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									                        Amsterdam weekender – 17th-20th February 2011

The Amsterdam weekender is finally here! We have no doubt that you’ve been
looking forward to this for ages and you’re itching to hit the Dutch capital. So, here’s
all the info you need for a great (and safe) weekend!

Departure on Thursday 17th February – meeting time and place

Coaches will be leaving from the University’s Harrow Campus car park.

Please arrive by 6.30pm to board the coaches – your names will be checked before
you get on the coach. If you’re late, we won’t wait!

And don’t forget your Passport!

Address: University of Westminster Harrow Campus, Watford Road, Northwick Park,
Harrow HA1 3TP.

Underground: The nearest tube station is Northwick Park, on the Metropolitan line
(journey time approx 20 minutes from Baker Street station).

Please note: On the Metropolitan line, ‘Fast’ and ‘Semi-fast’ trains do not stop at
Northwick Park station. You must catch an ‘All stations’ train for Northwick Park, so
make sure you check the platform displays for the correct train!

Directions from Northwick Park station: Go down the stairs from the platform, go
through the ticket barriers, then turn left (signposted University of Westminster
Harrow Campus).

Keep walking straight ahead – you will then see the Halls of Residence in front of
you. Follow the path straight ahead for about 400 yards, going past the halls of
residence and sports hall. The car park will then be located on your right.

Why not get to Harrow Campus early and enjoy a few drinks down our very own
Undercroft bar to warm yourself up for the trip!

The coach journey to Amsterdam…

Coaches will be leaving Harrow Campus from 6.30pm. The journey is about 12-13
hours, with a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais.

Your Passports/Visas will be checked before the ferry crossing so your attention is
needed. And don’t risk bringing anything you shouldn’t bring!
There will be stop-offs every couple of hours to get some food, booze and fresh air.
Don’t be late getting back on the coach after the stop-offs otherwise you’ll be
stranded somewhere in Belgium!

Please remember – respect the coach and the driver!

Arrival time at Amsterdam will be at around 9am-10am (local time) on Friday 18th

Hostel information and check-in

You are staying at the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Kerkstraat 136, 1017 GR
Amsterdam. The hostel is a 5 minute walk from Leidseplein, a vibrant square full of
bars, coffeeshops and restaurants.

Check-in is at 12pm-2pm local time.

Look after your keys, it’s a 5 Euros charge if you lose them!

Please respect the hostel and its fellow residents, don’t trash it!

Your weekend in Amsterdam!

Once you’ve checked in, the city of Amsterdam is at your mercy!

There is a pub crawl on Saturday night (19th February), open to everyone! If you
want to join, details will be given on the day.

Amsterdam is a compact city and nearly all the attractions are within walking
distance. Here are some sights worth seeing:

      Leidseplein – Amsterdam’s equivalent of Leicester Square. Just around the
       corner from your hostel with loads of bars, coffeeshops and restaurants.
      The coffeeshops all around the city, each with their own unique atmosphere.
      The infamous Red Light District!
      Heineken Experience, for all the beer lovers out there.
      Rijksmuseum.
      Van Gogh Museum.
      Anne Frank House.
      Amsterdam Arena, home to Ajax FC and the Dutch national team.

Lots more tourist info on Amsterdam can be found at:

      Amsterdam tourist board:
      Time Out:
Personal safety

Like any other city in the world, Amsterdam is not without imperfections. The biggest
problem in Amsterdam is petty crime with pickpockets and muggings particularly rife,
especially at night and around main tourist spots (especially the Red Light District).

However, staying safe in Amsterdam is easy like all other world cities, just by using
common sense and being aware of your surroundings.

        Do not walk alone at night, make sure you’re with a group of friends.
        Keep your belongings close to you and out of sight.

Also because it’s Amsterdam (we’ll let your imagination think of what you can do
over there!) we’re sure that some of you want to go a bit mad!

But the worst thing that can happen is having your night finish early in a haze of puke
while your mates are still out there enjoying themselves. So here’s some advice on
how you can enjoy your nights and avoid being an early casualty:

        Soft drugs: Pace yourself! Don’t dismantle them in one fell swoop otherwise
         you’ll be having an early night.
        Keep hydrated – drink lots of water or fruit juice, and try to avoid fizzy drinks.
        Don’t mix alcohol with drugs.
        Safe sex – free condoms will be available from the supervisors.

It is worth getting travel insurance for your own peace of mind - it's only a few quid
and you'll get covered in case you might lose anything or need medical attention
during the trip.

Travel Supermarket is a great website where you can find travel insurance deals for
less than £5. Get your travel insurance online at:

Return journey back to London

Reality bites back. It’s the moment nobody wants – the end of the trip and time to
return home. Sob!

Check-out from the hostel is at 9am (local time) on Sunday 20th February.

Coaches will be leaving Amsterdam at 10.30am local time.

Arrival back at Harrow Campus will be at around 9.30pm.

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