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					                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사


     (A) The woman is reading a book.
     (B) The woman is walking a dog.
     (C) The woman is putting on a hat.
     (D) The woman is wearing glasses.

     (A) She is holding an arm of a doll.
     (B) She is watching a puppet show.
     (C) She is strolling on the street.
     (D) She is dressing a teddy bear.

     (A) They are leaning against the wall.
     (B) They are walking side by side.
     (C) A woman is holding a bottle.
     (D) A woman is talking on the phone.

     (A) He is wiping an instrument.
     (B) He is making a speech outdoors.
     (C) He is performing indoors.
     (D) He is playing a musical instrument.

     (A) They are staring at the clock.
     (B) They are sitting on a bench.
     (C) They are facing each other.
     (D) They are trying to reach the wall.

     (A) The wooden door is being painted.
     (B) Pottery is on display.
     (C) The clerk is wrapping a teapot.
     (D) There is a long line in front of the store.

                                                        2007년 2월 모의고사

      (A) She is taking off sunglasses.
      (B) She is wearing gloves.
      (C) She is opening a backpack.
      (D) She is working in the office.

      (A) People are in long-sleeved tops.
      (B) The trees have many leaves.
      (C) The dogs are chasing a rabbit.
      (D) People are standing in the forest.

      (A) Some animals are being fed by a zookeeper.
      (B) A man is looking at the animals.
      (C) Some elephants are sleeping under the tree.
      (D) Plants are sculptured into animal shapes.

      (A) The man is empting a bottle.
      (B) The man is waving his hand.
      (C) The man is wearing a baseball cap.
      (D) The man is making a call.

                                                          2007년 2월 모의고사


11. When is the board meeting scheduled for?
    (A) To replace the director.
    (B) At the Chicago branch office.
    (C) On February 27th.

12. Who was that on the phone?
    (A) That was excellent.
    (B) The manager called about the workshop.
    (C) I don’t like to talk on the phone.

13. Do I have to change my pin number?
    (A) No, I don’t have her phone number.
    (B) It’s not necessary.
    (C) Okay, I will check the exchange rate.

14. Would you like to help me move the new furniture?
    (A) Thanks, but I don’t need any help.
    (B) Yes, I moved to a new office.
    (C) Sorry, I will be taking off soon.

15. Do you want a table in the corner or by the window?
    (A) For three, please.
    (B) Let’s sit around the table.
    (C) Either would be fine.

16. Why did the location of your office change?
    (A) The rent was too steep at our last place.
    (B) Yes, I have enough office supplies.
    (C) He can’t locate it.

17. Where can I send this package by express mail?
    (A) I already unpacked my bag.
    (B) It takes about two days by express mail.
    (C) At the Business Center during event hours.

                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

18. What’s wrong with the copier?
     (A) It is out of ink.
     (B) This string is long enough.
     (C) We should print this.

19. Mr. Park is in charge of organizing training sessions, isn’t he?
    (A) No, I am taking care of it now.
    (B) Yes, he already got trained.
    (C) I am afraid I can’t make it to the session.

20. Didn’t you work overtime yesterday?
    (A) He walked me home.
    (B) No, I left at 5 P.M.
    (C) Yes, I came in early.

21. How many clients have you visited so far?
    (A) For about 5 hours.
    (B) Between 8 and 10.
    (C) I’ve been there three times.

22. I understand Mrs. Johnson is on a special diet.
    (A) No, I don’t get it.
    (B) Yes, I heard she is diabetic.
    (C) I know she’s very special.

23. When can you finish revising this proposal?
    (A) I proposed a new business plan to them.
    (B) This afternoon at the earliest.
    (C) On behalf of my boss.

24. Can you pick up our buyer at the airport this afternoon?
    (A) Sure, what time?
    (B) Sorry, I don’t have time tomorrow.
    (C) My plane will depart at three o’clock.

25. Is there a parking lot behind the conference center?
    (A) Yes, but it’s already full.
    (B) I live on Park Avenue.
    (C) No, move it to your right.

                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

26. Don’t you think the library should be kept open on holidays?
    (A) Don’t they keep it in the drawer?
    (B) Why don’t you make a request?
    (C) I think they weren’t.

27. This is your first company party, isn’t it?
    (A) No, this is my second job.
    (B) Yes, you can put it right here.
    (C) No, I went to the one last year, too.

28. Where did you say I could find instant noodles?
    (A) They found out about it.
    (B) In aisle two.
    (C) Let’s cook them now.

29. Do you want to photocopy it or would you rather scan it?
    (A) I’d be very grateful for that.
    (B) I didn’t notice that, either.
    (C) It doesn’t matter to me.

30. I think we should’ve received the parcel by now.
    (A) You can take it if you want.
    (B) No, on the receipt.
    (C) Let’s check the tracking number.

31. Which form should I use to make withdrawals from my bank account?
    (A) Please, fill up the tank.
    (B) The pink one on the counter.
    (C) You can withdraw your offer if you want.

32. How are you getting to the conference?
    (A) My friend is giving me a ride.
    (B) We will arrive in two hours.
    (C) I am visiting my parents in Chicago.

33. Aren’t you going to present the new findings at the meeting?
    (A) I wasn’t planning to.
    (B) Yes, I found it somewhere else.

                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

    (C) I will open the present later.

34. Why did so many clients put off their appointments?
    (A) Probably because of the bad weather.
    (B) A little later than expected.
    (C) Sometime next week.

35. Do you know where Dr. Brown’s workshop is being held?
    (A) His workshop is about job interviews.
    (B) No, I’ve never met Dr. Brown before.
    (C) You can check the program pamphlet.

36. Can I have the prize delivered to my home, or should I go to the store to get it?
    (A) I’m not sure about the price.
    (B) It’s already been sent to your address.
    (C) Yes, you can deliver it tomorrow.

37. Let’s buy our tickets now in case the concert’s sold out.
    (A) I had so much fun.
    (B) That’s probably a good idea.
    (C) Yes, everything is on sale.

38. The post office closes early today, doesn’t it?
    (A) No, I brought this package yesterday.
    (B) I was running late this morning.
    (C) Yes, that’s what the notice said.

39. Who made the decision to postpone the meeting?
    (A) No, the president didn’t come to the meeting.
    (B) I think Ms. Bonds did.
    (C) Let’s put it off until next week.

40. Can you tell me where the Purchasing Department is?
    (A) They are not buying anything.
    (B) Yes, I work in the Human Resources Department.
    (c)You can find it around the next corner.

                                                                  2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation.

W: Reception. How can I help you?
M: This is Andrew Valencia from room 201. I ordered a salmon salad from your
   restaurant and would like to return the dish. The salmon seems not fresh. It smells
W: Oh, I’ m very sorry. Let me call them right away and ask them to bring you a
   replacement soon.
M: Actually, I don’t want to try the same dish again. Can you give me a few minutes to
   have a look at the menu?

41. Where does the conversation take place?
    (A) In a restaurant
    (B) In a hotel
    (C) In a grocery store
    (D) At a café

42. Why is the man complaining?
    (A) The food is not good.
    (B) He did not get a receipt.
    (C) He was served a wrong dish.
    (D) The bill is higher than he expected.

43. What does the woman suggest the man do?
    (A) Ask for a refill service
    (B) Talk to the manager
    (C) Wait for the replacement
    (D) Check the menu

                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 44-46 refer to the following conversation.

W: Hi Louis, can you do me a favor? I need you to arrange a limousine and a driver for
   the weekend.
M: Sure. Just let me know how many buyers you are entertaining so that I can order
   beverages and snacks as well.
W: They are five altogether and flying in tonight from Tokyo to see our fall and winter
M: Don’t worry about it Vicky. I have a meeting starting now, but I will book a van
   right after it’s finished.

44. What is being discussed?
    (A) Flight schedule to Tokyo
    (B) Airport limousine service
    (C) Entertainment business
    (D) Arrangement for the weekend

45. How many visitors will the woman have?
    (A) Two
    (B) Three
    (C) Four
    (D) Five

46. What will the man probably do next?
    (A) Attend a meeting
    (B) Call the airline
    (C) Make a reservation for a van
    (D) Watch the show

                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 47-49 refer to the following conversation.

M: Hello, Robin. I’ve just called to let you know that there will be an exhibition on
   modern arts in the city museum. Didn’t you say that you were interested in modern
W: Yes. Even though I love my job as a financial consultant, I seriously thought about
   going to an art school when I was in high school. Where did you hear the news?
M: It was mentioned in the art section in today’s Hamilton Daily News.
W: Actually, I skipped the art section today, but I’ll check that out later. Thank you for
   the information, Tom.

47. Why did the man call the woman?
    (A) To inform her of a job opening
    (B) To ask about an art class
    (C) To discuss the economic situation
    (D) To tell her about an exhibition

48. Who most likely is the woman?
    (A) A newspaper reporter
    (B) A city official
    (C) A financial adviser
    (D) An artist

49. What does the woman say about Hamilton Daily News?
    (A) She is a new subscriber.
    (B) She missed reading a section.
    (C) She saw an ad for an art school.
    (D) She threw away today’s paper.

                                                                  2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation.

M: I’ve just missed the flight to London via Chicago. Can you tell me what I can do?
W: So you’ve missed flight 384. No problem. We can get you on the next Washington
   Airline flight 77 instead. It leaves in one and a half hours.
M: Great. My name is Jason Dahl. I’ll take an economy class seat if you don’t have any
   business class ones.
W: Oh, that won’t be necessary. Here’s your ticket. You can head straight to gate 20.

50. What is the man’s problem?
    (A) He missed his flight.
    (B) He lost his baggage.
    (C) He doesn’t want an economy class seat.
    (D) He misplaced his boarding pass.

51. Where is the man’s final destination?
    (A) Chicago
    (B) London
    (C) New York
    (D) Washington

52. How long does the man need to wait in the airport?
    (A) For 20 minutes
    (B) For 30 minutes
    (C) For 60 minutes
    (D) For 90 minutes

                                            - 10 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 53-55 refer to the following conversation.

M: Cecilia, is that you? Don’t you recognize me?
W: Oh, Eric. I haven’t seen you for ages! I’m so glad you were able to come to our high
   school’s reunion. It’s been two decades from our graduation and I’ve never seen you
   since. How have you been?
M: I was out of the country on business for most of the years. By the way, do you still
   remember our performance of Romeo and Juliet?
W: Of course! We even won the regional theatre competition! You were really amazing
   as Romeo.

53. Where does the conversation take place?
    (A) At a theater
    (B) At a concert
    (C) At a party
    (D) At a business convention

54. How do the speakers know each other?
    (A) They attended the same school.
    (B) They organized the reunion together.
    (C) They starred in the same movie.
    (D) They ran a business together.

55. How many years have passed since they saw each other?
    (A) Two
    (B) Ten
    (C) Twelve
    (D) Twenty

                                         - 11 -
                                                                  2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation.

W: I have a meeting tomorrow and it’s regarding organizing a fund-raising event.
M: That’s great news. It’s time for private businesses to get involved in helping
   hurricane victims.
W: Right. There is no way for the government to find enough money by itself before too
   late, especially not after going through a severe earthquake early this year.
M: I agree. Good luck at the meeting. I will give you a call tomorrow night. I wonder
   how it goes.

56. What will the woman do the following day?
    (A) Request the government to make donation
    (B) Hear a talk about new scientific findings
    (C) Go to a meeting for a nonprofit event
    (D) Meet with a conference organizer

57. Why is the money needed?
    (A) To support scientific research
    (B) To help victims from natural disaster
    (C) To renovate the conference center
    (D) To start a new business

58. What does the man want to know?
    (A) The outcome of the meeting
    (B) The extent of the damage
    (C) The number of the participants
    (D) The price of the new product

                                         - 12 -
                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation.

W: My sister and I are going to see a movie this Saturday. Do you want to join us?
M: What movie are you going to see? Is it a Michael Cooper’s film by any chance?
W: How did you know? I’ve heard that the film was nominated for the best actor for
   Screenplay Award. Do you know who played in the movie?
M: It’s Ryan Torres playing a blind man fighting for his life. I’ll definitely go with you.
   Just call me Friday to set up a time and place to meet.

59. What are the speakers talking about?
    (A) New movie
    (B) Award invitation
    (C) Photography
    (D) TV show

60. What is stated about the film?
    (A) The actress played a blind woman.
    (B) It may win an award.
    (C) The man has already seen it.
    (D) It started showing this week.

61. When will they probably see the movie?
    (A) Thursday
    (B) Friday
    (C) Saturday
    (D) Sunday

                                           - 13 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation.

W: Can you tell me more about today’s hike into the Ace Valley?
M: Sure. We will leave the camping site in ten minutes. And after following the paved
   road for the first three kilometers, we will have to walk on a narrow path covered
   with small rocks.
W: Wow, it sounds tough. How long does it last?
M: It will be only about a 5-minute walk. Then, the easy road will continue until we
   reach our destination. By the way, don’t forget to bring a panorama camera. You will
   love the view from the top of Marcus Heights.

62. Who is the woman probably speaking with?
    (A) A tour guide
    (B) A construction worker
    (C) A motorist
    (D) A photographer

63. When will the speakers leave the camp?
    (A) In 3 minutes
    (B) In 5 minutes
    (C) In 10 minutes
    (D) In 15 minutes

64. What does the man recommend to the woman?
    (A) To collect small rocks
    (B) To bring a camera
    (C) To drive safely
    (D) To wear a safety helmet

                                         - 14 -
                                                                 2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation.

M: Have you heard that Mr. Wilson has been promoted to director of sales department?
W: Yes. But I expected Harry from Seoul office to take over the position. He created
   such amazing international business strategies.
M: That’s true. But Mr. Wilson has been leading the domestic market successfully. And
   you know domestic market is receiving more attention in the company. I heard Mr.
   Wilson would hire 10 new employees for the domestic sales next month.
W: Really? I have a friend who may be interested in the position. I’d better call my
   friend now.

65. What is mentioned about Ms. Wilson?
    (A) She did well in the international market.
    (B) She is a new sales director.
    (C) She has received public attention.
    (D) She has been with the company for 10 years.

66. What is Ms. Wilson expected to do?
    (A) Employ more staff members
    (B) Visit Seoul office
    (C) Begin a big sales event
    (D) Launch a new business strategy

67. What will the woman probably do next?
    (A) Call Ms. Wilson
    (B) Work on the sakes project
    (C) Apply for the job
    (D) Contact her friend

                                         - 15 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation

M: Christine, I am really impressed. Your proposal to open a branch in Hong Kong
   looks well researched and planned.
W: Thanks, John. I really think it’s time for our company to enter the Asian market. Do
   you think we can get a budget that will support an aggressive entry?
M: Of course! With our success in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada last year, I think the
   board will be optimistic and eager to take a share of the Asian financial market.
W: Excellent. There’s no reason to let the Chinese banks based on Shanghai take such a
   large share in Asia.

68. What are the speakers discussing?
    (A) Merger with a Chinese bank
    (B) Annual budget decrease
    (C) Asian entertainment industry
    (D) Business expansion

69. What happened to the company last year?
    (A) It performed well in Canada.
    (B) It closed a few branches.
    (C) It lost its market share to a competitor.
    (D) It increased its budget for research.

70. Where does the company currently have a branch?
    (A) Hong Kong
    (B) Toronto
    (C) Dallas
    (D) Shanghai

                                            - 16 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 71-73 refer to the following advertisement.

Does your house need painting, but you have no idea where to begin? Let us show you
how easy and pain-free it can be. Leonardo, Inc., uses state-of-the-art technology to
remove old paint from wood, metal and plastics. Our process also produces no
pollutants, as we cover the entire building with our patented, dust-proof fabric before
paint removal begins, and we only use non-toxic paints. If you own a property that
needs an extreme makeover, contact us today at 555-9494. Place an order before
February 19th and get 20 % off.

71. What is the purpose of this talk?
    (A) To interest building contractors
    (B) To give information about home renovation
    (C) To explain how to remove old furniture
    (D) To promote environment conservation

72. What does the speaker say about the company?
    (A) It is health conscious.
    (B) It produces dust-proof fabric.
    (C) It uses a traditional method.
    (D) Its products are inexpensive.

73. What happens after February 19?
    (A) Property value will decrease.
    (B) A new building will be constructed.
    (C) A discount will end.
    (D) A new campaign will be launched.

                                         - 17 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 74-76 refer to the following talk.

Welcome to the 45th New Orleans Pharmaceutical Convention. This year we are hosting
more companies than ever, with noteworthy new arrivals of medicines for diabetes,
cancer treatment, and skin rashes. Plus, we have a brand-new video conferencing center
equipped with high tech items in the Pelham Room. This can be booked free of charge
for up to one hour during convention hours. Just visit the information booth to book
your desired time. Please note that no drinks are allowed inside the convention center.
We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We wish you a pleasant and
productive stay in New Orleans.

74. What is the talk mainly about?
    (A) Hotel renovation
    (B) A new convention center
    (C) A tour of a city
    (D) A medical conference

75. Who is this talk most likely intended for?
    (A) Conference organizers
    (B) Photographers
    (C) Pharmacy employees
    (D) Hotel owners

76. What is restricted inside the facility?
    (A) Beverages
    (B) Digital cameras
    (C) Cellular phones
    (D) Voice recorders

                                              - 18 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 77-79 refer to the following talk.

Welcome to the Eastwark Brewery, Australia’s largest brewer. On your way here, you
drove through ten thousand acres of barley and hops, the main ingredients of our beer.
Senior plant manager Mr. Davis will give you a free, guided 50th anniversary tour of the
brewery, taking you through the brew house, the fermenting room and the cask storage.
Along the way, you’ll be invited to sample some of our popular and recent beers. Please,
remember to control yourselves and enjoy your tour until the end of the day. Good luck
and cheers to all!

77. Where is the talk taking place?
    (A) At an anniversary dinner
    (B) At a plant
    (C) In a restaurant
    (D) In a laboratory

78. Who probably is Mr. Davis?
    (A) An employee
    (B) A customer
    (C) A researcher
    (D) An investor

79. What will be offered to the visitors?
    (A) A small barrel
    (B) A program brochure
    (C) Free recipes
    (D) Complimentary drinks

                                            - 19 -
                                                                 2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 80-82 refer to the following telephone message.

Mr. Reed, this is Bart Ernest from Bluemoon Publishing. Yesterday I proofread pages
100 through 252 of the draft of your book, Nature versus Nurture. Most chapters were
in excellent condition, but a few paragraphs in Chapters Four and Five need
reorganizing. Also, some references are still missing from Chapter One. According to
our original suggestions, Mr. Anderson started to revise the second chapter this
afternoon. He is correcting the most controversial chapter and assured me that I will
receive it next Monday. I’ll call you this Friday if I find any problems.

80. Why does the speaker call Mr. Reed?
    (A) To inform of a work progress
    (B) To ask for delivery
    (C) To request information about a company
    (D) To organize a meeting

81. What is the problem with Chapter One?
    (A) Some pages are missing.
    (B) There are many grammatical mistakes.
    (C) Some paragraphs need restructuring.
    (D) More references are needed.

82. When will the speaker receive the second chapter?
    (A) Today
    (B) Tomorrow
    (C) This Friday
    (D) Next Monday

                                         - 20 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 83-85 refer to the following talk.

Today’s meeting agenda concerns a change to library opening hours. As you know, the
library is going through serious staff shortages due to the sudden regisnation of Mr.
Heatherway and Ms. Thomas. Thus, we have reluctantly made the decision to reduce
the library's opening hours. This is a temporary measure, and the hours will return to
normal as soon as we find new librarians. As of February 17th, our temporary hours will
be from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M on weekdays and from 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. on Saturdays and
Sundays. All the librarians and security staff should check their new time shifts and
locations on the bulletin board in the main lobby. More details will be discussed at
tomorrow’s meeting at 3 P.M. Please make sure to be on time.

83. What is the purpose of the talk?
   (A) To introduce new staff members
   (B) To declare new hours
   (C) To celebrate the retirement of coworkers
   (D) To inform of electricity shortage

84. Which position is needed to be filled?
    (A) Librarian
    (B) Maintenance staff
    (C) Security guard
    (D) Night shift clerk

85. When will the meeting take place?
    (A) 8:00 A.M. tomorrow
    (B) 3:00 P.M. tomorrow
    (C) 10:00 A.M. this Saturday
    (D) 5:30 P.M. this Saturday

                                             - 21 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 86–88 refer to the following broadcast.

Good morning, you’re listening to WNKB, and I’m your host Linda Harrison. Today we
invited Professor Jake Chang of New Heaven University. We’ll discuss last month’s
decision to remove Pluto’s status as the solar system’s ninth planet. Mr. Chang will tell
us how the problem began when astronomers felt uneasy about the small size of this
planet. Then, astronomers proved that Pluto was part of a group of small planets and
discovered a larger planet on the edge of our solar system. Now, with only eight planets
in our solar system, millions of grade school students will have less studying to do.
Before we discuss all this in more detail, here is the local weather report.

86. Who is Jake Chang?
    (A) A radio show host
    (B) A scientist
    (C) A professor
    (D) An astronomer

87. What is this broadcast about?
    (A) Computer Science
    (B) Chemistry
    (C) Philosophy
    (D) Astronomy

88. What will be heard next?
    (A) Weather report
    (B) Local news
    (C) Traffic report
    (D) Business news

                                          - 22 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 89-91 refer to the following announcement.

Are you looking for environmental information from a reliable and trusted source? The
City Council has gathered data on the environment of the surrounding area and has
publicized it for over 40 years. We have the best scientists and our service is free. With
growing public concerns over air quality, we now provide smog readings, reports and
alerts. For the same reason, we are currently offering one-month free public transit
passes to suburban city residents who normally drive automobiles to work downtown.
Last month, legislation was passed to help us reduce the pollution caused by
motorcycles and other small vehicles. If you want more information, check out our
website at You can call our hotline to express concerns and suggest
any ideas.

89. What is being announced?
    (A) Online weather forecasting services
    (B) Traffic information for motorcycles
    (C) Environment improvement efforts
    (D) Safety regulations for drivers

90. What is the City Council’s main concern?
    (A) To improve air quality
    (B) To expand residential area
    (C) To reduce noise pollution
    (D) To build more suburban roads

91. What should people do in order to suggest an idea?
    (A) Visit the City council office
    (B) Call the direct phone line
    (C) Mail a suggestion card
    (D) Check out the website

                                          - 23 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 92-94 refer to the following announcement.

Thanks again for your presence in Open Talk Seminar today. Before we start the
seminar, I would like to remind you of the application process for the next seminar as
the early consideration deadline is approaching. If you’re interested in early
consideration and getting a discount for your hotel room, you’re required to register on
or before March 1st. The next deadline is April 1st. Please remember all applications are
processed only through our website at For further information,
please refer to your handbook, talk to the information desk, or visit the website. I hope
Open Talk Seminar will be a great opportunity for each of you who want your voice to
be heard in the community.

92. What is the purpose of the announcement?
    (A) To inform future deadlines
    (B) To announce the schedule change
    (C) To notify the discussion topic
    (D) To recommend joining the membership

93. How can people apply for the next event?
    (A) By purchasing a handbook
    (B) By signing up at the information desk
    (C) By visiting the website
    (D) By using a voice mail service

94. What will people receive for registering by March 1?
    (A) A free handbook
    (B) A free gift
    (C) A discount on membership
    (D) A reduced hotel rate

                                          - 24 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 95-97 refer to the following report.

Welcome, travel club members! I’d like to update you on our survey for our annual
vacation trip in July. Everyone was asked to choose a favorite destination out of four
cities, and the winner was Cancun, Mexico. However, due to the frequent hurricane
threat in July in the area, the organization committee decided to pick the city, which
received the second most votes, Miami, Florida. I believe that your children will be
especially excited as the city has the nation’s best ocean park. Besides, if you are
interested in the works of Ernest Hemingway, it might be a good idea to drive a few
hours to Key West and visit the house he used to live in. We hope you will have a lot of
fun this year, as much as last year’s trip to Havana.

95. What is the report about?
    (A) Hurricane threats
    (B) Club membership benefits
    (C) An anniversary trip
    (D) An outcome of a survey

96. Which city was visited last year?
    (A) Cancun
    (B) Miami
    (C) Key West
    (D) Havana

97. Why would the members with children like this year’s destination?
    (A) There is a sea amusement park.
    (B) There will be fireworks at night.
    (C) The hotel will offer free meals for children.
    (D) The organization provides a childcare service.

                                         - 25 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 98-100 refer to the following announcement.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm Ryan Haley. As president of Bain & Luccas, I
have the pleasure of welcoming you tonight, and it is my great honor to be a part of this
year’s awards ceremony in Chicago. This year, there was intense competition for the
Employee of the Year as we received the largest number of nominee recommendations
than any other year. Now, I would like to introduce the recipients and ask them to rise
and come to the podium to receive their medals from Ms. Naomi Banks of the LA
branch, who was the Employee of the Year in 2005. The recipients of the 2006
Employee of the Year Award are Ms. Jessica Foreman of the Seattle branch and Mr.
Simon Klein of the New York headquarters. Would all of you join me in congratulating
these outstanding colleagues? Ms. Davis and Mr. Klein, please come up to the stage!

98. Who is Ryan Haley?
    (A) The president
    (B) A sales manager
    (C) A new employee
    (D) Last year’s winner

99. Where is the company’s headquarters?
    (A) Chicago
    (B) L.A.
    (C) Seattle
    (D) New York

100. What does the speaker say about this year’s ceremony?
   (A) There is one winner.
   (B) The president will hand out the awards.
   (C) The winner will receive a cash prize.
   (D) More people were nominated than last year.

                                          - 26 -
                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사


101. Many companies have -------- own health insurance plans, which are often
mandatory for their employees.
(A) their       (B) theirs     (C) they    (D) themselves

102. The United States’ annual trade deficit is in excess ------- $100 billion, and is
expected to get bigger this year.
(A) to      (B) of         (C) within     (D) than

103. It is highly recommended that attendees have their own means of -----------.
(A) transporting        (B) transporter     (C) transported     (D) transportation

104. Early last week, the Greenville City Council formally ------- a construction plan for
a new ballpark for the city baseball team.
(A) will approve (B) is approving        (C) approved (D) has approved

105. Moving ------- the deep mountains with nothing but a bottle of water is very
convenient, but it is risky at the same time.
(A) through      (B) with         (C) about   (D) after

106. Customers can obtain a membership card ------- they present their personal
(A) however    (B) unless   (C) nevertheless  (D) as long as

107. Best Publishing, the online book store, yesterday said that it would ------- its staff
by 15 percent.
(A) increasing       (B) to increase     (C) increase         (D) be increased

108. For your convenience, your membership dues will be automatically charged -------
your account each year.
(A) to          (B) by         (C) at         (D) with

109. The third novel in Sullivan’s Wendy Tailor series was received ------- by reviewers
than the author had anticipated.
(A) enthusiasm (B) enthusiastic (C) enthusiastically (D) more enthusiastically

110. Three days of negotiations between the two parties ended with members still

                                           - 27 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

unable to reach a ------- on the new labor reform.
(A) retention    (B) contest      (C) consensus (D) sympathy

111. Premier Home & Business includes exclusive features to help you manage ------
- your business and personal finances.

(A) both (B) each        (C) either       (D) neither

112. Reservations are subject to cancellation if you are not available for boarding at
least 10 minutes ------- your scheduled departure.
(A) during     (B) before (C) within (D) over

113. As of March 1st, the bank will introduce a new fee for transferring money from one
account to -------.
(A) another         (B) other       (C) some      (D) the another

114. The construction worker’s illness has been ------- due to the hazardous conditions
of his work environment and his lack of sleep.
(A) hugely     (B) largely   (C) extremely       (D) immensely

115. Users should always be certain that the oven door is ------- closed before leaving
the oven unattended.
(A) securely    (B) secure     (C) secured      (D) securing

116. In a study of more than 1,200 people, the drug was able to reduce the ------- of cold
symptoms by an average of 35%.
(A) boundary        (B) termination      (C) purpose      (D) duration

117. A man ------- job involves dealing with the public will be asked to wear a suit and
(A) who     (B) which           (C) whose        (D) that

118. Prospective game-show contestants are asked to ------- their interests by filling out
the attached questionnaire.
(A) indicate    (B) appoint      (C) display       (D) nominate

119. The CEO of Northern Light, David Seuss, ------- Mr. Witmer on his recent article
on public schools.
(A) corrected      (B) compensated     (C) complimented         (D) complained

                                          - 28 -
                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

120. The telephone company will cancel any account for which payment
is three months -------.
(A) expensive    (B) permanent   (C) overdue    (D) insignificant

121. Some good methods are being recommended to prevent water pollution, but the
problem has ------- to be addressed.
(A) since        (B) already (C) yet (D) always

122. I am writing this letter to ------- information about comprehensive insurance
policies, which would suit the needs of our industry.
(A) want           (B) plead             (C) desire      (D) request

123. The co-authors of “Turning Dreams into Reality” were awarded the grand prize in
the Imaginative Writers Society contest for their ------- story.
(A) creativity           (B) creative           (C) creating        (D) creation

124. For a limited time, placing an order with us for more than one item will ----- you a
ten percent discount on the entire order.
(A) earn (B) keep        (C) retain (D) originate

125. The government plans to -------- implement various measures such as the
development of alternative energy sources.
(A) aggression    (B) aggressive        (C) aggressiveness (D) aggressively

126. ------- the amount of publicity the team has received lately, stadium officials expect
increased ticket sales for the upcoming season.
(A) Considering            (B) Meanwhile           (C) Thus          (D) Against

127. The GPS tracking system, ------- was originally developed for military purposes,
can now be used by anyone to monitor a vehicle’s daily route.
(A) which         (B) what        (C) whom             (D) who

128. Initial reports from the third quarter show that our store sales have increased by 30
percent since the ------- year.
(A) consecutive          (B) previous               (C) following    (D) ongoing

129. The deposit may be transferred to another session if notice of the change is

                                           - 29 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

received at least 7 days prior to the original date of -------.
(A) enroll             (B) enrollment              (C) enrolled        (D) enrolls

130. All crew members are entitled to a free benefit, which includes free and -------
discounted tickets to events at The Palace of Music.
(A) busily      (B) solely (C) heavily       (D) easily

131. Because the size of the group is limited, those interested in ------- the discussion
will need to register in advance.
(A) to join        (B) joining       (C) joins          (D) joined

132. To gain a larger market share, I believe we have to adopt an ------ strategy beyond
the wide-ranging number of models.
(A) additional     (B) addition (C) addictive      (D) additionally

133. Mandatory safety belt usage laws require drivers and front-seat ----- of most
passenger vehicles to wear safety belts.
(A) occupations (B) occupancies          (C) occupants       (D) occupy

134. Attached you will find the ----- draft of the action plans which represent many
hours of research, discussion, debate, and consensus.
(A) final (B) terminal       (C) eventual (D) concluding

135. Since Ms. Brooks ------- her disappointment regarding the service, the store
manager has been careful to keep his eyes on the staff’s behavior.
(A) shows        (B) is showing           (C) will be showing      (D) showed

136. Those who are thinking of starting their own business may find a helpful ------- at
www. businessworld @
(A) signal     (B) relief   (C) ability       (D) resource

137. Despite the fact that the first two things the customer sees are the bottle shape and
color, tests have demonstrated that customers have no ------- preference for any
particular color.
(A) mark        (B) marked        (C) marking        (D) to mark
138. Members can renew their memberships ------- they have outstanding payments, in
which case, their renewal will be denied until they have settled their accounts.
(A) without       (B) otherwise     (C) unless       (D) except

                                            - 30 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

139. Max Security Systems remains ------- to observing safety regulations and
monitoring its network systems on a regular basis for customers.
(A) committing         (B) committed        (C) commitment       (D) commit

140. When dealing with anxious patients in the emergency room, medical personnel
must ------- reassure them that they will be seen as soon as the critical patients are
(A) potentially    (B) progressively (C) possibly       (D) politely

Part 6
Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.

Dear Emily,

Thank you for choosing to work with us this summer as our computer technician. Your
summer position will last from June 26 to August 25. The ------- will be $850 per week.
                                              141. (A) price
                                                   (B) expense
                                                   (C) cost
                                                   (D) pay

On your first day of work, please ------- to bring a valid form of identification and the
                        142. (A) be remembered
                             (B) remembering
                             (C) remember
                             (D) to remember

student employment forms we sent to you last month. Once you hand in these forms,
and we make copies of your identification for a human resource records, you will
receive a formal invitation to a morning reception for all interns in Trent Building.

Afterwards, there will be a job orientation during which the specific details of your
responsibilities will be -------.
             143. (A) informed
                  (B) provided
                  (C) directed
                  (D) enclosed

                                          - 31 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

We look forward to seeing you at the reception.


William Bolla
Coordinator, Summer work program
Edwards & Sons Corporation
Questions 144-146 refer to the following advertisement.

Our online store, Office Junction, has a huge inventory of the most popular brands of
office and stationery products. Whether you run a company of 1,000 employees or just
10, we can supply all your business needs, from office furniture to paperclips.

From our central location, we can ship your order to anywhere in the continental US,
------- within three business days. At Office Junction, we guarantee all our products.
144. (A) absolute
      (B) absolve
      (C) absolutely
      (D) absolution

If you are not satisfied, just return the product ------- 10 days, and we will be happy to
                                            145. (A) during
                                                 (B) since
                                                 (C) between
                                                 (D) within

exchange it or give you a full refund.

------, visit our website today at and see how easy it is to place
146. (A) Therefore
      (B) Otherwise
      (C) Still
      (D) However

your order. You will be saving not only money but also your valuable time.

                                            - 32 -
                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 147- 149 refer to the following article.

Shopping for Books Online

Virtual bookstores are popping up throughout the Internet. Among the greatest -------
                                                                  147. (A) drawbacks
                                                                       (B) advantages
                                                                       (C) allowances
                                                                       (D) interests

over traditional bookstores is that they can carry a vast selection of books. The ready
availability of such selections allows the virtual bookstore to satisfy a greater number of
customers, as customers are more likely to shop in the places where they can find -------
                                                                        148. (A) those
                                                                             (B) whatever
                                                                             (C) however
                                                                             (D) some

they are seeking. By organizing data on ------ purchases, software programs can identify
                              149. (A) previous
                                   (B) necessary
                                   (C) future
                                   (D) contemporary

a buyer’s taste and can then, for their future consideration, suggest products that bear a
close resemblance to ones already bought by the customer.

                                           - 33 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

Jennifer Murray
152 Cresswell Road
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dear Ms. Murray,

We are writing to thank you for recently becoming a member of Living Well Health
Club. As a new member, your views and opinions are very important to us. For this
reason, we would like to invite you to take part in our ------- of new members.
                                               144. (A) research
                                                     (B) investigation
                                                     (C) survey
                                                     (D) examination

Details are attached to this letter.

Completed forms will be entered into a prize draw, the winner receiving a free beauty
treatment at the Living Well Beauty Center ------- to their home. We have a total of
                                  145. (A) closest
                                       (B) furthest
                                       (C) longest
                                       (D) biggest

thirty Beauty Centers throughout the country.

A map showing their location ------- for your convenience.
                146. (A) encloses
                      (B) is enclosed
                      (C) has been enclosing
                      (D) enclosed

If you require any assistance or further information, please do not hesitate to contact me
on (03) 377 7595. We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

                                          - 34 -
                                                                  2007년 2월 모의고사

Helen Atkinson
Clubs Manager

Part 7

Question 153 – 154 refer to the following information

Cosmetics Company

Your Opinion Could Be Worth $300.

Devoted to providing clients with superior products and services, the Manorville
Cosmetics Company wants to learn more about your needs and expectations. Please fill
in the brief questionnaire on the back of this card and send it in the envelope
provided. Postage has been prepaid.

After your answers have been received, your name will automatically be entered in a
draw with the lucky winner taking home a $300 gift certificate. This will allow you to
purchase a number of our products.

The deadline is May 25. Late submissions cannot be entered. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Cartwright
Director of Customer Relations

                                        - 35 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

153. What is the main purpose of this note?
(A) To ask customers for their opinions
(B) To advise customers to enter the contest
(C) To express concern about some questions
(D) To encourage customer responses with a drawing

 154. What will the winner get?
(A) A sketch by a famous artist
(B) A gift certificate
(C) A cash prize of $300
(D) A voucher for dinner

Questions 155-157 refer to the following e-mail.
From: Andrews, Jennifer
To: Editing staff
Cc: Management, Supervisory staff
Subject: Unclaimed print copies

Hi all,

Please notice that a box now sits near the printer in order to prevent a heap of papers
from piling up on the printer table at the end of the day.

I’d like you to remember to take whatever you print as soon as possible, in keeping with
our office policy for some months now. Please keep this rule and remember that we
often print confidential documents that require immediate pick-up after printing.

Thanks for your cooperation.


155. What problem is mentioned in the e-mail?
(A) The printer is not working properly.
(B) Employees waste a lot of paper.
(C) Office policy has changed.
(D) The area around the printer has been left untidy.

156. What are the employees asked to do?
(A) Reduce the workload for the cleaning staff

                                         - 36 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

(B) Recycle all unused and unclaimed copies
(C) Collect documents from the printer
(D) Keep confidential documents off their office

157. Why does Ms. Andrews thank her colleagues?
(A) To encourage them to follow the office policy
(B) To enable the office staff to recycle
(C) To ask them to pile up a heap of papers
(D) To assign new work to employees

Questions 156-158 refer to the following letter.

Ms. Heather Max
    A. Dean of the Performing Arts
The School of the Performing Arts of Chicago
112 Columbus Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

Dear Ms. Max,

This will confirm my resignation as Director of Student Affairs.

I have accepted a position as Junior Copywriter at a growing advertising agency in San
Francisco. I am looking forward to my new position and the challenges that await me.

My last day of work will be January 26, 2007, which should allow me plenty of time to
finish ongoing projects and to turn over the position to my replacement. Please feel free
to contact me at any time should you have any questions regarding my past work. I hope
that the transition will go smoothly for everyone.

My experience with SPAC has been very rewarding. I appreciate having had the
opportunity to work for such a fine college. I wish you and the school continued success.


Andrew Hay

158. Who is the letter intended for?
     (A) The students of the Drama School

                                          - 37 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

     (B) Colleagues at the Student Affairs Office
     (C) SPAC Alumni Association
     (D) The Head of the Performing Arts Faculty

159. What is the stated intention of the letter?
     (A) To recommend a staff member
     (B) To describe a collaboration
     (C) To announce a resignation
     (D) To state a job description

160. Where is the company that recently hired Mr. Hay located?
     (A) Chicago
     (B) Boston
     (C) San Francisco
     (D) New York

Questions 161 - 163 refer to the following schedule.

Special Events for Kids and Families at Savannah Museum of American Art

Events on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday for families with kids ages 3 – 12

Tuesday, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
For families with kids ages 5 - 10
Family Fun! Art Workshops features gallery tours and activities designed to prepare
families to create their own works of art inspired by their observations in the galleries.
All materials are provided.

Savannah Savants
Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
For families with kids ages 4-5

Children under the age of 4 should be accompanied by an adult. Thank you!

Bring the little ones and share some interactive experiences including looking, sharing,
wiggling and working together - all in the Museum galleries! All materials are provided.

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. –11:30 a.m.

                                            - 38 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

People, Places, and Spaces is the Whitney's first family audio guide. Our curator, Fiona
Richmond, leads an exciting exploration of selected works from the Savannah's
permanent collection. Free with Museum admission.
People, Places, and Spaces is made possible by Robin Johnson.

Fee is $25 per family for each event.
For more information or registration, please call at (912) 555-5300.

161. What will take place on Saturday?
(A) An exploration class
(B) A photography show
(C) An audio tour with a curator
(D) An art workshop

162. What is stated about Savannah Savants?
(A) It is for younger kids.
(B) It will last two hours.
(C) It is an all ages event.
(D) It will be broadcast live.

163. Who most likely is Robin Johnson?
(A) An event participant
(B) A curator
(C) A parent
(D) A donor

Questions 164-165 refer to the following memo.

Goodman Theater Company
    B. Date: July 11
To: Charlie Ullman
From: Gordon Furr
Re: Budget Approval Concerns

Thanks for making our meeting on such short notice and for considering various options
related to our budget. It’s a great relief to me that we made some compromises that will
help reduce spending in next year’s travel budget. Because of the planned $56,000
reduction, I’m confident that our chairman, Rene Walker, will accept and authorize the

                                          - 39 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

new budget at this Friday’s meeting. I’ll see you in the conference room.

164. What is the memo about?
(A) The rescheduling of a meeting
(B) The unavailability of necessary travel expenses
(C) The upcoming budget meeting
(D) The loss of some company funds

165. What will Rene Walker most likely do on Friday?
(A) Approve a budget
(B) Refuse to reduce costs
(C) Go on business trip
(D) Arrange transportation to the meeting.

Questions 166-168 refer to the following article.

Union Carbide Chemical proudly announces its latest entry in the bi-annual Good
Chemistry Innovation Contest to be held this year in Pradesh, India at the Pholab Lux

 We will enter our latest construction product, which is a new type of fiber. With its
unique microstructure, blankets, upholstery and even teddy bears will feel softer and
retain 10 % more heat. Consequently, our new fiber will feel more comfortable and
even help prevent chills. The unique molecular structure is flexible and lasts longer than
natural fibers. Additionally, our new fiber contains no serious cancer-causing chemicals.

We welcome curious scientists and observers to drop in and visit our booth at the bi-
annual contest where you can meet our company CEO, Andrew Liveris. He is scheduled
to give a presentation on our latest invention at 9 A.M. on December 3.

166. What is implied about the new fiber?
    (A) It has been tested on animals.
    (B) It represents a scientific breakthrough.
    (C) It is currently being used in the Pholab Lux Hotel.
    (D) It was invented by Andrew Liveris.

167. What is NOT mentioned as an advantage of the new fiber?
   (A) It is more durable than natural fibers.

                                          - 40 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

   (B) It rapidly absorbs sweat.
   (C) It feels softer and warmer than other fibers.
   (D) It traps more heat.

168. According to the article, how can people learn more about the product?
   (A) By calling Andrew Liveris
   (B) By listening to a presentation
   (C) By reading a brochure
   (D) By visiting Union Carbide Chemical factory

Questions 169-172 refer to the following document.
Rental Agreement

Thank you for renting from Delhi Mobile Services during your stay in India.       All our
phones are easy to use, with display screens in ten different languages.

Costs: You are responsible for all calls made from this phone. It is a good idea to
put your phone on lock while it is not in use. That way, you can avoid accidental calls
while it is in your pocket or handbag. A detailed rate sheet is provided for calls made to
all regions and times in India. For international rates, please dial 090 to connect to an
operator who will place your call and provide you with the current rates.

Questions or Problems: If you have trouble making or receiving calls, please refer to
the troubleshooting section in the owner’s manual provided. If the problem persists,
contact our customer support center at 1-888-555-7676.

Lost or Stolen: In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, immediately contact our
customer service hotline at 1-888-444-1212. Remember, you are responsible for all
calls made from your phone as well as the cost of the phone. Therefore, it is advisable to
purchase a phone insurance policy for a small additional charge.

Billing: An itemized phone bill will be given to you upon returning the phone. Your
cash deposit will also be returned at this time. Payment must be made by credit card

169. What is the purpose of this document?
      (A) To explain the conditions of the rental agreement

                                          - 41 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

         (B) To explain how to rent a phone
         (C) To explain the best method for calling long distance
         (D) To explain how to use a phone

170. How can one find out the cost for making a call to somewhere in India?
      (A) Check the phone bill
      (B) Check the rate sheet
      (C) Call the operator
      (D) Call the customer service center

171. What does the rental agreement advise the renter to purchase?
      (A) A strap
      (B) A lock
      (C) An insurance policy
      (D) A case

172. How can the rental bill be paid?
      (A) By cash only
      (B) By credit card only
      (C) By cash or credit card
      (D) By traveler’s check

Questions 173-176 refer to the following proposal.

Background:    Brighton Polytechnical University is a fast-growing research institute
with over 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students from over 38 countries.         Our
school motto is “Quality through Research.” We aim to promote research in the areas of
science, engineering, and electronics.   Though in part supported by the state, we are a
private school and must therefore rely heavily on private donations.

Proposed Project:     The faculty and student union have proposed a new indoor
recreational center with a 50-meter swimming pool, weight room and basketball courts,
which will be located on the northwest corner of campus.

Needs:   To attract students from across the nation and around the world, Brighton
Polytechnical has to compete with other top schools.    These schools not only have the
best research departments but also provide world-class recreational facilities. In order

                                          - 42 -
                                                                      2007년 2월 모의고사

to retain and attract more students, Brighton must provide similar facilities as well.

Budget:   Ten million Australian dollars are needed to cover the initial construction, with
an additional ten million needed for completion.     So far, we have received over eight
million in contributions.   We are still in need of donations. The grand opening will
commence the following school year.       All donors giving over ten thousand will have
their name engraved on a plaque and placed over the main entrance of the building.

173. What is the main reason for building a recreation center?

            (A) To retain and attract new students

            (B) To compete in sports with other schools

            (C) To give the architectural department something to design

            (D) To satisfy the teachers and the student union

174.What will the private money be used for?

    (A) To finance research projects

    (B) To provide international students with scholarships

    (C) To fund construction

    (D) To furnish the technology department with new equipment

175.Who first proposed the project?

    (A) Researchers

    (B) Maintenance workers

    (C) The Regent Board

    (D) Professors and students

176. How will donors who give over ten thousand be recognized?

    (A) By receiving free memberships

    (B) By being honored at the opening ceremony

    (C) By having their names displayed at the building

                                           - 43 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

    (D) By receiving free tuition

    C. Questions 177-180 refer to the following notice.

This Saturday at 3:00, there will be a slide presentation by Dr. Steven Redbull, chief
curator of the Oklahoma City American Indian Culture Museum. The presentation
will be in the museum conference room.

Dr. Redbull, a member of the Sioux tribe, has been the curator of America’s oldest and
largest museum on Native American history and culture since 1989. In addition to his
work at the museum, he is also a tribal leader and is currently director for the Board of
American Indian Affairs.

As curator, he has worked hard to preserve Native American cultures and languages
throughout the fifty states. His latest display at the museum, works of art by Alaskan
Indians, has been very well received. He is currently putting together a photographic
exhibition of Florida Indians taken in the late 1890s. And his latest book on Native
American soldiers who fought in the Second World War has received great reviews.

For more information, please call the museum at 555-1232.

177. What is the main purpose of this notice?
    (A) To announce an upcoming presentation
    (B) To announce a new book by Dr. Redbull
    (C) To attract more visitors to the museum
    (D) To bring attention to American Indian culture

178. Which of the following positions does he NOT hold?
      (A) A tribal leader
      (B) A member of the Board of Indian Affairs
      (C) A curator
      (D) A member of the Apache tribe

179. What is the theme of the latest exhibition at the museum?
      (A) Musical instruments and dances of American Indians
      (B) A photographic exhibition in Florida
      (C) Works of art by Alaskan Indians

                                          - 44 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

        (D) A collection of Indian costumes

180. What is the topic of his most recent book?
      (A) Native American cooking
      (B) Native American World WarⅡsoldiers
      (C) Famous American Indians
      (D) Indian cultural identities

Questions 181-185 refer to the following e-mail and attachment.

From: Frank Hunter
To: William Davis
Date: March 14
Subject: The annual conference in Tehran
  Flight.doc (45 KB)

Dear William,

Regarding your trip to Tehran, I have checked out flights on the Internet and found
several possibilities (See Attachment). You requested a landing in Tabriz. Even
though that flight would save you money, we have to take a bus from Tabriz to
Tehran, which will take about 8 hours. So, I recommend going to Tehran directly.
However, if you still want to take a cheaper flight, other options may suit me as long
as we can arrive in the afternoon. Please see the attachment and inform me of your

You also need hotel reservations in Tehran. The conference organizer explained that
the Esteghlal Grand Hotel is fully booked until mid June on account of the Asian
Games. You could stay at the Azadi Hotel instead. It’s just a few minutes from the
Esteghlal and will hardly inconvenience to you. Are you able to make a hotel
reservation for us? You can find out a list of hotels in Teheran on the conference
website. The conference will be held from May 23 to May 26. So, we had better arrive
at Tabriz no later than May 22 and leave by May 27.

Best Regards,

                                           - 45 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

Flight Information for May 22

Depart 07:00                Washington to Ankara          Iran Air    IA 2120
Arrive 14:10

Depart 19:35                Ankara to Tehran             Turkei Wings      TW 9029
Arrive 22:55

Depart 09:30                Washington to Tabriz          Jetison Airlines JA 3837
Arrive 18:55

Depart 08:20                 Washington to Tehran        Jetison Airlines JA 3829
Arrive 17:55

Depart 10: 40                    Washington to Paris     Ecojet Airlines   EA 2463
Arrive 16: 20

Depart 18:30                     Paris to Tehran       Jetison Airlines JA 3835
Arrive 22:40

181. What does Frank advise against doing?
(A) Going directly to Teheran
(B) Taking the flight to Paris
(C) Arriving in the afternoon
(D) Traveling via Tabriz

182. Where will the conference be held?
(A) In Ankara
(B) In Tehran
(C) In Paris
(D) In Tabriz

183. What does Frank ask William to do?
(A) Reserve a hotel room
(B) Make changes to a schedule
(C) Have a stopover in Ankara
(D) Cancel the flight reservation

                                              - 46 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

184. Which flight would William most likely prefer?
(A) JA 3837
(B) EA 2463
(C) TW 9029
(D) JA 3829

185. When does William need to be in Tehran?
(A) On May 22
(B) On May 23
(C) On May 26
(D) On May 27

Questions 186-190 refer to the following e-mail and advertisement.

To: Arizona Realty <>
From: Derrick McGuire <>

Dear Mr. Joseph Lowe,

I have heard that you have several apartments for rent in Southern Arizona. I’ll be
starting to work in Indigo Heights Psychiatric Hospital in March, and need a two-bed
room apartment. As we don’t own a car, and my wife plans to rely on public
transportation, I hope you have a nice apartment in the vicinity. Please contact me and
let me know what you have available.

We will be in Arizona next week and hope to see available and suitable apartments at
that time. You can e-mail the relevant information to this address, or fax me at 345-

Derrick McGuire

                                         - 47 -
                                                                   2007년 2월 모의고사

 Grand Opening
                             APARTMENTS FOR RENT

 Arizona Realty proudly proclaims the GRAND OPENING of four housing
 developments located throughout the state of Arizona.

 Perfectly situated in downtown Silicon Fields, brand-new apartments with one
 bedroom and one bathroom and easy access to the local swimming pool. From $800 a
 month and up.

 Located in the downtown Indigo Heights, spacious two-bedroom, one-bathroom
 villas with private balconies and peaceful views in all directions. From $950 a month
 and up.

 Conveniently located in bustling Wellington Village, these completely renovated
 three-bedroom apartments are wired for cable TV. Prices start at $650 a month.

 Located within walking distance of downtown Ember Park, these gorgeous three-
 bedroom, two-bathroom apartments are very spacious. Rent starts at $1500 a month.

 Caught your attention?
 Please email us at for more information, call us at 818-
 555-2837 or visit our office at 25 Grove St., Mohave Valley, AZ86440.

186. What is Mr. McGuire’s primary concern?
(A) The availability of health-care facilities.
(B) The location of the housing complex
(C) The rental rate of the apartments
(D) The price of the transportation

187. Why is Mr. McGuire moving?
(A) He is going to start a new job.
(B) He will get married.
(C) He will be hospitalized.
(D) He wants to live in a peaceful place.

188. What housing complex will Mr. McGuire most likely be interested in?

                                            - 48 -
                                                                2007년 2월 모의고사

(A) Sandstone Garden
(B) Willoughby Villas
(C) Lenton Apartments
(D) Ember Hall

189. What can we assume Wellington Village?
(A) It is quiet.
(B) It is isolated.
(C) It is crowded.
(D) It is near the park.

190. What is NOT mentioned as a method of contacting Arizona Realty?
(A) Telephone
(B) In person
(C) E-mail
(D) Fax

Questions 191-195 refer to the following two e-mails.

                                       - 49 -
                                                                  2007년 2월 모의고사

DATE: Monday, February 26, 15:10:29
From: Brickstone hotel < >
To: Heather Escortaz < >
Subject: Stay at Brickstone Hotel in Birmingham

Dear Ms. Escortaz,

Thank you for staying at Brickstone Hotel while you did business in Birmingham.
I hope you and your collegues enjoyed yourselves and seized the
opportunity to use many of our facilities, including our excellent jacuzzi,
tanning beds, privately operated spa, the state-of-the-art fitness
center, and newly renovated restaurants.
To help us continue to satisfy our customers, please answer a few questions about our
facilities and services. You may complete the questionnaire at your convenience. It is
available online at Should you have any difficulty
with the questionnaire, please contact me at

All correspondences will be strictly confidential and will only be used to aid us in
further improving our services.

Patrick Rodman

                                        - 50 -
                                                                    2007년 2월 모의고사

Date: Wednesday, February 28 09:23:49
From: Heather Escortaz < >
To: Brickstone Hotel < >
Subject: Re: Stay at Brickstone Hotel in Birmingham

Dear Mr. Rodman,

Unfortunately I failed to access the online questionnaire, so I’m sending these
comments by e-mail.

I was truly impressed by many of the facilities available to clients, but I especially
enjoyed the renovated fitness center with its luxurious tanning beds. There were also
15 leg strengthening machines, many more than one typically finds in other hotels; and
the 24-hour access enabled me to work out at all hours of the night. Although I did not
eat at Gullette's, I did order room-service from there several times and was impressed
with the discretion of your staff as well as the quality of the meals.

However, I was rather disappointed by yourspa, as it lacked atmosphere and didn’t
seem appropriate in a hotel of Brickstone’s caliber. Also, the parking facilities were
not satisfactory. I had difficulty seeking parking spaces, so I had to drive around for a
while searching a space.

Nevertheless, the advantages of staying at your hotel far exceeded the disadvantages
and, admittedly, I experienced a fulfilling and successful week at the Brickstone. As I
frequently visit Birmingham due to my job, I anticipate many future stays in your

Warm regards,

Heather Escortaz

191. Why did the Brickstone Hotel send this e-mail?
(A) To advertise the hotel
(B) To request client’s opinions
(C) To confirm reservations
(D) To ask for payment in full

                                         - 51 -
                                                                     2007년 2월 모의고사

192. What is NOT stated as a feature of the hotel?
(A) A spa
(B) A restaurant
(C) Airport transportation
(D) A fitness center

193. What is implied in Mr. Rodman’s e-mail?
(A) Ms. Escortaz should offer solutions and alternatives in the questionnaire.
(B) The information Ms. Escortaz provides will be considered private.
(C) The questionnaire must be sent to Mr. Rodman by registered mail.
(D) Ms. Ecortaz should contact Mr. Rodman to get a discount.

194. What is Ms. Escortaz’s favorite feature at the Brickstone Hotel?
(A) The spacious parking facility
(B) The fast-served restaurant
(C) The extensive exercise facilities
(D) 24-hour, on-call maids

195. What can be inferred about Ms. Escortaz?
(A) She dislikes exercise.
(B) She cannot drive by herself.
(C) She does not like to travel.
(D) She often goes on business trips.

Questions 196-200 refer to the following letters.
The Editor
The Sun City Daily Herald
565 Joy Avenue
Miami, FL 58587

Dear Mr. Proust,

I spoke with your assistant on the phone on Tuesday about the prospect of working as
an intern with the Herald this summer.

In the middle of next year I will graduate, and I am looking to write a few articles for
my portfolio. I will graduate with a double degree in business and journalism.
Ultimately, I aim to become a business journalist. I would cherish the opportunity to
work with your business journalists and editors.

                                          - 52 -
                                                                         2007년 2월 모의고사

I have enclosed a resume that outlines my work experience in detail. For the last three
months I have been the editor of my university’s newspaper. I have also been active on
the freelance journalism scene, writing for numerous small publications, including The
City Free Press as their entertainment journalist. I look forward to speaking with you in

Nadine Bailey

Nadine Bailey
72 Links Ave
Miami, FL 58226

Dear Ms. Bailey,

Thank you for your letter and resume. We are always keen on giving bright, young, and
motivated graduates a start in working life. We are very impressed with your
qualifications and attitude.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you anything with our business team.
However, on a positive note, we have an opening in our entertainment section. I am
very happy to tell you this position is more than a trainee/intern role. It is a staff writer’s
position with all the benefits that come with being a full-time journalist. Your work with
The City Free Press has come to the attention of Jim Haskell, our entertainment editor.
He thinks you would be ideal for the job. Please contact Jim or our human resources
department to further discuss this opportunity.

Yours truly,

Greg Proust
Editor and Chief, The Sun City Daily Herald

196. What does Ms. Bailey hope to do?
(A) Direct an advertising campaign
(B) Train at a newspaper

                                             - 53 -
                                                                       2007년 2월 모의고사

(C) Post her resume online
(D) Manage the company

197. What previous experience does Ms. Bailey have?
(A) A freelance entertainment writer
(B) A marketing assistant for a company
(C) A business and finance journalist
(D) An online marketer

198. What news does Mr. Proust give Ms. Bailey?
(A) She does not have enough work experience.
(B) The newspaper has no openings on the business team.
(C) She needs more education to qualify for the job.
(D) The company is currently not offering any part-time jobs.

199. Why should Ms. Bailey contact Jim Haskell?
(A) To extend the contract
(B) To obtain work documents
(C) To submit the application form
(D) To learn about an opportunity

200. In the first letter, the word “aim” in paragraph 2, line 2 is closest in meaning to
(A) Consider
(B) Acknowledge
(C) Intend
(D) Urge

                                            - 54 -

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