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					Check PageRank With Google Toolbar
This paper is actually responding to a blogger friend who asked how to find blogs rank position
in the eyes of Google. Instead I replied in the comment box or in the guest book instead just too
long, simply mending the explanation I give here. Back I explained that Page Rank is a tool
created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to determine which sites are more popular and worthy to
be shown on the main page of google search engine. Page rank is calculated from 0-10. The
higher the page rank. The more popular the site well in search engine page, for more details you
can read here. Lots of sites that provide services to check pagerank, one of which is PageRank
Checker. You also can look it up in search engines with keyword pagerank checker.

To get a more accurate pagerank and reliably, then you can use the Google Toolbar. One feature
is the google pagerank which can be placed on the internet browser you use. If I use mozilla
firefox because it was already in love with this one browser. If interested, please download the
Google Toolbar and choose what features will you display in your browser. Do not forget to
restart your browser after installing. Anyway, you can read about Google PageRank first. There
is described what the heck pagerank, about whether the pagerank of this type of food.

To determine the significance or google pagerank of web site page that is displayed, you just
hover over the diagram of the green. You should see a pagerank of your website pages open and
the result is more accurate.

Why it was more accurate? Of course, because it's his google toolbar. Moreover, once spread
rumors on the internet about pagerank fraud. Can be dangerous if you do not be fooled to
exchange links with web sites that say high pageranknya turned out to sag. As a pageranknya
Maskolis blog still sag aja he .. he .. he .. he once an once I want to register this blog to one blog
site has a pagerank directory ngakunya 5. I have noticed this blog site directory displays
pagerank 5 on the main page. But I do not immediately believe it. Because the google pagerank
on the browser shows different things. Apparently pageranknya just 1, so disappointed right? But
by installing the google toolbar is now we can check pagerank with accurate and reliable results.

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