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									Thinking About the Best
     Futures For---

         A Keynote Speech by
David G. Brown, Wake Forest University
           October 16, 2000

Focus Upon                  75%+
STUDENTS                  Completion

Very Few Places in the Country are your equal!
    Thought Starters from Brown
         Technology is…

•   Reviving COMMUNITY
•   Providing NEW OPTIONS for Faculty
•   Enabling NEW CURRICULA
•   Transforming COLLEGES
          What’s Special about
           Berkeley College
•Why do students come to Berkeley?
•Why do faculty stay at Berkeley?
•Why do you continue to work at Berkeley?
•What is “the Berkeley Difference”?

             WRITE IT DOWN!
Ways of Thinking About
Presidential Campaigns and Debates
A First Year Seminar Introducing
Students to the Liberal Arts

                 15 Freshmen
                 Meet twice per week
                 All with open laptops
    Computers Enhance My
 Teaching and/or Learning Via--

More Opportunities to
Practice & Analyze--35%

More Access to Source
Materials via Internet--43%

More Communication with Faculty Colleagues, Classmates,
and Between Faculty and Students--87%
          Computers allow people----

                            • to belong to more communities
                            • to be more actively engaged in each
                            • with more people
                            • over more miles
                            • for more months and years
                            • TO BE MORE COLLABORATIVE

ICCEL -- Wake Forest University, 2000
Technology is reviving &
redefining Community.

 •Who is a neighbor? A potential client? A
 reference? A colleague? A teacher?
 •How can I help build a community of trust &
 interaction that is closely associated with
 Berkeley College?
Technology is altering
student expectations
 •Always in Touch
 •Open Information
 •Shared Authority and Second Opinions
 •Multi-Tasking & Channel Changing
 •Trial and Error (Nintendo)
Technology is providing New
 Options to Faculty and Staff
 •Continuous Interaction
 •Learning Teams
 •Guiding, not Telling
 •Student Management & Monitoring
 •Partners from Real World
 •Second Opinions. Open Information
       Technology is enabling
          New Curricula
•   The 80-20 Rule
•   Customized Textbooks & Manuals
•   Learning Cohorts & Communities
•   The Math Emporium Model
•   The Visual Professions
•   Information Fluency
•   Willingness & Capacity for Renewal
      Technology is transforming
             the college

•   Databases Center on Student (My.Yahoo)
•   Entrepreneurship Thrives (fleet of foot)
•   Confederations and Mergers Emerge
•   Interinstitutional Trading Expands
•   Brokers Multiply
•   Bricks & Mortar Stay
What should Berkeley
    do about it?

   What should YOU
   do about it?
                        Act Now
-Build Identity and Loyalty

-Build “Communities of Learners” & Link All Programs to
  Participation in and Access to Those Communities

-Expand and Enrich Co-Curricular Programs
 (e.g. placement services & alumni-mail-forwarding)

-Choose & Nurture A Few Areas For Worldwide Prominence

-Maintain Aura of Impartiality & Rationality

-Rejoice in the Flexibility & Survivability of Colleges
                   Act Now
-Affirm as a Community that All Teaching May Proceed on
the Assumption That All Students Have Internet Access

-Assure Robust Communication Networks

-Aim for 95% of Faculty Use of CEL by Voluntary Means

-Adopt & Support a “Preferred” Laptop, CMS, & Software

-Budget for Electronic Databases

-Avoid “dumbing down” teaching and administrative systems
   Act Now (Your Turn)
       What’s Next?
--What’s Special about Berkeley? What do you do
better than almost anyone else? Where is your
comparative advantage? What did you write earlier?

--In this new and emerging world of fuller
communication & revival of community, how can
Berkeley deploy these new tools in order to extend its
comparative advantage (gardening metaphor)?

--What’s your next step toward your objective?
Berkeley College’s Future Rests With
Recognizing that Technology is…
 •   Reviving COMMUNITY
 •   Providing NEW OPTIONS for Faculty
 •   Enabling NEW CURRICULA
 •   Transforming COLLEGES
        The Good News
     for Higher Education
•Colleges and Universities adapt!
•67/74 oldest institutions are universities!
•Adapting is our business! Adapt we will!
        The Good News
      for Berkeley College
•   Responsive to Rapid Change
•   Reflective of Student Needs & Desires
•   Accountable to High Completion Rates
•   Partner Friendly
•   Diverse Confederation
       David G. Brown
   Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27109
   email: brown@wfu.edu
     fax: 336-758-4875
       ICCEL -- Wake Forest University, 2000

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