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									urine safe to drink?

Drinking urine is a culture for some people for centuries. Does that mean urine safe to drink?

As many as 95 percent of urine is water, 5 percent more are electrolytes containing chloride,
sodium, and potassium. Urine can also bring the remaining toxic waste the kidney.

Sodium draws water from the cell, so that too many of these compounds in the body can cause
dehydration. Meanwhile, too much potassium could tails on heart attacks.

"Much like drinking sea water," said Jeff Giullian, kidney specialist from South Denver
Nephrology Associates in Colorado, USA.

Nevertheless, such electrolytes is still needed for generating electric cell in the body.

In some cultures, urine is consumed. Communities in the Iberian Peninsula using it to whiten
teeth 50 years before Christ. In Sanskrit, the term "amaroli" which means "urine therapy".

Some people are also known to use urine to survive on less water conditions. And Woolley, that
trapped for 65 hours under the rubble of the Hotel Montana in Haiti, admitted to drinking his
own urine.

Bear Grylls, host of TV show Man Vs. Wild, said drinking his own urine as a way to survive -
Woolley admitted inspired Grylls.

However, Les Stroud, Survivorman show star, said different things. He put the urine into the list
of "do not drink"it. Eating urine to survive when in fact be exacerbating the vehicle.

When a person is less fluid, electrolyte content becomes excessive and acid concentration also
increased. Drink it will only aggravate the condition.

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