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									                                                                               August 2010
                                                                  Volume XXVIII, Number 3

President’s Message
Dear Members and Friends:

I hope you are enjoying our warm summer weather. Or perhaps you are trying to Keep Cool.
Speaking of ―cool,‖ I thought that our planning session at my house on July 12 was really
―Cool.‖ The following is a brief summary of that event.

We reviewed and slightly adjusted the tentative budget. (Members have received a copy from
Bess. The budget will be on the agenda at the August business meeting.)

Our ―Break Out Groups‖ came up with some great suggestions. (Some of which will need to
be discussed and/or voted on at future meetings.)

Group                 Suggestion
Club-to-Club          A committee will make a final suggestion to the membership
                            at the October business meeting.
Dis. Adv. Women
 & Children           Suggested a slight adjustment in the budget.
Cynthia’s Bequest     Suggested a $500 scholarship be awarded to a hearing impaired
                              student of the Fremont Union High School District.
New Ideas             Suggested: Some night meetings be tried to bring in new
                                     members. (will be addressed in a needs survey)
                                   Underwriting the baskets for Hats Off.
                                   Investigation of student club. (High school or
                                     Community College)
Other items that were discussed:
        Barbara Rogers (Ways & Means) will conduct a needs/likes survey in September.
                      She will be working with a committee to determine how to use the
                              Generous Vermont House stay provided by Susan Dortch.

We would like our Quota Friends to join us at any of our meetings and/or our activities.
Please let Gail Jensen know if you would like to come to lunch--mathteach@earthlink.net
by the Monday before our meetings (2nd & 4th Thursdays).

Looking forward to a fun and productive year of service.


                             DELIVERING POSSIBILITIES
August 2010                                QI of Cupertino, Inc                  Volume XXVIII, Number 3
        Bess Whitaker shares – The Quota International Convention in Vancouver was really good. The
weather was perfect, and the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel was very nice; it is the same hotel in which I stayed
30 years ago at my very first Convention!—upgraded, of course.
        It was fun to see the ―girls‖ I see at every Convention, especially the Past International Presidents
that I know. The theme was very clever, I though—O-lympics, and the awards were given by two
Quotarians dressed in togas with wreaths in their hair presenting gold medals! The by-laws were passed
with some discussion in which Barbara Rogers and I participated. I wanted to be sure that the We Share
Foundation investments would stay intact so that interest would be earned, and I was assured the
investments would not be used. We will share with you at the Aug. 12 meeting how International plans to
pay for the computer upgrades anticipated to bring QI into the 21st century.
        Thanks for sending me as your delegate. The 2012 Convention will be in Hawaii! Hope more of us
can go.

        Barbara Rogers shares – This year’s O’lympic Convention was structured around Cynthia
D’Amour’s theme, Charge Into Your Future. Cynthia did, indeed live up to her star billing, and through
three days, she and President-elect Gwenn Jackson inspired us to revitalize ourselves, our clubs, and all of
Quota International. President Rosemary Hannie moderated the business sessions which included lots of
reports. The three which really stood out for me were the very-informative Governors’ Seminar, the By-
laws session, and District 41 Governor Lynne Piad’s Power-Point presentation on the 16 projects in Club-to-
Club World Service. The formalities all were very well done, as always: the Opening Ceremonies with the
Procession of Flags from the Quota countries, the awards given by the O-lympic Torch Bearers with Bess
Whitaker receiving one, and the Installation of Officers and Directors, starting with the District Governors
and Lt. Governors walking down the center aisle and onto the stage, followed by all of Quota’s elected
officers. Liz Tadman looked beautiful for the occasion, and I was privileged, as District Secretary, to
accompany her in Governor Donna Austin’s absence. Following Installation, we enjoyed a wonderful
dinner, with the musical entertainment chosen by newly-installed President Gwenn Jackson.
        The camaraderie was splendid—I flew up with QI of Alameda-Oakland’s Shirlee Dolan, roomed
and flew back with Bess Whitaker, we 6 from District 12 shared dinner with Frances and Ed Cheshire. QI
of Glen Innes, and 6 Quotarians from Candlewood Valley and New Haven CN, Bess and I lunched with
Barbara Cumming and Wendy Peterson, QI of Rotorua—our Friendship Club, and I saw friends and
made new acquaintances. The Dinner Cruise on the 4th was pleasant, well attended and with good food, but
no patriotic spirit was evidenced at all! All the items went well that Liz and I took up from District 12 and
from our Cupertino club for the Silent Auction which was very capably organized by PIP Toddy Silkman.
        I learned a lot at Convention and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, I, too, hope to attend Convention
2012 in Hawaii, along with many other Cupertino Quotarians.

         On a more somber note, District 41 Governor Lynne Piad on July 18 shared – Time flew so fast
yet so slow here in the Philippines as Typhoon Conson, or ‘Basyang,’ hit July 13, just 4 days after my
daughter and I got home from a beautiful Quota experience at Convention 2010 in Vancouver. Metro
Manila was hardest hit without appropriate warning—trees and billboards crashed down on power lines,
shutting down the Luzon grid. The beams of a collapsed crane brought down by the typhoon put Metro
Manila into darkness for 4 days, incommunicado. The worst is that the water supply also is affected. Now
after a couple of days, electrical power is restored and cleanup has begun. To think that last year I reported
on the back-to-back typhoons that occurred in Luzon right before the West Area Meeting in Reno Oct. 24-
27 which District 41 attended for the fist time! You really never know what’s going to happen next!

                                      DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                         2
August 2010                                  QI of Cupertino, Inc                     Volume XXVIII, Number 3

District 12 Lt. Governor Liz Tadman, QI of Mountain View/Los Altos; Past International President Toddy
Silkman, QI of Kent Valley WA; and District 12 Secretary Barbara Rogers, QI of Cupertino

The District 12 and 41 attendees watching the Opening Ceremonies—Front row, L-R: QI of Cupertino Barbara
Rogers and Bess Whitaker and QI of Alameda-Oakland Shirlee Dolan. 2nd row: QI of Mountain View/Los Altos
Liz Tadman, Robby Jorgenson and Pat Figueroa, and QI of Iloilo Evelyn Erta—the balloon says West is the Best.

                                        DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                                3
August 2010                                   QI of Cupertino, Inc                      Volume XXVIII, Number 3
Photo Courtesy of Dist. 41 Lt. Gov. Emilie Simon,            Photos here and below, Courtesy of Robby Jorgenson,
QI of Manila South                                           QI of Mountain View/Los Altos

Dist. 41 Gov. Lynne Piad, QI of Paranaque, center, holding   Bess Whitaker receiving a gold medal for her donation to the
Philippine Flag at the Parade of Flags at the                Quota’s Legacy Society from O-lympic Torch Bearer Dist. 40
start of the Opening Ceremonies                              Lt. Gov. Darlene Chafee, QI of Thuringowa QLD Australia

Seated: President-elect Gwenn Jackson,       Standing: QI of Atascadero Kathy Johnson, QI of Cupertino Bess
QI of Monroe LA                              Whitaker, and President Rosemary Hannie, QI of Baton Rouge LA

                                         DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                               4
August 2010                                 QI of Cupertino, Inc                    Volume XXVIII, Number 3
1996-97: Adult Independence Development Center, California School for the Deaf, Cupertino Historical Society
Museum, Cupertino Union School District (CUSD), Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) Teens with Tots
Program, Monta Vista High School (MVHS) Hearing Impaired Program, Oster School, San Francisco Society for the
Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Kimba Fund, Sproul Ranch Deaf Kids Kamp, and Quota International (QI)
World Service Funds—Club-to-Club: New Delhi Home for Abandoned and Destitute Women.
1997-98: Cupertino Community Services (CCS) and CUSD.
1998-99: Adult and Child Guidance Center, California School for the Deaf, CCS, CUSD, Lyndale Deaf Program,
MVHS Hearing Impaired Program, The Morgan Center, and Silicon Valley Independent Living Center.
1999-00: CCS, CUSD, Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf (JWPOSD), Lyndale Deaf Program, The
Morgan Center, Northwest WMCA, San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program, Silicon Valley Independent Living
Center, and Sproul Ranch Deaf Kids Kamp.
2000-01: American Cancer Society, CCS, CUSD, FUHSD Teens with Tots Program, JWPOSD, The Morgan Center,
QI World Service Funds—Club-to-Club to Suriname, QI World Service Funds—We Share Foundation for 10 local
Quota Club honorees, San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program, and Silicon Valley Independent Living Center.
2001-02: CCS, CUSD, Northwest YMCA, Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE), San Francisco SPCA Hearing
Dog Program, and Social Advocates for Youth.
2002-03: No Service Grants awarded.
2003-04: San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program.
2004-05: California School for the Deaf, CCS, JWPOSD, and San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program.
2005-06: CCS, JWPOSD, and San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program.
2006-07: CCS, JWPOSD, PACE, San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program, and Sproul Ranch Deaf Kids Kamp.
2007-08: CUSD, JWPOSD, PACE, Sproul Ranch Deaf Kids Kamp, Support Network for Battered Women, and West
Valley Community Services (WVCS—formerly Cupertino Community Services).
2008-09: CUSD, Deaf Kids Kamp, JWPOSD, Support Network for Battered Women, and WVCS.
2009-10: CUSD, Deaf Kids Kamp, Hearing Dog Program, JWPOSD, Support Network for Battered Women, WVCS.

SERVICE GRANT AWARDS, given June 24, 2010, Courtesy Mary-Ann Wallace …

L-R: Susan Austin with Duchess from the Hearing Dog Program; Kathy Berger from the Cupertino Union School
District; Tracy Scandlyn from Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf; Laura Chyo from Support Network;
Jean Blackburn who’s our Cupertino Quota Service Director; and Michelle Ma from West Valley Community Services.
Not pictured: Deaf Kids Kamp representative.
Service Committee: Chair Jean Blackburn and members Fran Curaming, Mary-Ann Wallace, and April Winchester.

                                       DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                           5
August 2010                                   QI of Cupertino, Inc                   Volume XXVIII, Number 3
Our November 11 Meeting Project: assembling bags for the Battered Women’s Shelter and $15-$20
Christmas gifts for young children and girls of all ages who stay there with their mothers.
The July-Aug. back-to-school sales are an opportunity to purchase items to fill the bags when we meet:
For Children: Drawing papers, ruled file paper, art paints, glue, markers, poster board, colored pencils, +
sharpeners, stockers, modeling clay, DVDs of recent kid movies, model kits, beading kits, sketchbooks and
coloring books, educational workbooks, and books for kids in Spanish.
For Babies: Pacifiers, dishes, cups, spoons, bibs, diapers, wipes, rash cream, soap and shampoo, towels,
safety items, and baby toys.
Personal Care: Hair accessories, deodorants, dental floss, soap, hairspray, first aid kits, curling irons, hats,
scarves and/or gloves.
Other Items: Blank journals (adults or kids), pocket planners, pens, backpacks, disposable cameras, night
lights, throws, greeting cards, and picture frames.
Collected Toiletries: Items collected at hotels/motels while on vacation.
Call Gail with questions/suggestions or any other information: 408-255-9463.
Upcoming Events at San at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum, courtesy of April Winchester …

Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from     Van Gogh, Gaughin, Cézanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist
the Musée d’Orsay: May 22-Sept. 6, 2010       Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay: Sept. 25, 1910-Jan. 18, 2011
                D i s c o u n t t i c k e t s a v a i l a b l e a t C o s t C o.
QI of Cupertino Calendar, August-December, 2010 …
Aug. 12 – Business Meeting, with Budget, Bess Whitaker & Convention Report, Bess and Barbara Rogers
Aug. 26 – Program Meeting: District 12 Governor’s Visit, Donna Austin
Sept. 09 – Business Meeting, with Club Survey & VT Vacation Gift, Barbara Rogers
Sept. 23 – Program Meeting: Challenges in Cupertino, Sheriff Laurie Smith
-- TBA – Clothes Folding for the Navaho, Quarry Site, Gail Jensen
Oct. 14 – Business Meeting, New Member Initiation, Inge Roberts & Club-to-Club project, Barbara Rogers
Oct. 22-24 – West Area Meeting, Harrah’s, Las Vegas NV
Oct. 28 – Program Meeting: Cancer Relay for Life, Suzy Andrade
Nov. 01 – Poinsettia Sales Begin, Barbara Nunes
Nov. 11 – Business Meeting, 15 min. early for Battered Women’s Shelter gifts & Holiday Staff Tips
Dec. 06, approx. – Poinsettia Delivery, Barbara Nunes’ garage
Dec. 09 – Kiddies Holiday Shopping, J.C. Penney’s, Liz Ambra

                                         DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                           6
August 2010                               QI of Cupertino, Inc                  Volume XXVIII, Number 3
That we welcome Liz Tadman and Kris Wang as Friends of Quota? That they walked in the July 17
Relay for Life at De Anza as part of the team Flaming’s Fighting for a Cure? And that Team Captain Debi
Cheshire and her mother, Friend Ruby Elbogen, were very tired afterward but happy it was so successful?
That we also acknowledge and thank Fran Curaming who worked so hard on the wonderful Historical
Display for our Installation & 25th Anniversary? That Fran has been athletic all her life, and running for fun,
and fitness, and health and dedicated to long-distance running for 5 years now? That she runs a minimum of
5-7 miles per day with one day a week for longer miles? That she prefers trail-running distances of 10-31
miles, and her maximum will be 50 miles in the Oct. 17 Nike Marathon? That Fran also mountain bikes
and swims, and has time for all this since she doesn’t like shopping or sitting and watching TV? And that
her activity also connects her with people who may need her services as a sports chiropractor, and her current
big project is to let everyone know that she’s accepting new patients and training for the Nike Marathon?
That Friend Barbara Lacerenza enjoys traveling extensively, most recently last Jan. on a wonderful trip to
Antarctica—starting in Rio and Iguassu Falls and with many stops en route to the bottom of the world? And
hat she and Gene Amarla have happily reconnected since school?
That Friend Ragini Sangameswara now is working part-time for the Cupertino Historical Society as Office
Manager and Graphic Artist?
That Friend Liz Tadman says, ―Loved the Convention: met so many kind and like-minded people who
want to help and discovered many ways to fundraise and be a Lazy Leader!‖ That after Convention, she and
Frank drove north to Whistler for 2 great days where they enjoyed the fresh air, green everywhere, and
glacier snow on the high peaks? That they hiked in the snow and rode different alpine devices—PEAK-2-
PEAK, Gondola, ski-lift, and tram? And that it was fun walking and shopping in the ski village?
That Bess Whitaker had a party for Ken’s 97th birthday at Beau Se Jour Restaurant in Los Altos for 13
family and friends—even his grandson from VA drove out for the occasion! That Bess is flying to San
Diego Aug. 7 for her grandson’s baptism (Brent is 28 years old but has come back to his faith and wants to
be baptized again)? That daughter Ruthann and her daughters Kim and Lani are driving up here for the rest
of the week, visiting Raya and Baker in Ventura on the way, so Bess gets to travel back with them? And that
she’ll be back for our meeting on the 12th?
That Jean and Gary Blackburn’s son came from Idaho in July to attend an Interpretive Ranger Advisory
Committee meeting and to visit with Mom and Dad—and also got to see his nephew? That they viewed the
Tech Museum’s Genghis Khan exhibit and San Jose Airport’s open house? And that Jean will see her sister
in Aug. during their family tour of the CA coast with the 2 grandchildren from Hawaii?
That April and Brad Winchester left July 16 for his business trip to Washington DC, where they and
daughter Caroline celebrated his birthday? That Caroline also met with the World Wild Life Fund and the
Smithsonian to investigate job opportunities? And that en route home, April visits in OH to see her elderly
aunt and uncle as well as her cousin, June, and in IL to see childhood friend Pam and go with her to
Chicago’s many museums, getting back home Aug. 2?
That while enjoying A Taste of Compassion arranged by Sujatha Venkatraman, Barbara and Pat Rogers
spotted a party which included Gail and Howard Jensen, Friend Nancy Newton, and Barbara Nunes
entering Park Place restaurant to also dine and help support WVCS?
That the 2 Barbaras, Nunes & Lacerenza, travel to Temecula the first of Aug. for a 3-day meeting of a
Post-Secondary Accreditation Planning group to address the changes which add federal standards to the
accreditation process? That schools now can offer students federal aid to complete their education? That
Barbara Nunes is beginning work on her re-election campaign? That school opens Aug. 23? And that she’s
looking forward to exploring with our club members all the great ideas that came out of the Retreat?

                                      DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                        7
August 2010                              QI of Cupertino, Inc                 Volume XXVIII, Number 3
  Officers 2010-11    DATES TO REMEMBER …
       Barbara Nunes       Birthdays                                      Anniversaries
  1st VP Membership        July 20: Nicôl Herris                          Aug. 03: April Winchester
         Inge Roberts      our face is red for the omission in July       Aug. 22: Donna Austin
      2nd VP Program
           Gail Jensen     Date           Event
Recording Secretary        Aug. 08:       QI of Mountain View/Los Altos Annual Picnic, 1:00pm, Cuesta Park,
         Janet Riddell                    BBQ Area, RSVP Vi Sullivan, 1111 Morse Ave. #173, Sunnyvale
   Corres. Secretary                      94089 by Aug. 2 with your $18 check drawn to the club. Please
  Mary-Ann Wallace                        bring donations of school supplies for backpack program.
        Bess Whitaker      Aug. 08:       Cupertino Host Lions Annual Corn, Chicken and Sausage Feed—
       Past President                     starters, full dinner and dessert, 4:00pm, Blackberry Farm, $25.
           Gail Jensen                    RSVP Lion Howard Jensen for tickets, 209-7251.
  Directors 2010-11
                Service    Aug. 12:       Quota Board Meeting, 11:15am-12:00noon, Blue Pheasant.
       Jean Blackburn
       Ways & Means        Aug. 12:       Quota Business Meeting, Budget, Bess Whitaker & Convention Report,
       Barbara Rogers                     Barbara Rogers and Bess Whitaker, Blue Pheasant, regrets/guests
            District 12                   Gail Jensen 255-9463 or mathteach@earthlink.net by Aug. 9, latest.
         Donna Austin       Aug. 26:      Quota Program Meeting, District Governor Donna Austin’s Visit,
             Secretary                    12:00noon-1:00pm, Blue Pheasant, regrets/guests Gail Jensen,
       Barbara Rogers                     255-9463 or mathteach@earthlink.net by Aug. 23, latest.
       Jean Blackburn       Sept. 06:     Labor Day
Dist. 12 Foundation
            Treasurer       Sept. 09:     Quota Board Meeting, 11:15am-12:00noon, Blue Pheasant.
       Bess Whitaker
QI of Cupertino Rep.         Sept. 09:    Quota Business Meeting, Survey & VT Vacation Gift, Barbara
       Jean Blackburn                     Rogers, 12:00noon-1:00pm, Blue Pheasant, regrets/guests Gail
  Newsletter Editor                       Jensen, 255-9463 or mathteach@earthlink.net by Sept. 6, latest.
      Barbara Rogers
barbsbucket@comcast.net Sept. 09:         Rosh Hashana
   Monthly, 12noon,          Sept. 18:    Yom Kippur
      2nd & 4th Thurs.
 Blue Pheasant Rest.         Sept. 22:    First Day of Autumn
22100 Stevens Creek
Blvd., Cupertino CA          Sept. 23:    Quota Program Meeting, Challenges in Cupertino, Sheriff Laurie
             Websites                     Smith, 12:00noon-1:00pm, Blue Pheasant, regrets/guests Gail
 Quota International                      Jensen, 255-9463 or mathteach@earthlink.net by Sept. 20, latest.
            West Area        Sept. 25-26: City-wide Garage Sale, registration starts Aug. 16 on line at
www.quotawestarea.org                     www.cupertino.org/garagesale or 777-3354 and ends Sept. 10.
           District 12
  www.quotad12.org           Oct. 22-24: West Area Meeting, Harrah’s, Las Vegas NV
     QI of Cupertino

                                     DELIVERING POSSIBLILITES                                       8

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