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									                         Vol. 1, No. 1                                      News from Flower Shop Network

                                                                                                            Summer 2008

                  Email is the New Direct Mail
      Collecting email                                                                chance that recipients will forward
  addresses is the 1st step                                                           emails from your shop to other
 in launching a successful
                                                                                      potential customers, and will rec-
                                                                                      ommend your shop and website to
      email campaign                                                                  friends, family and colleagues.
                                                                                          Remember, the best way to
                                                                                      avoid irritating customers with
      You only have a few seconds
                                                                                      email marketing is by offering an
to get customers’ attention, and
                                                                                      opt-out or unsubscribe option that
in today’s busy world it is getting
                                                                                      allows them to be removed from
harder and harder. Open your
                                                                                      your mailing list at any time. At
website and your business to a
                                                                            , our
whole new world of target market-
                                                                                      holiday email announcements and
ing. Email marketing is more
                                                                                      newsletters offer recipients the
convenient and effective than ever,
                                                                                      option to unsubscribe at the top
and the cost is considerably less
                                                                                      and bottom of the page. We also
expensive than traditional direct
                                                                                      never giveaway, sell or share our
mail campaigns.
                                      or services, answer their question, and         subscribers’ email addresses, and
     Tried and true direct mail is
                                      then use a turnaround line to ask them for      neither should you! In an effort to
still very effective and can work
                                      their email address. A turnaround line is a     keep their email accounts spam-
extremely well along with email
                                      short phrase that changes the subject of the    free, people are cautious these
marketing, especially in an email
                                      conversation without sounding like you are      days about giving out their email
acquisition campaign where you
                                      interrupting the flow of the conversation.      address. So once you get the
are looking to collect potential
                                          Regular email communications will keep      trust of your customers, don’t lose
customers’ email addresses. A
                                      subscribers updated about your company,         that trust. When your customers
compelling direct mail piece can
                                      website, new products and services, as          trust you, they will reward you with
be sent to your targeted list,
                                      well as any promotions and special deals        their loyalty and future business.
requesting recipients to visit your
website and sign-up in order to       you may be offering. There is also a good

                                                Advantages of Email Marketing
receive an incentive or premium.
     Incoming and outgoing phone
calls and personal meetings               Very cost-effective - No printing or postage costs.
provide excellent opportunities
                                          Fast - No waiting time for printing or mailing direct mail.
for collecting email addresses
                                          Easy to forward emails - Recipients can refer your shop to others
and permission to send when you
use the right language. When a            Link directly to your FSN website - Our holiday emails showcase current
customer calls or comes into your         featured holiday arrangements and allow consumers to instantly click &
store to ask about your products          order from your FSN website! Call 1.800.858.9925 to enroll today!
     Easy Ways to Collect                         Just a reminder!                                       USA Weekend Recommends
    the Email Addresses of                                                                      
     Your Target Audience                         Have you adjusted your delivery fees to
                                                  account for higher gas prices? If you need
                                                  to change the e-commerce delivery amount
        Place a rose bowl at the                                                                
                                                  on your Flower Shop Network site, log into
register for business cards (or          or call 1.800.858.9925.                   recently received national recog-
slips of paper to fill out), so it’s                                                                   nition in USA Weekend magazine.
easy for your staff to remember to                                                                     In an article distributed the
ask customers whether they have                                                                        weekend before Mother’s Day,
registered for your free newsletter                                                                    consumers were encouraged to
or signed up to receive email                                                                          use to
updates and special offers.                                                                            order flowers online, while still
                                                                                                       supporting a local flower shop. To
       Always collect business                                                                         read the complete USA Weekend
                                                                                                       article, “5 crucial tips for buying
cards and/or email addresses
                                                                                                       flowers online,” go to
when you participate in local
community events, bridal/wedding
shows, business expos, festivals
and county fairs.

        Additional sources for
gathering local email addresses
include: chambers of commerce,
civic organizations, garden clubs,
church directories, etc.                            You Can Now Add Additional
                                                        Cities You Serve On
                                                                                                         If in doubt, call them to find out. “If you
  Flowers of the Month                                                                                   want to buy online but still support a
                                                                                                         local business, then try
       July - Larkspur                                       Call your FSN
                                                           representative at:
    August - Gladiolus                                       1.800.858.9925

 Over 100 Years of Combined Floral Experience
                                                                                                       Tips for Sending Out
    On the heels of a record-breaking Mother’s Day at, the
                                                                                                          of Town Orders
 helpful and knowledgeable professionals in our Relay and Customer Service
 departments pause to pose for photos outside our headquarters offices. These                               Place orders early.
 operators ensure your orders are placed with receiving florists and provide the
 highest level of personal service available in the industry.                                               Provide complete delivery
                                                                                                      information for recipients, including
 Shown in photo 1: Haley Neighbors, Jackie Marshall, Sherry Stanfill, Kristin Evans, Angie Lamb and   street address, phone number and
 Tracy Cunningham. Also, shown in photo 2: Samantha Reavis, Kendra George, Jackie Branch, Mandy       cell phone, if possible.
 Sowell and in front, Julie Ratliff – manager. (Not shown: Gena Parrish, Christi Dearing)
   1                                                   2                                                     Please be aware that minimum
                                                                                                      floral orders are $40 with an average
                                                                                                      delivery fee of $8 to $10, except in
                                                                                                      metro areas where delivery could be
                                                                                                      as much as $15.

                                                                                                           Always provide a second
                                                                                                      choice for each order.    1.800.858.9925
                                        Keeping FSN on the
  Are You Maximizing                   Cutting Edge of Search
Your FSN Membership?                    Engine Technology
                                          Brock and Loranne Atwill,
                                      owners of Flower Shop
Save Time...                          Network, recently attended
by receiving florist-to-florist       the SMX Advanced Expo in
orders via fax, phone or              Seattle, Washington, hosted
electronically.                       by Danny Sullivan, an expert
                                      in the SEO field. While at the
                                      conference, they attended
Save Money...                         seminars concerning search
when you pay only as you send         engine optimization techniques
on out of town orders                 and strategies. In addition to
                                      seminars and training, they                Brock and Loranne feel it is important
Increase Business with...             networked with many SEO                to stay abreast of the ever changing
 - our website that has over 200      industry peers. Highlights of the      climate in which we must compete and do
                                      conference were sessions with          business on the internet. This is just one
floral selections & orders at 100%
                                      Google’s Matt Cutts, as well as        way is staying
 - holiday email campaigns and        panel discussions with industry        on the cutting edge of search engine
floral marketing posters              leaders from Yahoo, Microsoft,         technology to ensure our retail florist
                                      SEOmoz, Netconcepts and                members have the best visibility possible
- additional exposure on              others.                                on the internet.                                                        Increase Your Average Sale...
                                                                                  Set three price points for arrangements
                                                                               in your shop and don’t be afraid to offer
 Visit for a                                                       higher-priced choices, like $50, $75 and
   complete list of FSN                                                        $90. Customers will almost always choose
 services and programs.                                                        the mid-range price on a floral selection.                                 We’d Love to Hear from You!
                                                              Please share suggestions
                                                           for topics you’d like to see
                       covered, ideas for feature
                                                           articles, best business
                         is our newest online direc-       practices, design tips,
                         tory designed to bring even       honors and recognition your
                         more customers to you! For        shop or staff have received
                                                           and more.
                         more exposure, ask about
                         our text ad and display ad        will send you a colorful floral
                         specials exclusively for FSN      tote bag – FREE for your

                                                                                Submit your ideas to:
                             Call our WPN                            Email:
                             specialists at                   Fax: (870) 215-5443 Phone: (870) 215-5444 or 1-800-858-9925
                                                            , Attn: The Networker
                            1.800.976.3980                                  P.O. Box 786, Paragould, AR 72451


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