2011 JOINT CONVENTION/CRUISE
          Deep South, Southern & SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Associations
                                              Sailing: January 20 – 24, 2011
                                                  Port: Mobile, Alabama
                                              Destination: Cozumel, Mexico

                                   REGISTRATION INFORMATION
          Please read and use the information below to complete the REGISTRATION FORM.
A.       CABINS:
                  Sample cabins are shown below.
                  Rates include all taxes, government fees, port charges and gratuities.
                  Accommodations                                           Couples         Singles         Extra
                  Inside Cabin             185 sq ft no window               $ 805         $ 655           $ 325
                  Outside Cabin            185 sq ft with window             $ 925         $ 815           $ 375
                  Ocean Suite              220 sq ft with 30 sq ft balcony   $1,645        $1,450          $ 690
                  Grand Suite              330 sq ft with 70 sq ft balcony   $1,875        $1,680          $ 690

                  Cabin Deposit & Balance:
                     All cabin requests (Registrations) must be made through your Association office.
                     Deposits and Registration are due no later than August 11, 2010.
                     Balance of Cruise cost is due by November 1, 2010 (Statement will be provided at a later date).
                     Deposits received after August 11, 2010 are subject to cruise line price increases.

                  Deposits & Cancellations:
                     Cancellations by September 10:        Cabin deposit, Cancellation Insurance and Registration are refundable.
                     Cancellations after September 10:     Registration is refundable.
                                                           Cabin deposit & Cancellation Insurance are non refundable.

B.       Cancellation Insurance:
                  The travel agency strongly recommends the purchase of cruise vacation protection plan which would cover the
                  cancellation due to illness. If you choose to purchase this protection, you should include it with your initial
                  For coverage details, please see the enclosed CRUISE VACATION PROTECTION PLAN.

C.       Registration:
                  Registration applies to adults (18 and over) only.

D.       Pre-Cruise Travel & Accommodations:
                  Hotel Accommodations will be available for those who wish to arrive in Mobile prior to sailing on January 20th.
                  Also, Travel & Adventure (our travel agent) is available for those who need assistance with air travel and/or
                  transfers to and from the airport and port. To indicate your interest in any of these options, please check the
                  indicated area on the enclosed REGISTRATION FORM.

                                  For additional information, please call your Association office.
                  All yellow forms should be completed and returned to your Association office by August 11, 2010.
          Inside/Outside Cabin                                Ocean Suite                              Grand Suite
         2 Twins or Converted King                1 King and 1 Sofa Bed (Twin size)             1 King and 1 Sofa Bed (Double)
     (Inside Cabins do not have window.)                                                          with separate sitting area
                      2011 JOINT CONVENTION/CRUISE
       Deep South, Southern & SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Associations
                                          Sailing: January 20 – 24, 2011
                                              Port: Mobile, Alabama
                                          Destination: Cozumel, Mexico

                                        REGISTRATION FORM
Each person’s name will appear on his or her CONVENTION BADGE as it is shown below. Please print each
person’s name (including children) on a separate line.

      Please indicate below the number of cabins or suites you wish to reserve and make the appropriate deposit.

      Inside cabin _____       Outside cabin _____      Ocean Suite _____       Grand Suite _____
      ($400 deposit)           ($400 deposit)           ($600 deposit)          ($600 deposit)            $

      Inside or Outside Cabin:    $49 per person                                                          $
      Ocean Suite or Grand Suite: $69 per person                                                          $

           $130 per couple                                                                                $
           $ 80 per single                                                                                $
           No charge for children

      Please indicate if you would like to be contacted regarding the following:
              1. Hotel Accommodations in Mobile on January 19, 2011                      Yes _________ No _________
              2. Assistance with air travel arrangements to Mobile, Alabama              Yes _________ No _________
              3. Assistance with transportation to/from the airport & port               Yes _________ No _________

TOTAL DEPOSITS, INSURANCE & REGISTRATION                                                                  $
     Due no later than August 11, 2010.

                                     Please complete all yellow forms.
                       Return forms and Credit Card Authorization form or check to
                                your Association office by August 11, 2010.

     Deep South Equipment Dealers Assn.        Southern Equipment Dealers Assn.          SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Assn.
     P.O. Box 1191                             115 Park Place                            P.O. Box 17777
     Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1191                Dublin, GA 31021                          Memphis, TN 38187-0777
     Tel: (225) 383-5064                       Tel: (478) 272-5400                       Tel: (901) 756-1336
     Fax: (225) 383-8581                       Fax: (478) 272-1015                       Fax: (901) 756-1337                                 
Travel & Adventure
                                                     1101-H Hillcrest Pkwy, Dublin, Georgia 31021
                                                                478-272-8899 478-272-1963 Fax

                           Travel Agency Information Sheet
Please fill out this form completely. Please print.
Circle One      Inside Cabin      /   Outside Cabin       /    Ocean Suite      /     Grand Suite

Name on your Passport or Birth Certificate
Name on your Drivers License
Passport Number
Passport Issue Date                                  Expiration Date
Company Name
Company Address
Home Address
City                                           State                                       Zip
Phone: Day                               Night                       Cell
Birthday                                       Email

Homeland Security requests the name of a contact person while you are out of the country:
Phone                                                  Relationship
Name on your Passport or Birth Certificate
Name on your Drivers License
Passport Number
Passport Issue Date                        Expiration Date
I am aware that I am traveling outside the United States and I must carry a valid Passport with at least 6
months validity after my travel date or a certified copy of my Birth Certificate and a valid Drivers
License. It is Strongly Suggested that each traveler carries a valid U.S. Passport to travel outside the
United States. You CANNOT return to the U.S. by air without a valid Passport in hand. Initial

It is strongly recommended that you purchase the cruise Insurance, to help protect your investment. If
you have any questions, please contact our office.
I have been offered insurance and understand fully the policies, if I do not accept insurance.
Circle one       Accept / Decline                Initial

The above information is true and correct, if any changes must be made to incorrect information provided
above, I will be responsible for any charges to do so.

        Signature                                                                   Date
Carnival wants to make sure your cruise is worry free. However, the unexpected does sometimes
occur. That's why we created Carnival's Cruise Vacation Protection Plan. It’s the greatest value
insurance program in the cruise industry.

Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption:
In the event You are prevented from taking Your Cruise Vacation because:

     1.   You, a Traveling Companion, or an Immediate Family member suffers an Injury, Sickness, or death; or
     2.   You or Your Traveling Companion, after the effective date of coverage:
               o are hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury, or subpoenaed;
               o have a home made uninhabitable by fire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster; or
               o are directly involved in a documented traffic accident while en route to departure;

the Insurer will pay benefits up to Your total Cruise Vacation cost for:
          (a) Trip Cancellation

                     Non-refundable cancellation charges imposed by Carnival Cruise Lines and/or airfare cancellation
          charges for flights joining or departing Your Sea/Land Arrangements; or the additional costs You may
          incur as a result or a change in the per-person occupancy rate of prepaid travel arrangements if a
          person booked to share accommodations with You cancels his/her Cruise Vacation for a covered
          reason and You do not cancel.

          (b) Trip Interruption

                     Unused, non-refundable sea or land expenses prepaid to Carnival Cruise Lines and/or the airfare
          paid, less the value of applied credit from an unused return travel ticket, to return home or rejoin the
          original Sea/Land Arrangements (limited to the cost of one-way economy airfare by scheduled carrier,
          from the point of destination to the point of origin shown on the original travel tickets).

The Insurer will also pay benefits, up to $100 per day, for reasonable additional accommodations and transportation expenses
incurred to remain near a covered traveling Immediate Family member or Traveling Companion who is hospitalized during Your
Cruise Vacation.

The Trip Cancellation benefit will also apply if you are prevented from traveling because You, Your Traveling Companion, or an
Immediate Family member is in the military and is called to emergency duty for a national disaster other than war.

In no event shall the amount reimbursed exceed the amount you prepaid for Your Cruise Vacation.

Special Conditions You must advise Your travel agent, Carnival Cruise Lines, and BerkelyCare as soon as possible in the event
of a claim. The Insurer will not pay benefits for any additional charges incurred that would not have been charged had You notified
these parties as soon as reasonably possible.

Trip Delay:
The Insurer will pay benefits for Covered Expenses, up to $500, if Your Cruise Vacation is delayed en route to or from Your
Sea/Land Arrangements due to inclement weather, strike or other job action, or equipment failure of a Common Carrier, a traffic
accident en route to a departure in which You or Your Traveling Companion is not directly involved; lost or stolen passports, travel
documents, or money; quarantine; hijacking; natural disaster; civil commotion or riot.

Covered Expenses include any prepaid, unused, non-refundable Sea/Land Arrangements, any reasonable additional expenses for
meals and lodging, and the cost of one-way economy airfare ticket to catch up to the Sea/Land Arrangements or return to the place
of origin shown on the travel documents.

Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation:
The Insurer will pay benefits for Covered Expenses, up to $30,000, if an Injury or Sickness commencing during Your Cruise
Vacation results in Your necessary Emergency Evacuation. An Emergency Evacuation must be ordered by a legally licensed
Physician who certifies that the severity of Your Injury or Sickness warrants an Emergency Evacuation.

Baggage / Personal Effects:
The Insurer will reimburse You, up to $1,500, for loss, theft, or damage to baggage and personal effects. The Insurer will pay the
lesser of the following: original cash value of the item less depreciation as determined by the Insurer; or cost of repair or
         Credit Card Authorization Form
We accept Visa, Mastercard, & American Express

I, _________________________________________________________
              Name Of Cardholder as shown on card

hereby authorize ___________________________________________
                            Credit Card Name

__________________________________________ _______________
          Credit Card Number                  Exp. Date

in the amount of $ __________________________________________

for ______________________________________________________

Billing address of above Credit Card __________________________



By signing below, I acknowledge charges described herein.

______________________________________         ________________
             Signature                               Date

          Mail to: Southern Equipment Dealers Association
                           115 Park Place
                         Dublin, GA 31021
                        Fax to: 478-272-1015

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