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					    Temporary pop-ups are all the rage in retail right now.

    Here Today,
    BY VIlMA BArr                                       merchants are successfully adopting

                                                        this entertainment format, generating
             op-up retail is like a first-run           traffic with a variety of transitory store
             indie movie. Promoted to a                 environments.
             specific market segment, it                    these types of outlets belong to
    appeals to a targeted audience during               a genre (known as pop-ups) that has
    limited-run engagements. today’s                    grown in popularity – particularly with

    The bright crimson color commands attention, while the clean lines of this retail space offer a
    contemporary, cutting-edge vibe.

                                                                     All Photos: MArk steele
LookFab Moments is part of the pop-up retail       have a strong built-in publicity engine.        art director/retail & environmental
                                                   Announcements and press releases                design, created the lookFab Moments
                                                   generate more editorial coverage                layout. Assisting her for the lighting
       major chains and brands – over the          – line for line, dollar for dollar – than       program was kevin Nunney of the
       past five years. they are stocked with      the merchants can buy for the same              taylor Group, headquartered in toron-
       merchandise in price points ranging         amount of print media space. Pop-up             to, who also handled the build-out.
       from mass market to upscale, with the       stores automatically generate buzz              the street-facing full-glass front-
       selection tailored to their customer        and focus consumer interest whether             age measured 22 feet wide, and the
       base. Pop-ups are strategically located     it’s on a new collection, a limited-time        distance to the back wall was 78 feet.
       to draw maximum visitor traffic             offering of a special product group,            P&G beauty advisors offered make-up,
       during their stay, which typically runs     or seasonal themes such as holiday              hair, and skin care advice plus demon-
       anywhere from a few days to several         or back-to-school. they can also test           strated application techniques utilizing
       weeks.                                      a concept without the investment of             such brands as Cover Girl®, Pantene®,
           Proctor & Gamble (P&G), in support      a lease or expensive fit-out, including         olay®, and Clairol®. Visitors took away
       of its brand presence in toronto, spon-     permanent lighting.                             goodie-bags filled with assorted prod-
       sored a pop-up within a storefront              According to Brian Priest, Upshot’s         uct samples.
       in the trendy Bloor street shopping         vp/retail and entertainment design,                 red was the background color for
       district last spring. Dubbing it “lookFab   P&G’s objective was to create an envi-          the interior and signage. the main
       Moments,” the 2,200-sq.-ft. space was       ronment of beauty exploration. “there’s         glazed front window was outlined with
       open for approximately one month.           no stress, no push to sell product right        a wide crimson header with identify-
       the fittings for the space, graphics,       then and there. It’s designed to be a           ing graphics in white. A color band
       and lighting were designed by Chica-        low-key, educational, informative, and          extended up on one side and along the
       go-based Upshot, a marketing and            enjoyable experience,” he explains.             bottom, allowing a clear view inside.
       promotional consulting agency.                  the toronto pop-up was open seven                “We selected a combination of
           Merchandising mavens such as            days a week, attracting 22,800 visitors.        incandescent and tungsten halogen
       target, Gap®, Nike, kiehl’s, and            More than two-thirds took advantage of          lamps that flatter skin tones and cost-
       Japanese apparel maker Uniqlo have          personal consultations offered by P&G’s         efficient luminaires for the limited
       employed variations on the technique        on-site beauty specialists.                     amount of time that the pop-up would
       to bring product to customers. Pop-ups          stacie thompson, Upshot’s senior            be open,” thompson points out. to give

       12	                                                                                     CONTRACT	LIGHTING		NOVEMBER/DECEMBER	2008
Beneath this oversized pendant, visitors face a round mirror
that is suspended by wires from the custom lighting fixture’s
frame. Products used during the demonstration are displayed     tions, based on age, skin sensitivity,       onto the vertical surface of the stretched
on a white pedestal table placed under the smaller ring.        dryness, etc. For make-up to enhance         pink fabric space dividers behind.
                                                                their skin tones, visitors could stop at     Adjacent to one end of two of these
                  the shop streetfront glitter and visual       the Colour Bar before proceeding to the      tracks, Upshot hung a single classic
                  appeal, a five-light track was suspended      style studio for hair styling suggestions    white pendant (#172) designed by Poul
                  along the inside top of the double-wide       and coloring hints.                          Christensen for Danish manufacturer
                  window, and fitted with 75-watt Mr16              “everything in the space is easily       le klint.
                  lamps. the smaller window – on the            removable,” Priest points out. “the              the pop-up’s attention-generating
                  other side of the double glass doors –        six-piece curved wall panels and the         centerpiece is a circular arrangement
                  contained a circular white pedestal           credenzas behind the bars are painted        of four white make-up tables and stools
                  table with a bouquet of flowers and           plywood,” he explains. “they can be          beneath a double-ringed pink ceiling
                  small product display. Above, recessed        removed and reassembled in sections          fixture. thompson says her fixture
                  luminaires beamed downward to draw            for reuse at other events,” he notes.        design was the solution to two require-
                  interest to the tabletop arrangement,         over-sized pink fabric space dividers        ments: define the area and emphasize
                  creating a soft shadow on the floor.          that separate the sections of the room       the setting, plus illuminate the table
                      the temporary beauty destination at       are stretched over frames, constructed       arrangement.
                  33 Bloor street was organized around          for quick installation and breakdown.            Fabricated in toronto, the fixture is
                  experiential pods. Upshot divided             Upshot used existing black ceiling           comprised of a heavy white knit fabric
                  the long rectangular space into four          tracks already in place and added black      that was printed with an all-over pink
                  stations where visitors could experi-         track heads fitted with 60-watt incan-       hue. the outer ring has a radius of 11½
                  ment with products and consult with           descent spots. Above the make-up bars        feet while the inner circle measures
                  P&G’s specialists. the essentials Bar         are curved polished metal tracks from        9 feet. A eurolite track encircles the
                  demonstrated the most beneficial daily        eurolite. they can be adjusted to beam       smaller ring, with illumination from
                  care routines, while the skin Boutique        illumination from 75-watt tungsten           75-watt Mr16s beaming down onto the
                  developed customized skincare solu-           halogen lamps down to the bar top or         table surfaces.

                 14	                                                                                    CONTRACT	LIGHTING		NOVEMBER/DECEMBER	2008
Track lights from Eurolite provided adequate illumination
for the demonstration areas, while a pendant from Le Klint   schouler. Four more
contributed to the cozy atmosphere.                          target pop-ups were
                                                             slated for the Big
                   Free-hanging white panels produced        Apple this fall.
              by 3Form are attached to the ceiling               overseas,
              by magnets. “they fold up to fit in            Comme des Garçons
              tubes to be shipped and installed else-        and louis Vuitton
              where,” Priest says. After the toronto         recently opened the
              installation, the pop-up was shipped to        doors to a pop-up
              Calgary, where it was open for several         for a three-month
              weeks in the Market Mall.                      run in tokyo’s trendy
                   P&G sponsored print and broadcast         Aoyama district.
              links to promote the pop-ups. An on-           the brick-and-glass
              line format ( recreates         building with gray
              the toronto look for those unable to           concrete walls and
              visit the store in person. Rouge 1, a          exposed metal
              P&G-sponsored beauty and fashion               staircase hosted the
              magazine, made its debut to coincide           introduction of a line
              with the appearance of its pop-up              of custom handbags
              stores.                                        ranging in price up to
                                                                                        The lighting was carefully selected to be flattering to all skin tones as
                   some current examples of traffic-         $1,800. Meanwhile,         guests sat in the make-up chair.
              generating pop-ups include the holiday         New York City-based
              store that target popped open on a             pharmacy-cum-beauty and skin care                  on the main campus of Penn state,
              barge in the hudson river alongside            brand kiehl’s organized pop-up stores              generating a reported sales volume of
              New York City as a showcase to lure            on college campuses at the start of the            $20,000 in a single day.
              Manhattan shoppers. target later also          school year to build product recogni-                   In short, the phenomenon of pop-up
              sponsored a four-day event to showcase         tion to a prime consumer market.                   retail presents a challenge in that the
              its limited-edition, mid-price line creat-          similarly, Victoria’s secret                  bar has been raised for these spaces to
              ed by the haute couture duo of Proenza         constructed a temporary mini-store                 look anything but temporary. 

              16	                                                                                          CONTRACT	LIGHTING		NOVEMBER/DECEMBER	2008