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The Hive by wanghonghx


									                             The Hive
Publisher HCPC              Volume No. 007             Issue No 07    Date July and August 2010

                                                 my new neighbors, people who greet me like
                                                 an old friend every time I walk down the street
                                                 and check to make sure I am okay, the
                                                 reaction was different. ‘Renee is taking
                                                 pictures of flowers and she is happy,’ said one
                                                 woman. A man sitting nearby responded,
                                                 ‘She sees the beauty.’ I do see the beauty of
                                                 Haiti, and it isn't just in the flowers. That is
                                                 something I hope everyone remembers when
                                                 the other images of Haiti are the only ones
                                                 being portrayed.”
                                                         There is wisdom in this for us. If we
                                                 just look for what is wrong in the world, what is
                                                 wrong with other people, what is wrong with
                                                 the church, we will surely find something to
                                                 grumble about. But when we stop and take
                                                 the time to pay attention to what is around us,
                                                 and who is around us, we can just as easily
                                                 find beauty. And if we take it a step further
                                                 and remember, as the Psalmist says, that “the
                                                 earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it” (Psalm
                                                 24:1), then we can consider it a spiritual
Pastor's Column:                                 discipline to seek out what is good and
        For the past several weeks in worship    beautiful in the world and in each other. If
I’ve been using the photographs of flowers       every one of us took some time each day to
that Renee Dietrich has been taking in Haiti     look for the beauty, and to seek God in
this spring and summer. When she started         prayer, then our hearts themselves might
posting these flowers online back in May, she    begin to be renewed, and our worry and frown
wrote these words: “It seems all we see these    lines might just disappear.
days is destruction and rubble, sadness and
memories, especially as we watch the                    Blessings, Shelley
destruction of St. Joseph's and Wings of
Hope progress daily. Today on the way back                     BIRTHDAYS
from taking pictures at the old Wings I
needed some beauty in my life. On the walk       July and August:
back to new Wings I focused on the beauty of     July 1 Harold Dusko
the spring flowers that are all around. As I
                                                 July 5 Beverly Quinn
walked down the street stopping every few
                                                 July 7 Stu Cummins
feet to take another picture, I was the object
                                                 July 13 Janice Cook
of some stares. Haitians aren't used to
                                                 July 20 Barbara Meyerhoeffer
people focusing on the beauty of their
country. But, as I passed the people who are     July 22 Sara Deem
                                               MISSION, OUTREACH &
Aug. 1 Sue Nichols
Aug. 4 Elbia Mireles                           MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
Aug. 4 Domingo Botello
Aug. 9 Cindi Cook                                      Our committee is working in
Aug. 9 Dottie Teach                            conjunction with Christian Education on more
Aug. 11 Pat Paul                               adult fellowship activities. There will be an
Aug. 24 Larry Allingham                        International Dinner outing on July 22nd to the
Aug. 26 Loretta Allen                          Japanese restaurant Saki, to see knife-
Aug. 26 Crisanto Mireles                       wielding chefs! The time to meet at the
                                               church to carpool will be announced soon.
Aug. 28 Bob Baker
                                                       Beds for Babies continues to get more
                                               requests for cribs. 57 cribs have been
                                               distributed since we started this ministry, and
           REMEMBER IN PRAYER                  2 cribs have been picked up in the last few
 HEAR OUR PRAYER, O LORD . . . for the         weeks. Although we have some cribs on
 transforming work of your Spirit within,      hand, we are always on the lookout for used
 among and through us,                         cribs that can be modified to meet
 for your comforting presence with: Marge      government standards. If you know of a crib
                                               that is available, let Mary Jane and Ron
 Slanker and all of Don's family; Stu
                                               Sterrett know.
 Cummins and all of Gerry's family; Barb
 Meyerhoeffer and all of Roger's family;
                                               Respectfully submitted,
 Tom and Jerry Irwin and all of Iva
 Snyder's family;                              Sue Nichols
 for renewed health for: Ted Flora, Jim
 Peters, Elaine Brubaker, Bill Hatcher,
 Dave McCabe, Tom Irwin, Jerry Irwin,
 and Bev Rath,                                     FINANCE COMMITTEE
 for those homebound and in nursing
 homes: Lucille Estridge, Howard                      The committee did not meet in June.
 McCullough, Geneva Slanker, Ann &             The Capital Campaign Task Force has gotten
 Floyd Stahl and Lester Weinland.              started with its work.
 for family and friends: Gray Nash, Julie
 Grusenmeyer, Bev Smithey, Andrew
 Raeburn, Jo Dusko, Barrett Bollinger,             WORSHIP COMMITTEE
 Charles Keller and Jim Keller.
 for those in military service: James Rath,           The committee met on June 10. It was
 Jesse Daniel.                                 agreed that Carol Bicknell will have two weeks
                                               paid vacation. It was arranged to give the
                                               men pens and pencils for Father’s Day.
                                               Communion was served on June 6th to 45
                                               people by Cindi Cook, Bonnie Hawthorn,
    SESSION HIGHLIGHTS                         Nancy Keller and Sue Nichols.
  The following actions were taken by          Thanks to our greeters for the month of June:
              the Session:                     Mildred and Gil Doggett, Mary Quinn, Jay
                                               Peterson, Bill Mase, Sara and Mark Deem.
       The session met in its stated meeting   The Worship Committee had the coffee hour
on July 7th. Routine business was              for June. Many thanks to all.
conducted; no actions were taken.
Respectfully submitted,                           weed killer. Ron and Doug Chaffins checked
                                                  the church bell and lubricated the trunnions
Imy McFarland                                     and replaced the bulb in the spotlight over the
                                                  church podium. Ron and Larry Allingham
  CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                             prepared and painted the columns on the CE
                                                  building doors. Hal Dusko sandblasted and
       COMMITTEE                                  painted the severely rusted grills on all three
        The dates for Vacation Bible School       church air conditioners. Due to the high
are now set for July 26-29, 4:30-6:30 pm.         humidity in the church basement ceiling tiles
We will need many people to help with all the     were falling plus there was a pretty strong
parts of VBS: teaching, crafts, games, meals,     odor Ron and I added a new and larger
music. We also need some used                     capacity dehumidifier. The small one was not
newspapers to use for crafts, so bring them to    equal to the task without help. We also
the church over the next few Sundays. The         arranged for and monitored steam cleaning of
theme is “Awesome Adventures: God’s               the Memorial Room for the Women’s
People on the Move,” and it covers Bible          Association.
stories of people who were on the move, like
Abraham and Sarah, or Mary and Joseph.            Saturday July 10th is makeup cleanup day for
        Our second “Heritage and Hotdogs”         the rain out last time. Most of the work is
pot-luck supper is Wednesday night, July 14       outside. Following is a list of items that we
at 6:00 pm in the Memorial Room. This             would like to get completed;
month we will learn about the history of
Presbyterians in this country. The final event
will be August 18, where we will hear stories           1. Weed and clean flower beds.
about the history of Honey Creek                        2. Tidy up the Memorial Room.
Presbyterian Church. The first evening was a
lot of fun, so everyone make a simple dish              3. Vacuum Basement.
and join us on the 14th.                                4. Polish furniture in Memorial Room.
        Fall Sunday School curriculum has
                                                        5. Pick up trash around the buildings and
been ordered, and Bat has agreed to teach.
The first unit is on John Calvin and the                    parking lot.
Reformed Theological Tradition. Sunday                  6. Trim all bushes and trees.
School starts up again on September 12th at
9:30. If anyone is interested in a week-day or          7. Trim all bushes and trees where they
evening study time in addition to Sunday                    touch the buildings.
School, let Bev Quinn know.                             8. Rake and bag all trimmings.

Respectfully submitted,                                 9. Clean windows where needed.

Bev Quinn
                                                  Bring tools such as hedge trimmers and
   BUILDING AND                                   Since I have a prior commitment and will not
GROUNDS COMMITTEE                                 be present for the cleanup and maybe made a
                                                  little comment about “out of towners” last time
       There has been a good bit of activity      I am beginning to feel a bit like the skunk
by the Buildings and Grounds Committee            when the wind changed.
since the last Session meeting. In no             Gil
particular order, Ron Sterrett sprayed the
grass growing in cracks in the parking lot with
  HIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS                                 Pastor’s Vacation!
                                                     Shelley will be on vacation August 2-16. The
Capital Campaign Task Force                          worship committee is arranging for pulpit
We have known for quite some time that the           supply, and Shelley will be out of town most of
stained glass windows in the sanctuary need          that time. One of the pastors from the
work. In addition, we would like to make the         Springfield Presbyterian churches will be
Fellowship Hall handicap accessible, and             available for any pastoral emergencies that
there are other, smaller projects that need          might arise.
attention. We also want to consider some
programs and outreach that might draw                Pastoral Care Emergency
people to this church. A team assembled by           In case of pastoral care emergency, please
the Finance Committee and approved by                contact Rev. Shelley Wiley at her cellular
session has begun thinking about these               phone (937-654-0078). Shelley will be here at
issues. As a vision takes shape for the future       the church Tuesday, Wednesday, and
of this church, they will share the information      Thursday.
with you, and seek your assistance. Many                         THANK YOU
thanks to Gil Doggett, Ron Fowler, Stella
Grasmick, Bonnie Hawthorn, Don Perkins,
Jay Peterson, Ted Teach, and Pastor Shelley                  My family and I would like to thank
Wiley for working on this important project.         everyone for their thoughtfulness and support
                                                     in sending cards and for the telephone calls.
                                                             I want to thank the women who took
Historical Marker
                                                     their time to arrange a lovely luncheon for the
We need someone who will take
                                                     family and friends after the service.
responsibility for our Historical Marker in the
                                                             It was such a comfort to know that my
New Carlisle Cemetery. Occasional weeding
                                                     church family was there for me and my family
and grooming is all that is needed. Please let
                                                     when i needed them.
Shelley know if you are willing to accept this
                                                                     God Bless,
                                                                  Barb - Mitch and Matt
Solidarity Work Trip to Haiti
We have a team of people who will be going
to Haiti, October 19-25, to help with rebuilding
                                                             Linda and I would like to thank the
the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys. There are
                                                     entire Honey Creek Congregation for your
still openings available, and it is not limited to
                                                     many deeds of concern and help during
church members, so if you know someone
                                                     Gerry's illness and passing. The visits, calls,
interested, have them contact Shelley. The
                                                     cards and food were a welcome comfort for
next meeting of the group will be in late
                                                     us. Additionally, the Memorial Service and the
August. Stay tuned for more information
                                                     following lunch were greatly appreciated, and
about this exciting new ministry of Honey
                                                     all demonstrate the true meaning of a church
Creek Presbyterian!
                                                     family. A special thanks to the women,
                                                     including Barb, Stella, Mary Jane, Jo, Elaine,
Elder needed
                                                     the Cake Makers, and All others. Shelley,
There is a vacancy on session due to the
                                                     your many visits to Gerry were meaningful to
resignation of Elder Dick Chipman. A
                                                     all of us and the Memorial Service has helped
nominating committee is being formed, with
                                                     guide us toward healing from this huge,
the hope that we can have a quick meeting of
                                                     significant loss.
the congregation in late August to fill this
vacancy. Stay tuned!
                                                     Stu and Linda Cummins
                                                     In a card received in the mail:
"During a time like this we realize how much
our friends and relatives really mean to us....
Your expression of sympathy will always be
remembered." And this note: Thanks for
your cards and prayers for Don and for us.
Marge Slanker and family

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