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									                        Colon Cleansing?
                          Liver Detox?

                          By Charles Lightwalker

Colon cleansing, Liver detoxification, I say yes. I do it shouldn’t you?

 That depends of if you want to remain healthy, like a joyous life, disease

A Little Regularity Is Not Good Enough
 If you go to the doctor - in the US at least - they will say that having one
bowel movement a day, or even one every two days or three days is normal.
      'Normal' meaning it has no detrimental implications for health.

          I strongly disagree. It is detrimental to long-term health.

  The Colon - and the bladder - are the 'sewage systems' of the body. They
    need to be working efficiently to get waste products out of the body.

   My question to doctors is: Why should food waste from one meal wait
  somewhere to be joined by food waste from several other meals - before
 being ejected from the body? Where's the hold-up? And Why? Or is it just
            that we've trained ourselves over the years by habit?

 Of course we have trained ourselves. But though a measure of control over
  our anal sphincter muscles is socially necessary, we shouldn't take it to

               When you feel the urge to go - you should go.

                            My Rule Of Thumb
               Here is an easy rule of thumb to use as a guide:

  You Should Have The Same Number Of Bowel Movements A Day As
                         Meals You Eat.

If you eat twice a day, you should have two bowel movements a day. If you
  eat three times a day, you should have three a day. It’s as simple as that.

  Animals don't hold on to their food waste for the day. Some may think of
them as unsophisticated in this respect. I would call them 'good and healthy'.
We didn't used to over-control our bowel movements when we were hunter-
        gatherers - we went in the woods whenever we felt the urge.

                   A Major Benefit of Colon Cleansing
 To me, one of the big health benefits of Colon Cleansing comes from the
        fact that it gets people 'going' around as often as they eat.

  From a common sense point of view, this means that waste products are in
 the body for the least time possible. Once they have been funnelled through
to the Colon - they are got rid of rapidly. So our vital 'waste disposal' system
                   is working efficiently, benefiting health.

  If you are holding on to one meal's food waste to wait for the next meal
before ejecting it - then one part of the Colon must be acting as a reservoir,
or 'holding tank'. This is not what the Colon is designed for. The 'peristaltic'
   muscles in the Colon wall are designed to keep rippling - rather like an
earthworm moves - to keep the food waste moving towards, and out of, the

  This 'peristalsis' - the movement of the peristaltic muscles - is what Colon
  Cleansing appears to get working more efficiently. Once it is working - it
tends to stay working. Which is why you must keep up Colon Cleansing for
 the whole course; then ease it off slightly; then leave it off altogether. This
   may take 9-12 months in total (occasionally longer). But once done, the
   Colon will then happily work away by itself, with perhaps a couple of
        months help (further herbal support) every 18-24 months or so.

              Isn't Going Three Times A Day Inconvenient?
               It depends how you look at it. I do not think so.

I have used Colon Cleansing for clients since 1991. I have seen the health of
 many of them improve - a whole diverse range of symptoms - through this
  method of healthcare. So I am absolutely convinced that Colon Cleansing
                            supports good health.

 To me, NOT going three times a day is likely to make you unwell. So I see
going three times a day as being like breathing, eating, drinking and exercise
                     - part of a normal healthy lifestyle.

              Once you get used to it - you won't think about it.

              Do The Basic Things To Keep Yourself Healthy
Colon Cleansing - along with Liver Cleansing - is one of the 'basics' of good
health. Whatever other health measures you may be using; add on Colon
Cleansing, and Liver Cleansing if you haven't done it already.

It will help you live longer, live healthier, and avoid the serious disease
which kills most of us in older age.

I cannot guarantee this. I cannot scientifically prove it. But I feel it very
strongly; and common sense supports it.

Also see my article on Liver Detoxifying.

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and
healer. For more information call Charles at 509-389-7290 or visit the
web site:

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