Soccer Coach Responsibility - Players Being Properly Equipped by pengtt


									       National Federation of State High School Associations

      Coach Responsibility
Players Being Properly Equipped

           July 16, 2007
         Haig Nighohossian

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         Purpose of Rule
 Enforce adherence of wearing proper and
  legal equipment to minimize risk of
 Relegate responsibility for adherence of
  “properly equipped” to the coaches.
 Enforcement by officials
     Methods - Preventative
 Officials:
   • Take precursory view during warm-ups/bring to
     attention of the coach.
   • Reinforce in pre-game to captains and coaches
     importance of adherence of wearing proper
 Coaches:
   • Check players before game.
   • Inform players of consequences.
   • Enforce at practice every day.
 Pre-game warm ups.
  • Correct and no penalty on coach.
 Discovery on field before kickoff (before
  • Send off for correction
  • Correct on field if not involving the delay of the
    start of game. Such as shirts tucked in etc.
     Situations (Continued)
 After whistle blows to start game.
  • Player enters field/or is on field and is improperly
     • Stop game at appropriate time: send player off to correct –
       issue yellow card to head coach.
     • If more than one player has same or similar problem at same
       time issue only one (1) yellow card.
     • Use common sense in adjudicating situation.
  • Player who is properly equipped intentionally
    removes required equipment.
     • Stop play at appropriate time
     • Issue yellow card to player
     • Send the player off to correct, team may substitute.
  Situations (Continued)
• Player’s equipment becomes illegal through
  course of play, that is, shinguard pops out, shoes
  come off, blood on uniform etc.
   • Stop play at appropriate time.
   • No card.
   • Send the player off to correct or correct during stoppage if
   • No substitutions unless allowed by rule.
 The official observes that player A-1 is
  wearing illegal equipment. The official stops
  the game at the appropriate time, sends the
  player off the field of play, and issues a
  yellow card to the head coach. The Coach
  wants to substitute for A-1 a) from the bench;
  b) from players who had already reported
  before play was stopped.
  • Ruling:
 Should the coach be held responsible for
  body piercing, belly button rings, tongue
  rings, etc.

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