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Read on for small steps to BIG benefits!
     Healthy Living and HealthyMoney!
                                 PBG’s Group Auto and Home Program can save you money!
                                 The program gives you the chance to comparison-shop and benefit from group
                                 rates for auto and homeowners’ insurance. For more information, go to
                        or call 1-877-732-3344.
                                           Have you had a Healthy Living success? By sharing your Healthy Living story with the rest of the
                                           PBG community, you can inspire a colleague who’s thinking about making a change but isn’t sure how. Send
                                           your story to Healthy Living Successes, 1 Pepsi Way, Somers NY, 10589 or email
                                                                                                       • 5 “To-Dos” for every PBG employee
                                                                                                  • A Real Healthy Living Success Story
                                                                                                       • Energy-efficient, money-saving tips!
                                                                                               Your One-Stop Wellness Shop   May 2008

               SMALL STEPS TO...BIG                                                             BENEFITS!                                small steps to

                                     This issue is dedicated to showing you how the smallest changes, made and kept one at a
                                     time, can have a real impact on your physical and financial health. Inside you’ll find real tips
                                     to help you make those first steps towards a healthier, more financially stable you.

               A     Healthy Changes program should be one of your very first steps!
                   The Results are in…70% of PBG employees have completed a Wellness
                   Assessment so far this year. Remember, you need to take the Assessment to participate in
                   a Healthy Changes program and get your $100 Healthy Living MasterCard! To get
                   started with a program, log on to or call 1-800-784-9256.

                   For the   second year in a row, PBG’s Healthy Living program has been
                   second year in a row
                   honored by the National Business Group on Health. The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles
                   highest-level Platinum Award recognizes PBG for its commitment to promoting a healthy
                   lifestyle for all employees. Congratulations and thanks to all Healthy Living participants!

                   You may be            wondering                         why PBG spends the             The answer
                                                                                                          is SIMPLE
                   time and money to offer you Healthy Living and HealthyMoney.

                 At PBG, we believe that by working together, we can truly lead
                      healthier lives and build a stronger, healthier company.

                   The great part is, it’s working. Real PBG employees around the country are exercising, getting involved in their
                   communities, and learning how to get financially fit—all with the help of Healthy Living and HealthyMoney.
In this

                             5 To-Dos for                                A Real
                               EVERY                              Healthy Living                             on the 2008
                             PBG Employee                         Success Story                         Healthy Challenge!

                                   p.2                                     p.3                                    p.4

   1   PBG   & You
            START    ACHIEVING       YOUR     GOALS     ONE    SMALL     STEP   AT   A   TIME   AND   YOU’LL     SEE   RESULTS

           It’s Time to Think
            about your goals in a new way!
            Having high aspirations is natural. And you probably want to reach your lofty goal as quickly as possible. But
            did you ever think you might be trying too hard? Sometimes, having high hopes can make your goal seem
            difficult or even impossible to reach. Instead of thinking too big, think about small changes. Take one step at a time
            and you'll find yourself less resistant to change in the long-term. If you continue making small changes in your life,
            you'll be well on your way to achieving those big goals!

                                 PBG’s top to-do’s
                                 for every employee
                                No need to sacrifice health for wealth—why not strive for both
                                at the same time? Here are 5 tips PBG feels are most important:

                    1. Save at least 10% of pay for retirement. The PBG 401(k) plan is one of the best ways
                       to do so—it’s automatic, you save on income taxes, and if you’re eligible for the match,
                       it gives you free money! If you’re not saving at all and 10% seems like a lot, start with
                       1%. Building up gradually is better than doing nothing at all.

                    2. Get an annual physical. All 3 PBG medical plans cover annual physicals at 100% with no
                       deductible or copayment for you and your covered family members.

                    3. Use Medco mail order for maintenance medications. You’ll save money while making sure
                       you receive your medications when you need them. For mail order forms go to
              or call Medco at 1-888-737-7479.

                    4. Write or update your will. Because an updated will clarifies your intentions on both
                       financial and non-financial matters, experts recommend you have one no matter how
                       much money you make. Find an attorney today to get started! If you’ve already signed up
                       for PBG’s Group Legal Program, free will preparation is covered.

                    5. Know your resources. From Healthy Living to HealthyMoney, to discounts, helplines, and
                       websites, you have access to many company-sponsored programs. Start by reviewing the
                       2008 Benefits Book or by going online to

                      1                      2                      3                       4                      5

2   PBG   & You
From constantly hearing, ‘Jimmy is gaining
weight,’ to
              before    after

              ‘Jimmy looks great’ is such a
rush that it’s well worth the sacrifice.
                                                      Healthy Living Success
                                                          Real PBG Employees. Real Changes.

               About 5 months ago, Jim Mulford, a Technical Support Analyst with PBG Technology
               Services, set out to lose 40 pounds and recently reached his goal. PBG’s Healthy Living
               talks to Jim, who works in Norwood, MA, about his experience.
               How did you decide to lose weight? My wife and I were looking through pictures right after Halloween. I stumbled
               upon the picture you see as “before,” taken at a time when I did not “feel” fat. That picture hit me like a brick.

               What changes did you make in your daily lifestyle to help you achieve your goal? I was not ready for exercise
               when I started this a few months ago. I knew it would come in time, but as the weight started to come off, I
               started feeling a little better every day. I finally joined a gym and now look forward to going every weekend.
               My joining a gym was just as significant, to me, as losing the 40 pounds.

               What advice do you have for your PBG colleagues who would like to make a change but aren’t sure how? I
               did not look at my goal weight. I tried to lose one pound at a time, and then suddenly, it all added up. Short
               steps, little successes, make a huge difference.

                         Healthy Challenge Week 7 Update

                                                                                                                      1. Grand Rapids
                                                                                                                      2. Fort Myers
                                                                                       th     STANDINGS               3. Richmond

                                                                                    Ft. Myers raises the roof!
                                                                                    Over 40 Ft. Myers employees and family members
                        Left to right: Marco Coiana, Antonio Cail and Jose Zavala   participated in a Habitat for Humanity building event
                                                                                    in Cape Coral, Florida on
               Why Weight? Almost 65 PBG Tampa                                      March 29. With PBG’s
               employees are participating in the “Why Weight”                      help, walls rose from the
               challenge against other Healthy Challenge locations,                 foundation in just six
               and they built a      custom scoreboard to track                          Great work,
               their progress!                                                      Ft. Myers!

                                           Reminder! The Healthy Challenge’s “Healthiest Location” will win a visit from
                                           Jeff Gordon, who will present the Healthy Challenge trophy, speak, and sign autographs
                                           during a celebration with employees and their families.

                                                                                                                              PBG   & You   3

         3                                                                                                       ?
                                   What would you do
                                   if your transmission failed…tomorrow
                                   Having an emergency fund available for unexpected expenses will save you
                                   possible long-term financial stress should anything happen. While day-to-
                                   day financial responsibilities can make saving for an emergency fund seem
 s       m    a     l    l
                                   impossible, making it a priority now, before the unexpected happens, is so
                                   important. Here are 3 manageable ways you can start putting money
Savings Tips                       away, even on the tightest budget.

     1   Keep the change. Put a container near your home’s entryway and add your pocket
         change to it every day. You’ll be amazed at how it adds up at the end of a week, month, and year.

     2   Use your bank’s ATM. Today’s average ATM fee is almost $2.00, and that’s on
         top of what your bank might charge you for using another bank’s ATM. Stick with your bank’s ATMs
         when withdrawing cash and those dollars will start to add up to real savings.

     3   Use cash when you shop. Studies have shown that people who pay primarily
         with cash spend less money. It’s harder to part with cash than it is to pull out a credit card!

 This year, HealthyMoney will be offering workshops on specific topics like debt management, education

 funding, investing, and retirement.   Stay tuned for more information.

HealthyMoney: / 1-800-PBG-7058

 Over 600 lucky PBG employees got
 to meet Jackie Joyner Kersee!
 The former Olympic athlete graciously agreed to participate in two
 PBG Healthy Living wellness events, held February 12 and 13,
                                                                          Left to right: Jackie Joyner Kersee,      Harriet Evans and
 during Black History Month, in Winston-Salem, NC and Orlando, FL.                                                 Jackie Joyner Kersee
                                                                          Debbie Marley, and Bob Simpson.
                                                                                Photo (c) Preston Mack           Photo (c) Michael LoBiondo

                                                                                                                         PBG     & You        4
Money-Saving                                                               Tips
                                                                                     The average U.S. family
Did You                                                                              spends about $1,900 a
                                                                                     year on energy.

These energy-efficient tips are simple

and effective, and can help cut down on
your monthly expenses. As with your
health, just a little bit of effort can go a
very long way.

                          Turn it                                        Watch how you
                          down...                                        WA S H
                                                                         When you wash your dishes, run your
and cover up! Lowering your thermostat at                                dishwasher only when it’s full, and let
night and when you leave the house can make a                            your dishes air dry to avoid running
real impact on your heating bill.                                        an unnecessary dry cycle.

                                Drive safely. Aggressive driving decreases your gas mileage by up
                                to 33%! You can save money on gas and repair costs by driving
                                sensibly. Try coasting to a stop and accelerating and decelerating gradually.

TIPS: HealthyMoney and Healthy Living

                      Stop smoking.                                      Shop with a list.
                    It’s one of the best things you                      If you prepare a list beforehand, you’ll save
                    can do for your health and                           money by avoiding impulse buys, and you’ll be
                    your bank account. Quitting                          more likely to stick with the healthier foods you
can save you almost $1,500 in just one year                              planned out ahead of time.
if you are a pack-a-day smoker. This is money
you can put directly into an emergency fund or
your 401(k)!

                                                            You’ll save money, and by being more aware of what you’re
              Bag it. Your lunch, that is.
                                                            eating, you’re likelier to make healthier choices.

Se habla
                                                        2008 Benefit Books are available in Spanish. If you’d
       espanol                                          like one, speak with your local HR representative.

                                                                                                                                      PBG   & You   5

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