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www.rivercanoeclub.org                                                  December 2004
    Committee Members
          New Member Contact                        Prices for use of RCC
          Lynn Parker 9428 3131
                                                Kayak Use
   David Pearce            0409 922 436
Vice President
   Thayer Murphy           0404 050 263         Evening Club paddle:                       $5
Treasurer                                       Club event for a single day:               $30
   Monica Porteous         9576 5010            Weekend Club event:                        $50
Assist. Treasurer
   Mark Manly              4784 3261            Price includes the following items:
Secretary/Public Officer
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131                 boat
Assist. Secretary                                    PFD
   Linda Drummond          0419 985 144              spray deck
                                                     paddle
   Sabina Belli            9420 9495
   Sabina.Belli@uts.edu.au                           helmet (compulsory for all whitewater and surf trips)
Assist. Editor
   Mercy Kibbey            0401 968 433         Money is payable to the trip leader at the Club event.
Web Master                                      To make a booking for equipment phone the trip
   Tom Millett             9949 6871            contact.
Social Secretary
   Helen Bateman           0421 874 184
House Officer
                                                Marquee Use
   Luke Roberts            0438 857 070
Conservation and mapping                        $30 per day
   Michael Brennan         0412 928 876         $50 per weekend
Trips Convenor                                  Also payable, a $200 refundable deposit upon return
   Bob Montgomery          9576 5010
Training Assistants                             To make a booking for the marquee, contact any
   Mercy Kibbey            0401 968 433
   Matt Lavin              9559 5834            committee member. Money is payable at the time of
   Kim Reeves              9559 5834            pickup.
   Thayer Murphy           0404 050 263
   Brian Dolan             9874 8118            All money will go towards repair and replacement
Local Coordinators                              costs of equipment.
   Matt Lavin              9559 5834
   Kim Reeves              9559 5834            *Available for use by RCC members during Club events only
Club Meetings- Normally the first Friday
of the month commencing at 8:00 pm
promptly, at the Clubhouse: Richardson          Front cover- Mudcake Challenge RCC Team. From the left,
Crescent, Tempe- opposite Tempe Railway          Mark W., Mark M., Dave H., Declan, Chris, Dave, Therese
Station. Check calendar as the date and
venue can change.
New Members are welcome to come along
                                                           Next Splash Deadline:
to our club meetings or beginner paddles;
contact Lynn Parker.
                                                            20th January 2005
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                                            December 2004 Splash                                           Page 2
                                  Presidential Platitudes
        Here we are at the end of another year and what a year it's been! I've been thinking about all the
great things that have happened in the club over the year and maybe where we can improve.
        This committee has been very dynamic over the year and this has been clearly demonstrated by
their achievements. It is great to see that the use of the club house has increased. During this year's
annual cleaning bee and other working bee days, a number of club volunteers got together and tidied up,
fixed the balcony, built another boat storage area, organised our valuable historical archives, planted some
native grasses, fixed the septic tank and fixed the fuse box (a necessity after a storm!).
        The committee has also been quite entrepreneurial this year. The club has raised funds from the
Cooks River Tours and through its raffle. Funds have been necessary to maintain our fleet of kayaks and
gear, as well as providing funds for the maintenance and repair of the club house.
        We have had an exciting and jam packed filled calendar this year, that I think, has catered for all
levels of paddling. Events included instruction, flatwater, whitewater, surf, polo, safaris, first aid training
and cycling. The committee has done an outstanding job in putting the calendar together and trying to
come up with imaginative events to keep members interested. As always we would love members to let
us know what trips they would like to see scheduled. If you don’t tell us, we won't know.
        I think that we still have some room for improvement in assessing risk and paddler ability before
taking whitewater trips. It is my aim that club members develop good kayaking and river reading skills
under conditions that are safe for all members of the group. It is important the on higher grade water, that
trip contacts/leaders/participants are mindful of their group's ability and the critical mass of stronger
paddlers required to support the weaker paddlers. This is an important safety consideration not only for
the weaker paddlers but also for the stronger paddlers who might be placed in a rescue situation. It's
important that we speak clearly and objectively on this subject before a river trip to ensure an effective,
fun trip without compromising safety. We are currently trying to put together a safety and rescuer course
for club members at the start of next year. We will be advertising this course, once we have more details.
        Finally I would like to thank that entire committee for their enthusiasm this year. I would also
like to give recognition to some non-committee members, Chris C., Mark W. and David B., who have
stepped up to the mark and supervised paddlers on river trips and helped in instruction. I would also like
to thank Basil for being the best shuttle bunny in the world and for his BBQing skills, and Ross for his
septic tank talents.
I wish all RCC members and their families a very happy and safe Christmas!

   We would like to warmly welcome the following new members
                            to RCC
                         KARALYN BROWN                    BRADLEY MCEVOY
                      DONALD DAVISON                         THAYER MURPHY
                          NICK FIELD                      ANDREW OLIVER
                        LYN FURBANK                      ALEXANDRA PARKER
                         LARRY GRAY                       TANIA PETERSON
                         KRISTY HILLERY                   BRAD STRUDWICK
                   DIRK HORNHEIM                         RAJAN THANANAYAGAM
                      KATHLEEN HOSSACK                      CAROLINE JONES
                     KYM MAWSON-LEE                        ANNE MAWSON-LEE
   We encourage you all to participate in Club events and if you have any questions,
       feel free to contact any committee member. See you on the next trip!

                                           December 2004 Splash                                      Page 3
                                    News and Gossip
      In conjunction with the Riverlife Project, there will be another round of free Guide training to
      enable volunteers to run their own interpretive tours in and around the Cooks River. Training will
      be held over 3 days at the RCC clubhouse on 15th January, 29th January and 12th February. To
      find out more contact Nell Graham at Marrickville Council (Ph: 9335 2197,
      As we have Xmas, holidays and some strange goings on with high tides coming up, the
      Wednesday night paddles from the clubhouse will not necessarily run fortnightly over daylight
      savings. Please check the calendar for the dates. Contact Matt & Kim (9559 5834,
      Beginner and new member training will resume after the holidays in February 2005.
      The RCC website is experiencing some technical problems associated with the NSW canoeing
      website. We hope to rectify this problem soon, however, in the mean time, you can access the
      RCC webpage by following the RCC links at www.nswcanoe.org.au.
      We'd like to organise a River Safety Training weekend. We would like to discuss what people are
      interested in learning, any ideas of who would run the course, cost, location. At the moment we
      are looking for expressions of interest in this scheme, so please call David (040 9922436).
      From Dave: For those of you doing any big trips soon or those of you just interested in river safety
      and dynamics, check these websites: www.steepcreeks.com/index.htm, www.steepcreeks.com/

                                           Penrith Whitewater Centre
                                     5th December 2004
10:00-12:30 pm      Unusual and fun team Canadian and kayak races and jousting on flat-water
                    beside the course.
                    Canadians supplied
                    BYO kayaks.
1:30 pm             Raffle drawn
1:45-2:15 pm        Rafting-Santa with toy sack, splits the rapids to bring goodies to the kids.
1:00-5:00 pm        Paddle the whitewater course (Grade 3).
                    Two inflatable funyaks available for use (Limit of 2-3 rides free in funyak).
                    If paddling the course, the usual entry fee is required.
                 For further details and to RSVP (essential!) call Lynn 9428 3131

                                        December 2004 Splash                                     Page 4
                                                  Calendar of Events
It is expected that all participants in River Canoe Club activities are financial members of RCC. Prospective members are given one trip’s
grace before they are expected to become members. Any person wishing to paddle on a club white water trip must prove their basic skills
ability on flat water first to the satisfaction of the trip leader. Please inform the trip contact 5 days prior to the trip to let him/her know that
you are interested. The advertised trip shall be subject to river conditions and the venue may be changed at the discretion of the club or trip
contact. No one will be allowed to paddle with the club if they don’t have the appropriate safety gear in good repair. If in doubt - ASK. If
you have any medical conditions or take medicine on the river, let the trip contact know.

Trip Etiquette.         If you would like to come on a trip, then please call the trip contact whose name appears in Splash, preferably a week
before the trip. This allows the coordinator to organise car sharing, notify you of any changes of rivers, or if no one is interested, cancel the
trip. If you want to hire a club boat, then two weeks notice is normally necessary.
Impromptu Trip. Broges Creek – Kangaroo Valley. So when it’s raining on Friday or any day for that matter, it is likely that this
special little creek will be running. If interested in a quick day trip, give John Marks a call on 02 48834399
Cancelled Trips. If whitewater trips are cancelled due to lack of water, the alternative is to head out to Penrith Whitewater Stadium on
the Sunday of that weekend. Lynn and other members are there most Sundays. Call the trip contact for that weekend or Lynn.
Subscribe to the Rivers email list to receive up-to-date information regarding impromptu river trips. To
subscribe, send an email to Lynn (lparker@netspace.net.au).
27th -28th      Jervis Bay. Camping weekend; canoeing, surfing, snorkelling, bush walking, 4x4 tracks, lots
                to do. Contact: Kim (9559 5834).
5th             RCC Xmas and Birthday Celebration. Penrith Whitewater Course. See ad. No club
                meeting at the Clubhouse.
7th             Committee meeting. 7 pm. Tempe Clubhouse. For RCC committee members only.
8th             Daylight Savings Midweek Paddle. Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the
                clubhouse to the bay. On the water by 6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for
                members with their own gear. BYO food and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim
                (9559 5834; m_lavin2003@yahoo.com.au).
11th            Beginner and New member training at the Clubhouse. 9:00 am. Basic skills and slalom.
                Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and receive some paddling tuition. For non-
                members, these sessions will now cost $15 to cover our insurance costs and boat hire.
                Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy Kibbey
                (0401 968 433).
12th            Beginner's flat water trip; Grays Point to Audley weir. This is an excellent short trip into
                the Royal National Park, the local canoe shop will be on site with a come and try day so it’s a
                good chance to try different kayaks, paddles etc to give you an idea as to what is available.
                Contact (Bob 9576 5010).
14th            High tide. High tide is at 10:38 am, and is the highest tide this year (2 m), so let's find a good
                tide race. Contact: Bob (9576 5010).
19th            Middle Harbour. Davidson Park into Middle Harbour, good beginners trip. Contact
22nd            Dec *XMAS PADDLE*. Last paddle for the year and over the Xmas and New Year break.
                Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the clubhouse to the bay. On the water by
                6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for members with their own gear. BYO food
                and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim (9559 5834; m_lavin2003
25th            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all RCC Club members, Ho, Ho Ho!! Did Santa
                bring you those carbon paddles you’ve been drooling over, a new creek boat maybe?
26th-1st        Shoalhaven River Epic Journey. How about a journey from Oallen Ford to Tallowalah
                Dam. Water levels permitting. Grade 2-3 with the occasional Grade 4 that you can portage.
                Contact: Mike Smith (02- 4421 2584).

                                                         December 2004 Splash                                                          Page 5
January 2005
1st         Happy New Year!
2nd         Rolling practice. In the pool, after Christmas and New Year. Contact (Bob 9576 5010)
9th         Taplin Park to Rodd Island. Good beginners/Novice flatwater paddle. Contact needed.
12th        Daylight Savings Midweek Paddle. Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the
            clubhouse to the bay. On the water by 6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for
            members with their own gear. BYO food and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim
            (9559 5834; m_lavin2003@yahoo.com.au).
16th        Pie Appreciation Society Surf Day. 10:00 am. Come out for a little surf kayaking out at
            Long Reef followed by a scrumptious pie at the Upper Crust. Meet at the southern end of the
            carpark. We'll be there regardless of tide, surf or rain, but contact Dave (040 9922436) just in
            case there's a change of plan.
19th        Daylight Savings Midweek Paddle. Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the
            clubhouse to the bay. On the water by 6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for
            members with their own gear. BYO food and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim
            (9559 5834; m_lavin2003@yahoo.com.au).
23rd        Lazy Sunday Brunch and Paddle. Come join Dave, Sabina, Luke, Linda and Brian for a
            lazy Sunday BBQ brunch (BYO bacon and eggs) at Meadowbank Memorial Park followed by
            a paddle along Parramatta River to Bicentennial Park among the mangroves and back again.
            Contact: Sabina (04214 68899).
23rd-24th   World Freestyle Championships. Penrith Whitewater stadium. Come and cheer for your
            favorite Australian team!
30th        Cronulla to Jibbon Beach. A great day to explore the northern end of the Royal National
            Park. OK for novices who are happy to paddle across a 1 km open estuary. Contact (Bob
            9576 5010)
4th         Club Meeting. Let's start the with a BBQ! 7:30 pm onwards followed by a presentation by
            Doug Eldred from The Back Dr., "Back Care in Kayaking".
5th         Beginner and New member training at the Clubhouse. 9:00 am. Basic skills and slalom.
            Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and receive some paddling tuition. For non-
            members, these sessions will now cost $15 to cover our insurance costs and boat hire.
            Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy Kibbey
            (0401 968 433).
6th         Woronora River.         Great beginners/novice paddle.         Contact (Monica 9576 5010
9th         Daylight Savings Midweek Paddle. Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the
            clubhouse to the bay. On the water by 6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for
            members with their own gear. BYO food and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim
            (9559 5834; m_lavin2003@yahoo.com.au).
13th        Pie Appreciation Society Surf Day. Take your Valentine out for a on a pre-10:00 am.
            Come out for a little surf kayaking out at Long Reef followed by a scrumptious pie at the
            Upper Crust. Meet at the southern end of the carpark. We'll be there regardless of tide, surf or
            rain, but contact Dave (040 9922436) just in case there's a change of plan.
19th-20th   Childowlah. A weekend away at Childowlah on the Murrumbidgee River. Fixed camp in
            front of Grade 2 rapid. Great for beginners. Fun for all the family. Bring a lilo. Trip
            dependent on water levels. Contact: Dave (040 9922436).
23rd        Daylight Savings Midweek Paddle. Members only. Wednesday evening paddle from the
            clubhouse to the bay. On the water by 6:30 pm. $5 if using Club's kayaks and gear; free for
            members with their own gear. BYO food and drink for a BBQ afterwards. Contact: Matt/Kim
            (9559 5834; m_lavin2003@yahoo.com.au).
26th-27th   Pittwater and the Basin.           Overnight camp.          Contact: Matt/Kim (9559 5834;

                                          December 2004 Splash                                     Page 6
                Central Coast Paddle – Brisbane Water
                                                   Paul Haydon

R.C.C. held its first Central Coast social paddle
(at least to my knowledge) on Sunday 14th
November. Joining us were the regulars Bob &
Monica, Matt & Kim and Dave Lucas (although
Monica was unable to paddle and so kindly
volunteered to assist with the shuttle), as well as
myself. In addition, on this occasion we were
joined by Dani & Steve who traveled up from
Canberra to participate.
Following an early morning departure from
Sydney for most, we put in at Koolewong
Foreshore Reserve near Tascott railway station.
Prior to everyone else‟s arrival, I rigged a little
skeg to the hull of the fiberglass „short rec‟ (to
assist tracking) which Dani was to use, a boat
which I had paddled for many years on Sydney
Harbour in a former life.
Whilst our final destination was to the south, we
headed up to The Broadwater at Gosford to have a bit of a look around, as well as to avoid the
flotilla of commercial fishing vessels (if five can be called that) and kayaks competing in a
charity event associated with the local Oyster Festival that day.
From left to right: Bob, Steve, Dave, Dani, Paul, Matt & Kim.
                                                                Paddling north, we rounded Point Clare
                                                                and headed for T.S. Hawkesbury (naval
                                                                cadet installation) and the Coastal Patrol
                                                                Base, then on to Iguana Joes which in
                                                                recent years replaced the old Aquatic
                                                                Club. The rail bridge in the north-west
                                                                corner of The Broadwater leads to Fagans
                                                                Bay and we noted this for a future paddle
                                                                up Narara Creek.
                                                                At Gosford, we beached at the Sailing
                                                                Club on the eastern shore of The
                                                                Broadwater for rest and a refit of the hire
                                                                vessel which Steve was using, adjusting
                                                                the footpegs more to his liking. Back on
                                                                the water once Matt & Kim had done a his
                                                                & hers swap on the Necky component of
                                                                our little fleet.
Paddling south along the eastern shore, all were envious of how the other half lives – yachts
and million dollar houses on Point Frederick – although as Kim so rightly pointed out, none of
our “other halves”. Across to Saratoga, with a rest mid-way for Steve‟s back, which wasn‟t
coping too well with the seating position in his rented Current Designs Storm. We observed
how refreshing it is to be able to paddle in the middle of a large body of water without the need
to avoid either private or commercial motor craft, and we plan to paddle up this way again. For
those of you who missed this one, it is well worth the trip next time.

                                             December 2004 Splash                                  Page 7
On the beach at Saratoga, we witnessed stretching of an athleticism not previously witnessed
outside our nation‟s capital (refer photo). We at R.C.C. could certainly learn something from our
guests from the A.C.T. this weekend! Our itinerary had aimed for Killcare for lunch (afternoon
tea as an alternate) but because we were a little late, a quick call was made to Monica
interrupting her 4WD adventure, and arrangements were made to meet at Woy Woy by the
Fisherman‟s Wharf for lunch. Another boat swap between Dani and Steve, and then a short
paddle across the oyster leases and around Pelican Island – all to the sound of distant street
music. As it so happened, Woy Woy was hosting the Oyster Festival on Sunday, and so in
addition to what is often thought of as some of the Coast‟s best seafood, there was also a
plethora of outdoor food stalls to select from.
Dani and Steve decided to call it a day at this point, having to return the rental, collect the car
and gear, as well as a dog prior to their return to Canberra that evening. With Woy Woy being
so crowded that day, we paddled the Channel to Lions Park at its eastern extent in order that
they could pull out, and Monica shuttled them to Ocean Planet and then the car at Umina
nearby. Both Dani and Steve noticed over the twelve kilometers that they paddled that the
kayak tended toward port and we put it down to being paddled by relative novices, but as it
turns out I had in fact fixed the skeg ever so slightly off-centre (which they won‟t know until they
read this article!). Anyway, thanks to both for joining our trip as well as supporting our club by
purchasing raffle tickets (note those of you who haven’t yet), and we hope to see them again on
some other paddle, perhaps when the Club ventures south.
The wind picked up just as the rest of us set off for the Rip Bridge, and all but Dave resorted to
using their rudders (OK, I always                                     use mine on the pink
barge). We paddled over derelict                                      oyster      leases,    barely
clearing their remains, but for                                       future reference stay west
of the islands to avoid these                                         obstacles on anything but a
high tide. A good thing really,                                       that the tide had not yet
reached its‟ lower limit. Our trip                                    had been planned to
coincide with the outgoing tide at                                    the Rip Bridge and the
current, whilst strong, was not at                                    its‟ worst according to Matt,
who has led trips in this part of                                     Brisbane Water before.
Bob, Matt and Dave ran the                                            current for its‟ length after
seeing Kim and myself to safety                                       on the eastern shore, where
we were happy to watch while                                          putting in that extra effort
required to catch up with the                                         others.
South to Killcare where Monica was waiting, at which point we decided to end the paddle as our
previous arrangement to link up with Steve‟s car at Umina no longer stood. By now we had
paddled about seventeen kilometers according to the Maritime Authority map. The boats were
dragged across the mud flat and left on the foreshore whilst Monica shuttled sufficient drivers
back to Tascott to collect the remaining vehicles. By the time we returned and packed up, it
was after five and we retired to the Killcare General Store for a meal (or so we thought). Kim
had determined closing to be six, but the kitchen closed a half hour prior – and at twenty past
five it turns out that they were no longer cooking (time passes slightly differently on the Coast).
Back to Iguana Joes on the waterfront at Gosford (by car this time) for well earned meals and
refreshments on the deck, looking straight down The Broadwater with Lion Island visible in the
distance beyond the shores at Saratoga and Woy Woy where we had paddled earlier, and all to
the sounds of Sunday afternoon entertainment as the sun slowly dipped toward the hills in the
Thanks to all who participated, encouraging me to see at least three times the water that I had
previously paddled up until this time. And a special thanks to Monica for being shuttle bunny,
including breaking her own day to assist with getting our guests on their way whilst permitting
the rest of us to continue on.

                                      December 2004 Splash                                 Page 8
                                         After the rain
                                                Bob Montgomery
        The call went out; the rivers are rising; we agreed to meet at the reserve outside Barrington it had
been running up to 3 metres (from a usual .40 metre) in the previous week and was now just below a
metre. Due to a slip in the time continuum we arrived to find an empty campsite at the reserve so we
relocated to “The Steps” which is a far more convenient base.
        Saturday saw three of us paddle the section from Bindara Farm to The Steps on a river level of .82
this proved to be a challenging level for Michael and Matt but I had no doubts as to their abilities and
knew it would push their skills up a notch; they both paddled solidly and even threw in a couple of rolls a
piece; Micheal surprised us with a roll five minutes into the run and Matt showed his prowess with a roll
in the middle of a pushy “S” bend whooping and hollering as he surfaced, both guys decided The Steps
couldn’t be run without a roll apiece either, we even had a swimmer during the run but put this to use by
practicing on water rescue techniques.
        We practiced scouting and I had both guys lead on various rapids, all in we had an excellent run
on a river that was pushy in places and both guys were on a high when we finished, their skills definitely
up a notch and keen for tomorrows paddle. Saturday evening saw the errant paddlers visit with tales of
paddling the “Moppy” section, and requests to join them the following day.
        Sunday morning we declined the “Moppy” invite and instead the three of us cajoled Kim into
paddling from The Steps down to Rocky Crossing with us; the river had dropped to .70 which is an
excellent level at The Steps and proved to be a good level for the rest of the run. The two guys showed
Kim what they had learned the day before and Kim had the ride of her life down a particularly big wave
train hollering all the way; this section had a few trees down so we practiced signalling and eddy hopping
to negotiate them safely; all in a good run that pushed Kim a bit but which she enjoyed. At Rocky
Crossing we found Monica (shuttle bunny) with a surprise Birthday cake for Michael, which was a bonus.
        This was an enjoyable weekend with the river at a good level and everyone learning something; it
was also Michaels last weekend before he moved to Tasmania but he has promised to put his skills to use
on the excellent rivers that isle has to offer, with an invite to go over and paddle with him.

                                                   ''A school teacher by training, Mercy
                                                      found that teaching eroded her
                                                       morale and destroyed her self
                                                   confidence. Kayaking restored both!"
   The Goob. Photo by Chris C.

                                          December 2004 Splash                                     Page 9
                                   Mudcake Challenge
                                               Sabina Belli

As Mark Manly was heard saying, “It’s the cream that makes all the difference!” And so the 2004
                                                          Mudcake Challenge, Canoe Polo
                                                          Competition began. And what were
                                                          they all competing for? Yes, you
                                                          guessed it, a chocolate mudcake, with
                                                          cream on top, to be shared by the victors
                                                          with all competitors.

                                                                  This year was the 9th Mudcake
                                                                  Challenge that was organised by the
                                                                  Kangaroo Valley Canoe Club. It was
                                                                  held at the Bunberry Aquatic Centre,
                                                                  located two minutes from Nowra. The
                                                                  competition was a round robin style
                                                                  competition and very friendly. And
                                                                  from what I could tell, loads of fun!

                                                                 I went down as part of the support crew,
                                                                 along with John (aka Therese’s friend)
and Basil. Our presence was vital to maintaining the form of the team. Our cheers carried them part way
to victory, and the game strategy that John and I devised was received, unfortunately, with slight
scepticism. Other than the wee power nap that I took in the middle of the day, I thought I was there for
the team!

There was a little love lost at the start of the game. In fact, one might say treachery and deceit loomed
among the River Rats. I was aghast to witness that two key players, Lynn and Tony, defected to another
B grade team so that they could play in opposition to the beloved River Rats. The River Rats, shocked at
their callous actions, took revenge on the water. A heated battle was fought between Chris and Lynn in
the pool, where Chris lunged at Lynn with an almighty shove. In she went! Chris only noticed that she
had gone in once he had turned around to address the annoying bouncing on the back of his boat. The
annoyance turned out to be poor Lynn, who was grappling for his boat trying to rescue herself. She
grappled a little longer, and then we realised her cunning plan, as she flipped Chris into the water. It was
like watching gladiators fighting to supremacy!!

And during the breaks between
games, our idle chatter was
varied and animated.         We
discussed the curiosities and
asymmetries of the human body
in the western world. And just
as we thought that Basil was in
a canoe polo trance, he piped up
and shared his observations of
the women, their babies and
piglets in Papua New Guinea
(more about that one at the next
Club meeting). And next time
you see Mark Watson, engage
him in a discussion about
women’s issues and urban fallacies.

                                          December 2004 Splash                                     Page 10
                                                                                 So who did go to this comp.? Other
                                                                                 than John, Basil and I, Therese was
                                                                                 there, as well as Mark W., Mark M.,
                                                                                 Dave P. Pommy Dave (DP’s mate),
                                                                                 Lynn, Chris and Declan. And it was
                                                                                 great to catch up with Mike and Lani
                                                                                 who now live on the South Coast.
                                                                                 Lovely couple! And generous too!!
                                                                                 They have offered their new home to
                                                                                 RCC anytime that we would like to go
                                                                                 down. Now isn’t that great?

                                                                                 And so who did win B Grade? Well
                                                                                 Lynn’s team did of course. What did
                                                                                 the River Rats expect when they
                                                                                 chucked out their best player? The
                                                                                 River Rats came fourth out of fifth.

                                                                  The weekend was topped off with a
great pub meal and a boogie at the Fisherman’s Club at Gerora, and super surf session on Sunday. The
waves were fantastic! We spent about 4 hours in beautiful rolling waves. The water was clean and clear
and there must have been about 20 paddlers from other clubs including Rivers there. A great attraction
for other beach goers! I reckon I did my first attempt at a flat spin and I can’t wait to have another go.
My day ended with lunch in Kiama, another cute town down south, contrary to the quite vocal opinions of
one club member who shall remain nameless (but you know who you are!).

It was a first time visit for me to the South Coast of New South Wales, being a Melbournian and all. The
drive was picturesque, and the landscape lush. It was so beautiful. We visited the local bakery in Berry,
a gorgeous little town, worth spending some more time there over a latte. The coastal drive exploded into
some spectacular scenery and the Shoalhaven was flowing with such grandeur. The Club definitely has to
return to this area for further exploration.

                                                   WHO WILL WIN THESE GREAT PRIZES
                           1st                     TO BE DRAWN AT THE XMAS PARTY?
                                                       1st PRIZE: Squid sit-on-top kayak + paddle valued at $695
                                                                 Proudly donated by Kayaks Australia

                                                        2nd PRIZE: 5 Nights Accommodation for up to 4 people at
     www.kayaksoz.com.au                                Surfrider Holiday Apartments, Mollymook* valued at $400

                                                          3rd PRIZE: 5 Star Downunder Ice Box valued at $295
                                                  If you haven’t had a chance to buy tickets, you can get them at the Xmas
                                                                    $2 each | 3 for $5 | book of 10 for $15
                                                   Draw to be held 1.30pm Sunday 5th December 2004 at the RCC Xmas
      Please bring all tickets (sold, unsold &                       Party at Penrith Whitewater Stadium
      money taken) to the Xmas party before       Prizes will be available for collection at the stadium on the day of the draw.
                the draw at 1.30pm                 Winners not present at the draw will be notified by phone and can pick up
          or contact Matt Ph: 9559 5834           their prize from the RCC Clubhouse, Richardson Cresent, Tempe. Winners
                                                    names and ticket numbers will be posted on www.rivercanoeclub.org. All
                                                    proceeds from this fundraising raffle to assist the River Canoe Club Inc.
                                                                 *Bookings subject to availability. Conditions apply

                                      Paddle 'n Peddle Caper
                                                 December 2004 Splash                                                         Page 11
                                                 Caroline Jones
We set off on the inaugural Paddle 'n Peddle on a splendid Sydney day. Brad and I as Cooks
River Rookies (we became official members that morning) weren't really sure of what or who to
expect and had a great day. Eight intrepid voyagers turned up at the clubhouse to a light north
easterly. Paddle leader Mercy set off with Kim, Monica and me first, while Peddle leader Lyn left
with Matt, Bob and Brad. Lyn also took on the role of First Aid Officer, keeping an eye on Bob
who had had a bike incident on a previous occasion.
After a very pleasant first leg we stopped at busy Kyeemah boat ramp where we managed to
alight and 'beach' the kayaks, with the riders nowhere to be seen. Obviously they had
underestimated out excellent paddling prowess. When they finally turned up Brad and I
swapped ve-hicles (I wasn't quite ready to take on Botany Bay) and we set off again.
About 15 minutes later the cyclists arrived at the cafe at Brighton Le Sands. We checked out the
progress of the kayakers through Lyn's binoculars. They were well around the breakwall and on
their way, arriving just as the first coffees turned up. We all sat down to a drink or a snack and
relaxed. An order of the bacon and egg burger bun looked very appetising, although messy.
Definitely next time.
After everything was digested we all went down to the kayaks where Kim took a dip (crazy!!).
The girls saw the guys off with Mercy, watching them power straight into the Noreasterly, which
had picked up by then, toward the airport runway.
The girls geared up and set off, stopping at the break wall to check out the kayaks through the
binoculars as they hung around a while waiting for planes to land.
On the way back to the club, the cyclists were lead off road to check out the wetlands Lyn had
shown the boys earlier. We even spotted a guy asleep on an embankment, who looked to be
skiving off from his responsibilities as a working pary of detainees. On the way back we passed
over the kayakers near the International Airport, with us all arriving back to the clubhouse about
the same time.
After cleaning up, we convened to the Harp pub on the Princess Highway, where we had lunch
and a few drinks. A light shandy or 2 and quite a few guinesses finished off the day. Most
importantly no injuries occurred, bar a little bit of sunburn. The day was excellent, paddling,
peddling and the company of a select few all very enjoyable. Definitely must do it again.

                            A final word from the editor...
 I luvs ya all! Especially Paul H., because he's the only one who misses my regular column of life adventures.
 And Bridget Jones thinks she's got it tough! Huh!! But I digress. I've had a fabulous year putting Splash
 together. Your stories have been great and the photos gorgeous. I am touched by the time and thought that
 you have all put into making your stories entertaining and engaging. I would like to thank the RCC committee
 for being a dynamic bunch of people to work with. Without their enthusiasm, the club would no longer be and it
 wouldn't be half as fun as it is now! And I would like to make special tribute to my regular kayaking buddies-
 Chris for his "there's nothing to worry about" attitude; Mark W., for pointing out to me (to my face), that I have
 kayaking, colour co-ordination issues; Thayer for always being impressed by my mystery moves; Brian for
 holding my hand and keeping an eye on my bum me; Luke for his sympathy swims; Linda for being luscious
 (not a lush!); and Dave for having a reliable internal pie shop detector. And since I have some space left, my
 favourite quote this year comes from Monica, "The only white water I want to see is in my shower!" I must end
 with a final word dedicated to the sexy, beasty river goddess Mercy! When in trouble, when in doubt, call for
 "Mercy" and she'll come right out...if she's not yelling at you to watch the *#+& strainers! Thanks for your happy
 nature and helping us all out on the water. I hear your van's for sale? Happy Christmas everyone and happy
 days..... Sabina

                                             December 2004 Splash                                          Page 12

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