
                                               744362 With amber lenses
                                               744363 With clear lenses

         Goggles & sunglasses


         Safeguard Your Sight with the Shield II                                                           BOBSTER GUNNER
         sunglasses that offer a "frameless"              BOBSTER RAPTOR II                                PHOTOCHROMIC CONVERTIBLE
         construction. The polycarbonate temples          CONVERTIBLE EYEWEAR                              EYEWEAR
         securely attach to the impact resistant single   Bobster's Raptor II is an interchangeable        The Gunner is sleek and subtle convertible
         polycarbonate lens which wrap around the         sunglass designed with wrap around lenses        eyewear, which combines the most efficient
         head. Lined with closed cell foam to             for excellent peripheral vision. The Grilamid    aspects and functions of all eyewear
         minimize wind disruption, this eyewear is        TR90 frame with a black matte finish             available. The wrap-around Grilamid
         available with a black frame and smoked          provides a snug fit around the face with two     TR90 frame can be worn either with smooth
         lens, offering 100% UVA/UVB ultraviolet          removable foam options of open cell or           temples as a sunglass or with a detachable,
         light protection. Comes with microfiber          closed cell foam. Three sets of shatter          adjustable strap as a goggle. Vented,
         carrying pouch.                                  resistant polycarbonate lenses include anti-     removable closed cell foam is included to
         744366 Shield II sunglasses                      fog smoked, amber and clear lenses. The          prevent either lens fogging or wind and
                                                          attachable, adjustable strap adds extra          debris from distorting vision. The Gunner
                                                          security so eyewear remains securely on the      Photochromic lenses have a transmission
                                                          head, providing multiple functions for this      rate of 47% while in low light conditions or
                                                          pair of eyewear. Comes complete with             15% while in the sun. Rubber nose pieces
                                                          carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.     create a lightweight, comfortable set of
                                                          744368 Raptor II                                 eyewear that allow you to truly enjoy the
                                                                                                           outdoor excursion of your choice. For night
                                                                                                           riding the Gunner comes with an additional
                                                                                                           set of clear lenses, making the Gunner one
                                                                                                           of the few pieces of eyewear for 24 hour
         BOBSTER BLACKJACK II                                                                              use. Features Photochromic lenses, clear
         CONVERTIBLE EYEWEAR                                                                               lenses, removable goggle strap, carrying
         Bobster's Black Jack II is both convertible                                                       case and microfiber cleaning cloth.
         and interchangeable, making this an ideal                                                         744370 Gunner Photochromic eyewear
         pair of eyewear for use both on and off the
         road. Soft, open cell foam and closed cell
         memory foam are both included for extra
         protection and comfort. In addition, an          BOBSTER INVADER
         adjustable strap converts these sunglasses       PHOTOCHROMIC SUNGLASSES
         to goggles while three sets of polycarbonate     Bobster's Invader sunglasses that are ideal
         lenses create smooth transitions for clarity     for the practical yet style conscience person.
         from sunrise to sunset. Comes with 3 sets of     The wrap around frame is made of durable
         lenses: Anti-Fog Smoked, Amber & Clear,          Grilamid TR90 and the open cell foam keeps
         removable goggle strap, one open cell foam       wind and debris out of your eyes. Continue
         and one closed cell foam, carrying case and      wearing this piece of eyewear day into
         microfiber cleaning cloth.                       evening due to the photochromic lenses,
         744367 Bobster Black Jack II                     which adjusts to UV light. The Invader
                     convertible eyewear                  Photochromic lenses have a transmission of
                                                          47% while in low light conditions or 15%
                                                          while in the sun. The lenses are shatter-
                                                          resistant polycarbonate and optically
                                                          correct, eliminates eye fatigue. Comes with
                                                          carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.
                                                          744369 Invader photochromic

                                                                                                 Goggles & sunglasses


Bobster's Piston goggle is an aerodynamic       PHOTOCHROMIC CONVERTIBLE
design goggle that provides comfort and         EYEWEAR                                          BOBSTER CROSSFIRE GOGGLES
flair while functioning flawlessly. Frame       The Fat Boy photochromic sunglass features       Bobster's Crossfire foldable goggles are the
ventilation prevents lens fogging while the     transitional lens technology. The lens           perfect solution for any rider who needs
shatter -resistant, polycarbonate lenses are    transmission allows 87% of light through         quality, affordability and practicality. Not
optically correct to eliminate distortion and   indoors and allows 47% of light through          only do they come in a mini storage pouch
eye fatigue.The adjustable strap and flexible   outdoors. Featuring anti-fog, polycarbonate      for easy transport, but they also have a
frame material create a versatile fit while     lenses, this eyewear enables usage through       vented frame lined with closed cell foam to
open cell foam cushions the face. Comes         varying light. In addition, closed-cell memory   keep out wind and dust. The anti-fog
complete with microfiber pouch with your        foam around the frame improves comfort           polycarbonate lenses provide clarity while
choice of smoked or clear lens.                 and prevents wind or debris from distorting      the adjustable strap keeps the eyewear
744374 Bobster Piston goggles with              clarity. With an aggressive, stylish             secure. Available with smoked, clear or
            smoked lens                         polycarbonate frame, the Fat Boy offers          amber lens.
744375 Bobster Piston goggles with              stability and versatility with an edge. Comes    744371 Crossfire goggle with smoked
            clear lens                          complete with microfiber pouch. Available                    lens
                                                with black frame as well as with black frame     744372 Crossfire goggle with clear lens
                                                with silk-screened flames.                       744373 Crossfire goggle with amber
                                                744376 Black frame                                           lens
                                                744377 Black frame with silk-screened

         Goggles & sunglasses

         221064 Trap

                                BIKER GOGGLES                                  CONTOURED LENS GOGGLES
                                                                               These classic styled goggles are available in
                                A. 220017       Phantom II Goggles perfect     your choice of chrome or black frame. The
         221066 Mirage                          for people who wear glasses    un-brakeable and tinted polycarbonated
                                B. 220001       ‘Red Baron’ goggles            lenses have UV 400 protection for maximum
                                                                               eye protection. The head strap is fully
                                                                               adjustable from extra wide to extra small.
                                                                               220100 Chrome frame
                                GOGGLES                                        220101 Black frame

         221068 Streak

                                220056 Gnat
         221069 Cruise

         221071 Breeze

         221073 Predator

         221074 Focus

                                SUNGLASSES BIKER STYLE
                                The one and only real “Biker Style” attitude   Dealer 12-packs
                                sunglasses.Available in your choice of eight   221050 Smoke
         221075 Illusion        different color lenses. These quality          221051 Green
                                sun-glasses also feature black nylon frames    221052 Clear
                                with metal hinges. Available in smoke,         221053 Blue
                                green, clear, blue, dark-blue, amber and       221054 Dark Blue
                                mirror. Sold in cases of twelve or in a case   221055 Yellow
                                of twelve with assorted colors.                221057 Mirror
                                                                               221058 Assorted
         221077 Torque
                                                                                     Emblems, Zodiac T-Shirts & Cap


ZODIAC RACING T-SHIRTS                                                                             ZODIAC LOGO 8" KNIT BEANIE
Ton Pels’ Zodiac has become a household name when it comes to aftermarket Harley-Davidson®         Keep your head warm with the Zodiac
motorcycle parts. Now Zodiac is on sale for everyone. Printed on a T-Shirt made of 99% high        beanie.Available in every color..... as long as
quality cotton combined with a hint of polyester for flexibility, these Zodiac Logo and Zodiac     it is black.
Racing Logo T-Shirts are available in black and ash only. The ‘logo only’ variety does not carry   999789 Zodiac 8 inch beanie
the Zodiac racing logo, but just points out what needs no further explanation: Zodiac.

Zodiac Racing-logo
Ash       Black
999891 999888 Medium
999892 999889 Large
999893 999890 X-Large

                                                                                                   ADHESIVE EAGLE ORNAMENT
                                                                                                   This beautiful chrome plated adhesive Eagle
                                                                                                   ornament will give your bike that complete
                                                                                                   look. Use your own fantasies to use this
                                                                                                   eagle on derby covers, fairing, fenders etc.
                                                                                                   6" Wide, 5" high.
                                                                                                   180392 Chrome plated ornament

Ash       Black
999894 999897 Medium
999895 999898 Large
999896 999899 X-Large                                                                              LIVE TO RIDE ADHESIVE
                                                                                                   These custom medallions are available in
                                                                                                   two different sizes and feature die-cast
                                                                                                   construc-tion. They may be attached to any
                                                                                                   clean, flat surface with the double-sided
                                                                                                   foam tape which is included.
                                                   ZODIAC RACING BASEBALL CAP                      301732 2 1/2” diameter
                                                   Orange, black and white baseball cap with       301733 3 1/2” diameter
                                                   adjustable head strap. Features embroidered
                                                   Zodiac Racing logo.
                                                   999801 Zodiac Racing baseball cap

         Zodiac Jackets


         DICKIES                                                                    Genuine Dickies brand waist length jacket with a Zodiac logo. Features
         Warm, comfortable & lightweight. Blended twill quilted to 5 oz.            slash front pockets, pencil pocket on left sleeve, heavy-duty brass
         polyester fill with gray jersey backing. Rib knit collar, cuffs & waist.   zipper front closure and adjustable tabs at waistband. Quilted to keep
         Front hand warmer pockets.                                                 the bite off. Available in black in both men's and ladies sizes.
         999711 Medium
         999712 Large                                                               Men's       Ladies
         999713 Extra large                                                         N/A         999715       Small
         999714 Extra Extra large                                                   N/A         999716       Medium
                                                                                    999707      999717       Large
                                                                                    999708      999718       Extra large
                                                                                    999709      N/A          Extra-Extra large

         ZODIAC'S HIP LENGTH JACKET BY DICKIES                                      ZODIAC KIDS JACKET BY DICKIES
         Genuine Dickies brand hip length twill jacket in the most solid color:     We don't forget junior with this Genuine Dickies brand jacket. Kid
         black. Features Zodiac logo, felled yoke chest and back, slash hand        sizes for a perfect fit. Features Zodiac logo, slash front pockets, pencil
         warmer pockets, one inside pocket and a button cuff. Quilted to keep       pocket on left sleeve, heavy-duty brass zipper front closure and
         the bite off.                                                              adjustable tabs at waistband. In black, what else?
         999700 Small                                                               999720 Kid's Small, 30" (76 cm) chest
         999701 Medium                                                              999721 Kid's Medium, 31 1/2" (80 cm) chest
         999702 Large                                                               999722 Kid's Large, 33" chest (84 cm)
         999703 X-Large                                                             999723 Kid's Extra Large, 34 1/2" (88 cm) chest
         999704 Extra-Extra large

                                                                                                  Zodiac pants & shorts


Genuine Dickies brand cell phone pants with double knee patches that   Genuine Dickies brand "Ol' Skool" style black pants feature the
add extra durability. Features cell phone pocket on right rear leg.    original style tapered legs and hidden elastic waistbands for a comfort
Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and carries a Zodiac logo         fit. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and carries a Zodiac logo
on the leg. Come in the same inch-size as your jeans are. Black.       on the leg. Come in the same inch-size as your jeans are.
999725 28" waist, 30" leg                                              999751 30" waist, 30" leg
999726 28" waist, 32" leg                                              999752 30" waist, 32" leg
999727 30" waist, 30" leg                                              999753 30" waist, 34" leg
999728 30" waist, 32" leg                                              999754 32" waist, 30" leg
999729 31" waist, 30" leg                                              999755 32" waist, 32" leg
999730 31" waist, 32" leg                                              999756 32" waist, 34" leg
999731 32" waist, 30" leg                                              999757 34" waist, 30" leg
999732 32" waist, 32" leg                                              999758 34" waist, 32" leg
999733 32" waist, 34" leg                                              999759 34" waist, 34" leg
999734 33" waist, 30" leg                                              999760 36" waist, 30" leg
999735 33" waist, 32" leg                                              999761 36" waist, 32" leg
999736 34" waist, 30" leg                                              999762 36" waist, 34" leg
999737 34" waist, 32" leg                                              999763 38" waist, 30" leg
999738 34" waist, 34" leg                                              999764 38" waist, 32" leg
999739 36" waist, 30" leg                                              999765 38" waist, 34" leg
999740 36" waist, 32" leg                                              999766 40" waist, 30" leg
999741 36" waist, 34" leg                                              999767 40" waist, 32" leg
999742 38" waist, 30" leg                                              999768 40" waist, 34" leg
999743 38" waist, 32" leg                                              999769 42" waist, 30" leg
999744 38" waist, 34" leg                                              999770 42" waist, 32" leg
999745 40" waist, 30" leg                                              999771 42" waist, 34" leg
999746 40" waist, 32" leg
999747 40" waist, 34" leg
999748 42" waist, 30" leg
999749 42" waist, 32" leg
999750 42" waist, 34" leg

         Zodiac pants & shorts/T-Shirts & Caps


                                                                                    HOOKER BASEBALL CAPS
                                                                                    Show them the exhaust system you like best by wearing a Hooker
         ZODIAC "OL' SKOOL" SHORTS BY DICKIES                                       Hat. A Hooker Hat has a sport adjustable back and an embroidered
         Genuine Dickies brand "Ol' Skool" style shorts. Made of 65%                Hooker logo in a rainbow of 6 neon colors. Hats are available in white,
         polyester and 35% cotton. They carry a Zodiac logo on the leg and a        black or blue.
         small Dickies logo on the cell phone bag. Come in the same inch-size       721176 Blue Hooker Hat
         as your jeans are. Black.                                                  721177 Black Hooker Hat
         999781 28" waist                                                           721178 White Hooker Hat
         999782 30" waist
         999783 32" waist
         999784 34" waist
         999785 36' waist
         999786 38" waist
         999787 40" waist                                                                                               HOOKER HEADERS T-
         999788 42" waist                                                                                               SHIRTS
                                                                                                                        Hooker Headers T-Shirts are the
                                                                                                                        same top-quality as Hooker
                                                                                                                        Headers exhaust systems. These
                                                                                                                        100% cotton T-Shirts carry the
                                                                                                                        red, white and yellow Hooker logo
                                                                                                                        on both front and back.

                                                                                    721172 Medium
                                                                                    721175 XX-Large

         Genuine Dickies brand work shorts with a relaxed baggy fit. Has a flat
         front and multi-use side pocket. Permanent crease, never needs
         ironing. Scotchgard stain release finish. Dickies logo label on the left
         front leg and on the multi-use side pocket, as well as a Zodiac logo
         on the leg. Come in the same inch-size as your jeans are. Black.
         999772 26" waist
         999773 28" waist
         999774 30" waist                                                           REBUFFINI T-SHIRTS
         999775 32" waist                                                           Black T-shirts with a distinctive small Rebuffini logo on the chest and
         999776 34" waist                                                           a large logo and slogan on the back. Text is glitter printed. Available
         999777 36" waist                                                           with short or long sleeves.
         999778 38" waist
         999779 40" waist                                                           Short       Long
         999780 42" waist                                                           sleeves     sleeves
                                                                                    746755      746758 Medium
                                                                                    746756      746759 Large
                                                                                    746757      746760 Extra Large
                                                                                                             T-Shirts & Caps


Jims is known for high quality replacement      B. Jims “Engine” T-Shirts
parts and tools for Harley-Davidson             Black      White
motorcycles. Their quality control does not     721617 721613 Medium
stop at tools or replacement parts. Jims T-     721618 721614 Large
Shirts are “Beefy-T” brand for durability and   721619 721615 X-Large
are made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton.           721620 721616 XX-Large
Jims T-Shirts come in both black and white,
feature the Jims logo on the chest and a        C. Jims “Flame” T-Shirts
choice of three different art designs on the    Black       White
back. Available in Medium, Large, X-Large       721609 721605 Medium
and XX-Large.                                   721610 721606 Large
                                                721611 721607 X-Large
A. Jims “Stroke This” T-Shirts                  721612 721608 XX-Large
Black      White
721625 721621 Medium
721626 721622 Large
721627 721623 X-Large
721628 721624 XX-Large

PM BASEBALL CAP                                 PM CLASSIC T-SHIRTS                            PM RACE T-SHIRTS
PM parts can be found on the most famous        From the leader in billet aluminum brakes      Stylish blue 100% cotton T-Shirtfeatures the
motorcycles in the world, and PM baseball       and wheels, these T-Shirts are not Precision   PM Racing logo, small on the chest and big
caps can be found on the most famous            Machined from solid aluminum but woven         on the back.The color matches perfectly with
heads in the world!                             from 100% cotton. PM Classic T-Shirts          the PM Race baseball cap. Available in
721513 PM Race baseball cap, adult              feature the classic PM logo on both chest      Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.
           men                                  and back and are available in black or white   721509 Medium
                                                and Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.       721510 Large
                                                                                               721511 X-Large
                                                Black      White                               721512 XX-Large
                                                721505     721501      Medium
                                                721506     721502      Large
                                                721507     721503      X-Large
                                                721508     721504      XX-Large

         Harley- Davidson Decals

                                                                                                Style C. 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"
                                                     Style B. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                   Silver & Blue
                                                     Silver, Dark Gray & Yellow                             Sold Per OEM
         Style A. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                                Sold Per OEM                   744065 Each          14031-87
         Silver, Dark Gray, Dark Blue & Black        744056 Each           14228-89
                     Sold Per OEM
         744050 Each            13778-00

                                                                                                Style C. 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"
                                                                                                Gray & Orange
                                                     Style B. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                             Sold Per OEM
                                                     Silver, Dark Gray, Burnt Gold, Burgundy,   744066 Each        14122-86
                                                     Red & Black
         Style A. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                                Sold Per OEM
         Silver, Dark Gray, Burnt Gold, Burgundy,    744057 Each            14228-91
         Red & Black
                     Sold Per OEM
         744051 Each            13926-99
                                                                                                Style D. 2 1/4" x 8 1/2"
                                                                                                Red, Burgundy, Black & Metal Slate Gray
                                                                                                          Sold Per OEM
                                                                                                744068 Each          13907-99
                                                     Style B. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"
                                                     Sky Blue, Dark Aqua, Silver & Metal
                                                     Slate Gray
         Style A. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                               Sold Per OEM
         Silver, Dark Gray, Burnt Gold, Burgundy,    744058 Each          14287-94
         Red & Black
                     Sold Per OEM                                                               Style D. 2 1/4" x 8 1/2"
         744052 Each            13928-99                                                        Red, Burgundy, Black, Burnt Gold & Pale
                                                                                                          Sold Per OEM
                                                                                                744069 Each          13910-99
                                                     Style B. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"
                                                     Red, Meteor, Pale Gold, Dark
                                                     Wineberry, Silver & Orange
                                                               Sold Per OEM
         Style A. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"                    744060 Each           14390-93
         Silver, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Black, Burnt
         Gold & Pale Gold                                                                       Style D. 2 1/4" x 8 1/2"
                     Sold Per OEM                                                               Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Burnt Gold &
         744053 Each            14551-96                                                        Pale Gold
                                                                                                           Sold Per OEM
                                                     Style C. 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"                  744070 Each           13909-99
                                                     Brandywine, Gold & Orange
                                                               Sold Per OEM
                                                     744063 Each         14165-87

         Style A. 3 1/4" x 8 1/2"
         Pale Gold, Burgundy, Red, Black & Burnt                                                Style E. 2 3/4" x 8 1/4"
         Gold                                                                                   Silver, Blue & Dark Blue
                    Sold Per OEM                     Style C. 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"                              Sold Per OEM
         744055 Each          14550-96               Brown, Gold & Orange                       744072 Each            14186-88
                                                               Sold Per OEM
                                                     744064 Each        14164-87

                                                                 Harley- Davidson Decals


Style E. 2 3/4" x 8 1/4"                                          Style L. 1 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Brandywine, Gold & Black                                          Emerald Green, Black & White
          Sold Per OEM                                                      Sold Per OEM
744073 Each         14171-87                                      744093 Each         14514-96

                                 Style I. 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"
                                 Orange & Black
                                            Sold Per OEM
                                 744083 Each         61159-80A

Style E. 2 3/4" x 8 1/4"
Rootbeer, Gold & Black
          Sold Per OEM
744074 Each          14172-87

                                                                  Style L. 2" x 3"
                                                                  Burgundy, Red, Black & Silver
                                                                            Sold Per OEM
                                                                  744098 Each          15363-98
Style F. 2 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Dark Red, Pale Gold & Red        Style I. 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"
           Sold Per OEM          Gold & Black
744075 Each          14289-94               Sold Per OEM
                                 744084 Each         14005-82     Style N. 1 1/4" x 7 1/2"
                                                                  Black & White
                                                                            Sold Per OEM
                                                                  744099 Each        14059-84

Style F. 2 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Dark Aqua, Sky Blue & Black
           Sold Per OEM
744077 Each          14293-94
                                                                  Style O. 3" x 11"
                                                                  Silver, Red & Black
                                                                              Sold Per OEM
                                 Style I. 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"         744100 Each          14143-86
                                 Silver & Black
Style G. 2 1/2" x 7"                         Sold Per OEM
Gold, Black & Red                744085 Each          14004-82
           Sold Per OEM
744078 Each         14329-90
                                                                  Style Q. 2 3/4" x 5 1/4"
                                 Style K. 3/4" x 7 1/4"                    Sold Per OEM
                                 Red & Burgundy                   744102 Each        61571-74R
                                           Sold Per OEM
Style G. 2 1/2" x 7"             744088 Each        14524-96
Black, Silver & Meteor
            Sold Per OEM
744079 Each           14328-90
                                                                  Style K. 3/4" x 7 1/4"
                                 Style K. 3/4" x 7 1/4"           Orange & Black
                                 Sky & Dark Blue                            Sold Per OEM
                                           Sold Per OEM           744090 Each        13911-99
                                 744089 Each        14525-96

         Bike Tattoos
         For those of you who want to dress up the
         appearance of their bike we now offer a full
         line of custom bike decals. From Flaming to
         Skulls, Skulls to Eagles, Eagles to Babes and   CHECKERED SKULLS                            TRI CHROME SKULLS
         Babes to Iron Crosses. We have cool decals
         available to suite almost every bike.           734123 Checkered Skull Right (1x)           734342 Tri-Chrome Skull Right (1x)
         Professional Quality, can be coated with               2.6" x 7.53"                                2.7"x8.3"
         clear laquer.                                   734124 Checkered Skull Left (1x)            734343 Tri-Chrome Skull Left (1x)
                                                                2.6" x 7.53"                                2.7" x 8.25"
                                                         734323 Checkered Skull set Left/Right       734325 Tri-Chrome set Left/Right (2x)
                                                                (2x) 4.1"x1.4"                              1.4"x4.1"

                                                         BLUE SKULLS

                                                         734135 Blue Skull Right (1x) 2.4"x8.2"      734383 Chrome Skull Right (1x)
                                                                including mini decal Right (1x)             16.31" x 5.37"
         FLAMING SKULLS                                         1.3"x4.2"                            734384 Chrome Skull Left (1x)
                                                         734134 Blue Skull Left including mini              16.3"x5.4" including mini
         734128 Flaming Skull Right (1x)                        decal Right (1x) 2.4"x8.2"                  decal (1x) 5.0"x1.8"
         734129 Flaming Skull Left (1x)
         734130 Flaming Skull Center (1x)
         734113 Flaming Skull Right (1x)
                11.4"x4.2 including mini decal
         734114 Flaming Skull Left (1x)
                11.4"x4.2" including mini
                decal Left (1x) 4.6"x1.7"
         734115 Flaming Skull Center (1x)                                                            STRING OF SKULLS
                11.5" X 4.7"                             734156 Blue Skull set Center/Left/Right
         734153 Flaming Skull Right (1x)                        (3x) 3.8"x9.7"                       734321 String of Skulls Center (2x)
                16.3" x 5.3"                             734322 Blue Skull set Left/Right (2x)              1.3"x4.1"
         734154 Flaming Skull Left (1x)                         4.1"x1.4"
                16.38" x 5.3"
         734332 Flaming Skull set Left/Right (2x)
                4.1" x 1.4"

                                                                                                     734127 String of Skulls Center (1x)
                                                                                                            2 7/8" x 8 3/8"

         734385 Skull Flame Right (1x)
                15.37" x 5.43"
         734386 Skull Flame Left (1x)
                15.4"x5.4"                               734396          Blue Flame (1x)
                                                                   4.3"x6.6" including mini decals
                                                                   (2x) 1.5"x2.2"

                                                                                                     734349 Snake and Cowskull (1x)
                                                                                                            4.2”x4.7” including mini decals
                                                                                                            (2x) 1.6”x1.7”
                                                         734632         Blue Fury, right 3"x10"
                                                         734633         Blue Fury, left 3"x10"

                                                                                                     Bike Tattoos


                                          SHRED SKULLS

                                          734143 Shred Skull Right (1x)
                                          734144 Shred Skull Left (1x) 2.8"x8.3"
FIRE DEPARTMENT SKULLS                    734337 Shred Skull Center (1x)
                                                 2.8" x 8.1"                       734147 Rebel Skull Right (1x)
734211 Fire Department Skull Right (1x)                                                   7.6" x 2.8"
       2.7"x8.5"                                                                   734148 Rebel Skull Left (1x) 7.6" x 2.8"
734212 Fire Department Skull Left (1x)                                             734595       Rebel Skull, right 6"x18"
       2.7"x8.5"                                                                   734596       Rebel Skull, left 6"x18"
734335 Fire Department Skull set
       Left/Right (2x) 1.4"x4.1"
734339 Fire Department Skull Center
       2.75" x 8.4"

BIO MECHANICAL                                                                     734187 Skull 'n Bones (1x) 5.0" x 4.7"
                                          734678          Peek a Boo Skull         734192 Radio Active Skull (1x)
734131 Bio Mechanical Skull Center                  5.5" x 7"                             4.6" x 4.6"
       (1x) 7.8"x2.8"

                                          VARIOUS SKULLS

                                          734133 Race Skull Center (1x)
                                                 2.64" x 8.46"

734155 Bio Mechanical Skull Center
       (1x) 3.8”x10.0” including
       decals Left/Right (2x)             734142 Fire Skull Center (1x)
       3.8”x10.0”                                2.6" x 8.6"                       734395          Rebel Highway Skull (1x)
                                                                                             5.9"x6.8" including mini
                                                                                             decals (2x) 1.3"x1.8"

              734340 Bio Mechanical
                     Girl Center (1x)
                     2.7”x8.3” "
                                          734146 Decay Skull Right(1x)
                                                 2.8" x 8.3"
                                          734145 Decay Skull Left (1x)
                                                 2.8" x 8.3"

                                                                                   734197 Spider Skull set Left/Right (2x)
734597         Bio Skull Blue Flame                                                       5.3"x3.3"

         Bike Tattoos


                                                  734378 Irish Flame Skull Right (1x)
                                                         2.8"x8.3" including mini decal
         734201 Ying Yang Skulls (1x) 4.1"x3.8"   734379 Irish Flame Skull Left (1x)
         734219 Cow Skulls (2x) 2.5"x3.8"                2.8" x 8.3"

                                                                                          734397         Spike Skull Cross (1x)
                                                                                                   5.5"x5.7" including mini decals
                                                                                                   (2x) 1.5"x1.5"

         734349 Snake and Cowskull (1x)
                4.2"x4.7" including mini
                decals                                                                    734579        Skull set, right 12"x28"
                                                  734336 Skull of Tut 2.7" x 4.1"         734580        Skull set, left 12"x28"
                                                  734345 Skull Bite Center (1x)
                                                         2.6" x 7.9"
                                                  734382 Skull Bite Large (1x)

         734213 Dragon Skull (1x) 2.7"x8.7"

                                                                                          734581        USA Skull 3"x4.75"

         734216 Fang Skull (1x) 2.7"x8.5"         734348 Biker Skulls (1x) 3.6"x4.7"
         734392 Eagle Skulls Dagger Left/Right
                (2x) 5.6"x10.5" including mini

                                                  734374 Shoot to Kill Right
                                                         2.275"x8.384" decal
                                                  734375 Shoot to Kill Left
                                                         2.275"x8.384" decal              734582        Mr. Bones 3"x4.75"
                                                                                          734589        Skull Sheet 6"x18"

         734220 Shred Skulls (2x) 2.8"x4.0"       734376 Winged V-Twin Skull
         734329 Indian Skull (1x) 2.7"x4.1"              2.603"x8.451" decal              734587        Devil/Angel Skull 6"x18"
         734391 Indian Skull (1x) 7.0"x10.6"

                                                                                                   Bike Tattoos


734588        Jester Head, left/right
                                                                                   734682        Snake 'n Skull 5.5"x7"
                                                                                   734683        Skull Blade 5"x7"

                                        734663         Skull, Roses 'n Dagger
                                                                                   734634        USA Skull, left 3"x10"
                                                                                   734635        USA Skull, right 3"x10"

                                        734645         Green Skull, right 3"x10"
                                        734646         Green Skull, left 3"x10"
734671         Viking Skull 6"x8"

                                        734647      English Skull, right
                                        734648      English Skull, left 3"x10"
                                                                                   734667        Flaming Skull Spade

734669         Mean Streets 6"x8"

                                                                                   734629        Bat Skull 3"x10"

                                        734681         Racing Skull 5.5"x7"

734668         Pinstripe Skull 6"x8"
                                                                                   734622        Pink Racer Skull 3"x10"
                                                                                   734623        Speed Crazy 3"x10"
                                                                                   734624        Life's A Gamble 3"x10"

         Bike Tattoos

                                                                                        734141 Eagle Burst (1x) 2.7"x7.5"

         734620        Mohawk Skull 3"x10"
         734611        Thug Skull 6"x8"

                                                734157 Rip 'n Tear Eagle Center (1x)
                                                       9.1"x10.1" including mini        734350 Eagle Iron Cross (1x) 5.3"x4.7"
                                                734100 Rip 'n Tear Eagle Center (1x)
                                                       4.5"x4.5" including mini decal
                                                734389 Eagle Shred Left/Right (2x)
                                                       6.1" x 10.5"
                                                734111 USA Eagle Right (1x)
                                                       11.4"x4.0" including mini
                                                734112 USA Eagle Left (1x) 11.4"x4.0"
         734599        Pirate Skull 'n Dagger   734116 USA Eagle Center (1x)
                  6"x8"                                4.6"x11.4"
                                                734118 USA Eagle Right (1x) 2.7"x7.8"
                                                734119 USA Eagle Left (1x) 2.7"x7.8"
                                                734117 USA Eagle Center (1x)
                                                       2.8" x 8.0"
                                                734151 USA Eagle Right (1x) 6.5"x5.5"   734190 Checkered Eagle Center (1x)
                                                734152 USA Eagle Left (1x) 16.5"x5.5"          4.5"x4.5"
                                                734318 USA Eagle set Left/Right (2x)
                                                       2.7" x 7.8"

                                                                                        734347 Checkered Eagles Left/Right
                                                                                               (2x) 5.2"x2.2"

         734600        Built for Speed 6"x8"

                                                734109 Eagle Head (1x) 4.5"x3.5"
         734602        Tribal Corner Skull
                  11,5"x11,75"                                                          734583         Love it, or Leave it

                                                                                                   Bike Tattoos


734377 Fire Eagle (1x) 2.7"x8.2"

                                         BABES & GIRLS
                                                                                   734315 Devil Babe crawl (1x) 4.0"x1.8"
                                         734101 Biker Girl (1x) 4.0"x4.5"                 including mini
                                                including mini decals Left/Right          decalsLeft/Right(2x)1.9"x0.9"
                                                (2x) 2.0"x2.3"
                                         734371 Rear View Babe (1x)
                                                4.3"x4.6"including mini decal
                                                (1x) 1.8"x1.9"

734593         RIP Flame Eagle

                                         734150 Indian Girl Right (1x) 2.7"x8.3"
                                         734149 Indian Girl Left (1x) 2.7"x8.3"    734330 Mini Decal Angel/Devil Babe
                                                                                          1.4" x 3.9"

734651         Freedom isn't Free

                                         734174 Indian Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.4"
                                         734120 Angel Babe (1x) 2.8"x7.6"          734654         Devil Girl Decal 6"x5.75"
                                         734121 Devil Babe (1x) 2.8"x7.5"

                                         734319 Angel Babe crawl (1x)
                                                1.7"x3.6"incl. mini decals L/R
734674         Don't Tread On Me 6"x8"          (2x) 0.9"x1.7"

                                                                                   734619       Day Angel/Night Devil
                                                                                   734381 Pinstripe Devil Babe
                                                                                   734122 Gangster Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.4"

         Bike Tattoos


         734163 Police Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.3"      734166 Helmet Babe Red (1x)           734164 Vampire Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.2"
         734320 Bad and So Good* (2x)                  2.8"x8.1"                      734170 Army Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.3"
                4.1"x1.4" (*Comb. of Gangster   734167 Helmet Babe Blue (1x)
                and Police Babe)                       2.8"x8.0"
         734388 Bad and So Good* (2x)           734168 Helmet Babe Yellow (1x)
                11.4"x5.10" (*Comb. of                 2.8"x8.1"
                Gangster and Police Babe)       734169 Helmet Babe Green (1x)
                                                734165 Welding Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.0"
                                                734327 Welding Babe
                                                734641       Red Welding Babe

                                                                                      734099          Reporting for Duty (1x)
                                                                                               5.7"x5.9" including mini declas
                                                                                               left/right (2x) 1.4"x1.5"

         734138 Race Girl Red (1x) 2.7"x8.1"
         734317 Race Girl Red Left/Right (2x)
         734139 Race Girl Blue (1x) 2.7"x8.1"
         734176 Fire Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.5"
         734140 Fire Department Babe (1x)

                                                734314 Mechanic Babe (1x) 4.1"x2.7"
                                                       including mini decal (1x)

                                                                                      734618        Miss England 3"x10"
                                                                                      734616        Miss USA 3"x10"

         734161 School Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.0"
         734331 School Babe Left/Right
         734162 Pirate Babe (1x) 2.7"x8.0"
         734177 Construction Babe (1x)
                                                734666        Tire Change 6"x8"
                                                                                      734372 Miss Ride USA (1x) 5.5"x4.2"

                                                                                                 Bike Tattoos


                                                                                734326 Pinstripe Marilyn (1x)
                                                                                734334 Dangerous Pussy (1x)
734621        USA Guitar Babe 3"x10"                                                   2.7"x4.0"
734171 Irish Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.3"
734172 Viking Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.2"      734179 Guitar Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.0"

                                                                                734333 Death Queen (1x) 4.1"x2.7"
                                                                                       including mini decal (1x)

                                       734195 Sport Bike Girls (2x) 2.2"x3.9"

734180 USA Flag Babe (1x) 2.8"x8.3"
734181 Australian Flag Babe (1x)
734182 Italian Flag Babe (1x)

                                                                                734346 Sweet Temptation (1x)
                                                                                       3.3"x4.5" including mini
                                       734198 Endo Girl (1x) 5.2"x4.2"                 decalsLeft/Right(2x)1.9"x2.5"

734173 Naughty Nurse (1x) 2.8"x8.2"
734316 Naughty Nurse Left/Right
734175 Cow Babe (1x) 2.1"x8.3"
734178 Ride or Party Babe (1x)

                                                                                734373 Skull 'n Babe (1x) 3.6'x4.4"
                                       734313 8 Ball Babe (1x) 4.1"x2.7                including mini decals (2x)
                                       734380 Pinstripe 8 Ball Babe (1x)               2.0"x2.3"

         Bike Tattoos


         734067      Bomber Girl Left (1x)
         734068      Bomber Girl Right (1x)
                                              734097         High Roller Kustom          734660   Winged Biker Babe 6"x8"
                                                       Kulture (1x) 4.8"x5.4"
                                                       including mini decal (1x)

         734069        Bombs Away (2x)
                  5.4"x3.5"                                                              734677   Gone Hunting 6"x8"

                                              734394          Devil Biker Chic
                                                       5.8"x4.6" including mini decals
                                                       left/right (2x) 2.6"x2.1"

                                                                                         734643   Ranger Babe 3"x10"
                                                                                         734661   Ready to Rock 6"x8"
         734096         Sweet Poison Kustom
                  Kulture (1x) 5.2"x5.7"

                                              734658        Bobber Girl 6"x5.75"

                                                                                         734664   Poker in the Rear 6"x8"

                                                                                      Bike Tattoos


                                      734642   Flying V-Girl 3"x10"   734610        Tequila Sunrise 6"x8"
734670        Spider Woman 6"x8"      734644   Outlaw Babe 3"x10"

                                      734649   Miss Behaving 3"x10"

734614        Biker Bandana 3"x 10"                                   734653        Truckers Deliver 6"x5,75"
734615        Harley Hottie 3"x10"
734591        Harley Hottie 6"x18"

                                      734607   Clean Sweep 6"x8"

                                                                      734592      Flaming Ace Pin Up Girl
734584      Harley Babe, mini-decal                                   734679      Ace of Hearts Pin Up
       3"x 4.75"                                                             5.5"x7"
734617      Urban Harley Biker Babe

                                      734608   Skull Ride 6"x8"

                                                                      734680        Ace of Spade Pin Up

         Bike Tattoos


                                                                                      734598         Tribal Corner
         CROSSES                                                                                11,5"x11,75"

         734107 Red Skull Iron cross (1x)
                4.5"x4.4"                                                             BUTTERFLIES
         734159 Red Skull Iron cross
                10.2" x 10.1"

                                                                                      734338 Orange Butterfly Center (1x)
                                                                                             2.8" x 8.4"

                                             734328 Iron cross Skull (1x) 2.7"x2.7"
                                             734108 Gambler Skull cross (1x)
                                                    5.2" x 4.7"

                                                                                      734341 Tribal Butterfly Center (1x)
                                                                                             2.6" x 8.2"
         734102 Gray Skull Iron cross (1x)
         734158 Gray Skull Iron cross (1x)
                10.2" x 10.1"

                                                                                      734586         Butterfly Sheet

                                             734110 Iron cross Skull (1x) 4.5"x4.9"
                                             734106 Iron cross Babe (1x) 4.5"x4.6"

                                                                                                      Bike Tattoos



734136 Flame Right (1x) 2.8"x8.4"
734137 Flame Left (1x) 2.7"x8.3"

                                         734665         Dragon Attack 6"x8"          734095          Von Frankie Kustom
734630      Flaming Biker Skull, right                                                         Kulture (1x) 4.1"x6.3"
       3"x10"                                                                                  including mini decals (2x)
734631      Flaming Biker Skull, left                                                          1.4"x2.0"


734126 Blue Dragon Right (1x)
       2.7" x 8.0"
734125 Blue Dragon Left (1x)
       2.7"x8.0"                         VARIOUS

                                         734104 Winged Fairy (1x)
                                                4.5"x4.6"including mini decal        734098          "Purr Fect (1x) 5.2"x6.5"
                                                (1x) 1.9"x1.9"                                 including mini decal (1x)

734585          Red Dragon 3"x4.75"

                                                                                     734103 Black Widow Spider Left/Right
                                                                                            (2x) 4.1"x3.3"

                                         734094          Sailor Kat Kustom Kulture
                                                   (1x) 5.5"x6.4"

734196 "Tribal Dragon left/right (2x)
                                                                                     734132 Spider Web (1x) 7.8"x2.8"

         Bike Tattoos


                                              734205 Pit Bull Attack (1x) 2.7"x8.4"

                                              734594          Bulldog set 6"x18"      734184 Ramtuff (1x) 4.4"x4.6"
                                                                                             including mini decal (1x)
         734218 Wolf Pack (1x) 7.8"x2.6"                                                     1.4"x1.4"
         734344 Tribal Wolf Left/Right (2x)

                                              734206 Panther Attack (1x) 2.6"x7.5"

                                                                                      734191 Fire Dog (1x) 4.5"x4.5"
                                                                                             including mini decals Left/Right
                                                                                             (2x) 1.6"x1.6"

         734183 Wolf Howl (1x) 3.5"x3.8"
                including mini decals
                Left/Right(2x) 1.8"x2.3"

         734204 Wolf Attack (1x) 2.5"x7.5"

                                              734186 Tribal Panther Left/Right (2x)

                                              734606          Panther Strike 6"x8"

         734673          Lone Wolf 6"x8"      734207 White Tiger Attack (1x)          734105 Got Nitrous (1x) 4.5"x4.5"
                                                     2.6"x7.9"                        734189 Old School (1x) 4.5"x4.5"

                                                                                                Bike Tattoos


734193 Got Boost (1x) 5.3"x4.3"

                                         734390 Chopper Ax Clown
                                                calsLeft/Right(4x)2.7"x2.3"     734609         Flaming Clown 6"x8"

734209 Driven like it's Stolen (1x)

734210 Devil Race Flag Left/Right (2x)
                                                                                734188 Red Reaper Bike (1x) 4.5"x3.8"
                                                                                       734199 Reaper Chopper (1x)
                                         734203 Joker Skeleton (1x) 4.0"x4.6"

                                         734185 Black 'n White Jester (1x)
734200 Ax Clown (1x) 4.5"x3.4"                  4.6"x4.5" 734217 Jester
       including mini decals                    Heads Left/Right (2x)
       Left/Right(2x) 2.0"x1.7"                 2.6"x3.9"
                                                                                734199 Reaper chopper 4.1"x4"

                                         734217 Jester Heads decal 2.6"x3.9"

734393 Gun Toting Clown Left/Right
       (1x)7.3"x10.4"includingminide                                            734214 Dark Reaper Left/Right (2x)
       cals(2x)3.8"x5.4"                                                               2.4"x4.2"
                                         734628         Money Jester 3"x10"     734215 Reaper's kiss 2.7"x5.75"

         Bike Tattoos


                                                                                      734604         Devil Eyes 6"x8"
                                                                                      734605         Angel Eyes 6"x8"
         734324 Reaper Strike 2.7" x 4.1"

                                               734662         Flaming Reaper 6"x8"

                                               734208 Nitrous Threat (1x) 2.7"x8.2"

         734398          Throne Reaper (1x)
                   5.00"x6.5" including mini                                          734612         Vampire Coulple 6"x8"
                   decals (2x) 1.5"x1.9"

                                               734202 Speed now, Die Later

         734399         Reaper & Skulls (1x)
                                                                                      734613         Frankenstein Couple

                                                                                      734636      Flaming 8-Ball right
                                               734601         Flaming Tiki 6"x8"             3"x10"
                                                                                      734637      Flaming 8-Ball left

         734387 Flaming Reaper decal set
                5.1" x 8.0"
         734640       Race Reaper 3"x10"

                                                                                                    Bike Tattoos


734639         Tribal Dice left 3"x10"
734638         Tribal Dice right 3"x10"
                                          734652         Girl Skull 6"x5.75"
                                          734656         Old School Biker

734650      Angel/Devil Heart
734655      Biker Brat Finger             734657      Chrome Engine Head
       6"x5.75"                                  6"x5.75"
                                          734659      Chopper Rider 6"x8"

734590         RIP 'N Tear Snake 6"x18"
734603         Vulture 6"x8"

                                          734672         See, Speak, Hear No Evil

734625      Red Tribal Reaper, right
734626      Red Tribal Reaper, left

                                          734675      Electric Chair Reaper
                                          734676      Live Free, Ride Hard
734627         Wild Heart Swallow

                                                                                    734160 Decal Display Rack with
                                                                                           204 decals

         Embroidered Patches
01       PATCHES
         Dress-up any clothing with these
         fashionable and touch patches. Can be
         ironed on cotton and other natural fabrics.
         For Nylon, Leather, or Synthetic fabrics, patch
         must be sewn on.

                                                                                               734078        Devil Flag 4"x4"

                                                           734073      Skull, Dagger & Rose
                                                           734074      Skull, Dagger & Rose
                                                           734554      Skull, Dagger & Rose

         734071            Pirate Skull 6.5"x5"
         734566            Pirate Skull 11"x11.5"

                                                                                               734562        Angel Devil Heart

         734552            Pirate Skull right 6"x2.5"
         734553            Pirate Skull left 6"x2.5"
                                                           734075        Wolf Growl 4"x4"
                                                           734559        Wolf Growl 12"x11"

                                                                                               734561        Angel Outline 4"x4"

                                                           734076        Angel by Day 4"x4"

         734568            Pirate Captain 6"x5"

                                                                                               734560        Devil Outline 4"x4"

                                                           734077        Devil by Nite 4"x4"

         734072            Skull Motor 5"x5"                                                   734276 Devil Girl 5.25"x4.75"
         734540            Skull Motor 11"x11"                                                 734576       Devil Girl 12"x10"

                                                                                  Embroidered Patches


734080         Girl Skull Pink 4"x4"      734084        Flame Skull Head 4"x4"
734557         Girl Skull Pink 5.75"x6"
                                                                                 734090        Death Rider 12"x11"

                                          734085        USA Skull 6"x2.5"

734086         Winged Pink Heart

                                                                                 734091        Joker Wild 11"x11.5"
                                          734087        USA Death Skull 12"x5"

734081         Thug Skull 4"x4"

                                                                                 734092        Gothic Skull Cross
                                          734088        Gray Dragon 12"x8.5"              12"x11"

734082      Live Free or Die USA Skull
734577      Live Free or Die USA Skull
734578      Live Free or Die USA Skull
       5"x6"                                                                     734070      Live Free Ride Hard
                                          734089        High Roller Pin Up              5.5"x5"
                                                   12"x11"                       734093      Live Free Ride Hard

         Embroidered Patches


                                                                                    734277 String of Skulls 12.25"x3.5"

         734261 Red Skull Cross 12"x12"        734079        Eagle Head 4"x4"
         734262 Red Skull Cross 6"x6"

                                                                                    734273 Ax Clown 4.75"x6"

         734272 Gray Skull Cross 5.75"x5.75"   734265 Flame Helmet Skull 9"x12.5"

                                                                                    734567         Ax Clown 26.5"x5"

         734083       Iron Cross Skull 4"x4"
         734370 Iron Cross Skull 6.0"x2.5"     734266 Flame Bandana Skull

         734278 Pink Iron Cross 12.25"x5"

                                               734267 Rebel Flame Skull 12.5"x9"
                                               734268 Rebel Flame Skull 6.5"x5"

         734263 Rip 'n Tear Eagle 11"x12.5"
         734264 Rip 'n Tear Eagle 6.5"x5"
                                               734271 Biker Skull 12.75"x4"

         734270 Eagle Attack 11"x5.5"

                                                                           Embroidered Patches


                                  734283 Fire Eagle 11.75"x4"             734355 Wrench Devil 6.5"x2.5"

734274 Spider Skull 6.5"x6"

                                                                                       734356 USA Eagle mini
                                  734284 Fire Skulls 11.25"x4"                         734357 Eagle Left
                                                                                       734358 Eagle Right

734275 Reaper Head 6"x7"          734352 Red Flame Skull 12"x5"

734279 Jester Flames 12"x5"

                                  734351 Heart 'n Dagger, Pink 11"x5.5"
734282 Pinstripe Cross 11"x4"     734363 Heart 'n Dagger, Red 5.5"x2.5"

                                  734353 Fireman Skull 11.25"x5"

734280 Tribal Skull 11"x5.5"
734281 Skull Jester 5.75"x6.25"

                                  734354 Winged USA Skull 12"x12"

         Embroidered Patches


         734359 Winged Star 5.5"x2.5"

                                                                                          734545        Indian Skull 12"x9"
                                                                                          734546        Indian Skull 6.5"x5"

                                                                                          734547        Three Ace Skulls
         734269 Orange Tribal Butterfly                                                            11"x11.5"
         734360 Purple Tribal Butterfly 6"x2.5"
         734361 Pink Tribal Butterfly 6"x2.5"
                                                  734366   Green Flame Skull 6"x2.5"
                                                  734367   Red Flame Skull 6.5"x2.5"
                                                  734368   Yellow Flame Skull 6"x2.5"
                                                  734369   Blue Flame Skull 6"x2.5"

         734362 Tribal Rose 6"x2.5"                                                       734548        Freedom Eagle

         734364 Winged Eyeball 5.5"x2.5"
                                                  734542        Jester Face 12"x 12"
                                                  734543        Jester Face 6,5"x 5"

         734365 Checkered Skull 6"x2.5"

                                                  734544        Ride Free Eagle 12"x12"

         734541         Skull RIP 12"x11"

                                                                          Embroidered Patches


734549        Day of the Dead

                                                                          734573        Spark Plug Skull
                                      734564   Vertical Eagle 6"x2.5"              11"x11.5"
                                      734565   Gray Tribal Skull 6"x2"
734550      Checkered Eagle left
734551      Checkered Eagle right

                                                                          734574        Fireman Skull 4"x4"
                                                                          734575        Panther Head 6.5"x5"

                                      734569   Race Reaper 6"x5"

734555        Ride for a Cure 4"x4"
734563        Von Frankie 4"x4"

                                                                          734684        Girl Skull Center 11"x12"

                                      734570   Eagle Shred 6"x5"
                                      734571   Sparrows 6"x2.5"
734556        Cobra Patch 6.5"x5"

                                      734572   Orange Butterfly 6.5"x5"

734558        Skull 'n Bones 4"x4"

         Lethal Threat T-Shirts
01       All Lethal Threat T-shirts are made of 100% Cotton, from
         180 gr/m2 quality.T-Shirts are available with various prints. Each shirt
         is printed on both front- and backside.

                                                                                    734241   Reaper Chopper M
                                                                                    734242   Reaper Chopper L
                                                                                    734243   Reaper Chopper XL
                                                                                    734244   Reaper Chopper XXL

         734221      Biker Babe M
         734222      Biker Babe L
         734223      Biker Babe XL
         734224      Biker Babe XXL

                                                                                    734246   Iron Cross M
                                                                                    734247   Iron Cross L
                                                                                    734248   Iron Cross XL
                                                                                    734249   Iron Cross XXL

         734226      Rip 'n Tear eagle M
         734227      Rip 'n Tear eagle L
         734228      Rip 'n Tear eagle XL
         734229      Rip 'n Tear eagle XXL

                                                                                    734251   Skull Jester M
                                                                                    734252   Skull Jester L
                                                                                    734253   Skull Jester XL
                                                                                    734254   Skull Jester XXL

         734231      Biker Skull M
         734232      Biker Skull L
         734233      Biker Skull XL
         734234      Biker Skull XXL

                                                                                    734256   Bio Mec Skull M
                                                                                    734257   Bio Mec Skull L
                                                                                    734258   Bio Mec Skull XL
                                                                                    734259   Bio Mec Skull XXL

         734236      Night Rider M
         734237      Night Rider L
         734238      Night Rider XL
         734239      Night Rider XXL
                                                       Lethal Threat T-Shirts


734285   Freedom Eagle M         734301   Devil Babe M
734286   Freedom Eagle L         734302   Devil Babe L
734287   Freedom Eagle XL        734303   Devil Babe XL
734288   Freedom Eagle XXL       734304   Devil Babe XXL

734289   Twisted Side Babe M     734305   Taste my Venom M
734290   Twisted Side Babe L     734306   Taste my Venom L
734291   Twisted Side Babe XL    734307   Taste my Venom XL
734292   Twisted Side Babe XXL   734308   Taste my Venom XXL

734293   Touch of Evil M
734294   Touch of Evil L
734295   Touch of Evil XL
734296   Touch of Evil XXL       734309   Wheels of Doom M
                                 734310   Wheels of Doom L
                                 734311   Wheels of Doom XL
                                 734312   Wheels of Doom XXL

734297   Angel Babe M
734298   Angel Babe L
734299   Angel Babe XL
734300   Angel Babe XXL
         Lethal Threat T-Shirts


         734500   Live Free or Die USA Skull M     734516   LT-Custom Motorcycles M
         734501   Live Free or Die USA Skull L     734517   LT-Custom Motorcycles L
         734502   Live Free or Die USA Skull XL    734518   LT-Custom Motorcycles XL
         734503   Live Free or Die USA Skull XXL   734519   LT-Custom Motorcycles XXL

                                                                                        734528   Bad to the Bone M
                                                                                        734529   Bad to the Bone L
                                                                                        734530   Bad to the Bone XL
                                                                                        734531   Bad to the Bone XXL

         734504   Hell Ride Reaper M               734520   Gear Skull M
         734505   Hell Ride Reaper L               734521   Gear Skull L
         734506   Hell Ride Reaper XL              734522   Gear Skull XL
         734507   Hell Ride Reaper XXL             734523   Gear Skull XXL

                                                                                        734532   Lethal Threat Fairy M
                                                                                        734533   Lethal Threat Fairy L
                                                                                        734534   Lethal Threat Fairy XL
                                                                                        734535   Lethal Threat Fairy XXL

         734508   Ride Hard Piston Skull M
         734509   Ride Hard Piston Skull L
         734510   Ride Hard Piston Skull XL
         734511   Ride Hard Piston Skull XXL

                                                   734524   Hell On Wheels M
                                                   734525   Hell On Wheels L
                                                   734526   Hell On Wheels XL
                                                   734527   Hell On Wheels XXL

         734512   Who You Ride M
         734513   Who You Ride L                                                        734536   Wild Heart M
         734514   Who You Ride XL                                                       734537   Wild Heart L
         734515   Who You Ride XXL                                                      734538   Wild Heart XL
                                                                                        734539   Wild Heart XXL


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