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Mwl Gregor Duncan


									ISLE PDP/ePortfolios Practice

The ISLE PDP/ePortfolio practice template – Phase 2
This template is designed to encourage you to reflect on how you implemented PDP activities
supported by the ePortfolio system and then to share the outcomes with other practitioners across
the UK tertiary sector. Some depth of analysis is required in order for others to engage with the
experiences described; it is advised that practice descriptions submitted for use by the ISLE project
are approximately 750 words in length.

Tutor name                                           Gregor Duncan
Student group
Course title and SCQF level. Include                 HND Acting and Performance SCQF Level 8
the module/unit if appropriate.                      Professional Development for Actors - DG49 34

Institution name                                     Motherwell College

Give brief details of the learners‟ age              12 HND Acting and Performance students were involved,
profile, mode of attendance and                      mostly aged between 18 and 24. The ePortfolio system
learning environment in which the                    was integrated with the delivery and assessment of the
implementation took place, e.g. what                 SQA Professional Development for Actors Unit. The
ePortfolio was used, did the students                students were given a briefing session and encouraged
attend scheduled sessions, what                      to use the system for ongoing professional development,
resources were used, how was the                     culminating in the building of an e-portfolio containing a
activity assessed?                                   CV, biography, covering letter and publicity photograph.

Intended outcome(s)
Describe the objective(s) behind the                 The main objective was to evidence and develop
implementation of PDP, e.g. Improving                employability skills or to enable effective articulation to
the learning experience, preparing for               higher education. Students were able to set realistic and
transition between levels or to another              achievable targets for when they leave College and to
institution, integrating PDP into the                make informed decisions about their future careers.
curriculum, use of diagnostic testing,
changes in student support models
The challenge(s)
Describe any issues that presented                   Students on the creative arts course are used to a very
barriers to implementation and what                  practical environment – a hands on approach. Students
steps you took to over come or                       initially found the concept of a personal portfolio a little
circumvent them?                                     confusing and took some time to appreciate it‟s benefits.
                                                     When used in conjunction with the professional
                                                     development unit as a way of developing a „promotional
                                                     pack‟ for potential employees and agents, students were
                                                     able to see the benefits of the project.

Established practice
What practices would you now                         Linking to audio and video clips of performance skills
consider to be established in your own               used by the students such as songs, monologues and
practice following the PDP                           voice over material. This is a very effective way for
implementation, i.e. what are you                    employers and agents to assess the skills of potential
doing now that you will definitely want              clients. This is certainly a step up from the simple CV
to do again or would be useful for                   and covering letter.
others to replicate

Further information: Web:                                Based on the JISC case study template
ISLE PDP/ePortfolios Practice

The ePortfolio advantage                             Students have more flexibility to distribute materials
Describe the benefits in the use of an               electronically to agents, casting directors etc.
ePortfolio or similar tool in the support
of PDP experienced by learners,                      Opportunity for students on highly practical course to
yourself and other staff members.                    become more familiar with on-line learning and

Key points for effective practice
Summarise briefly the most important                 Find a way to get students to “buy in” to the project by
points described above in the case                   integrating it with an existing unit.
study for other practitioners – these
may include risks as well as benefits                Be responsive to students‟ different experiences with on-
                                                     line systems.

Conclusions and recommendations
A summary of how and why the                         The practice was effective in making the students more
practice outlined here has been                      aware of the importance of building a profile as this is
effective                                            fast becoming the norm for potential employers and
                                                     agents within the arts. The students were able to build
                                                     an effective picture of their skills and achievements
                                                     using pictures and audio/video clips. Eventually a link
                                                     could be set up to relevant sites such as an agents
                                                     webpage or a theatre groups which the students have
                                                     worked with.

Additional information
Use this optional section to add related
materials or content e.g. example PDP
activities or ePortfolio structure
diagram, examples of support materials
provided to staff or students

Further information: Web:                               Based on the JISC case study template

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