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					FORKURS 2005/06

Work plan in English

Week Text                         Grammar/Exercises
33     Introduction to the subject Write about yourself
                                   Conversation in English, weekly
34     Doing Business s. 10        Conversation
                                   Text Review p. 13
                                   Word quiz
                                   Translation to Norwegian p. 12
                                   Repeating grammar
35     Human Relations p. 15       Conversation Gram.
                                   Chapter 5 p. 24
                                   Text Review p. 21
                                   Translation into English p. 22
36     Science and Technology      Conversation
       p.130                       Gram. Chapter 5 p. 24
                                   Word quiz
                                   Translation into Norwegian
                                   Text Review p. 134
37     Text from Time Magazine Conversation
                                   Word quiz
                                   Questions to text
                                   Summary of the text
                                   Gram. Chap. 7 p. 48
                                   Hand-outs from Tricky Twelve
38     Mathematics p. 136          Conversation
       Chemistry is everywhere Translation into English
       p.137                       Text Review p. 139
       Short Story by Roald        Analysis of the short story
       Dahl:                       Gram. Chap. 8 p. 62
       The Umbrella Man
39     Mechanical Engineering      Conversation
       p.146                       Translation into English p.150
       Film                        Exercise p. 151
                                   Gram. Chap. 9 p. 73
                                   Summary of the film
40     No classes

41     Operational Technology     Conversation
     p. 168                    Text Review p. 172
                               Gram. Chap. 15 p. 111
                               Writing an essay on a given subject
42   Oil- Norway’s Black Gold Conversation
     p 174                     Word quiz
     Short story               Text Review p. 178
                               Gram. Chap. 13 p. 104
43   Test exam in English      Conversation
     Date:25.10.05             Gram. Chap. 13
     Time: 12.15-15.15 hrs     Questions to the text from Time
     Text from Time Magazine Cross word puzzle
44   Product and Design p. 179 Conversation
     Review of test exam       Word quiz
     Film                      Text Review p. 183
                               Gram. Chap. 16 p. 114

45   Beloved Blue Planet p.     Conversation
     185                        Word quiz
     Various Sources of         Text Review p. 187 and 191
     Renewable Energy p. 188    Gram. Chap. 17 p. 121
     Short story by R. Dahl:
     Goat’s Tobacco p. 201
46   Essay week                 Devoting the week to the production of
     Text from “University       a good text on any of the subjects in
     Physics” by Young and                     the book
47   Text from “University
     Physics” by Young and
     Preparation for the exam
48   Preparation for the exam

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